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on June 18, 2013
This review is based on the Black Cover for the 11.6" Samsung Chromebook- other colors of this product are available. iPearl makes a variety of custom covers for tablets and laptops.


QUALITY / 9: Remember, this IS plastic. However, it appears well made. The matte finish on the black cover does show fingerprints where it was touched - unless your fingers are super-squeaky clean. I think they might show less on the clear cover. For other offered colors, this might be a concern.

OPERATION & FUNCTION / 8: Once attached, the cover does not interfere with opening or closing the Chromebook. Since the cover functions to protect the Chromebook - I would have to give the function aspect a lower rating from what the company seems to imply on Amazon. It will protect it from scratches - my main concern, but don't expect it to protect it much if you drop your Samsung. It is not thick or padded enough to prevent the shock of a drop or damage. The company states it will protect your Chromebook and that the covers are shatterproof. If you read through it too fast, you will think it will protect it from major bumps or even a drop. The company seems to say it will protect the corners and it might protect it some from slight bumps while carrying it.

DESIGN / 9: The cover is actually in two parts. Each part was wrapped in plastic and placed in an Amazon box when it arrived - well packaged. One piece snaps onto the screen, and the other onto the keyboard. This was very easy - requires no instructions. Just don't try to force them - make sure the small snap "tags" are in the right place. I took my time. The cover adds to the weight and thickness of the Samsung, noticeably so. The feet are a little difficult to open (hard to get a good hold with your fingers) have good fingernails! I am not sure how long they will hold up but appear to be good for plastic. Covers fit tight - no looseness or gaps noted. Bottom is very well vented to dissipate heat, even though there are no vents on the Chromebook itself. Nor does the bottom block the speakers (there are cut-outs). An added bonus: It appears that the plastic cover helps reinforce the screen...and helps reduce the pressure (from possible bending) on the screen when opening.

VALUE / 9: Since the price dropped from the $20 purchase price from when I originally ordered it, I can now boost my personal rating to a "5". It does not look as cheap as I expected it would, probably due to the excellent fit and the matte look. On some colors, fingerprints might be a concern for some and they do not rub off easily. But to be honest, I am not sure how they would resolve this.

UPDATES (Reserved): After well over a year of using this product - I can honestly say I really got my money's worth. Even after I dropped my computer bag at the airport and did some case damage to the Chromebook (though it still works fine), the cover never cracked or broke - still using it as I type this. Just remember the cover is just designed to protect the finish and is not capable of doing much protection in a drop.
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on August 10, 2013
This little item is very nice, as a purely decorative accessory for the Samsung chromebook. It comes in two pieces, for the top and bottom of the chromebook, and both pieces were easy to snap on and off the device. The green color is a pretty shade. I took off one star, because I had hoped that the "hard shell" would add a bit of rigidity to the chromebook, but it didn't. I picked up the chromebook while it was playing a Youtube video, and the flex was so bad that the video stopped playing until I put the thing down again on my rigid lap tray. Then it began playing again, in a different part of the video. So, buy this iPearl cover if you want to decorate your chromebook and/or protect it from scratches. But don't count on the iPearl to have any other functionality, like reducing flex in the chromebook.
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on November 10, 2014
I recently decided`` to write reviews after one person clicked "helpful" after my comment. Plus you guys/girls are thinking the same thing when ordering online. We all go through reviews and it seems that every one "bad" comment cancels out 10 "good comments" so I like this product and will give you an accurate description.

The case came perfectly packaged (nothing broken or scuffed).
Quality: I've dropped my laptop twice in class and as you can see it didn't do anything to my computer. The only negative thing I can think of is that when you type, if you lay your hand on the sides of the "mouse pad" it will select all....not a deal breaker at all.

Fitting: Fits so well that it doesn't come apart easy or anything. The fitting is perfect. Honestly don't know why people are complaining. I have a samsung chromebook and this case is perfect just incase you drop it.
Price: You're not paying as much as bestbuy and you still have a "warranty" with amazon...if anything happens you can just file a complaint and amazon will take care of it. BUT no worries its perfect.

Best of all: Fits fine, I even bought the "amCase" and everything fits perfectly. Dropped it twice (once in class and once at the library) and nothing happened. The case didn't even get scratched. Price is just right. Came on time. Hopefully this helps you
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on February 12, 2014
I got this case to protect my Chromebook from my two Bengal cats. So far it has done it's job really well.

What I love about this cover:
Durability - I have not dropped my book so I don't know how it would hold up against that, but I have had minor bumps (i.e. fell off bed and bumped into wall, dropped controller onto book, cats jumping on it, stepped on it once.. etc) and I have not noticed any scratches or dents on the cover. So for me, this is pretty durable. (So far..)
The color - I think it is SLIGHTLY darker in person than shown in picture, but is still a great color. You can still see logo like pictured.
Kickstands - I didn't think I would use the kickstands a lot but I love them. They are easy to open and I don't feel like they are flimsy or cheap. My only issue is right after I clip my nails its a little harder to open, but that could easily be because I clip my nails really short.
Thickness - I don't think this cover adds much thickness to the Chromebook. I have the Amazon Basic laptop sleeve and with the hard case on it slides easily into/out of the sleeve without issue. I will mention that I have to be a little careful when zipping the sleeve shut around the corners. This is not a big issue to me, but could annoy someone else.
Bulk of case (??)- I will mention that when I first put the cover on I thought that opening/closing my Chromebook might interfere with where the 'binding' is. It covers the 'binding'/'spine' of the Chromebook and it did snag once and I thought it was going to be an issue, however I realized that it was doing this because it was not clipped on all the way...

Which brings me to my only dislike about this cover - the fact that its a snap on.. Which shouldn't really bring down a star because I knew it was a snap on.
The first thing I'm going to point out is that cat hair keeps sneaking underneath the cover. It's mainly under the bottom cover so I do not see and it does not bug me, but if you have more than 2 fur animals, this might become an issue. Especially if you take off the cover often to remove the said pet hair or if you have any long hair animals who shed a lot.
The next thing is that I think anyone could easily miss a clip and not put the cover on all the way. That might seem like a silly complaint but I noticed 2 of the hooks were not fully clipped onto the book, but were instead splitting the screen very slightly. (Look right above the camera on the top edge and imagine two pieces of plastic wedged in between that seam...) I don't think this could cause the screen to break off, but it did stress me out. Every now and then I double check all of the hooks to make sure they are clipped all the way on. I don't think they could ever really cause damage though. The only other concern I might have is that if you constantly take this case off and put it back on, you might eventually scratch your Chromebook with where the hooks clip on.

Other then the single concern, everything else about this cover is great. I would definitely recommend.
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on March 13, 2014
I like the covers and as far as the hinge on the top does pop up or it interfere's with the bottom hinge. Here is a solution to this problem....I sort of bent the hinge's on the top until it was easy enough to cut them both off easily...just the top 2 hinge's though. Just be careful when cutting that you don't damage the cover. If you do this you will find no more popping up and you really do not need these hinges as they serve no purpose being there....the cover will stay in place after you remove them. I had only put the bottom cover on at first which I'm sorry that I did because the top of my laptop got a couple scratches had I of kept the top cover on this wouldn't have happened. Although I did continue to use a still got scratches. I now do keep the top cover on and it is so much better since I removed the 2 top hinge pieces. I do like this product although a little too pricey I think for $20 you can actually get some a little cheaper as I did for $15.99. I had bought a purple one in the past and now I just bought a clear one because I purchased another chromebook and I even ordered a cover for my friends chromebook as well. Update..... Okay so I just received my new another ipearl cover and it looks like they have updated them. They have finally decided to take the hinges off so it will fit properly and will not have to be removed manually. I really love that they did this and they realized that there was no need for the 2 hinge's on the top of the beautiful and fits wonderfully!!!
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on August 28, 2013
Just got mine in the mail today and it's sitting on my Chromebook! I got my Chromebook just under a week ago for use in my final year of college. I took my Chromebook to school on monday and by the end of the day, it had a few minor scratches on the front from being in my backpack. And I mean MINOR scratches. Only can see them if they're really looking. Im not really bothered by it, but I don't want it to get worse, especially since I ordered a decal for the front, I dont want it getting ruined.

I opted to buy this case/shell because once it's on the product, it's basically invisible. You can't see it at ALL unless you open it and see the small places where it clips onto your chromebook. It's pretty sturdy and overall feels nice on the chromebook. It's definitely going to protect my book from getting scratched. I'm definitely happy I purchased it.

My biggest problem with the product is the price. $20 for it seems a bit steep. It's a product that costs probably no more than a 20 cents in China to make, being sold for 20 dollars. I hate feeling live i've been ripped off, but the product does what it's supposed to, and hopefully the chromebook and the case will last me a long time so I can look at it like a long term investment.
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on February 21, 2014
Okay, this is exactly what I wanted- a nice skin for my Chromebook to pretty it up and make mine look different then the one my husband has. As others have stated it will really not do much in the way of protection, but it will save you from a few scratches.

Now the one thing I did not really think much about when I got this pretty little cover was that it had two little flip up feet on the back. They don't look hugely sturdy, But they really are nice!! I am enjoying typing this review at a much more comfortable angle now thanks to them. It's the little things right. but like so many out there who have hand and wrist problems this is not really a little thing right.

As far as functionality, it clipped on fast and easy and seems to be staying on nicely. tossing it around a lot might make it pop off, but then you really shouldn't be tossing your nice electronics around anyway should you!

so go ahead and get yourself something pretty, you deserve it.
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on March 12, 2014
Does exactly as it says it will do. Fits over my Chromebook perfectly, doesn't fall off, the snaps stay in place, and is easily removable if you un-do the clips and clasps that keep it firmly in place. Protected my chromebook from many scratches in my backpack.

There's one small con that has been repaired with time. On the right hand side of the top cover (the one that covers the top of the screen of the Chromebook) a small clasp is supposed to hug the hinge where the screen slides into the bottom part of the chromebook. When I first attached this case, that clasp would always run into the body of the Chromebook as I was opening the computer and once or twice it almost a) cracked the pink case or b) separated my screen from the body of the Chromebook! It was an easy fix, all I have to do is press down on the part of the case that "sticks up" so that it will correctly slide in between the crack of the computer body and the screen. Over time, that piece of plastic has bent so that I no longer have to press down on it. It was a minor inconvenience, but I do have to admit that it could have caused damage to the computer itself if I didn't correct it.
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on December 8, 2015
I like that this case keeps my computer from getting banged up from daily use, and I can put stickers on it without having to worry about the commitment of putting them on my computer itself. It's a great shade of pink, and I like that I can express myself through my favorite color (I am one of those ladies who has pink everything, so it means a lot to me to be able to have a pink computer, too). Snaps on neatly, stays on securely, I love the little feet that pop out in the back to make it more ergonomic on a flat surface.
However, I did drop my chromebook one day, and the bottom part of the case popped off and took a tumble down the stairs, and it didn't shatter but it did get some cracks. Remarkably, I can still use it, it just doesn't stay on quite as well. I do think that in the process of popping off, the case helped absorb some of the impact that the computer would have sustained.
I'm only giving 4 stars because I was disappointed that the material isn't as resistant to breakage as I'd hoped, otherwise it would be 5 stars... as I've come back to buy another case.
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on February 5, 2016
This adds an extra layer of protection to my flimsy Chromebook. Someone stepped on my Chromebook a few months ago and broke the screen. Once I decided to go ahead and replace the screen, I decided to order this protective case along with it to hopefully deter future mishaps both through the protective plastic as well as the eye-achingly bright color. It snaps on in about two seconds. It is not really all that protective against bending, but it should help reduce scratches and minor bumps and drops. I took off a star because in the picture it was bright yellow, and it came out traffic-cone orange in person. However, I decided not to return it for a red one because my wife actually liked the color. Since she will be the one using it most, I decided just to keep the orange.
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