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on November 18, 2014
It jazzed up my old Chromebook quite nicely. It gives it a slight lift overall, even without the kickstand, in case of spills. Fits snug and we'll made. I also added a keyboard cover that tied it all together.
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on February 12, 2014
I got this case to protect my Chromebook from my two Bengal cats. So far it has done it's job really well.

What I love about this cover:
Durability - I have not dropped my book so I don't know how it would hold up against that, but I have had minor bumps (i.e. fell off bed and bumped into wall, dropped controller onto book, cats jumping on it, stepped on it once.. etc) and I have not noticed any scratches or dents on the cover. So for me, this is pretty durable. (So far..)
The color - I think it is SLIGHTLY darker in person than shown in picture, but is still a great color. You can still see logo like pictured.
Kickstands - I didn't think I would use the kickstands a lot but I love them. They are easy to open and I don't feel like they are flimsy or cheap. My only issue is right after I clip my nails its a little harder to open, but that could easily be because I clip my nails really short.
Thickness - I don't think this cover adds much thickness to the Chromebook. I have the Amazon Basic laptop sleeve and with the hard case on it slides easily into/out of the sleeve without issue. I will mention that I have to be a little careful when zipping the sleeve shut around the corners. This is not a big issue to me, but could annoy someone else.
Bulk of case (??)- I will mention that when I first put the cover on I thought that opening/closing my Chromebook might interfere with where the 'binding' is. It covers the 'binding'/'spine' of the Chromebook and it did snag once and I thought it was going to be an issue, however I realized that it was doing this because it was not clipped on all the way...

Which brings me to my only dislike about this cover - the fact that its a snap on.. Which shouldn't really bring down a star because I knew it was a snap on.
The first thing I'm going to point out is that cat hair keeps sneaking underneath the cover. It's mainly under the bottom cover so I do not see and it does not bug me, but if you have more than 2 fur animals, this might become an issue. Especially if you take off the cover often to remove the said pet hair or if you have any long hair animals who shed a lot.
The next thing is that I think anyone could easily miss a clip and not put the cover on all the way. That might seem like a silly complaint but I noticed 2 of the hooks were not fully clipped onto the book, but were instead splitting the screen very slightly. (Look right above the camera on the top edge and imagine two pieces of plastic wedged in between that seam...) I don't think this could cause the screen to break off, but it did stress me out. Every now and then I double check all of the hooks to make sure they are clipped all the way on. I don't think they could ever really cause damage though. The only other concern I might have is that if you constantly take this case off and put it back on, you might eventually scratch your Chromebook with where the hooks clip on.

Other then the single concern, everything else about this cover is great. I would definitely recommend.
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on December 29, 2016
iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for 11.6" Samsung XE303C12 series Chromebook (Wi-Fi or 3G) laptop ( Not Compatible with Samsung Chrombook 2 XE503C12 / XE500C12 and Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13 ) - Purple

I got my oldest son a Chromebook for Christmas this year. All their schoolwork and homework is done on Chromebooks at school now. I got this case to protect his Chromebook. It fits great and looks cool. He is very happy with it and I feel better that is has some protection.
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on January 22, 2015
I wanted a case to cover scratches and prevent new ones. I was, however, expecting a bit more protection from falls. Since I haven't dropped my chromebook since I've bought this case, I don't know for certain, but I don't expect it to hold up to the impact of a fall. The look is nice each time you wipe it clean of finger prints ( It marks up VERY easily). It is matte, but slightly transparent. It seems to fit very well, but after months of using it, the bottom shell cover randomly fell off one time. Since then, it hasn't happened again.
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on September 26, 2013
First of all, even though the case is very light weight, it adds some much needed stability to the existing case. A number of reviewers of this chrome book unit have complained about cracked screens. This case might help prevent that. The case is opaque, so the SAMSUNG and CHROME BOOK logos from the original case can still be seen through this cover. The pale orange color is a very good blend with the existing silver. It makes the unit look sleek, not loud. My case fit right on with no hassles or complicated instructions. The plastic is somewhat thin and I suppose if the case was exposed to heat before installation it might warp enough to prevent a perfect fit. But mine bore no signs of that. This color, or any of the pastels I think, will give your unit both a better appearance and some needed support. Am shopping now for a suitable decal to slap on the cover.
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on July 20, 2015
I ordered this as a part of package of functional gifts that I put together for my mom since she has a Samsung Chromebook and I thought a case would be a nice add-on to protect it from dust, scratching, etc. and then I ordered one in blue as a present for my stepdad since he also has a Samsung Chromebook. It arrived quickly, well packaged, the color looked exactly as pictured and was super easy to install. She's now had it for a few months and it's been really great. I would certainly recommend both this product and this seller.
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on August 18, 2013
I received mine today and like the others I love it. It makes the Chromebook sturdier and I prefer this color. I might get the blue one too just for a different flavor. I won't repeat what the others said. Just wanted to reiterate.

Also, my shipping was quite fast and I didn't pay extra. 2 day I think?
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on May 7, 2017
I have to say that it is a nice case but after using it for awhile, the bottom does not want to say on properly and the feet came off! Nothing that dramatic but it is what it is. Also it left some scratches on my chrome book all because it is something that is tricky to put on, but once it is on, its good to go.
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on March 15, 2014
This is the second iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case for an 11.6" Samsung Chromebook we've purchased. My son uses a Chromebook for school, and he uses it all day every day. The first cover lasted about 6 months before the tabs that hold it onto the laptop snapped off. But he's 16 and hard on the laptop, which is why we bought the case in the first place. It's simple to install; it just snaps on. When this one busts, we'll definitely buy another one. It gives the laptop great protection and it's not bulky at all. It's perfect for what we need.
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on October 8, 2013
There aren't many cases out there that fit the odd sizing of the Samsung Chromebook (cases are usually 10" or 13" when I go to stores). I have never seen shells for this Chromebook, and never thought I would. This shell fits perfectly! It even has little, I call them feet, but there are little stands on the bottom shell to prop your Chromebook up with.
The ONLY weird thing that I'm sure is with any type of shell (I've never had a shell on a laptop before) is the edges that allow the shell to snap into place on the Chromebook make it so it doesn't shut all the way but that doesn't really matter because it's basically shut except for a few millimeters.

This is the second item I've purchased from mCover and I will continue to buy from them.
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