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on April 28, 2014
First I want to say that the reviews complaining about the mCover constantly popping off are somewhat misleading. The problem is not with the mCover, it is with the c720 it self. There is no real lip on the cover of the c720 so when opening it with the mCover on you actually catch the front edge of the mCover which can cause it to pop off; but if you are aware of this then it is easily avoided.

The mCover looks great and does snap on tightly. It adds a nice layer of extra protection and because it is (colors not clear) semi transparent you can see the Acer and chromebook logos and if your a sticker persoyour stickers n like I am you can put your stickers on the top cover of the c720 and still see them through the cover.

As for the little peg legs on the bottom of the mCover; I understand why people may hesitate to use them because they do feel a bit cheap but they do work just fine. I tend to type kind of heavy (hard on the keyboard) and have not had a problem with the legs.

Over all I would highly recommend the mCover to anyone with a c720. I love the look and the extra protection. I really wanted to list at least one con but other than the top cover popping off mentioned in so many other reviews there is nothing bad to say about this product. 5 Stars
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on January 30, 2014
I also just received this case, it has a clip to the left and a clip to the right holding the case to the screen. The middle however seems like it could use a clip to make it more secure. If you open the laptop from the middle like 95‰ of people probably do, the case lifts just a little. This is where an extra clip would have been perfect. I've only had it for 2 days but I do not think it is a critical flaw, my case still stays on . 1 star is a bit harsh but maybe this person received a defective item. I would say, the case is at least a 4 out of 5. A drop of $5 in price would be ideal of offer free shipping.
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on December 2, 2014
This plastic cover fits my Acer C720 perfectly. The picture makes it look pinkish--in person, it is translucent red. I think the grayish undertone of the Chromebook in the photo makes the case look pinker than it really is.

There are no directions, but none were needed.

The case is pretty thin, which makes me think that it is mostly decorative and will only protect the exterior and sides from scratches and minor bumps. I also picked up a neoprene carrier that should provide additional protection for my Chromebook and make it easier to tote around. I use Otterbox products for my other portable electronic devices (iPad, iPod, cell phones), so it took me a minute to adjust my expectations. However, I do appreciate the fact that the little shell adds almost no weight to my Chromebook.

The "kickstand" is a nice touch--these little plastic fold-out legs raise the rear of the unit so it is a easier to type and view the monitor... the legs do not have foam or felt pads on them, but there are two little foam pads toward the front of the base that should keep the Chromebook from sliding around and scratching my table.

Pros: attractive, lightweight, easy (intuitive) installation, handy fold-out kickstand legs, protects device from minor scratches/bumps/dirt
Cons: protection seems to be primarily cosmetic--if I buy an additional Chromebook for my girls, I will need something a little more robust to protect it
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on February 6, 2017
This case is awesome! GO CLEAR! I got it to show off the chromebook. DO IT! You won't regret it. Do not get the other colors unless you want your laptop to look like a toy (just like a fellow reviewer said). I got a skin on it and LOOKS REALLY COOL! I'll help everyone out with some pictures because I don't find the seller's pictures very helpful.

As you can see there is a skin on the front cover. It's the Black 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fiber DINOC Flex Wrap CA-421 24"x12" right here on Amazon. I cut a piece of the carbon fiber wrap to match the size of the front cover, placed it on top and used an X-Acto knife and carefully cut. The side angle pictures show that all USB ports and connections are easily accessible. Nothing is blocked. The underside has ventilation holes for airflow, kick-on stands and 2 clear rubber feet installed to keep the chromebook steady while using. For extra precaution, I placed 2 pieces of black electrical tape to keep it more sturdy just to make sure.

My chromebook is the Acer C740 4GB and with the help from CoolStar from the chrultrabook sub reddit page, I got Windows 10 fully functional and working on my C740. Battery life is around the same performance like original stock with only ChromeOS. Anyways, I strongly recommend the clear case. GO FOR IT!
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on April 11, 2015
I have now bough two of these covers for my now 12-year-old son's 11.6” Acer Chromebook. The first cover lasted almost 2 years, and could have lasted longer—the only thing wrong with it was a broken stay for one of the retractable feet, which meant that that foot would not stay closed and would eventually have broken off. Despite this, we bought another because the cover fit perfectly and protected the computer well; and I'm happy to say that the second cover fits just as well as the first. It's a shame that a foot lock broke, causing us to have to buy another, but my son likes the feet, and we think their engineering is reasonable for an inexpensive case like this. As a result, I can recommend this cover, with the warning that it probably will NOT offer real protection if the computer is dropped.
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on October 11, 2014
Seen a lot of posts about the case accidently "popping" off when you open the lid/screen. I haven't had this problem once and even tried to purposely "pop" the case off when opening the screen to understand what others were commenting on and didn't experience the issue at all. Other then that, the case is great. It looks good, great fitment and if you happen to have a white Chromebook, the colors offer an amazing contrast.
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on May 8, 2015
Good case. Doesn't really add a whole lot of protection, but I wasn't expecting it to. Gives my Kids' chromebooks a little scratch protection and adds just enough color (they're not completely opaque- they add a sort of "frosted" color) that they can identify their chromebooks from a distance (identical chromebook, different color cases for each kid). Thick enough to be durable, thin enough that it doesn't add noticeable bulk.
Fit the Acer C720 perfectly, and has stayed on without a problem since I put them on six months ago. So far no chips or cracks visible.
The kids like them, and they do what I wanted them to do- which is to prevent sibling squabbles that start with: "Moooooommmm! SHE TOOK MY LAPTOP!". No such bickering here, because the colors make it easy to tell them apart.
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on April 4, 2014
It's safe to say that this case won't save your butt if you drop your laptop... but for 20 bux... hey... I like it! It changes up the look of your laptop, it's bonehead easy to use, and will protect against the scuffs & scratches of everyday use. My only real criticism, is that I would like to see it snap on a little more firmly. Though I've not yet had it come off unexpectedly... it kinda feels like it could.
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on September 20, 2014
Very good product and I have gotten positive comments on it. I really like the legs in the back that flip out for elevation, and while a seemingly small thing it makes a big difference. I am just hopeful they will be durable over time. One thing I do not like, is that the case is opaque. Given that my chrome book is dark charcoal it bleeds a little too much of the dark color. Had it been solid color without the opaqueness it would have been great. It is a small thing, that does not detract from the overall benefit of the product.Having used this cover for a few weeks now, another nice thing is that this case precludes surface scratches on the top and bottom of the chrome book. That may be small but in daily use on different surfaces the little scratches start to appear. It also avoids finger prints appearing all over the surface as well. I carry my chromebook a lot of places so the extra protection afforded with this case is definitely worth the investment.
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on October 19, 2014
I'm happy with this product. It fits my Acer C720 perfectly and provides a significant measure of protection from bumps to the device's plastic surfaces. The polycarbonate plastic the iPearl cover is made of is strong stuff--the same material that CDs are made of. Like a CD, while it won't shatter it can definitely be scratched. Better it than the surfaces it's protecting.

The bottom of the case looks like it will provide improved ventilation and heat dissipation when the C720 is in use and resting on a flat surface. Not that they produce anywhere near the heat that a laptop does, but improved ventilation is always a good thing.

One very minor complaint: It's not immediately obvious which are the front and back edges of the top shell. It's easy to snap it on backward, and a bit less easy to pop it back off to correct your error. A removable sticker identifying the edge that goes toward the hinges would have been helpful.
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