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on March 11, 2011
I am a mom with three small children, another due soon, and a small dog. And a nice-sized house. A potentially dangerous combination! It is hard to keep up with all of the stuff that various people track in, drop, and find. So we tried this Roomba one year ago. We affectionately refer to the machine as Bot.

Bot is such a big help and allows me to keep something in this house relatively clean--on the floors at least. It does both carpeted and wood floors, so it means much less sweeping, and since we only have 2 rooms of carpet, we only have a hand vac in addition to Bot. It hasn't been a problem for the past year, and we are happy with what the combination does.

The corners that Bot doesn't get isn't a big deal at all to me. I sweep out the edges of the corners every now and then in a few places where it's tight, but there is a spinning brush that gets into the less tight corners pretty well. I haven't been bothered much at all by it. He doesn't fall down the stairs, but he doesn't sweep them either, so I have to do that--again, not a big deal (and not something I was expecting), but just more general things you'll still have to do.

I love the scheduling function. I set it to go off a 1 AM every day on our main floor, and then do a quick review of the floor to get anything that might get him stuck off the ground (blankets, socks, washcloths, etc.) He does his thing in the dark of the night and returns to his charger so he's ready for more work when we get up. I wake up in the morning to swept floors and empty him out before I take him to do his work for the day. We have a general schedule that gets bedrooms done once a week and the playroom and family room done twice a week, and then the main floor is every day. Plus if I leave the house, I often set him to go while we're gone just because I'm amazed with the dust and dirt he finds every night! He might miss a spot sometimes, but he'll get it the next time, so it works out well. The virtual walls keep him away from where he shouldn't go. He has a dirt sensor to hit the dirtier parts for longer. The first few times I ran him here, he filled up pretty quickly, especially on carpet. Now he can bot til he drops and then I'll empty him out. He's got an air filter, too, and the brushes and filters are easy to replace when needed.

It is a little loud, probably comparable to a regular vacuum cleaner. But we don't wake up from him doing his thing at night, and during the day, we just plan around anything that needs to be done. He's taking care of my room as I type this now!

I'm not sure how long these little machines should last, but Bot seems to be fine after a year despite daily use (often more than once since I run him every night and then usually one or two rooms most days.) And Bot has been ridden on and well loved by the small people in our house--although we try to keep him above the fray. He is even the star of my kids' Rescue Bot stories!

We did have a problem with it a while ago--the brushes stopped turning reliably. I contacted customer service via e-mail (within the 1 year warranty) and they had me try some things, and then sent me out the easy-to-replace part within a few days. The battery was damaged because of how hard it was working to get those brushes going, and after replacing the part, was still running for only about 30 minutes (should be 90). They sent me out a replacement battery and something to update the software--all at no cost to me. Very easy and customer service was great.

Other than that one issue--caused by repeated things getting stuck over the course of the past year, usually socks pulled from under the couch, I think-- we've had no problems. It has been well worth the cost, and if something goes wrong, we will absolutely buy another. They do go on sale periodically, and we find it well worth the price!

We LOVE our Bot!
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on December 18, 2013
The iRobot Roomba is an effective piece of technology that we respect for what it can do and how it does it. The Roomba does a great job at cleaning our bamboo hardwood floors. It picks up much of the dust bunnies and particulates that seem to appear out of nowhere in a seemingly already clean floor. It's amazing to empty the dirt trap compartment to find that after a cleaning session how much dirt/lent it actually collects. This is even more impressive since it collects loads of dust/dirts in a household that is pets and kids-free.

We do however have to be very cognitive that it is a machine that will literally roll over our stainless steel bar stools, floor lamp bases and some corded items without regard if we don't take precaution to avoid an issue. With this being said, we now have learned to move certain pieces of our furniture from its path in order to avoid damage/scratches to these items.

We've been using the Roomba for over 6 months now and like how it does a fine job with the Flor carpet squares covered portions of our wood surfaces and the carpeted rooms we unleash it in.

Overall we really like the iRobot 560 Roomba and would recommend it to anyone looking for a device to help control the dust and dirt in the home. It also is entertaining to our guests who are amazed at how the Roomba moves about with robotic precision-like accuracy.
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on December 21, 2008
I am SOOO happy with my Roomba! I have been reading reviews for well over a year, and I finally got my chance to get one! I am thrilled with my Rosie. I have an Electrolux canister, and she runs circles around it! The Roomba is finding all kinds of hair and dirt I thought the Electrolux had gotten up. Yes Rosie takes longer than the Electrolux, but she does a WAAAY better job! And if you think about it, is the Roomba really taking longer if I'm off doing something else??

I will admit it does miss a spot here and there, but I think that's totally going to change when we get into a pattern. I think the cumulative affect will be a more complete clean!

If you have the means, get one and give it a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised! If you have pets, I think the extended warranty is a good idea too. Really if you think about it, the price on Amazon is so much better than the store, that even with the warranty you will still have saved money!
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on January 29, 2012
I am very disappointed, as this is a product that has been on the market for quite a number of years. I would have thought by this time, they would be producing a good, efficient, and reliable product. Although it offers the opportunity for customers to have a robot that will actually provide real and tangible help in keeping a house clean, that was not my experience with this machine.
I had to babysit the Roomba when it ran, I would not have been comfortable running the Roomba when I was not at home. I had to pick up the Roomba and clean the brushes at least twice during it's cleaning cycle when it ran only in one room of my home due to hair wrapping around the brushes. This causes an error code to sound, and the Roomba to stop until the brushes have been cleaned. The Pet series - after speaking with customer service reps - would not have offered any assistance with this issue as it offered a bigger bin, but the size of the bin didn't contribute to the ultimate problem. Hair - pet hair - wrapped around the brushes had to be removed (at least twice per cleaning session) for the Roomba to operate. Customer service for Irobot offered me the opportunity to purchase at an additional price to the already pricey machine, an "Aero Bin" or an Aero bin kit. The bin was $39.99, I think and the kit was $74.99. That add on would have sucked the hair off of the brushes, so they said.
I wanted to be able to keep this Robot. I ran it every day to see if i would run without the error code that stopped it's progress and demanded that it's brushes be cleaned. It would not. I installed the new cleaning module that Irobot shipped to me hoping that it would provide the solution, and that I would be able to use this product as advertised. It did not.
I am returning this unit to Amazon, completely dissatisfied with it's cleaning performance.
It would seem that unless one is the cleanest person, or family, and has no pets, and has only a very simple floor plan, that this product is not for them. For the price of this product, I can purchase three ... yes actually 3 ... of [one of] the vacuums recommended by Consumer Reports as a top performer.
Again, I can only express my profound disappointment in this product. I know that Irobot has a number of models,and that many of the reviews that I read discussed having multiple Roombas to clean their / a home. Maybe that is the solution ... multiple Roombas. If that is the solution, then that is an extremely expensive proposition that might, and only might, resolve this issue. I would never entertain the thought of multiple Roombas due to the poor performance of the Roomba that we purchased.
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on November 26, 2012
I have been married for 3 months and this is by far the best purchase we've made to this day. Our Roomba has been with us for barely a week and we are amazed bye the quality of the product. Both my wife and I are mechanical engineers and we kinda know the effort that it takes to come up with a project like this and to do it this well.

Everything, ranging from the design of the trajectory and sensor algorithms to the quality of the instruction manual, is extremely well thought. This thing is designed so that everything is easily replaceable and you don't have to buy a new one everytime something might break, that is pure customer satisfaction in mind. Cleaning the brushes is extremely easy and the brush cleaner (sorry for the redundance) works amazingly well. The instruction manual had exactly the information I might need. No more, no less, extremely easy to read and understand, with tips on how to make mi Roomba last longer, seriously great stuff.

So please, if you have any way of gettinig this message to the people involved in creating all the things I've mentioned and probsbly a lot more I probably don't even know of, please tell them thank you for doing an overall excellent job, you guys motivate other engineers like us to work harder and better at what we do.
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on February 19, 2011
Last year we bought the top of the line, fancy pants, Roomba 610 in red. It's good, only a few minor complaints, however after comparing it to this one, we feel a bit cheated.

This one, for half price, does everything and more than the top of the line. (functionally)

Compare: both have scheduling. But the 560, when it runs it runs for 50 minutes to an hour. The 610 only runs for 25-30 minutes. The 610 has a MAX button, and it runs for about an hour, but you have to manually start it. The 560 always runs for the MAX time on the schedule. Which is what I wanted and thought I was getting with the fancy one. Additionally when we run the 610 on MAX, 75% of the time, it never makes it back to the chargnig station. The 560 runs for almost an hour everytime and always makes it back to it's charging station.

Compare: Both have the same everything. The same brushes, the same dust bin, etc. Functionally I can find no difference.

Compare: Warranty. The 610 has a 2 year warranty and the 560 only 1 year. (So I may have to come back here and update this review... ) But for the price difference, you can buy 2 560's for the price of one 610. So I don't see the advantage of the warranty on the 610 given the price difference.

Compare: Extra parts. The 610 comes with more extra filters and brushes than the 560. But even if I bought them off the Roomba website, it's only $40 worth.

Compare: The 560 looks cheap. The 610 looks great. The finish and color of the 610 looks great, is red in color, but the 560 is just black and silver color and looks very cheaply made. (appearance only, functionally it vacuums as well as the 610.)

Compare: The Roomba website says the 610 has a high capacity bin, and this one standard, but functionally it makes no difference in our house. Neither get close to full. In fact the dog hair on the brushes will cause it to stop and be cleaned LONG before either bin get's half way full.

Bottom line, for the money, the 560 is a better buy than the 610.

Both have my complaint about emptying the dust bin. You get very dirty. Dust flys all over the place. I have to empty them outside. And both easily get tangled with dog hair. (To be fair, we have 2 chows, so it's a bit of hell for any vacuum.) If the 610 had a much better method of emptying the bin, I'd change my mind.

I would definitely get a 560 again, in fact if I had to do it all over again, I'd get two of the 560's for the price I paid for one fancy pants 610. But that's only because I bought both and can compare them in the same house.

NOTE: The virtual walls that come with the 560 look different from those that come with the 610, but they both work with each other. ie, Now we have 4 virual walls that both roombas can use, so we saved some money there.
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on December 2, 2008
The roomba is worth the price. I even bought several extra attachemnts because of other revies saying thier brushes broke off. I havent had this problem yet, or any problem for that matter for the 6 months I have owned it.
It does take a while to vaccum everything but I dont really care cause Im not doing any work! It also forces me clean up since the floor really needs to be clear of toys and other small objects before you start vaccumming.
If you use the robot everyday and keep your floors relativly clean then you ususally dont need to empty the dirt out except at the end of its work...if you have a floor like mine, usually it needs to be emptied every 20 minutes or so.
My 2 year old son loves this thing, although i wish he didnt, he is rough with it but if he cant break it, then its gotta be durable!
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on November 22, 2011
Bought a refurbished 560 a year ago. Roomba and I are gonna get married ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! Week 1, you will not save any time at all as you will stand in giddy wonderment and watch it clean. After your honeymoon period, you will save huge amounts of time by doing things like turning it loose in the living room while you play Call of Duty and it cleans under your feet. Playing video games while a robot cleans your place = winning at life.

Cleaning the Roomba is NOT difficult, don't let these whiners fool you. My girlfriend sheds enough long hair in a week to make wigs for a whole state's worth of cancer patients and I spend about 5 minutes de-hairing the brushes and the front caster after a day of heavy use and it's good to go. If you have people about with long hair, when you clean it, unscrew the "spinner" brush and take it out. It gets hair under it, and over time it will wind up a big hair spiral that will gum up the rotation and overwork the motor. Then the motor will burn out and you'll be pissed. So instead take 30 seconds and unscrew it, pop the brush off, clear the hair off, and put it back. The basket will get full the first time you use it because your place is disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself. After that you won't have that problem. The beauty of Roomba is that it will clean every day if you let it, which is what it's made for. It also goes under the couch and bed, and let's be real, it's gross under there and you're not gonna clean it. The darker your furniture is, the harder Roomba will hit it because it doesn't "sense" darker colors as well. It slows down for light colored obstacles because it "sees" them better. If you have a black rug, Roomba won't go on it because it thinks it's a dropoff. I have navy blue bathroom rugs that are thick shag and Roomba does great with them. It can and will climb things that are an inch or two high, so be mindful of that so it doesn't get hung up. Keep cords and baby socks away from it, it will get all wound up in them.

It's a little noisy, but not as loud as a standard vac. It doesn't sound like a vacuum either, it sounds like an RC car or...well...a motile robot. It does make bumps and thumps when it hits objects, so you'll hear it if you're nearby. The battery on mine is good for I'd say around 90 minutes before it needs another charge. That translates to about one big room and one bathroom. If it can get to its dock to charge on its own it will either when the room is clean or it needs charging. If it can't find it, it will shut off when the room is clean or when the battery dies. Then you have to line it up on the dock. It knows whether the dock is in the room it's in or not, but doesn't have "homing" on it or anything. It bumps around cleaning and looking for the dock, but it won't go straight there from across the house or anything like that.

Overall, I freaking love the thing. Girlfriend mocked me at first for getting it, but she loves it now too. Our 20 month old isn't scared of it at all, she gets excited about it. It bumps into her sometimes and she doesn't mind at all. Worth every penny I spent on it and then some.
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on February 6, 2013
Purchased this for for my wife for Christmas. Charged it up and set it on its way. Initially worked good when running through our living room on Christmas morning. Programmed to run 3 days a week after that. Right away we noticed that it would always get stuck in the dining room by the dinner table. I initially thought it had somethign to do with the dock bing over in the other room so I moved it to a more centralized location in the house. Again, the unit would still get stuck in the dining room, error code 6. I called customer service and we walked through a sequence to clean the cliff sensors and reset the unit. It failed that checklist and they said to send the unit back as it was faulty. No problem, received the new unit a few days later. We actually received an upgrade, a 583 model. Swapped everything over and set it on its way. Unit was working great until it got on the dining room on the rug and got stuck again, error code 6. So I called immediately and talked to customer service. I stated I watched the unit go under the table and it got stuck again with error code 6. I was told to check the cliff sensors and make sure they werent dirty. I stated it was brand new and had been running for 10 minutes and they were clean. I asked if there was any coincidence that it kept getting stuck in the dining room on the carpet and the rep asked if there was any black on my rug and I said yes, it is an 8 X 10 area rug with a black and dark brown grid pattern on it. She said that the carpet was incompatible with those colors as it confuses the cliff sensors therefore shutting the unit down, error code 6. They stated the unit thought it was near steps because of the black in the rug. So short of replacing the rugs in my house, I had to send the unit back and get a refund. Would have been nice to know that rugs like that will confuse this thing prior to buying it. My advice would be to make sure you dont have black or dark brown patterns on your carpet or large area rugs first or else your unit may get stuck like ours did.
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on April 12, 2010
I've had my Roomba 560 for about 4 days now. I've ordered the AeroVac bin, which I've read is much better if you have pets (we have 3 cats), but haven't received it yet, so this is based on the stock bin.

Setup - Super easy. Pull it out of the box, plug in the charging base, and let it sit there overnight for the first time. Scheduling is pretty simple too.

Performance -

Day #1 - I have a (approximately) 1600 square foot home (3 bedroom, 2 ba). The first time the Roomba left the base on its first scheduled cleaning, I was disappointed to see that it cleaned only half our living room and one of our bedrooms repeatedly, until we picked it up and moved it. We have beige carpet with a dark red / black area rug covering most of the middle of the room. It turns out that the Roomba's IR sensors looks at the dark rug on the light carpet and thinks "OMG HOLE" and turns around. After a little research, I read a tip about cutting 6" strips of packing tape, folding it up a few times, cutting it to size, and taping it over the IR sensors to refract the IR slightly differently. It also didn't dock itself (perhaps because we had picked it up?

Day #2 - After another good charging, success! The tape over the IR sensors made the roomba happily climb right over our rug, bounce around every inch of the living (and even under our couches, which I was sure it wasn't going to fit under there.) It also bounced around our kitchen area and ended up dumping our cats food bowl over. We quickly broke out the Virtual walls and put near their food bowl to fix that. It also docked itself just before the battery went dead this time. The only downside to the poor Roomba is that our morbidly obese cat seems to enjoy standing in the hallway where our bedroom is at and letting the Roomba bump into it...turning it around, so our bedroom doesn't get vacuumed. It also has a tendency to make a mess if it tries to clean damp bathroom rugs, so I'd highly recommend either closing your bathroom door or buy an extra Virtual Wall for your bathroom. The first time it vacuumed for almost 2 hours and covered most every part of the house (with us moving it occasionally), the second time it ran for about 1 hour but covered every part of the house we didn't have blocked off (except for our bedroom - thanks to the cat) and returned back to its base without any moving around.

Day #3 - I came home from work today (the first day I left it unsupervised), walked in the front door, and noticed it not on the dock. My wife and I promptly started searching for it desperately, as if we were looking for an injured pet. Under the bed, under the couch, no where to be seen. Finally, we noticed a closed door that we thought we left open, and indeed, it had somehow trapped itself in our guest bathroom, and consequently torn up (ripped a ton of fibers out) the bathroom rug. It has officially been upgraded to a life form at least as intelligent as our cat. I heavily suggest keeping your bathroom doors shut or buying extra virtual walls.

Day #4 - Coming home from work, it wasn't on the dock again, instead it very close by and on the edge of the rug. We didn't think much about it, and put it back on its dock.

Day #5 - Again, coming home and it was in the exact same spot, and the light on top was still green meaning the battery hasn't been in use much. So I return it back to its dock and press clean, wait about 5 minutes and see that it almost instantly gets stuck when teetering between the height of our rug and cleaning around the corners of the couch. I played with repositioning the rug a little, press clean, and went out to eat. When I came back, all the house except the back bedroom has been vacuumed,which I suppose is pretty good. As a note, the AeroVac bin came in today, and holy crap it picked up about 3 times as much dust. Now I'm left wondering where it keeps finding all this dust, but I guess that is a good thing. We shut it up in our back bedroom and let it go for about an hour just to make it that room got clean.

Maintenance - By far the only real disappointment I've had so far. I've read that you have to do a lot of cleaning for the first couple weeks until it gets up a lot of the dust out of the nooks and crannies of the house, but you absolutely have to clean it every day. The dust bin / filter is trivial with some compressed air, but the two brushes are a bit more of a pain. The large brush is pretty easy to clean with the included tool, however the small one the ends don't completely come off of, so I find myself digging with a knife to get pet hair / wife hair completely off of the ends. I've read that nail scissors work well for removing the hair / fibers off the end of the small rubber brush, but have not tried it yet.

Overall - Once we get the Aero Vac bin, I'm quite positive this will have become a worthwhile investment, and hopefully keep my family breathing a little easier.

Overall after I think we adjust to it and get the larger Aero Vac bin it will be well worth the adjustment.
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