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on October 10, 2006
We moved into a larger house with all tile floors on the main level. We hated mopping and swiffering all the time so I bought a Scooba now that I could find one for less than $300.

The packaging and instructions are excellent. It really builds a high expectation. The very first time you turn it on you just want to watch it like a little kid, and I sort of expected it to perform magic. But it turned out to be rather anti-climactic for us. There is only so much smarts and functionality you can buy for $300 I guess.

For starters, it's pretty loud, like a regular vacuum cleaner. And it's slow, frankly. You cannot stay in the same room as it for very long or you just get tired of listening to it.

Also, unless your room is of regular size and dimensions without too much junk in the way, I felt like the Scooba just didn't go where I wanted it to. I learned pretty quick you have to cordon off the spaces you want it to focus on or else it will run out of fluid before it's done. It says it will clean up to 200 sq.ft. on a single tank. That's really not that much, not in my house anyway.

One thing that annoys me is if it stops before it is done cleaning the room because it's out of fluid or battery, there is no way to tell it to pick up where it left off. Same thing if it gets stuck and you pick it up...it will not start where it left off. You have to re-fill it, then just place it down in a different area if it didn't get everything.

I also find it works best to remove all the chairs from the room by putting them up on the table or placing them on a rug so Scooba doesn't have to worry about navigating around them. It will waste A LOT of time bumping around chairs before figuring its way out.

Remarkably, it does clean the floor very well and leaves a very nice scent. Even when my tile floors look clean to begin with, the dirty water tank is always brown and filthy afterwards.

Because I have to move chairs around (12 of them) and cordon off the spaces I want cleaned reliably, there is still a bit of work involved and I go through about 4 tanks and one complete battery recharge every time I clean. So don't think you can just push one button and never have to do anything. It requires some patience in the beginning. This is not a product I would buy for someone who is not technologically inclined to be honest. This is for gadget types.

The thing I like most is that I can run it as often as I like and it really doesn't cost anything. I can go work on the computer upstairs while it happily cleans downstairs. I will probably use it 2-3 times a week whereas I would only feel like swiffering once every 2-3 weeks, so my floors should be MUCH cleaner from now on.

For less than $300 it's worth it, but be patient and LEARN how to use it and how to section off your rooms so you know it's cleaning them all reliably. Because the solution dries pretty quick, you can't actually tell where it's been unless you watch it the whole time. It would be fun to take some video of it and speed it up to see how it's really doing.

UPDATE: It's been almost a year and a half, and I'm still using Scooba. BUT, if you can believe it, my original Scooba started making crazy sounds on the very last day of its warranty. I called, and they replaced my Scooba FREE OF CHARGE with an upgraded model. Now THAT is customer service. They will not let you down if you have problems. They always shipped me free parts no questions asked when a few of the components started wearing out. Batteries do not have a very long life, you will need to buy replacements in less than one year, and they are on the pricey side. Still not sure this is better than my swiffer, but it's fun to watch!
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on December 1, 2006
I thought my kitchen floor was fairly clean. I ran Scooba over it and was amazed at how dirty the water was that it had collected. Scooba has a clean and a dirty water collection tank so only clean water goes down on the floor. It will not get into corners but does a bang up job on the main floor areas (where most of the mess ends up). It leaves the floor moist, but not actually wet. My floor fully dried in about five minutes. The actual cleaning time was about 40 minutes.

One word of advice, order an extra bottle of cleaning solution. You cannot use just any cleanser with Scooba, only the specially formulated Clorox (non bleach) fluid is recommended.

It seems a little bit expensive but if you place a value on your spare time, the Scooba is well worth the money. Mine is cleaning the kitchen as I am writing this. I'll need to get the corners manually but the 30 minute job now takes a few minutes (and it actually cleans better than I can).

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on April 24, 2012
First and foremost, I have a Neato for vacuuming. I love how it outlines the room, and then makes nice straight rows to get the rest of the room. I HATE how Scooba is random for the most part. It just looks stupid. It misses a lot, especially when the battery can't do a large room in one charge. The Scooba gets stuck on any little thing, even a rubber mat that is no more than 1/2" thick with graduating edges. My Neato can climb over 1" thick pieces of metal like a little 4 X 4 truck. There is a lot of in-between maintenance to do (clean mesh filter, port, brushes, squeegee, empty/rinse/fill tank). I would love to know what household cleaner I could use instead of the expensive Scooba cleaners WITHOUT voiding the warranty. I have 2 batteries just so I can get a good clean in a large room. The recharge time is ridiculous (4 hours!!!). In reality, this product is worth about $200. For the price I paid, it should do more - a lot more.
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VINE VOICEon July 6, 2006
I'm delighted with my second floor-cleaning robot! Scooba has done a wonderful job of cleaning my floors, inlcuding refinished hardwood. The floors didn't look dirty, but emptying the dirty water from the tank told the truth - ugh!

Just like Roomba, this is a well-made, serious piece of equipment, with features that are well thought out. It's a piece of cake to prep Scooba, and then empty it when the room is finished. I've done my 12 x 20 kitchen on a single fill, and covered my large living room, dining room, and entry by refilling the tank midway. The battery runs for about three tanks, so you can cover a lot of ground.

Keep in mind the limitations that other reviewers have highlighted - Scooba requires a neat floor without cords or excessive obstacles, it works more slowly and methodically than Roomba, it won't get a small triangle of floor at each inner corner, and it requires a special cleaning solution (actually, mine came with the direction that plain old vinegar will work, cheap and unscented). If you keep your floors NEAT, Scooba will keep them CLEAN!
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on August 3, 2006
When I received Scooba, I ran it in my kitchen. It is very large, so I sectioned it into two with the virtual wall. The first half looked great. It did leave the floor a little damp (not as dry as I would have hoped). The second half (with much more traffic) did ok...not very impressed.

I ran the Scooba a second time on the second half of my kitchen and couldn't believe what I saw!! The floor must of had some type of sticky film on it. The floor was once again white, instead of dingy grey!!!! And, when I cleaned the brush, I noticed the sticky substance that it apparently cleaned up. I ran it one more time on the second half of my kitchen and I am completely blown away at how my floor looks!!! I never thought it would come this clean. Really!! The floors are old and not well taken care of. You could never tell now.

Very easy to use. Not as tempermental as I've read. No problems so far. Very easy to clean and maintain. The only thing I've noticed is that it doesn't dry as completely as I thought it would. Other than that, I really love it.

Thought I was going to have to return Scooba, but now it's a KEEPER!!! Thank you iRobot!!!!
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on August 29, 2017
Does not work well
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on December 6, 2012
I bought my Scooba in April of 2006. I have had to replace the battery a few times over the years and have never had any problems. Just bought a new steam mop thinking that it would compliment my Scooba. Well, I Used my new Shark Pro steam mop on my kitchen & bathroom tile and loved the results. As an after thought decided to go back over the tile with my Scooba thinking I had a clean floor. I could not believe the dirty water that came out of the Scooba. My house is newly built and I have used nothing on the floors but the Scooba and Roomba, also use the Swiffer (wet & dry pads)for quick pickups on the hardwood floors. I just love my Scooba.
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on January 24, 2017
Was missing the battery pack and virtual wall.
Then when the battery did arrive after multiple calls the robot didn't work which made returning it a nightmare as I had three different orders to try and get credit back for. All around, a rough deal.
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on August 5, 2006
From my prior use of the Hoover upright floor machine I expected Scooba to leave small pools of water in the grout of my Kitchen & Dining Rm. floors. It didn't! iRobot's team designed a winner w/their first floor washing machine! Scooba is very easy to use, and to clean up after use--top priority for me as I own 3 Roombas, too.

To anyone who has a problem w/this machine, my experiences w/their customer service have been a pleasure. So, DO call them. They will diagnose the problem, and if need be they'll replace it free of all charges. They really care about satisfying their customers-a dying virtue w/many companies. Most importantly, Do Read and Follow their Instructions Exactly as Outlined. There are reasons for every instructional step they list. (No, I do not work for them..just a very, satisfied customer:)
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on October 14, 2007
I've had my Scooba for over a year now, and it has just never worked right. It's been really frustrating, especially since I paid $350 for it. I had such high hopes because I really value my Roomba red, which works well. Frequently the Scooba won't start, and I've done troubleshooting many, many times with iRobot over the phone. On the rare occasion that it does work it leaves a pretty thick layer of water and cleaning solution on my floors, which worries me since they're sealed bamboo. If you have a pet that sheds, like I do, you really have to sweep before using it, or use a Roomba, since the Scooba's vacuum component doesn't seem to work well either. Honestly, I'd recommend Gaiam's far more low-tech version of "Swiffer" (with re-usable cloth covers and a tank you can put your own cleaner in). The Scooba has just been too much frustration for too much money.
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