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on August 26, 2012
At the time of this writing, the iTP A3 EOS is by far the best value in a high-performance AAA flashlight. Compared to my wife's Fenix E01 small EDC flashlight, this one is smaller and sleeker, more powerful, and has more modes. (The E01, which I also recommend, is a bit cheaper and a lot simpler, which can be a plus for someone who doesn't want a complicated gadget; and while the iTP A3 EOS is quite solidly built and can take a LOT of abuse, the E01 is absolutely bombproof.) Everyone who sees this tiny light covets it.


+ Very good max brightness at 96 lumens, with quite decent throw for a tiny keychain light

+ Mid level is more than bright enough for many everyday uses

+ Low, at 3 lumens, is more than sufficient for reading and finding one's way around in very low light (I didn't think this was possible, but it is true; one's eyes adapt)

+ Good mix of hot spot and spill (the part outside the central hot spot)

+ Thoroughly sensible power modes: low, then medium, then high-- this preserves night vision when first turning it on, if low is all that's needed, and saves power

+ Can be overdriven with a 10440 battery-- rechargeables are available-- to give 200+ lumens (do at your own risk)

+ Lack of worthless strobe modes and other useless frills

+ Robust build and waterproofing (it's really waterproof, not vaguely claimed to be "water resistant"; check youtube videos to see it put through the dishwasher, etc.)

+ Many different colors available-- and even stainless steel and titanium at higher prices (and even a copper version of the older Maratac two-mode version)


- O-rings will wear out eventually due to the twist-on interface, though this can be abated with lubrication
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on September 9, 2016
This little light has a BIG light. And the strobe feature - it rocks.! I've been using iTP lights for 6 years The strobe feature can be seen for nearly 100 yards during the daylight. Critical to have with kids in a crowded area where one might get lost. Just find an elevated place above the crowd turn it on and slowly move it around the crowded area. If your kid knows the procedure, they'll stop and look for the strobing light. Also critical if you're out hiking, camping, etc. if you get lost and there are Search and Rescue aircraft out looking for you, just strobe the aircraft. And if they have night vision on, they'll see the light for miles!!.
I bought 2. I've giving away 5 as Christmas presents. I use these religiously every day. and always keep one clipped to my t-shirt, or in the front of a button up shirt. The ability to hold this little(big) light in your mouth while you're working with 2 hands is priceless!
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on March 30, 2016
I bought the first version of this and I loved it! The clip on the original was the weakest link, with the spring failing in me before long. But, the attachment was better, connecting to a lug in the center of the butt. It didn't have a directionality that way, and didn't kink in your pocket at all. It also had a short section of light chain, which I like. The first one died in me randomly. The LED and electronics in the head went out. Since I like the original butt I took the butt/battery housing from my original and out the new head/LED on. That part was the same. So far so good on the new version head. I was going to get a bunch of these as gifts for friends, but when the 'gifts' came they were all the updates version, with no chain, the smaller (better) clip, and the side-mounted clip. Also the original mini key ring thing was stouter in the original.

Overall, I don't know why it died. It worked flawlessly for so long, the without any reason it just stopped.

Anyway, if they make another update, I would suggest going back to the original butt mount (in the center lugg), keeping the original mini key ring and chain, but swapping the old clip with the new one. Then if they can make them a tough more reliable. But, for $20 my first one was a great light. However, I think I'm going to shop around before I buy any more since I'd like to find a more ergonomic one, more like the original version.

The light output is surprisingly good for such a small light, and such a cheap light.

When you leave it in the lower settings the battery lasts quite awhile. I keep mine on my car keychain, and I use it probably every day. It gets beaten around in my pocket, and I even used it with my go pro in a dark bat cave in Central America, and it was fine, even underwater.

It comes with replacement o rings, which I figured was a good indicator of the expected durability. However, the light died before I ever needed a new o ring.

I'd love to find essentially a one or two size bigger version, maybe a AA size, or perhaps 4 AAA ones. If it was similarly sleek, simple, rugged ( ok a little more rugged), I'd buy it in a heartbeat. If even buy a 2C sized one for another couple jumps in brightness, a focus ring, and a ton of battery life.
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This is a review for Part Number iTP-A3-150-GR , iTP A3 EOS 150 Lumen 3 Outputs and Strobe CREE XP-G2 LED Keychain Flashlight 2016 Edition 1X AAA battery (Green)

It is a nice looking, well finished light. It comes with a quality clip that WILL NOT break without some real effort to do so. The pocket clip is weak and I cannot see it securing the light in a pocket.

It states that it is compatible with 10440 batteries. I ordered this specifically for that reason. The flashlight did not work when I received the light so I could not test this spec. I used TrustFire 4PCS AAA 10440 600mAh 3.7V TrustFire Rechargeable Lithium Battery with PCB Protected Board. Not the best batteries around, but they were cheap and will give me the ability to test some flash lights to see what size battery they can use. These litium ion batteries are noticeably longer than a AAA battery.

I have ordered this light before and know how they perform. I will not be buying these again. Much better off buying the Lumintop Tool AAA or a similar thrunite light. I bought this as a test-bed but it failed that.
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on April 23, 2016
I bought one of these out of a desire to have a very small flashlight that I could carry around on a daily basis. This light is pretty incredible. At it's brightest setting, it will literally blind you. But when you are in a very dark environment, even the flashlight's lowest setting may be all you need.

The small size of this light also has to be seen to be believed. It's smaller than my pinky finger.

One thing many people have not mentioned here is that this flashlight has four modes: low, medium, high and strobe. You can get it to strobe by going into the high mode and then very quickly shutting it off then on again. A nice feature to have.

The only thing I'm worried about is that this is so small, I may easily lose it. I already have a bulky key chain as it is and am reluctant to add something else to hang from it.
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on July 3, 2016
A perfect EDC flashlight

Small light durable, BRIGHT! (When you want). It's about half along as a AAA battery, which is what it uses. I never notice it in my pocket till I need it. Turn it on and it's dim, perfect for working around others in the dark (like sleeping kids and wife). The first dimmest setting is just enough to keep you from tripping over things. Turn it off and back on and it's on its second setting, much brighter, you can find things in a drawer, find small screws and generally do all manner of tasks. You can (and I do) hold it in my mouth while fixing the plumbing, or while working on small electronics. Off and on again and it's on its brightest setting, not you can search the area. It easily brightens the back of the yard (>60 feet), you can quickly see everything around you, and fill a large area with light to work by. This is not going to replace a specialized tactical, or purpose built work light. But you'll use it multiple times a day, and I have yet to wish I had a different light. Lastly when you cycle threw all three settings twice a strobe light will turn on after the brightest setting. I hope to never need it, but I think I'll be happy to have it if I'm lost, and it stays out of the way when I don't want it.

This is really a perfect general use flashlight.
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on April 23, 2016
Amazing little flashlight that is a great replacement for my 10+ years old Fenix key-chain flashlight. This one is lighter, smaller, and much brighter than the old Fenix. The size and weight does not make it seem any less durable. Everyone should have one of this attached to their house key, car key, or even clip to their belt. It comes with two extra o-ring in case the one installed on the flashlight ever fails. Nothing on Amazon has a better specs with a cheaper price. Bonus for me is the little tin box that comes with the flashlight. I can re-purpose the box for any project that people use Altoids boxes for.
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on November 16, 2012
These lights are nuts.

A decade ago, I purchased an ARC LS, the first production flashlight to use a 1-watt Luxeon Star LED, one of the the first high power LEDs. Used it extensively and it's still going strong. Not been keeping up with LED developments for the last decade. Did a non-flashlight related search and ended up finding this light. A quick google search showed it to be well-liked, so I ordered one. Hell, it's only $20.

I was not prepared for what I got. It boils down to this: On medium mode, this flashlight produces roughly the same amount of light as my ARC, for roughly the same duration - 2 hours and some change. It's a fraction of the weight of the arc, and the diameter is under half that of the arc. Never mind it costs a fifth of the price.

Feeding time? Rechargeable AAAs, about $2 a pop and charged thousands of times. My old arc needed to use CR123 camera batteries which cost around $3+ per online. Using a battery with a fifth of the capacity, this light puts out as well as my ARC. 5 times more efficient than the ol' ARC.

Oh, and you get a low brightness mode which will work for days, and a high mode that puts out over double the light of the ARC.

Well, I guess that's progress for you.

Quick points:

- Type-III anodizing (coating), should last a long time.
- Seems well sealed, ought to survive dunks with no issue. Came with two spare o-rings.
- Solid build - should take knocks fine.
- Doesn't come with the keychain pictured - I got a little carabiner
- About 50 minutes on high, 2 hours on medium, and days on low w/ eneloop NiMH batteries.
- About the size of my pinky or a tube of chapstick
- Light enough that it's not really noticed on a keychain

Buy 4 of these lights and a pack of 4 lithium AAAs then give them out as gifts. They ought to serve well.

NOTE: These lights needs either lithium AAAs or rechargeable AAAs to work well! Alkaline AAAs will last a very short time on high, and only perform marginally on medium. Eneloops by sanyo are good rechargeables. About $8 for a pack of 4 AAAs, and $10 for a charger.
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on April 13, 2013
Over the years I have accumulated a small shoebox of flashlights. Most all still working, just outdated. The smallest of my flashlights is about the size of a 2XAA mini mag, or one of those squeeze lights that use button cell Lith batteries (expensive). I wanted to cut down on the amount of junk I carry on my belt. For example I have a leatherman, a cell phone, and a flashlight. I basically had a "batman" belt. I decided to cut down on some of this and I started with the flashlight. After reading numerous reviews of different lights here on Amazon and on the candle power forums, I settled on this flashlight and I have not regretted the choice.

The LED is very bright and probably does reach the advertised 96 lms. The beam is nice and smooth with no artifacts that I can see. Although I rarely use the high setting, it will throw almost a hundred feet when I do. I like that it uses a single AAA battery which is easy and inexpensive to find. I am using an eneloop NiMh rechargeable in mine and it works great. Battery life is very good and seems to match the advertised specs. It is very easy to operate and step through the three modes. It starts up in low every time and then you step from Low-Med-High by simply twisting the head off and back on again. It came with a nice little chain and a snap type of key ring. I have removed the length of chain and connected the snap ring directly to the flashlight. This makes it shorter to carry on my key ring. It also includes a clip which I don't use. I just wish the clip was reversible so I could wear it on the bill of my hat.

I have to say...I really, really like this flashlight. I must use it twenty times a day. It is so light in my pocket that I hardly notice it. During the day I just snap it onto my key ring and remove it when needed. At night I take it off the key ring and keep it close.

I plan to post a pic shortly, so check it out.

Get this will thank me for it.
review image
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on August 13, 2014
I have run mine with a 10440 since I got it without any problems although it will get hot quickly on high so if you need to run it for extended periods of time use level two which is still brighter than high with an alkaline battery. You will likely destroy the light if you leave it unattended running on high so if you are one of those people that loses focus easily stick with alkalines. There is no way to describe how bright this light is on high and the fact that it is smaller than my pinky finger makes it even more amazing. I would have given it 5 stars, but you can not reverse the pocket clip and use it on the brim of a hat like you can on a Titanium Innovations Illuminati. The lights are nearly identical other than the clip issue and the TI also comes in a fancy faux wood box. I carry one of the two in my pocket every day and once you get used to having a light of this quality on you you will carry one for the rest of your life. For the money, there is not a smaller, brighter light on the market.
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