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on August 16, 2011
I was highly, HIGHLY skeptical of the reviews I read of this product that insisted there were no bubbles and that installation was so easy. I can't stand bubbles in my screen protectors, so for me that's a big issue. I'd rather not use one than have bubbles.

A quick read of the instructions when the item arrived and I reluctantly removed my old protector. The instructions are pretty standard - use the included microfiber cloth to remove any dust, remove the backing from the protector, line up, and stick on. I couldn't help but notice that this protector did NOT come with the little paper card you use to smooth out the bubbles. Suddenly I was afraid I had made a huge mistake paying this much for just another bubble-riddled protector.

So, imagine my shock when it went on in under 10 seconds, lined up perfectly, and did not have a single bubble. NONE! I must have stared at it for a minute straight looking for any sort of imperfection; there aren't any. The anti-glare finish is much less grainy than others I've used and looks very nice. Feel is great too. Perhaps best of all, this protector comes with instructions for washing it - with soap and water - and re-applying it. A perpetual, bubble-free screen protector that I can actually WASH?! Certainly this is too good to be true.

Except it's not! Try this out. You won't regret it, I promise.
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on November 30, 2015
I've had this case for about two weeks. Kinda tricky to get the case on my phone. The package didn't contain any directions, so I went to Youtube for ideas on how to carefully put it on my phone. A tiny screwdriver is helpful to have on hand when trying to pick the two pieces apart..
The case does make the phone bulky, but it's worth it to me for all the protection the case offers.
The things that kinda annoy me are that the bottom and corners of the screen protector aren't very sensitive to touch, so I have to press a little hard on the keys. I'm not quite sure, but I think the screen protector covers part of the speaker part when you're on a phone call, so it's not as loud as it could be. I need to use a few fingers to remove the silicone piece that covers the camera, but it's not too difficult.
I may take try to remove the screen protector or parts of it, but I'm not sure yet.. Overall, I'm happy with this purchase.

Rear camera cover broke off accidentally due to my clumsiness.
I've cut slits into the plastic so that I can hear better. The plastic covers the part you put to your ear and the sound isn't as loud for alarms, ringtones, et all.
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on December 1, 2016
I think the positive reviews may be fake. The packaging is very plain with no information about the product and comes with no instructions for installing the screen protector. The screen protector itself doesn't make full direct contact with the iPhone screen (it's advertised as bubble-less, but it's really just one big bubble). The case has rubber flaps that protect the mute switch, headphone and charger ports, and the back camera, but these flaps are very rigid and you have to fight with them to get them open. On top of that, the case leaves only a very small hole to reach in and access the mute switch. Unless you have child fingers or carry around a paperclip all the time, you won't be able to reach it. The hole over the headphone port is also very small. My expensive earbuds have a pretty low-profile jack but even so, the case completely blocks them from being plugged in. The faceplate is secured to the rest of the case by a series of clips, but I found it impossible to get the one above the phone screen to click shut. It's like the case is too small for the phone it was made for; you can't button it closed all the way.

The pattern on the exterior looked fine and it actually did feel very durable when put together. I could even imagine this case being a steal for someone who never uses headphones or the mute switch, and doesn't mind the the shoddy construction of the guard flaps and screen protector, but those problems are impossible for me to overlook. All in all, I knew I had been ripped off 5 minutes after unboxing. I will be returning this product and going for something that doesn't feel quite so shoddy.

tl;dr: Cheap, Chinese, dollar store crap phone case
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on July 2, 2016
We had a very very hard time trying to get this case on, the packaging had no instructions, so we grappled ,and struggled with this case for quite a while, but we finally figured it out. By the way, i ordered the blue case with a pattern, and when it finally got here, it was just plain blue. and, the case is very, very bulky, and is pretty hard to fit in your jeans pocket. plus, the case blocks of the back camera, and the charger, however, there are flaps, so you can access them if you need to, but lets be honest, it will get super annoying if you need to get our camera out for something really cool, and its challenging to even lift the flaps up! also its pretty challenging to press the home button too. thats only because it has a built in screen protector. and when they say its dirt proof, and water proof and like everything proof, they really are not kidding! its only bulky because of the amazing protection, but it can really get annoying. and my review has gone on long enough, so im gonna end this on 2 stars only. overall, i dont like this case at all.
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on May 6, 2017
You get what you pay for sometimes. This case was not very well made, and failed to fit and close snugly. What's more, after 3 attempts to take it off and put it back on, the case failed to "click" back together and continually opened. The plastic lense on the front does does seal to the iPhone screen, so some parts seal and some parts don't, making the screen bubble in places. I removed the case after about 4 days, threw it a drawer where it sits today. I didn't return it, because I take responsibility (and deserve it) for assuming a $6-$8 case would have been without its issues. Well, that was stupid.
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on July 29, 2016
Great product and fits very nice but the finger censor has multiple dents and won't let me use my scanner to unlock my phone or apps waiting on there response to see what they can do for me.
review image
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on March 5, 2016
I work for the Cleveland Quarries. We quarry, cut, and fabricate Berea Sandstone. The saws that we use in our plants are massive diamond tipped wet saws. The air itself is at a constant 90-98% humidity year round in our plants on top of the water that splashes about on the ground. Now you throw in the dust from sandstone, which you might guess is a very fine sand, and you have a recipe for a destroyed phone in a very short amount of time. That was of course until I bought this case. I promise there are very few places or occupations that would be better for testing the durability and functionality than my own. After one week of use, I took it apart to clean the inside and wipe my screen because I know sand gets into everything. Well I didn't need to do that after all because there wasn't so much as a spec of dirt, dust, or sand inside. Not sure how the shock/drop proof feature holds up, but the feel of this case in your hand makes me confident that a drop would do nothing but scuff it. If you need a no BS phone case and holster, look no further.
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on December 20, 2015
A must if you have kids! This is amazing. My toddlers are always stealing my phone and I knew it would be a matter of time before my new iPhone was ruined. I have seen the phone dropped several times in this case without a scratch. I did take off the plastic cover which is easy to do because I felt like it was keeping me from being able to use the touch screen as well as I wanted to but that was an easy fix. The clip on back is nice to prop up the phone but I do leave it off usually because you can't use the back camera with it on. Overall this is great. I would buy it again if anything ever happens to this one.
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Like most of the other reviewers, I was VERY skeptical of this product. I opened it, read the instructions and they seemed simple enough. I used the (very nice) microfiber cloth that was included to clean the ipad and just to be sure, I tried the "foggy bathroom" trick where you run hot water in the shower and steam up the bathroom a little to basically remove dust from the air.

Then I removed the sticky backing and laid the screen protector down. First time I missed center a little and had to lift and retry. (Don't follow their instructions, line up the top and bottom holes and spread from side to side instead.) This was easy and lo & behold, it looked great. Except one small dust speck on the screen. I lifted again (just the corner) and swiped the dust out and... perfection. It really IS as easy as they say!

So why only four (EDIT: I changed it to five stars by the end of the review) stars? Well, it should probably be 4.5 stars, I wish Amazon did 1-10. It would get a solid 9 out of 10 from me.

But the catch is that only the black borders are touching the screen. The protector sits a few thousandths of an inch off the screen. This is fine for most things, but I feel like it decreases the sensitivity of the screen by a very small amount. Maybe 10% at most.

The other problem is that this becomes particularly noticeable at the edges. You can hear the "click" of the screen protector plopping down on the screen when you type on the space bar or near the edge of the screen. It also is noticeable when using a drawing app near the border.

Overall, it is well worth the tradeoffs to have an easy-to-install protector that looks great and cuts glare and fingerprints.

One last thing, I was worried about the thickness affecting my ability to use a case, but it is not much thicker than a regular screen protector at all and should work great with any case.

Heck, after typing this review on my iPad, I think that I'll round it up to a five star review. It really is pretty darn good.
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on August 9, 2013
Review after review of other screen protectors complain of dust, bubbles, application problems like placement, peeling...

This screen cover (which I've used continuously for the last 18 months) took roughly five seconds to apply, has zero bubbles, and has stayed firmly in place for its entire life. You can supposedly remove, wash, and reapply it is often as necessary, though I've never needed to do so. The touchscreen works great with it, there's an ever-so-slight muting of the glare from the screen (a definite plus), and it wipes off nicely when gunk gets on it (I am extremely hard on my electronics). This protector is bomber and well worth the (admittedly steep) price. I just ordered one on Amazon to fit my new iPod Touch and thought it deserved a review from someone who's used it longer than a month.

Your device costs a lot, why not keep it in great shape? Buy this item.
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