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on December 6, 2015
Of all the superhero-type games I've played, this might be the best one to capture the idea that a hero's natural environment is a city.

Being Cole MacGrath means leaping between tall buildings (but taking some time to learn to leap up them in one bound), maneuvering freeform to line up your shots on gunmen, monsters, or high-jumping mutant troops, and dropping into the crowd to pull off a rescue-- or shamelessly blasting everyone in sight if you like the evil path.

Games like Arkham City offer the same action with more ambition, but Infamous 2's strength is playing to its basics. The story's good enough but not interfering with the action, and yet it makes everything make sense. Cole's biggest advantage is restoring himself from almost any electrical line... so of course some of the nastiest missions are on watery outskirts or powered-down districts. And the game uses plenty of common sense in planning its missions: most are simple fights with a mix of rescues, races, treasure hunts, and other oddities that feel like they belong in the world. It's a pleasure to get through a game and never once feel I've been yanked inside a puzzle-maker's head and out of the environment.

(Alright, I don't *think* the Red Cross would approve of Cole's method of delivering medical supply crates by catapulting them through a crowded city...)
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on November 27, 2012
I played the first one and even though it was kinda boring trying to find all these blast shards and such it was still a fun play through. So if you liked the first game you will probably like this one. Its kinda like the god of war games where you start off with all the powers you had in the first game.. then by some kind of thing happening you lose them all and have to start over type of deal but with new types of powers. Depending on which way you go (or if you played both of them) you can either end up with ice type powers (which seem cool) or this flammable oil type of power (maybe not as cool). After beating the game the good way I wanted to try my hand at the evil play through. If you played the first game its pretty much the same. You have even more enemies, its more difficult, and its pretty much the same story just with a few small changes cause your evil.

This was pretty much the same game from the first just with a new location (similar to the last game) and a story that was interesting but not something to write home about. This is similar to the last game where you might end up forgetting about it after a you finished playing it a few months ago. I got the game for about 20 dollars or so and it was worth that. I don't think I would have paid full price. But considering this is probably going to be the last game where they show the main character its worth a pick up if you want to finish the story.
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on December 27, 2012
Firstly let me point out the negative aspects of the game:

-Glitches do occur in various circumstances like when you're attempting to disable a gun turret or looking to pick up a package from the floor. Cole (the main character) remains stunned for a few seconds until you remove the obstruction from the vicinity of the command. In one instance, I had a cardboard box prohibiting me from disabling a gun turret. I had to remove it before I was able to carry out that action. There was also a handful of instances in which my character went through buildings. One glitch was so notorious that there was a Youtube video about it. It's the one with the train car. A game scene plays, you accept the mission and then you're outside near the train car where the scene took place; when you try to jump onto that train car to get over it and onto the other side, you find yourself inside of the car, impossible to get out. Don't panic here, like I did, just abort/abandon the mission so you won't have to lose any potential game data. Also, from my experience, this is very rare, but it still occurred during gameplay-the good/bad karma. It's not as noticeable as it was in the first game, but it's still present where if you carry out positive actions, for whatever reason, you're given bad karma and vice versa. Again, this was improved on from the first game (and the developers deserve credit for that) AND it's also rare that is happens, so this element of the game if you experience it, shouldn't make you significantly frustrated or upset often.

Repetitive Missions:
-There are also repetitive missions, like in Infamous 1. The ones that I found to be the most annoying and redundant were the transformer missions in which you had to fire a tesla missile from one transformer to the next and then you had to guard that transformer from your foes. Or jumping from one transporter to another solely by gliding the power lines or remaining in the air before Cole burst. A very similar mission was offered in Infamous 1, but in that game, that mission was timed. To be fair, even Skyrim had repetitive missions. How often do I have to spend several hours into some underground dungeon to obtain something for some researcher or influential village person?

Design Issues With Nix:
-Another negative aspect of the game is the design of Nix's face. I don't know why, but Nix's skin, especially her face looks so different from all of the other video game characters. Her facial skin looks like it's been created out of muppet material. Fuzzy like Ernie's skin from Sesame Street. I'm not attemtping to be funny here, but that's the first thing that came to mind when I seen her. I thought muppets/muppet skin. And it's not because she's an African American character that is the source of the problem, because other African American characters look just as good as the rest of the cast. So I don't know the reason for this, maybe they wanted her to have a distinct look due to her unique personality/character, but it didn't look that well.

I Miss The Original Cole:
-And some people rightly mentioned this. I do miss the old Cole. This new Cole (in both character design and voice acting) was good, but it wasn't the original Cole. To the new voice actor's credit, as I put in more hours into the game, it wasn't as sore of a point or a bothersome aspect of the game as it was initially. So I grew to adopt the changes. But if you're going to start a successful franchise, KEEP ALL OF THOSE WHO AIDED IN ITS SUCCESS! It's like a football team going to the Super Bowl with their beloved franchise quarterback and then releasing him or trading him to another team the following year.

Gliding Power Lines No Longer Provides Benefits:
-I also miss how gliding on power lines allowed you to absorb electricity and heal Cole. That's not the case here.

Looking at the negative portions that I've outlined, it would appear as if I didn't enjoy this game or that the game's negative attributes, especially the glitches, hindered my experience with it. I want to point out and emphasize that these unfavorable features of the game didn't detract from my fulfillment from it and that was largely due to the positive elements, which not only offset the negative portions of the game, but kept me very interested and entertained for a long time.

Now for the positive elements:

No More Sewer Missions:
-SuckerPunch discontinued the sewer missions, which was a good call, unfortunately they replaced them with the transformer ones, but it's a good substitute nonetheless.

Better Abilities/Powers:
-The abilities in this game are much more pleasing than the first game. That's not to say that Cole's powers in the first game were dull or boring, but it is to say that the producers of this game stepped it up in part of the game. I won't reveal them so as to spoil it. Also, Suckerpunch actually added a surprising element ("twist") in the game with regards to some of these abilities and powers.

Enemies Are A Good Substitute:
-Enemies are a good substitute from the first game. This might probably be only me, but I liked the fact that they cut the number of exploding beings. In the first game, you'd have humans running towards you with a strapped bomb, here you have the same thing, but in mutant or "monster" form. I generally prefer it when the creators of a game develop something in which you have to strategize and use various techniques to best your opponent, here, they're solely running into you and you have to dodge them. But they did cut the number of those types down, to an evident amount.

Historic/Memorable Story Line:
-Historic story line. I've played Skyrim and to be honest, the story wasn't nearly as remarkable as it was here. I played the "evil" storyline first and the "good" one afterwards. Both endings are really good. The "evil" one was really emotional, especially if you loved playing Infamous 1 and were heavily invested into the story in this game. The "good" storyline was a little unexpected, but I also loved it because it was so original (as was the "evil" storyline). In terms of the "good" story line, very rarely do video game titles take the story route that this one did in its second edition/installment. In fact, I can't think of one that I've played that's done this.

Interactive Environment:
-The cities look good. The game consists of two cities linked by two bridges. One is New Marais, the other is "Flood Town." And Flood Town is divided into two halves, the flooded portion and the non-flooded industrial part. One of the enjoyable parts of Infamous 2 (as in Infamous 1) is that it doesn't do what games in the past have done, which was confine the character to a limited area, while playing a mission and especially battling the various bosses. Games have done this, I think, because it takes an extra amount of work incorporating the city/environment into the climactic fighting scene. Infamous 2, doesn't have as much of those environmental restrictions as those games. You can fight the boss while climbing buildings, gliding from one end of a short or long power line to the other dodging his/her offensive attacks, hiding behind cars, or using them as weapons to throw at your opponents, you can use statues or metal bars as shields, use the water in Flood Town or elsewhere to conduct electricity and defeat your opposition, use the roof tops of warehouses to hold the advantage over them, etc. In fact, it's actually required in some missions that you do take advantage of the environment around you, this is especially true in missions like the chase ones in which you have to climb buildings, infrastructure, steel gates, run up the stairs, use the vertical electric rails to boost you high in to the sky, etc., to keep up with and chase the suspects down. I love that about this game. I love its incorporation and inclusion of the environment. Hopefully they will build on this interaction in Infamous 3.

There are very few game franchises that I'm loyal to. The two that I can list are probably Elder Scrolls and Grand Theft Auto. This I'd consider the third. Suckerpuch, please continue this positive trajectory with this franchise and build on your accomplishments and successes from both Infamous 1 and 2 when developing the third edition of the game. And remember, story really matters. It's what sets you apart from the mind-numbing shooting games that are perhaps notorious for being devoid of any real plot.
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The game picks up where you leave off in inFamous 1, so this is definitely best for those already familiar with the story. Anyone who has not played the first game won't understand much of the dialogue in this second game.

Cole has a new voice, so that at first is hard to get use to. But with other characters sounding just the same, like Zeke, it's easier to get use to the new Cole.

Just like in the first game, your choices make you either good or evil. This time, not only do you chose the good or evil missions, but you get a new partner/side-kick for these missions as well. Depending on the path your chose determines which new partner you get.

The enemies are harder, but the fighting and missions are definitely more diverse this time. In the first game, many of the missions that you did to take over areas of the city started becoming repetitive. inFamous 2 has done a better job of making each mission more unique.

The game graphics are outstanding. Your electric powers seem to explode from you. The colors are more vivid and the city is amazing. Each building seems completely different than the others. In the first city, most all the buildings were similar in shape and height. In this sequel, every single building is different height, color, shape, age, etc. There are architectural landmarks, sky scrapers, political buildings, etc. Much more like a real city this time.

The gameplay is almost identical. The same ideas of taking over areas of the city, becoming more powerful by unlocking moves, and working towards a final enemy are all here. While the gameplay is the same, it's doesn't at all feel like your playing the same game as the first one. It's just similar enough to make it easy to pick it up and jump right in, without a learning curve.

In addition to the regular missions, there are also user created missions all over the city to play. They vary from easy to difficult and you can rate them and leave comments. You can also create your own missions for others to play.

While inFamous 1 was great, they managed to make inFamous 2 even better. They have improved so many aspects to the game, it has brought it to a whole new level. And as always, because you can chose the path of good or evil, once you've completed the game one way, it's time to start over and complete it the other.
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on May 7, 2012
The adventures (or misadventures) of Cole MacGrath continue in this very well done and much improved Comic Book Styled PS3 game sequel Infamous 2.

A Brief synopsis's of the game: The story starts about a month after the events of the 1st Infamous game where things are either starting to come together and Empire City starts rebuilding itself under the protection of the games protagonist Cole MacGrath (If you choose the Hero route from the 1st game) or looks like a scene from Dante's Inferno and the people of Empire City cower in fear from Cole (If you took the Infamous route). When one day another NSA agent by the name of Lucy Kou that was also undercover with NSA Agent John White except she had been assigned to New Marinas where as John had been assigned to Empire City. Kou convinces Cole to leave Empire City in order to come with her back to New Marias (Fictional City Based Off of New Orleans like Empire City being based off of Manhattan Island) in order to meet the creator of the Ray Sphere which Cole destroyed in the 1st game with the promise of increasing your powers in order to face the foretold coming of the Beast. Just as your ship departs for New Marias the Beast arrives in Empire City and starts destroying the City, you battle the Beast but are ultimately defeated by the beast and barely get away in time. You along with Cole's best friend Zeke and Agent Kou, Cole must head to New Marias; find the creator of the Ray Sphere who has the knowledge in order to defeat the beast before the beast eventually finds Cole.

What I like 1st of about the new game was you were able to carry over certain aspects from the 1st game like your Karma Level and how much power you could store from what you had earned from completing Infamous; however you can start Infamous 2 with a fresh slate without playing Infamous (I would highly recommend playing the 1st one before starting the 2nd one so you can get the story's background). Another downer is your initial battle from the 2nd game with the Beast takes a good chunk of the powers you had earned away as you have to earn them back again playing Infamous 2. The graphics quality was greatly improved of the characters which you can tell that sucker punch used the motion capture technology for a lot of the Cut Scenes which helped give it the "Uncharted" feel. Much of the game play of the controls is similar except sucker punch modified how to access your powers from the 1st (This was due to adding more powers to Cole's arsenal). The Karma system also returns and is a lot more unforgiving if you're not careful of your actions depending what path you have decided to follow (Once again Hero or Infamous). This is also played out on the final outcome of the game where instead of there being a moderate difference of the outcome your decision makes a serious turnpike for whatever you decide to choose and how differently the game will end.

I spent nearly 2 weeks with many hours a day put into the game finishing the game (This was due to completing all the side missions as well as the required Missions for the Campaign). There is also a user create tool in the game that can be used to not only create game missions for yourself but also place your user generate game on the PS3 PSN network as well to share with others.

Overall an excellent sequel which I am continuing having fun with, I would highly recommend.
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on November 10, 2011
Infamous blew my mind when I played the first one. Of course there were moments I get pissed at how the designers didn't quite think about everything when they were making the game...a few glitches here and there (walking inbetween a wall and trash can may instantly kill you, etc), but overall I give this game 9/10 on the fun factor. You have the freedom of Grand Theft Auto with superpowers that makes spiderman look like a tea sipping grandma.

Pros: I love the originality of the entire story, the characters & voices, even the nice twists in plot-line and karma-based choices at every turn. I knew since I played Mass Effect on the PC that karma-based games were on the way. Anyway, the programmers fixed quite a few bugs since the first one and added some badly needed skills that allow you to really scale buildings. The ability to pick up and throw cars is probably my favorite, you can really cause some havoc! I'm definitely impressed with how this one has turned out. If you enjoy shooters and GTA-style or BMX games, you'll love Infamous 1 & 2.

The ONLY reason I don't give this game full props is the game itself falls short of being about 8 hours long. When you can beat a game within two days (not playing it non-stop), then I think they maybe could have added more storyline/gameplay. The one counter-point to that fact is after you beat the game your character becomes playable free-style so you can run around and do whatever you want. The online missions are interesting, you can create and play anything player-made.

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If you like super powered free roaming game experiences then this is one of those you should check out. If you played the first game then the basic story shouldn't come as a surprise but if you haven't the short info is that you play Cole McGrath a man who unfortunate means has been granted electrical powers and now finds himself in a divided world where a plague infest humanity but also sees a recurring emergence of people with unusual powers too but are also immune to the mysterious plague that infest the rest of the world. The game pretty much plays like the first one so there's no need to relearn new button controls are anything which is appreciated also the graphics and effects are understandably improved from the first game. Also like with the first game you have scenarios where you must choose your karma side meaning if you perform humane and good deeds you're seen as a hero and if you perform wicked and selfish deeds the opposite happen, it's of course up to the player if you want to be the hero of the world or the dark jedi who rules it instead. So if you like games like Batman Arkham city or Spider-man here's a pretty good game to add to your game library and at a very affordable price as well....
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on August 18, 2011
I did everything possible in this game and its the first game I platinumed but that doens't mean I love this game. It is good but not great. It doesn't make the big leap that Uncharted did with its sequel but this game wanted to do just that. There is set pieces in this game that tries to do similar things but falls short with a less interesting story and slow progression. The game lets you do most of everything as the first one. In this game though you will be able to gain new abilities but I never felt too compelled to use them. I was fine with using my lighting abilities throughout the game.

If your a big fan of the last game than I do recommend getting this game. It does look better. You can see everything has finer details, things look sharper, and there is more varied enemies. This game has for instance three fractions and each of these fractions fight you. One using ice and you will gain their abilities at one point in the game and they have big ice soldiers, your first encounter being a boss. They are nice but actually too easy to beat. The game never felt too challenging.

This game has one major thing going for it that I like and this being able to make your own levels and share them with others like LittleBIGPlanet. The game allows you not just to put enemy placements but also tell the story through dialogue. Its a nice addition and anytime you can jump into one of these missions. There is even some people that make platforming missions or even missions where you have to throw a car at some enemies like a bowling. Its very flexible in its creativity.

The last thing I will mention is new DLC coming out for the game this October. It is titled Festival of Blood and Cole has been bitten by Vampires that have overridden New Marais (where the game takes place) and to save yourself you have to find the one that bitten you. Its sound pretty amazing and something to look forward to later on. I know I am :)

Anyway, the game is good. It just doesn't do a lot of new things outside the level creator which is still a nice addition. If you like action titles, open world games, than I can somewhat recommend it. Just don't expect a lot of gameplay changes from the last games.
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on January 3, 2013
Got his for $19.99 with Prime. The gameplay, story, and graphics are sound overall. The gameplay gives you free range of a city, similar to a grand theft auto or Batman style game where you can climb buildings. The map is pretty large, and because you use power lines to travel, it really doesn't need to be much bigger. The game itself has a pretty solid story line with it. There are a ton of side missions, as well as user generated missions that were created for more gameplay. Not many games offer free extra content. Once connected to the internet, you can get a ton of extra side missions, which helps you level up and gain experience, and it makes game play longer. It has a nice mix when you fight creatures or humans, and you have a ton of cool different powers to use. I found myself playing for 3 to 4 hours at a shot without losing focus or boredom which happens to me often with other games. The graphics are pretty good, and the game never glitches or freezes up on me. Overall, because of the gameplay, and the fact that there is so much content out there for this game for free, I highly recommend this.
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on December 5, 2011
This game does not dissapoint. I was a little worried when it started off with how limited the game play was, but that quickly went away.

You start off with some of the powers you left in the first game, but you definately don't have access to everything you did. Some of the early upgrades are pretty lame all though visually unique. There are some variants of the standard bolt that just don't really have much use. I played the demo so most of the new abilities I have already seen in the hours I've played so far.

Much more thought went into the missions. A few of them are the same, but it's not nearly as bad as the first game where there were only like 5 different mission types that kept repeating. I'm only about 5 hours in so hopefully I don't get the same repetitive fealing I did in the first. The mini missions are more fun now too. You still have to scavenge for blast shards, but now some of the mini missions give them away also.

Melee fighting is much more etertaining than it used to be and now a viable option instead of just pumping out projectiles. The Amp realy gives melee fighting a fun factor it lacked in the first game. It is situational so you can't use it all the time, but I have been pleased with how often I do get to use it so far. The visuals are pretty amazing when it gets powered up and I'm still excited to see the slow motion scenes of me finishing a bad guy.

Overall I've been pleased. I held off buying this game until the price dropped or I could get it used for a decent price and I realize that I would have been happy even paying 50-60 it initially cost.
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