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on March 13, 2017
Injinji toe socks have saved my life! Okay, maybe not my life, but definitely my feet! The first time I tried these socks I was skeptical. They're expensive, feel weird for like the first week wearing them, and I worried that they would make my toes cold the way gloves make my fingers cold (as compared to mittens). Four years later I have now completely gotten rid of all my socks and replaced them all with Injinji toe socks!

I am an avid outdoorsy person and my whole life have been plagued with blisters. It got to the point where I just assumed that it didn't matter what shoes or socks I wore, if I went on a hike or run I was going to get blisters, and I'd just have to deal with it. Turns out, I just needed a sock that acts like a second skin. I'm not a doctor or anything, but I assume the reason I've completely stopped getting blisters after switching to these socks is because the toes hold the sock firmly in place while the lightweight, technical fabric is slippery enough that the shoe can slide as necessary on the exterior of my sock without my socks rubbing against my feet and causing hotspots. This is seriously life changing for me!

Since my discovery of this amazing product, I have gone out and purchased a wide variety of toe socks from Injinji. I now even wear them to work while wearing a suit. I have tried at least a dozen of their styles and have found I have two favorites: the Injinji 2.0 Outdoor Original Weight Crew Nuwwol Socks, Charcoal/Black, Medium for wearing to work, traveling around the world, or anytime I'm wearing pants (including jeans); and the Injinji 2.0 Men's Run Lightweight No Show Toesocks, Gray, Large for any time I'm wearing shorts, running, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, and I even wear them when scuba diving (they help prevent the blisters that occur from hard rubber fins rubbing against my skin)! Interestingly the sizing is a little strange. I wear a 10 or 10.5 men's shoe and found that I prefer the size medium in the crew socks and a large in the no-show socks.

Another amazing aspect of these socks is how quick they dry! I can wash them in a sink in hostel bathroom, hang them from my bedframe, and they'll be dry in just a few hours! They also don't feel weird when wet--on more than one occasion I've gone straight from snorkeling, put on my shoes, and walked around the rest of the day. They only retain a mild dampness even after directly removing them from a submerged state!

There's only two complaints I have about these socks:
They're expensive (I never would've thought I'd pay $18 for ONE PAIR of socks!)
They wear out seemingly too fast. About every four months I'll find a hole in one of my socks (usually on the ball of my foot) and I'll need to buy another pair.

But even despite those two complaints, I've been wearing Injinji socks exclusively for four years now, and I can honestly say it has completely transformed my life.
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Enthusiast: Petson February 5, 2015
wow! ... awesome wicking toe socks... i do not know how i have been cycling in the cold without them... my feet have been the warmest they have ever been on cold weather rides(10°-30°F). in decades...
the toe separation keeps my sweaty toes from touching one another, which that contact creates the dampness and coldness.
that is now a thing of the past and, in addition, the wicking ability of these socks are just incredible... my toes feel dry and cozy warm! i love them and am now wearing them for every ride! ..likely, even in warm weather rides to wick the sweat and keep my toes cool and dry, not hot and damp.
before finding and trying out these toe socks, i had this theory that they would keep my toes warmer by segregating sweaty toes...well, sure enough!!! just barely articulates how incredibly effective these socks perform. cold, damp toes and feet are now a thing of the past!!!
cold toes and feet were ALWAYS a problem with cold weather (10°-30°F) cycling...but, something you just get used to and accepted, like a paradigm...well!, no more!!! i have seen the light and "the light" is toe socks!!!
amazing, i have missed out on seeing this concept and applying it all these years!!!

very pleased and SOLD on toe socks!, Thank you! :-)
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on June 13, 2013
Copying my review from the lightweightno shoes... First time trying such a product, and I am a guy whe doesn't even like flip-flops between my toes. I wore them for running, from 3-7 miles depending on day. I wear Adidas cool max - very light running shoes. The toe-splay feels good and natural. The material of these original weight are a bit beefier than the light weights but still offer a compact and not bulky weight. Good compression in the arch and foot. My little toe does not fill that toe 'finger' so there is a bit of extra material at the tip and between the toes over there which feels a bit wierd. When swithcing beack to regular socks and shoes, I felt pain in balls of my feet as if my feet are getting cruished. I am awaiting an order of crew length black socks and will see what wearing these more often will do.
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on February 21, 2014
Let me just say, from the first time I tried on performance toe socks, I was hooked. I have never tried any other brands than Injinji, but then again, I have no reason to. I've worn these socks for years and I can't think of anything better. I own many different types of Injinji toe socks so my review will cover them all.

Design: Like I said, there are many different types of Injinji socks that are sewn in all lengths and in a multitude of colors. When it comes down to it, they all look like regular performance socks, just with individual toes sewn on, which I guess can look pretty cool. Another noticeable difference is that due to the stitching, when the socks lay flat, they lay as worn and not on the side.

Comfort/Performance: The first thing that I noticed is that my toes felt absolutely free. I'm talking about being liberated after suffering decades in a cramped, cotton prison type of free. My toes had full range of motion completely independent of each other, which is a superb feeling. This can equate to the difference between wearing mittens, and wearing gloves. Most people wear gloves on their hands, why not their feet as well? Also like gloves, because your toes are separated, it keeps the temperature down a bit by increasing the surface area for air to flow in between and allows your toes to slide naturally against each other, unlike regular socks which pin your toes together inside a somewhat oven. This is much better because it reduces foot sweat and stench, and possibly saves skin from rubbing off of the toes. The way the heel and toes are stitched on these socks, it allows the sock to fit perfectly snug on your foot; not tight though, but just enough so you don't have to worry about these things sliding off. The ankle/calf band is very soft and comfortable as well.

Usability: Yes, these socks do take a bit longer to put on than regular ones, but it is totally worth it to experience such freedom. Overtime, muscle memory will take over, as well as the sock will form to your toes, and putting on these socks will be too easy.

Durability: I can honestly say that I was very surprised at the quality and durability of these socks, especially the thin ones. This is probably why they are so expensive (but again, worth it). I have six pairs of toe socks and my oldest two are around 3 years old. I've only ever had to throw away one pair because there was a small hole in one of the big toes. However, at the time I had not cut my toenails in a while, and these were one of my oldest pair. Even then, they weren't my thinnest pair either. I do not take special care when washing or drying these socks. My white ones don't stay white for long and my black ones don't stay black for long, but they last. They are very durable.

Overall, like I stated before, I will not buy another pair of regular performance socks again. Injinji's product line has expanded enough now that I can get any type of specialty sock I need from them, but in toe form. For those of you who are wondering, I do own a pair of Vibram FiveFinger shoes (my second pair in 5 years), although I do not wear toe socks with them, even the thin ones. I believe FiveFingers were made to be worn barefoot and if the weather doesn't allow that, then you probably shouldn't be wearing FiveFingers anyway. I have Injinji's that I wear with my military boots, with my Altra running shoes (another outstanding product), or for just lounging around the barracks. An excellent buy all around.
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on November 4, 2014
I bought these socks because I also recently purchased a pair of split-toe running shoes. The shoes are not 5-toed; they are tabi-style (big toe separate). But all of the tabi socks I found online didn't look comfortable, or were only for Geisha or ninja costumes.

I ordered these socks in the medium size (I'm a women's size 8.5) and they fit perfectly! Much more comfortable than I was expecting. Back in the day, I had a pair of 5-toe socks, and as much as their rainbow pattern brightened my day, they were not that comfortable. There was thick material between the toes which pushed them apart and kept them from being used in shoes. The Injinji socks are a completely different ball game. The toes are comfortably separated, but wearing them my feet easily fit into my new shoes. I can still wiggle my toes in the sneakers without them feeling like the inner workings of a sausage (if you've had bulky toe socks, you know what I'm talking about).

I'll definitely be ordering more of these in the future!
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on March 2, 2017
I absolutely love these socks. A little TMI here so move on if you wish. I used to suffer from hot spots, blisters, and fungus when I wore regular socks. These helped almost eliminate all of my problems. Now my problems are rare and extremely mild. Not only that, they are very comfortable. Great for running/hiking. Great for wear with boots/work footwear. Worn these for close to 5 years now and will never go back. If you aren't sure what size to get go big. I found that if they are smaller they can pinch and wear out faster.
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on December 31, 2013
So this sock is a little expensive, which is why I deducted 1 *, I would love to be able to buy a 3 pack in the $20-25 range. That said, I love the sock. It is just enough extra padding that, IMO, has really helped my comfort level in completing my long runs in my half marathon training. I run 90% of my runs in Vibram Bilika LS size 46, and didn't have any problems until I started getting to 10 miles and beyond. The problems weren't significant, it was just the overall soreness of my feet was back that reminded me of my first runs in the Vibrams. I also sweat a lot, so I think the moisture was leading to rubs on my feet. This sock has led to a dryer run and a noticeably more comfortable one, while still feeling essentially barefoot.

The fit is as expected, I wear a Large and while the toes look tiny they stretch comfortably over my rather large toes and then fit in my shoes snuggly. One thing I'm concerned about is durability. I could see my toes sliding in the wrong slot and easily tearing this sock a part if I'm in a rush one morning and don't take the extra second to ensure the proper lineup. I also can't speak to how many runs they'll last. But after two runs totaling around 18 miles I can say I'm very pleased with what I've had so far. If they are able to last then maybe the $10 price tag will be worth it. WIll update when/if they bite the dust.

P.S. this is a copy and paste from my Performance Lightweight No-Show sock review. I think I like that sock better, but they are really tough to differentiate from. I guess it really boils down to I like the look (or lack thereof) of that sock better.
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on July 26, 2011
I bought these socks to go inside my Vibrams Five Fingers Bikila LS, and they work perfectly. Do not take up too much toe space or room in the shoe. I normally wear a Women's 8.5 (US) and I wear a 40 Womens (EU) in Vibrams. I ordered a medium because I didn't think a small would fit even though the range went up to 8.5. The mediums fit very well and are shaped so well I feel like they were made for my feet. The heel is even stitched in such a way that you can see where your heel would go when you are not wearing them. I find these very comfortable when I have my Vibrams on, but a little weird to wear by themselves. Also, when I first tried them on out of the box I had an allergic reaction to some detergent or starch in the sock but after washing them and hanging them to dry I had no problems. So I would suggest to wash before wearing the first time (assuming they fit). The instructions say to hang dry, and I could see how drying these socks would make the toes not fit anymore. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of toe socks. Also the height of the sock is as shown in the images, just above the ankle bone.
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on October 26, 2016
These are wonderful. I am a women's shoe size 9.5 US and got the medium, and they fit great. I bought them for a backpacking trip to wear as a sock liner and I got way fewer blisters on my feet and toes than I did with normal socks. They also held up surprisingly well- I believe I hiked about 500 miles in these and they are still in good condition-- only a little bit of color has worn off the heel, but no holes or threadbare spots (they also don't smell, which is awesome). I'm actually taking them out for another 500 miles soon- we'll see if I can't wear these things out.
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on August 20, 2014
The injinjis are the best nomad socks I’ve yet discovered.

You only need two pairs ever.
They keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout the seasons.
They can take heavy usage quite well.
They can be hand washed easily and require almost no drying time.
They eliminate blisters.
And they are more comfortable than any other socks I’ve ever worn.

And, of course, the toes look awesome too.
These merino wool socks are a work of art and a feat of clothing engineering.

Why The Injinjis Are The Best In Their Class

- Can get quite wet before they feel wet, and hang-drys in about an hour

- Very warm in cold climates, surprisingly cool in warm climates (that’s merino wool)

- Prevents odor, even under extreme and sweaty usage for multiple days

- Very comfortable and freeing

- Keeps feet protected from blisters

Read the full, 1000-word, deep-dive blog post at RadNomad.com/injinji-toe-socks-gear-review
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