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on April 9, 2006
I recently purchased the T30 to replace my Creative Zen Micro which had bit the dust. I wanted a player that would be easy to use for working out and simple to take anywhere. The T30 has managed that and more.I love just hanging it around my neck and listening anywhere. I have XP and WMP10 - but I use Napster and Yahoo to transfer music, they both seem to work better than WMP10. The battery seems to have a good life, and the sound is great. If I had one complaint it would be not being able to do playlists. This might be possible but I have not figured it out yet. The firmware updates were a slight pain - it amounted to doing a manual update first which was hardly difficult. I am fairly computer adept - but nothing was overly difficult. Hey for $99 this little machine rocks. After I got mine - I bought one for my daughter and my brother bought 3 for his family. My husband is waiting patiently for me to order one for him too. Basically we were very happy and satisfied with the T30.
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on September 13, 2009
We never could get this thing to work. Couldn't get it to load on our xp computer or anything. Now it seems obsolete.
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on January 7, 2006
I returned this mp3 player (thanks to the great customer service

of Be aware that this model sold it the US and EU

does not support Windows 2000. I happen to have a Windows 2000

Professional on my home computer. If you have a Window XP, the

mp3 player works great. I tried the device with a notebook at

work which has a Window XP Professional installed, it just

works fine.
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on May 6, 2006
We bought this to use with the Rhapsody-to-go service. We'd been waiting a while for a compatible flash player and so we were excitied to see a bunch of them come out about the same time. We went for the T30 because we'd had good experience of iRiver players in the past.

Overall - we're really pleased with this player. Sound quality is very good as is normal with iRiver players. The controls are a little counter-intuitive, but fine with a little practise - another iRiver trait.

Only real issue was getting it set up to work with Rhapsody-To-Go. This involved an upgrade of the Rhapsody client (which was straight-forward), and a firmware upgrade of the player (which should have been straight-forward but wasn't). Everything's working now but only because I'm a techie geek. Non geeks might have struggled.

Oh - and to all of the reviewers that complained about the non-compatability with Windows 2000, its because modern music services like Rhapsody and Napster use DRM software for copyright protection and it isn't available for your obsolete operating system. Windows 2000 was replaced five years ago - its a bit unfair to mark down a product because you've decided not to move with the times.
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on July 7, 2007
The T30 makes a great voice recorder.
The mic and line-in sources both produce quality results.
Both WMP and explorer modes are supported (with firmware change)
WMP mode is slow with WMP11
Menu navigation takes some time to learn
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on December 18, 2006
I bought this player to take on a trip.

I knew that I would be away from a computer, could not "recharge" the battery so that took away the IPOD line that requires access to a PC. This unit has a SINGLE AAA battery. I bought a pack of LITHIUM AAA batteries for the trip and knew that I could always buy more if needed. (At home I use rechargeable AAA batteries so the cost for playing is minimal.)

For the two week trip, I loaded my player with old time radio shows, 2 audio books from (each one more than 25 hours of play) and lots of music. To use the books, I had to connect to the manufacturer's website and upgrade the installed software. Took minutes. Once I did, the books worked great. Could even bookmark my spot and come right back in. The 13 hour plane flights and days of train travel was made even more pleasant with this little player. The books tend to use more battery time than music, but I still got more than 20 hours of play from regular alkalines and close to 30 on lithium.

The sound quality is superior to some MP3 players I tried, even without using the built-in graphic equalizer. I used the regular earbuds it comes with for a couple weeks (very nice quality) then switched to a LARIAT style headset so I only had one set of cords around my neck.

The buttons are large enough and spaced well so the controls are easy to use. The backlit feature is adjustable in brightness and for how long it stays on. Plugged in a set of speakers (available at any drug store for portable cd player) to this unit at my office and so everyone can here what is on my player.

I HIGHLY recommend this player! There is NOTHING missing on this player. You will not have to settle when you get this player.
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on April 17, 2007
I've had my T30 for about 6 months and have used it extensively. I bought it because it has excellent sound quality. I listen to classical and acoustic music from reference quality recordings and always use high bit rate MP3s using good encoders (LAME 3.97). The earbuds it comes with are about average (crappy) but I use Etymotic ER-6 phones which are absolutely fabulous especially for classical music. The T30 has plenty of power to drive the ER-6 to levels beyond what my ears can handle.

The iRiver T30 sounds better than other MP3 players, both subjectively and objectively. I measured the frequency response, noise and distortion and found it to be excellent. With all EQs disabled, frequency response is within 0.5 dB of flat from 20Hz to 20 kHz and within 0.25 dB of flat for most of this range. Noise is below -90 dB and distortion is -70 dB or lower. This is as good as any MP3 player gets.

Playing high quality VBR files (LAME 3.97, VBR V0), the T30 goes for about 16 hours with a NiMH AAA 1000mAH rechargeable. Firmware upgrades are smooth & easy and it can operate in UMS mode which works on all operating systems and enables it to be a USB drive for generic file storage. It also records, which I haven't used much but is a nice plus.

1 GB isn't enough for anyone's entire music collection, but even with high quality MP3s it's more than enough for the 1 week business trips I take. I reload it with new music for each trip. It transfers files at about 3 MB / second so it takes about 5 minutes to transfer the entire 1 GB.

In short - it's compact and durable with the best sound quality you can get in an MP3 player. And it's inexpensive - can be found for well under $100 if you shop around.
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on January 9, 2006
You need a laptop or PC with XP and a USB connector, Windows Media Player ver. 10 or higher and the iRiver T30. Thats it. Nothing else. Throw the CD that comes in the player package away. You don't need it. There is a one page iRiver read me in the package that tells you exactly how to transfer music from your PC Windows Media Player to the iRiver. It's a total no brainer. Simple as can be. iRiver calls the word transfer "sync" but it's actually just a transfer. If you go to the iRiver web site you can easily update your player to their latest firmware. I found that the earbuds that came with my player had poor treble response. I substituted Jensen earbuds that I bought for a $1 at Dollar Tree and the problem was solved. The player is about the size of a fat lipstick tube and holds quite a generous number of songs. I wish it were 3 gigs but 1 gig will have to do. The package includes a USB cable, wrist strap, AAA battery, earbuds and instructions. My PC WMA music files were ripped at 64k. They all sound mighty good on this player with wonderful bass response and plenty of volume.
review image
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on August 9, 2007
I've had my T30 for about 3 years now. I love the sound quality! It's the best I have ever found in a player of this size. I've tried the SanDisk c150 and another no-name brand which neither could equal the sound quality here. I had to replace the earphones as this type irritates my skin and will cause infections. I always end up buying a different set of earphones like the Sennheiser CX300 which have soft inserts, but that's just me; most will probably be OK with the included phones. My first complaint is that the navigations are not very easy to use. I prefer the setup that comes on the Sansa c100 series which is similar to the iPod. I would love to see this unit revamped to include SD Card capability and a better user interface. My second complaint is that you can't drag and drop files to the unit; you are forced to use WMP or something similar to manage the songs.
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on March 2, 2008
If you are a Linux user, DON'T be fooled by the lure of this players ability to play OGG-Vorbis music files. This player uses a Microsoft only interface called "Music Transfer Protocol", or MTP, and can only be accessed by Microsoft Windows Media Player, version 10. (And by what I have been reading on the blog groups this player is also not usable by Macintosh Apple - MacOS-X users.)

It would seem that the Iriver Corporation has "partnered" with Microsoft and have turned their backs on their Linux customers by not producing a comparable Linux upload utility or even making it so we can convert the unit to a UMS device (USB mass storage) so we can use it too.

I am VERY sorry and disappointed that I bought this music player (based on my good experience with my IFP890, UMS enabled) only to find out that I can't use the unit because I can't upload music to it.

If you are a Linux user, the Iriver T30 (and possibly other later models.) is NOT the music player for you! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T BUY IT!!

Thank you for reading this review.
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