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UPDATE: 8/24/2012 - I'm actually removing one star from my rating due to an issue that I have experienced using this hard shell case on my new MacBook Pro. Several other people have reported this issue to me as well. With this new tweaked design of the iPearl mCover, I have noticed that the two tabs on the bottom rear hard shell actually rub against the black plastic piece which is part of the assembly of the top cover of the MacBook Pro. When you slowly open the lid of your comptuer while looking at the tabs, you can clearly see them hitting the black piece as it slides into the case of the MacBook Pro. When the lid of the computer is opened or closed, the two tabs rub against the black piece of the top lid causing either a squeak or clicking sound. This by itself is more of a nuisance rather than a huge problem. However when you go into a quiet room or office meeting and open your MacBook Pro, you may hear this squeak or click. I have a previous version of this mCover and it has a slightly different tab design and that older model does not squeak or click. So I guess what I'm saying is that you may also experience this. But not everyone does. Seems to be a tolerance issue either with the hard shell itself or the MacBook Pro or both.


This is the third iPearl mCover hard shell case that I have purchased. Previously I had purchased a black mCover as well as a blue one.

This case is the aqua color and it might be my favorite color so far. It is also nice to see that iPearl is still improving the already excellent mCover case.

The previous version of the case that I own has two large open areas on the bottom piece of the cover. These open areas leave a good portion of the bottom of the MacBook Pro exposed to potential scratching. The new design eliminates that potential issue by replacing the two open areas with a full width slotted design. This reduces greatly the possibility of something scratching the bottom side of your MacBook Pro.

Other improvements include longer rear feet which slightly increases the angle of the MacBook Pro when the feet are deployed. This makes for a more comfortable typing experience. The feet are a bit fragile however so you must use sensible caution when using the rear feet. The front pads had a tendency to catch on my nylon pack when transporting my MacBook Pro and they occasionally got pulled off the mCover case. I've had to stick them back on several times. I don't consider this to be a serious issue though as they are easily replaceable and using reasonable care should prevent them from falling off at all.

The mCover case is very light and does not add any bulk to the MacBook Pro that is worth mentioning. I like the color and also like that the backlit Apple logo shines brightly through the top case.

I've been very pleased with the protection that this case has given to my previous MacBook Pros and feel that the improvements in the mCover make this an even better value than before. Highly recommended.
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 UPDATE: 9/4/2012 - I have had several purchasers of this case let me know that their case fit their MacBook Pro very loosely. It was hard for me to believe because all three of my mCover cases fit snugly and perfectly. Then I had to get one of my bottom pieces replaced by iPearl and the piece they sent me was loose! It was so loose that the tabs on the front right and front left of the bottom case barely touched the sidews/top of the MacBook Pro. Now I see what the others were complaining about and it makes me wonder whether I was just lucky the first three times. So there may be a quality control issue going on with these cases now. It puts me in a difficult spot because I thought so highly of these cases and now I'm wondering if I can continue to rate them so highly. for now I am going to reduce my rating from 5 stars to 4 stars. I'll update my review again if need be.

What follows is my original review, before I became aware of the looseness issue that some people are reporting.


I looked at a lot of cases for my MacBook Pro before choosing the iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case. It seems that the company has listened to all the issues that were apparently present in earlier incarnations of this case and have brought it to the level where it is today.

I love this case. It was super easy to install and is just as easy to remove from the MacBook Pro if you need to for any reason. Installation is a simple matter of placing the bottom cover on a table, grabbing your MacBook Pro and placing the back end of the MacBook into the case first, then slowly lower the front into the case and gently press the left and right corners of the MacBook down into the case until you hear the tabs "click" into place. Then ensure the back corners are secure. Next, just place the top part of the case over the MacBook lid and again simply push gently on all four corners until you hear the tabs click into place. That's it. In the video I mention clicking in the back corners of the case on the MacBook Pro, actually the clips on the back of the case are on the backside where the airvent is along the back edge of the MacBook Pro... that's why you tip the back of the MacBook Pro into the case first so that it catches those clips.

This version of the case has a matte finish which eliminates the issue of fingerprints and smudges while diminishing the appearance of any minor scratches on the plastic. The Apple logo just barely shines through the Black case but that's OK with me. I think the lighter colored cases would display the logo more brightly then the Black case did. Personal preference I guess. I like the Black case since the bezel around the LCD is black, it just seemed to compliment that.

The feet on the bottom case will raise the MacBook about a 1/2 inch which keeps the laptop cooler since air can circulate easily underneath the MacBook, and the bottom cover has lots of vent slots and cutouts to facilitate cooling as well..

It's a great case and a terrific bargain. I'm tempted to get another color in addition to the Black because I can afford to at this price and a little variety might be nice. I believe this hard shell case compares very favorably with cases that cost two to three times as much. And the company seems responsive and eager to please.

I read somewhere that someone was complaining about the slight "bowing" of the top piece so that it does not actually touch the MacBook case uniformly. It is true that the top piece of the hard shell case has a very slight bowing once it has been installed so that it is not touching the aluminum top in the middle where the Apple logo is. You can press down on the case where the logo area is and it will move down a few millimeters until it touches the aluminum. As far as I'm concerned, this is a non-issue. It does not affect my ability to carry my MacBook Pro in any way... it does not cause the top to pop-off the MacBook when pressed so it's nothing to be concerned about.

Lightweight and fits MacBook Pro perfectly
Matte finish resists fingerprints really well
Retractable "feet" raise back of MacBook for easier typing position and to facilitate air-flow under MacBook Pro
Ports are all accessible, even Magsafe connector is unimpeded
Screen can be fully opened with no restriction caused by hard shell case.
Case is easy to remove if needed
The price is right!

The foot pads may inadvertently get pried out if you're not careful putting this in and out of a bag or pack.
The back retractable feet are a bit fragile so be careful with them.
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on January 31, 2017
My favorite protective case for several reasons that put it above all the other manufacturers. I have been using iPearl mCovers for 7 years now. the built-in features put it at the top of my list. (a) the bottom cover has ventilation holes to keep my computer running cooler (unlike some of the others out there) (b) there are 2 little flip down feet that lift the bottom of the computer up at a slight angle and improve both cooling, and keyboard comfort. (c) they come in a large color range, but even better than many of the others out there, they have a slight texture (dimpling) so you don't lose your grip and drop your Mac or PC on the floor. my cover previous to this one from another company had a rubberized nonslip textured coating, but it starts to wear off and look bad. The Pros will speak for themselves when you purchase one of these, and the Cons are only one that I have found in seven years (1) you can break the little flip down feet if you're not careful, and they tend to break after 4 or 5 years of use. fortunately they are replaceable from the manufacturer.
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on October 20, 2015
Update: Mar 31 2017.

This cover looks good for the price and does actually protects (at least the top part of the laptop). However, it messed up the bottom part of my mac book pro. I was not aware until I opened to clean my laptop recently. I saw all dark and deep scratches. As you can see in the picture below, the top part of my laptop is super clean (not a single scratch and be assured both side pictures are taken on the same day/ date i.e. 3/31/2017.) Conversely, the bottom part looks pathetic. I was worry free about scratches in my laptop after I made this purchase. Sadly, it failed my expectations. Observe my picture, and be the judge, it speaks itself.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 20, 2016
I've had this case for a couple months and, as I use my laptop for a significant portion of my day, every day, I feel I can provide a worthwhile review. Before this case, I owned a Speck brand hard shell that cracked on one corner so this was it's replacement. So far, it's construction is similar enough to not feel much different.

PROS: The color is as shown. The finish is semi-transparent and has a smooth, "soft" texture. It's also easy to put on and to remove. The little feet are surprisingly hardy. I go from a table to a bed with the little feet out and never once do I worry about them breaking off. They snap open and close very securely. I have a lap-fan to cool off my laptop but the little feet raising up the bottom do an adequate job when I don't want the lap-fan. I didn't think I'd like or even use the feature but, as it turns out, I also appreciate the tilt when I'm working because I can easily view and then press a few keys from a long reach instead of having to get close.

CON: Only one. There are some little plastic nubs on the bottom that prevent the case from sliding -- one came off a few days ago. They were glued on and, like most soft, plastic parts glued on to a hard, smooth plastic surface, the glue got gummy and the appendage was lost. In my case, I found it on my bed but I do not own a glue that will make the little thing stay on. It's only a matter of time before his buddy falls off too. I can't fault the manufacturer here -- it's a common issue and, honestly, I think I'll do okay without the little nubs. Right now, however, my case is sitting at a slight tilt.
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on January 28, 2016
Bought this as a Christmas gift to replace a hard shell case that was previously on friend's MacBook Pro. The previous was was destroyed. It hadn't been handled poorly, hadn't been dropped. For some reason the case cracked at edges, even the clips that held it on broke off. So I tried this one. Upon receiving it, I could tell it was better made. When I placed it on the laptop (the previous case I completely destroyed upon removing this last time) it clipped onto the computer PERFECTLY. Truly, the size was perfect and snug. I don't care for extra features such as the retractable feet on cases but these seem sturdy and will hold up. The gift receiver like the feature so that's a plus. The keyboard cover too is made well. However, I found it a different purple than the case. That's one plus I'll give the previous shell case, it completely matched. Not a big deal but there is a difference in color. We kept the old cover on the computer because it perfectly matched this case (as it had the previous). But all ports are accessible and the case is sturdy and just looks great!

Truly, you're looking for a case for your MBP, get an iPearl.
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on December 19, 2011
I have been using this product for 3 months now. I am so very pleased with this product. At first i was weary it was between this and the Speck. I have to say i stand by my decision. 1/2 the price of speck. 100% of the protection. The case fit snugly amd doesnt leave any scratches or marks. . One of my favorite features are the Feet Stands. at first i didn't think i would use them much. but i have to say. i use them every single day.

I will recommend this product over and over again. look forward to purchasing a new one this month
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on November 19, 2013
I purchased two of these cases, one for my wife's MBP and one for my MBP. The cases are very sturdy and fit very well. Others have claimed that theirs were loose or didn't fit well and some said theirs were bulky. This case fit very tight with only one drawback in the installation instructions for the top lid...there is one side that doesn't have tabs on it, and this goes on the front of the screen lid not the back. For the bulkiness, I found no problems with this as it only added a thickness of maybe 1/16th of an inch on the top and bottom. For a visual place a penny on top of your MacBook and a penny below, that is the amount of thickness it added so to me in my honest opinion is not very bulky compared to others I have seen and used. The cases arrived with free keyboard covers (1 each), one fit very well and the other did not. The completely clear keyboard cover that arrived with one of the cases, did not fit the keys and then was larger than the keyboard area so it stayed loose. The black keyboard cover that arrived with the other case, fit very tight except it arrived with a small tear in one corner. The only quality defect I found with these cases are the rubber feet on the bottom were not held on by a very good glue. A simple fix of a dab of superglue fixed this issue.

For the price of $23 for two of these cases, the issues with the case are very bearable and easy fixes. I got two of these for less than half the price of one that the apple store and other stores sale. I would recommend this to others and would buy again. For those who are not fingerprint friendly like me, the black does show smudges and fingerprints more than the colored ones do as my wife's pink one hardly shows fingerprints at all.
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on February 3, 2015
I bought this cover in purple 15 months ago and has held up pretty well. It's kept me from banging and scratching my pro. I do have to take the cover off every 2 months to clean the inner/backside of the case cause it did collect alot of dust, which isn't a big deal...I'm just a neat freak. Also a few days ago one of the retractable foots that helps prop the laptop up finally gave out and broke, the other one has already gone a bit loose so it's a mater of time before that one also goes. By broke it no longer stays in the closed flat position. So when ever i pick the laptop up I have to make sure to push the now loose and swingy foot back up and flat before setting the laptop on surfaces, especially my lap (my thighs have some mean looking scratches). For the price its a great buy, just don't expect the retractable feet to last too long if you use that feature of the case much. And once they do give out, just take the bottom cover off or replace, because it does get annoying constantly pushing the feet flat every time you pick it up.
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on September 19, 2016
Fits very well. Snaps right on and looks good. I like the vent holes on the bottom and tilt legs. Like any keyboard legs, plastic and easy to break but its as good as you can get for such a reasonable price. I got the black case for a friend and I liked the keyboard cover with the printed keycaps. The clear cover has nothing printed on it and the translucent material obscures the keycaps on the computer. The clear color looks nice on the computer but not for the keyboard cover. Should have the same one that they ship for the black. Much nicer. This still protects the keyboard from spills, greasy fingers, crumbs and pet fur. Works great, just doesn't look good.
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