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 Update: Sept 21, 2017 - I've uploaded a new video to replace my original video review. After 5 years of hard use, the cover cracked at one of the rear corners of the case. It still protected my MBP but that one corner was vulnerable so I decided to replace the case. The new one is identical to the old one. I'm still very happy with the case which is why I bought the same one as a replacement.

I have been using the iPearl mCovers for my MacBook Pro's for several years. The shell continues to get better and better as iPearl tweaks the design of the cover. I feel the cover is about as good a cover as you'll hope to find at a very attractive price.

The mCover installs easily and securely. Small tabs are utilized to enable the cover to grip the shell of the MacBook Pro.

The two silicon pads on the bottom front shell help prevent the laptop from slipping when on a slick surface like a desk. The two retractable feet on the bottom rear of the shell elevate the back of the laptop a bit to make for a more comfortable typing position. I've had the silicon pads fall off and eventually they got lost and the rear legs have also fallen off a couple times and had to be replaced. That's why I've knocked a star off my rating.

The clear shell is actually translucent. It's very attractive in my opinion and lets the true color of the MacBook Pro shell come through. The lit Apple logo also shows through brightly through the case which I like.

The shell fits my MacBook Pro perfectly. The cover adds negligible weight and there is absolutely no play in the shell at all. I feel much more secure knowing that my MacBook Pro is being protected against scratches, and bumps.

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on April 23, 2018
I originally bought this case on October 4, 2011, about short of a year when I bought a apple store brand case that this would replace cause it broke and the macbook in November 2010. Lesson learned dont waste another 40 bucks for apple store case. Back then I got this case for 19.99 plus shipping and handling for a even 25$. I just bought this one on March 30th, 2018. Only because the bottom half of the case the part that sits underneath finally broke after years of abuse. I bought this case and macbook when I was in the Marine Corps Reserve and a college student. So my macbook was always on the go. This case protected my macbook through college (i was an art student) so it was been in pottery classes, sculpture (metal and wood) classes, lithograph and printmaking techniques, and probably easier on it graphic design. It has also been on deployments with me from Okinawa, Japan to the mountains and deserts of California, the woods of West Virgina, and the swamps of Georgia. No matter where i go its rare not ot find me without my macbook. Sure overtime the little feet underneath broke off. So i replaced them with the binder clip handles you can see in the pictures. The little rubber feet also fell out overtime but i didn't care. I also dont care if my apple logo can be seen through the case. On the original one i bought you could see it. And the new one i just bought you can still see it. But i prefer to customize my case cover with stickers i acquire from buying stuff online or just cool ones i see in stores as you can see in the pics. What i like about this new case opposed to the old one is that it has a space cut out so you can put a computer lock on your macbook the old one, i had to cut it out of the case myself. I mean i have replaced my macbook charger now 3 times since buying it 7 some years ago. Each one costing me 80$, but this is the first I'm replacing the case and really just the bottom part cause it cracked. The only true difference is the bottom part of the new one has holes and slots while the old one had slots and just big cut out areas. Maybe the new design will make this bottom part stronger. I doubt the top part will ever give out but we shall see. Plus buying this now is even cheaper at 15.99$ with free shipping and handling, although I am prime amazon member so maybe that makes a diff but still. Plus back then and now you still get a free silicone keyboard cover which really came in handy for me. Lost the old one that came with this one years ago probably in art school somewhere. So it was nice to see they still include it. Again in my personal experience i believe this is worth the buy. Oh did I mention I have also dropped my macbook many times over the years with this case on it and everything stayed in tact and ran fine. Its not an otterbox but it has lasted longer then the ones on my phones.
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on January 11, 2016
If you have an older macbook, there aren't alot of cases made for it period. This one fit my 2010 macbook. It's also difficult to find something that is clear and still allows me to see my mac (which I want) yet will help against drops. I'm not interested in preventing scratches, I wanted something like an otter case that would help prevent dents if it fell. There aren't many products like this for this make and model besides this. Its molding is really well and snaps on snugly, has port holes for venting and the fact that it has feet that help for underbody ventilation is clutch! Definitely worth the money.

update: 12/11/2016: I just wanted to again update that this thing is amazing. I've been using my laptop even more now because of school and so it's getting banged around a lot more and this thing protects it and since I use it for long periods of time, the built in feet (which is genius by the way) are great for raising it up to give it air ventilation and reduce overheating.

LOVE this thing.
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on September 29, 2009
I had been looking for a blue plastic case like this for a long time... Speck, InCase... all of the major manufacturers have ugly pastel colors that aren't blue enough for me. I searched through google images and finally found this case. It's actually a great case. I was worried about buying one on Amazon, but my experience with the company has been superb.

There's more to this case than you can tell through the pictures... It has PLENTY of ventilation on the bottom. My old Speck case would heat up a lot just with normal use... this one has vents that accommodate the heat produced by the computer. It also has two latches on the bottom that allow you to prop up the computer to a good height for typing and heat disbursement.

I'd like to see some differences if they revise this design... ALL of the plastic is Clear Blue except for the Apple Logo... it's somewhat of a Matte Blue instead. I think the Apple logo would pop better if it were clear like the rest of the machine. I have no experience to base this on - but I'm afraid with time the latches on the bottom could break off. They don't feel "cheap" but the design itself worries me. There are also two foam skid pads on the front (think of iBook feet) that I would prefer to be rubber. The foam just looks and feels cheap.

All said and done, I'm happy with my purchase. It's BLUE and it seems to be a pretty darn good case.
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on July 12, 2017
My 1st aqua case lasted me 3 years on my mid-2012 15" macbook pro (non retina), but one of the pop up feet finally broke off. I decided that since it was reduced in price that I would just buy a new one. I did contact the seller about getting new feet, and they were willing to send me a one time replacement, but I figured a new one would last me a little longer. Very nice and quick to respond. Very happy with the company. I decided to go with the clear this time. When I originally bought it, you stuck the feet on (they were like stickers on one side), but this one they were already on which may mean they'll last longer. The rubber feet on the 1st case came off after a few weeks, but it wasn't a big deal for me.

Overall love the case and the company seemed great.
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on May 31, 2015
Fast shipping, love the shade of blue. Can easily see the vinyl decal I have the back of the display. I'm not sure I'm sold on the flip out legs on the back, I can't deny that there are situations where they could come in handy, but more often they seem to be in my way. The fit is very nice and I haven't noticed any temperature issues. My only complaint (and I haven't contacted the seller because I don't really see how it could be corrected) is that when I open the screen on my MBP it creaks. It seems the black plastic hinge cover of my MBP rubs against the tabs that hold the bottom cover on to the computer. This does cause the bottom case to lift off the computer just slightly while the display is open. I can't really see how this could be corrected without sacrificing a secure fit of the bottom case. For the price I'm pleased with the purchase.
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on July 2, 2012
As a photographer who takes my laptop on the go with me all of the time, I wanted something that would protect it as well as make it look nice. I chose this blue cover and couldn't be happier. May even have to order another one in a different color :) It snaps into place perfectly and I've never had any issues with it coming off or slipping or not fitting, etc. I love the way it makes the lit-up apple icon show up as "blue" now... people wonder how I got a blue macbook, and I tell them all about this cover found on I didn't use the key cover that came with it, just because it wasn't easy for me to type with it on, but it was a nice surprise to get that in the package too when I received my shipment! Yep, now I'm definitely thinking I should order one in another color!
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Top Contributor: Babyon August 10, 2012
I bought this for my 15" MacBook Pro to protect the aluminum body. This cover is cheap and really thin. I was under the impression that it had the rubberized look and feel that Speck and Incase have, but no, it does not.

The top half that adheres to the screen does not fit properly. It bows outward and the two tabs on the longest side don't even grip/grab like the tabs on the shorter sides. The bottom half, with the ventilation holes, snapped into place and held nicely, but whenever I opened and closed my laptop, there was a creaking like noise. It sounds like the hinges creaking on an old door when it is opened and closed. I was wondering what was causing the noise and discovered that it is the two tabs that snap onto the back side, where the screen is attached and swings open and closed, were RUBBING AGAINST the piece that attaches the screen to the bottom half of my MBP!

I immediately took the bottom off and checked the areas that were being rubbed on my laptop and sure enough, there were shiny spots where the cover had rubbed against the area connecting the top half of the laptop with the bottom half. The only positives to this cover are that the pieces are easy to put on and pretty easy to take off. That's probably it because I anticipate the legs that lift the computer, so that heat can be dissipated, and rubber feet will break/fall off after a month or two.

It also comes with a free rubber/gel type of keyboard skin cover. It fits pretty snugly and well, but feels weird typing. If you've got the money get the keyboard cover skin made by Moshi Clearguard keyboard cover. If you can't shell out the money, I highly suggest the "UPPERCASE Ultra Thin Clear Soft TPU Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Pro 13 15 17 inch." That's the one I bought and love. You can check out the review I wrote for it.

I would return this piece of junk, but I've already put a sticker on it and don't want to have to deal with removing the residue just to get my $19.99 back. Come to think of it, you'll probably scratch the body of your laptop trying to take this and other hard shells (Speck, Incase, etc.) off. I'd rather not ruin the aluminum finish of my MBP. Don't waste your money.
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on May 8, 2017
Lightweight, protects my MacBook Pro from dings and, most important, elevates the laptop on little (but solid) plastic legs for air-cooling and easier typing. The free keyboard cover is great, protecting from errant spills of wine and coffee. (Though the most-used keys will wear off.) But be careful! The little legs can bend and break. If you move your laptop, first snap the legs back into the case to protect them from banging into something that will break them. (Which is why I've re-bought this product at least three times. My bad, not the maker's.) Just take one second and fold in the legs before moving your laptop, and you'll be fine.
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on May 18, 2015
The problem with giving a review is that this is a kit. While I would give some higher stars than others I have to average the score.
The case itself isn't too bad. Fitment is great. While I like the feet to add angle and ventilation it means the back of the case doesn't have rubber pads; this causes the computer when flat to slip easily. The only rubber pads are in the front of the case. It would be much better if the bottom of the feet were rubber such that it provided some additional friction and resistance to movement.
The keyboard cover while adding some protection makes typing difficult; there is no "F" & "J" reference. The keyboard cover is also white printed over black which makes the backlit keyboard of the Macbook useless; no light makes it through. And the last thing that bothered me about the keyboard cover is the iPearl Advertisement printed across the space bar.
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