Customer Reviews: iPearl mCover Hard Shell Case with FREE keyboard cover for 15" Model A1286 Aluminum Unibody MacBook Pro (Black keys, 15.4-inch diagonal regular display) - BLACK
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on June 28, 2009
I bought this MCover because a black Speck case wasn't available. Plus it was cheaper. I'm glad I did. This case perfectly fits my 15" unibody mac. There are tiny plastic tabs that clip over the top and bottom of the laptop, making it very snug. To remove it for any reason, I unclip a tab on each side of the top shell. After I slide it off a few inches, I can easily unclip the rest of the tabs and remove the shell. The bottom comes off a little easier. The bottom has a bunch of slots to cool the laptop, and 2 little foamy circle pads, plus the little standing tabs.
Although the black colored shell is semi translucent, you can't see the mac logo until the laptop is on. Then the logo is seen glowing through the shell. If you don't like that, you can just tape a piece of black paper on the inside of the shell.
The top shell has a satin plastic finish with a 1" matte finish around the edges. The satin part holds fingerprints but I don't care. The top shell is light- my laptop screen stays exactly at the angle I open it.

Better than all this is the store's great return policy. My first package had a flaw, but they responded promptly and sent me a replacement within a week! They were fast and made my life easy so I could finally take my laptop outside.
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on June 30, 2010
I purchased a black mCover for my 15" MacBook Pro as I wanted to avoid damage and scratches on my investment.

The case is very easy to attach- takes about a minute. It is crafted to not restrict the airflow out the back and there are additional openings on the bottom to allow for heat dissipation.

Additional there are collapsible feet on the bottom (much like the feet on a keyboard) which tilt the laptop forward a few degrees to allow for easier typing. There are foam feet on the front of the

Removing the case is very easy and they do not damage the aluminum body of my MacBook.

One small complaint: the shell wraps around the back corner by the mag-safe connector; this is not a problem with the older power supplies. However, with the newer right angle mag-safe connectors, the power must be plugged in with the cable toward the front- blocking the Ethernet & firewire ports. The thickness of the plastic on that part of the case is just enough to keep the mag-safe connectors from aligning properly with the cable toward the back.

Overall the case is well designed and fairly attractive. It seems fairly sturdy and should take the brunt of a short fall if an accident occurs.
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on August 18, 2010
I've had this shell for my macbook for no more then 3 minutes, and i can already tell you its not perfect. However, I will tell you what IS good:

+Nice hardshell plastic cover. No more annoyingly slippery macbook.
+vents. Do they work? Beats me, but im sure it helps.
+peace of mind knowing it won scratch on the bottom
+easy install
+free keyboard cover (didnt know it came with it)

Now, here is what prevents it from being 5 stars:

-free keyboard cover is a little awkward to type with--I loose some typing speed on it, and this "keyboard condom" doesnt feel too great either. It makes everything a tad lower, and the space bar clearly displays the ipearl mcover logo. This cover should protect against some finger grime, some crumbs of food, possibly some liquid, and if your a clean freak, its easy to wash I suppose.
-The cover prevents you from viewing the screen at an optimal angle when it is on your lap. The cover prevents it from moving all the way back (screen), so you need to slouch a bit if you are looking down at the screen. Either that, Or find a way to prop it up. You can see the screen fine, but it is not the BEST viewing angle if you are fully upright and looking down on your lap.

The are other great features, like the little legs to keep it up, and rubber feet to prevent it from moving. The shell is pretty snug to the laptop, with a tiny bit of leeway. All ports are open, including the check battery light. The legs seem breakable, but then again, this is a pretty cheap case.

Overall a great product, and all the negatives can be ignored if you dont use the keyboard cover, and dont mind moving around a bit when at some viewing angles. The thing i have always hated about these macs are the slick metal outside--its so hard to grip! The additional plastic helps, as well as the ability to fully customize my laptop with stickers and such to distinguish between the thousand of other students who are buying laptops for college.


as others mentioned, you can see the apple logo through the cover. I have a black cover, so it should be easy to mask the glowing apple on the back of my laptop, but I play to make a cutout of my name on the back to add some extra flare
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on June 26, 2012
I have to say I am very satisfied with the case. I was skeptical at first because of the price and due to the fact I never ordered from this company. But once the case arrived I was impressed with the packaging and free keyboard cover it came with. I currently have been using it, might I add I DJ throughout the city and it travels everywhere with me, and it hasn't come off or gotten damaged. I am very satisfied and for the price I highly recommend it.
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on April 25, 2012
I just got this yesterday, and it literally took seconds to install. Snap. Snap. Done.

It's a nice protective cover. My MacBook had some scratches on it and I'd always wanted a protective cover, if only to make it easier to grip. This does a nice job of that.

I'm surprised at how easy it was to put on, and I haven't noticed some of the other problems of not being able to move the screen back enough. The only thing you can't do is put the screen at 180 degrees, which I never have a need for anyway. As I write this, the screen is at about 135 degrees (90+45) and it's perfect.

The Apple insignia glows through, though not very pronounced. I don't particularly care about that, but if you need to shout "HEY I HAVE A MAC" then maybe you need to look for one that has a cutout.

The legs are a nice feature, and overall it's exactly what it says it is: a plastic protective cover for your MacBook Pro. It won't protect it from being dropped or stepped on, but so far it seems to do the job of keeping it safe from incidental scratches and bumps.
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on March 18, 2012
It scratches, but it will take a beating. Two years and still going. Not a mark on my macbook. The cover looks like crap now, but who cares. (I know some people do.)

So, if you want something to protect, then this is a solid choice. If you don't like marks and scratches to show on your cover, you might want to choose a lighter color or a different solution.

For the money, it's a win.
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on June 26, 2012
I have a 15" MBP and I was skeptical about which cover to purchase. All I can say is DON'T BE bout this cover.

The fit and finish is GREAT! Not issues opening or closing. No additional weight and the cover closes as if it was not there.

The added bonus of the two stand-up plastic legs on the bottom are a big plus for me. The added angle is easier to type on and I have to think the added airflow is a plus as well.

The BIG surprise for me was the inclusion of a thin-film plastic keyboard cover. I mainly keep in on but sometimes the plastic feel is a tad annoying. It does certainly help keep the keyboard clean however.

NOTE: The Apple logo will shine thru the top cover...faintly but it does shine thru.

Overall...would I buy it again...? YES
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on June 9, 2012
Let me tell you. i dropped my macbook pro after i bought this . I was boud for a camping trip and when I dropped it i was devastated. The drop was 4 feet easy. It dented right in the corner. Without the case im sure it would of damaged it even worse. The case protects from scratches and i put a pice of paper on the bottom before i set the computer in. It keeps small scratches off the bottom also!

GREAT PRODUCT . BUY it...furreals

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on May 1, 2010
This is an absolutely primo case. I was impressed with its simple installation and its superior fit. It hugs the computer like a glove without interfering with the operation of the computer in any way. With the case installed, when the computer looks absolutely terrific. I walked into the office and showed my new Mac to my coworkers and the first thing one of them said was, "Where did you get that cover from? It looks sick with that cover on it!!!" (For those of you that don't know, 'sick' is an enthusiastic compliment) I am perfectly content with this case and am considering purchasing another of a different color just so I can change the appearance of my computer when the mood strikes. Great cover at a great price!!! The only constructive feedback I have is that the cover itself picks up tiny scratches easily. These are purely cosmetic and don't affect the cover's ability to protect the computer in any way. The cover looks so doggone good when it is installed I ended up purchasing a sleeve so the cover would keep looking like new... In summary then, great product at a great price!!! Two thumbs way up on this product!
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on June 25, 2010
Got this cover for my new MacBook Pro 15.4". It's easy to install - just snap it on and you're ready to go!

Great choice of colors to choose from, and their special window in the top cover allows you not only to protect the surface of your MacBook Pro, it also gives the Apple logo a unique look! It doesn't just look good, it's practical design and the toughness of this shell will ensure that you'll get maximum protection for the surfaces of your machine.

I've been getting rave reviews from my friends who actually use covers from other brands and more than one of them actually made the decision to ditch their old covers for this one!

All in all, a great product to have and an investment you won't regret!
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