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on November 9, 2013
Updated 12/8/2014

One year in...

This review is for the the no-ad 64 GB wifi-only HDX 8.9.

I use a Galaxy S5 Android smartphone so the HDX is for media / web surfing / offline viewing for travel. Since I had already been using Amazon Prime and Prime Music it was a no brainer for me to use the HDX to fill the role of media / web surfing on a tablet.

Be informed about the download limitations to this device. Amazon has been adding clarification to this which should help would-be purchasers make a more informed opinion. This wasn't as obvious as it should have been when I ordered mine so they're listening which is good.

Be aware that their most popular Prime content *may* not be available to download (and save) to your HDX. You can save certain videos to your HDX but you won't know which ones until you buy an HDX and try it out. *** Edited 12/21/2013 You can now see a list of Prime movies and shows that can be downloaded to the device. That's an improvement and more clearly shows the available downloadable Prime content. +1 for Amazon. ***

I was also under the assumption that you could download as many videos as you'd like with the limiting factor being the memory capacity of the HDX. Also NOT the case. So again, I bought the larger capacity HDX under this assumption. That was dumb on my part as it turns out because you're not limited by storage capacity. You're limited the NUMBER of downloads you can have on your device. Kids' content can be really short so you may find yourself running into that limitation, but most people never will. Many people will opt up for the 64 GB device like I did only to find that 16 GB would likely do fine since it would be hard to download enough content to fill 64 GB, particularly on 'standard' resolution. As another commenter pointed out if you downloaded long movies in full HD perhaps you'd really want the bigger device. Which brings me to the final point.

The final criticism is that once you start watching content you have to finish watching the content within 48 hours or you need to reconnect to the internet. Again, I was surprised to find out that the content I downloaded expired. This is odd since you'd download because you were likely traveling to a location that didn't have wifi. Hopefully these criticisms lead to a more informed purchase decision on your part.

Here is the official word from Amazon which is indeed on their site and the purpose for my edit. I was unable to find this prior to my purchase and learned about it only after I acquired the device.

* Many (but not all as I note above) Prime Instant Video titles are also available for download on Kindle Fire HD 2nd Generation and Kindle Fire HDX devices. The detail page for each Prime Instant Video title indicates whether the title is available for download. You can download available titles to only two separate devices at one time. If you have already downloaded a title to two devices, you need to delete it from one of them before downloading it to another device.

* You can have a maximum of 25 total Prime Instant Video titles downloaded at a time across all devices associated with your account. While not all Prime Instant Video titles are available for download, the same videos may be available for rental or purchase from Amazon Instant Video, and rented or purchased titles can be downloaded to compatible devices.

* Viewing Period: If you have a Prime membership or Prime free trial, you can stream any video that is currently designated as a Prime Instant Video title on its detail page. You can watch Prime Instant Video titles that you've downloaded within a limited viewing period, which varies by title. A typical viewing period is either 48 hours after you start watching the title or 15 or 30 days after the download, whichever is earlier. We'll typically notify you when the viewing period for a title is close to expiring. After your Prime membership or Prime free trial expires or is cancelled, you cannot watch any Prime Instant Video titles unless you've also rented or purchased that title.

For about 9 months the camera on this device caused it to take weird pictures. It seems that along the way a firmware update fixed the camera problems I had earlier so this should not be a concern for users who use their tablet to take photos.

Amazon has made subtle improvements to this device over the past year. It's not 100% Android compliant and doesn't always run YouTube videos very well. Just hangs and you need to restart it. Other times w/ the same YouTube content it works. Weird. The interface has been improved and it has been reliable for the last year as an intermittent toy. This is the perfect device for a person new to tablets or heavily invested in Amazon Prime. The Prime interfaces are outstanding and the device is intuitive and easy to use. Is it better than an iPad? It's different. If you use Amazon a lot I'd give the HDX a try. If you use Apple all the time, an iPad may be a better choice. It's very personal and subjective.

Amazon really owes it to their faithful customers who purchase these devices to continue to clarify the Prime download experience and this will be a home run. I hope these comments help you ask good questions and help Amazon continue improve their product and content experience.
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on November 7, 2013
Simply put, this is the Amazon’s iPad Air Killer. The 7” HDX is the iPad mini killer. Both HDXs inherent very similar hardware. This means the 8.9” version is an enlarged version of the 7” version. For my 7” version review, please search for my HDX 7” review.
My profile: I’m a heavy tablet user for personal and business purposes. I work on my tablet around 4-5 hours a day (Email / Documents / Spreadsheet / PDF) & use the tablet 1-2 hours for personal use such as watching movies or reading books/magazine. The HDX tablet is my go-to device for all internet related search I do. It is also my main electronic device, more important than my smartphones and laptops

I have the following and/or used the following before:

1) iPad 1
2) iPad 2
3) iPad 4
4) iPad Mini
5) Kindle Fire
6) Kindle Fire HD
7) Kindle Fire HD 8.9
8) Asus Transformer with Keyboard
9) Nexus 7 First Gen
10) Kindle HDX 7” – which I also have a review you can check out
As you can see, I been through many devices and hope this review with my experience helps users decide if this is the right device for them. This will be an ongoing review for this device throughout this year. For comparison sake, I will use last year's Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and also the Fire HDX 7” as benchmarks

Speed (9/10):

The same chipset is used on the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 as it is in the Kindle Fire 7” As I mentioned in the 7” review, this is leaps and bounds faster than last year Kindle HD. Last year Kindle struggles to go through any HD video content I put in. This year's HDX able to play seamlessly all the HD 1080p contents I added. It is incredible how much the 2.2Ghz quad processor improved vs last year's model Dual 1.2Ghz.

Screen (9/10):
This screen is a much bigger step up from the original HD 8.9 1920x1200 screen to the Kindle Fire HDX screen at 2,560 x 1,600. The screen is comparable to the iPad Air which I saw in Apple store and text is crystal clear now with such a high per pixel inch density. The viewing angle is just as impressive as you can hang the kindle in the middle of the car and at any seat it is view very clearly. Last year's model was not as clear as this. The overall screen improvement for this year’s Kindle lineup is just impressive

Sound (8/10):
The sound system in this Kindle Fire HDX is using Dolby Digital Plus with virtual 5.1 surround sound. Similar to the 7” that gives this device a much better surround sound then previous generation's.

Build (8/10):
Like the 7” HDX, this 8.9 HDX is more "angular" than last year's device. It's slightly rougher to hold in the corners than last year's model due to sharper edges though I doubt any users will hold their tablet by their corners.

The biggest improvement is the weight for this HDX 8.9 compared to last year’s HD 8.9, the device is noticeable lighter (567g for Kindle Fire HD vs 374g for Kindle Fire HDX). This mean you can hold this for longer time without fatigue. It’s also lighter than iPad Air and that’s quite impressive.

The power and volume button placement on this Kindle Fire HDX is interesting. It is behind the device which allows it to hide away from front view. However, this can cause user to accidentally hit the on/off button or the volume button when not being careful. Aesthetically it is great but it is definitely not a practical solution when you are trying to use this on the go.

It does look sturdy enough to survive minor drop but I highly recommend getting a case for it. Those sharp corners seems more prone to dents than round corners for last year's model.

Battery (6/10):
With higher resolution similar to the kindle fire hdx 7, the battery life is still the biggest drawback. As mentioned in my HDX 7” review, it takes more to power to drive the battery now thanks to the screen upgrade. Anything on the screen requires higher resolution = more power draw. The 2650x1600 screen pulls a lot of power still compare to last year's model when the screen is on, especially when running HD videos. It maybe fine for casual use but for people who are more absent minded in charging or require this for business productivity purpose, it can be quite annoying when your batteryrunning out of power. Regardless, how much power saving features you have, it seems that the screen resolution is still taking most of the power. I'm able to pull 7 hours of moderately heavy usage vs 9.5 hours for last year's Kindle Fire HD at medium brightness with Wi-fi on all the time. Again, if something like a battery case is available, that will be great. Otherwise, it will be wise to find an external battery pack for this just in case.

Software & software compatibility (8/10):
The amount of app is still lacking compare to App store or Play store but has been steadily increasing which is a great sign. Games and software boot time has increased noticeably and compatibility is not an issue

Like the 7” Silk browser has definitely improved compare to last year's tablet with multiple tabs actually now usable on the HDX. For last year's version, it is practically unusable after 2 tabs due to the lack of hardware resource on the tablet (especially when the website is not optimized for mobile use). The HDX has no problem going through any webpages I throw at it.

Hopefully more apps will be optimized to use quad core soon. I'm guessing some of these apps are only optimized for last year's dual core.

I haven't got the opportunity to use Mayday yet but will review about it once I get more update on this.

Complimentary Accessories (3/10):
Same problem here arises for the 8.9" compare to 7". For all smart devices, one of the most important time is the number of accessories available. At launch, it is understandable the lack of accessories but productivity focus accessories such as integrated case/keyboard are missing at launch. This is rather disappointing as it can be a powerful productivity device with the right accessories attached. Also the lack of case selection is quite astonishing for a flagship product on Amazon. Hope there will be more cases such as battery case (due to above battery problem) or rugged case come out soon. At the moment, will just have to go with the original origami case (which again can be pricey as you can see from my other review)

Price (9/10):
I got the special offer model at 16Gb (lowest end model) and it is enough for me to use. The special offer ads are not intrusive like last year's model and its does show relevant items I maywant. Compare to the iPad Air, this is a total steal. At this screen range, you cannot find anything comparable

Conclusion in one sentence: Amazon's iPad Air killer (8.5/10)

For people who are justifying if this is a good upgrade from HD 8.9, I say YES to that. The overall lineup for Kindle Fire has vastly improved and that is great on Amazon’s part. The speed and screen difference alone is worth the upgrade. The whole user experience just improve drastically with the HDX.

It used to be, for Kindle Fire HD, you will trade low price for slow performance, stutter and lag. It honestly makes you think twice if the price is really worth all that poor experience.

For HDX, this is no longer the case. You get great price, great screen and great performance that surpass iPad Air. To me, the HDX is Amazon’s answer to an iPad killer. This tablet at the moment has the best performance/price ratio. It really marks how well Amazon has done to make themselves a worthy competitor in the tablet market with no only one device revamped, but an entire lineup of Kindle Fire HDX having such performance leap. I hope some software upgrade or battery pack can make this the ultimate road warrior!

With 7" HDX, it is my e-reader device whereas my 8.9" HDX, it will be my productivity device

This will be reviewed periodically throughout the year. A more comprehensive review on productivity will soon be available. [...] Thanks for reading!
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on March 15, 2015
After 15 months, my $500+ tablet is no longer useable. It is stuck on the boot screen. I invested a lot of $$$ into Amazon movies and books. This stinks.
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on October 30, 2014
1. Built on Android does not mean you can have Google Play Apps. This is an unfortunate inconvenience, as there are some Google Apps that are just better than their Amazon App counterparts, and a few that I can not find within the Amazon Apps. If you want a fully functional tablet, then buy a tablet and download the free kindle app. If you want to pay more for something that does less, then the kindle is for you. This was a gift, so I will keep it, and continue to use my phone for the rest of my Apps that are not available on the kindle.
2. Camera is less than perfect. Limited settings available. Again, I will use my phone for pics, the same scene with my phone showed the flames, with a small amount of glare. (Husband is a firefighter, so I take a lot of pictures of their exercises for their training.) An old Casio Exilim C721 phone with 5MP camera still takes better pictures at night.
3. Kindle unlimited... I can not find anything worthy of paying a subscription price every month for. The Authors I want to read are not included.
4. Amazon Prime... See #3, They doubled the price, and to me I just don't see anything there worthy of the cost, including Amazon instant video, no shows that I watch are included. Another family member did the 30 day trial, and was quite disappointed when his content disappeared after the trial.
5. Youtube videos work ok, sometimes choppy, could be my connection or the device (computer playback worked fine when I had the time to test simutaneously). Other online video from various sources would not play in Silk Browser, refer to #1 Chrome Browser not available to download.
6. Office Suite... I can not figure out how to unlock documents. I can view them, but I can not edit them.

Somewhere in the middle:
1. Email is easy to read, but hard to organize. If using folders that automatically sort your incoming mail (Yahoo) those folders are unavailable.
2. Battery Life, I am just not getting the advertised battery life out of my kindle. 4 hours of reading and the battery level drops to 15%. Two-Three hours of video and it is time to plug it in again. Not horrible, but not as expected either.
3. The carousel drove my nuts, thanks for fixing it!
4. Audio is acceptable, would be nice to have bass and treble adjustment. Good volume for your personal space, but too big to carry around with you if you are moving room to room doing chores.

1. BIG beautiful screen, indoors and out
2. Keyboard is easy to use, I considered a case with a bluetooth keyboard and discovered that it was not needed.
3. Whispersync is awesome when the battery dies and I have to switch to my paperwhite or (again) my phone.

Why I wanted the Kindle Fire... I am an EMT and the course for the next level is starting early next year, the book weighs a ton, and is 1550+ pages. There is a Kindle Edition of the book available, and I wanted the full features available of the ebook. The Kindle was a gift based on what I thought I wanted... Hindsight shows that I wanted and expected so much more.
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on December 4, 2013
I've been an apple guy since 1994. I learned how to program on the Iic and have been using just about every version of the macbook and iPhone since it's inception. I've also been a very proud iPad owner since day 1. I still have my original iPad and bought both the iPad 2 and most recently the iPad air. The iPad air is a remarkable device, it is gorgeous, thin and light. I realized quickly however that iOS 7 was not ready for primetime on the iPad air. Not to mention that I was having memory crashes 5-6 times per day. On mobile safari, I would have two web pages open and the device would slow down. If I opened a third tab and went back to one of the original two, they would both need to reload. On top of all that, even though I am fully vested in the apple ecosystem (I purchase all my apps, music and movies through iTunes), I was quickly realizing that the competition was catching up very quickly.

That's what lead me to the 8.9 HDX, mind you, I tested out the Galaxy note 10" as well as the Nexus 7 for a "true" android experience. I found jelly bean to be no different than ice cream sandwich which was marginally better than the last version. I know android purists will say there is a huge difference and jelly bean was designed for tablets, but in all honesty, android is just a boring experience. Even with a gorgeous screen as there is on the nexus 7, it has the occasional stutter, and I don't find the operating system intuitive with the exception of google now, I swear they've got spies in my house.

With all that said, the HDX is the first truly different tablet experience in almost four years. You will be truly dumbfounded by how light this thing is. I mean after holding an iPad air, you'll feel like this weighs nothing. But even with the lightness there is a "heft" to the device, one that gives it a presence. And 8.9" is the perfect size. I mean PERFECT. You can hold it in one hand in landscape easily. And the rubberized plastic feels phenomenal. From an iPad guy, this thing is neck and neck when it comes to design. Yes, it doesn't have an aluminum back, but the front screen feels so much better. The iPad Air screen felt plasticky in comparison to previous versions.

The OS on the HDX is good. I like the launcher. It doesn't give me the feeling of completeness that IOS does by allowing me to customize and launch different apps, but it does it's job well. I've always wondered why Apple didn't just have a live screen that automatically selected the apps I use most often and put them on the front page. That's where Mojito's (as an aside, dear Amazon and Android, stop. being. cute. Just give me a OS Version number, I can't wait for Android "lifesaver" or "mint julep") carousel comes into play. It updates as you use it.

Oh, and I know some folks like to use tablets for productivity, but let's be honest, they are purely entertainment consumption devices. I realized that quickly with my previous iPads. As much as I liked having email, iMessage, FaceTime, office suites, etc, the reality was that I used my iPad to browse the web, shop, read, and watch movies. Guess what, that's what the kindle fire focuses on. This is not a laptop replacement, this is not a post-pc device, it's the dessert you know you shouldn't have but realize after eating that it was the best thing ever.

Prime Content is not exactly amazon's strong suit unfortunately. I love prime, I've been a prime user for a very long time. The streaming features of prime are ok. Decent shows (like the most recent daily show) and movies (most of Marvel's latest flicks) are available. But I'm paying 7.99 for netflix and until Amazon shows me content like that, I'll stick with my buddy. Prime again is ok, not bad, not great, it does the job, but don't buy this for prime. You can obviously buy all the same shows and movies on amazon that you could on iTunes, but from a free content perspective, prime isn't the driving factor behind this device.

So, should you get the HDX, here's a few questions for you:

How vested are you in google's or apple's ecosystem? Have you purchased dozens of apps, more importantly, do you use the dozens of apps you've purchased?

How important is productivity software to you? Do you have to check email constantly on your tablet, open attachments, edit documents? Or do you find that using a laptop or other PC a better solution for that?

Do you play lots of tablet games?

Finally, where do you get most of your content and do you purchase, torrent, stream? There are ways to get movies from both the play store and iTunes to the kindle fire legally and easily.

I found for myself, that a laptop is the best solution, and with today's ultra books and the macbook air, you can get a small, light laptop for under $1000 that does exactly what you need. But for content consumption, the kindle fire is very hard to beat.
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on February 22, 2016
Since my wife and daughter were on our iPad all the time, I wanted another tablet for myself. The Kindle Fire looked interesting, had some good reviews, and since I already had a Kindle Keyboard for reading that was still working well, I figured it was a pretty safe bet. And it was...for awhile.

The pros: the screen is amazingly clear. Pictures and videos are sharp as a knife. I watched a lot of my Netflix on the Kindle Fire. The sound coming through the speakers was great, both with and without headphones. The Silk browser took some getting used to but it's largely intuitive and I figured it out fairly quickly. I used my Kindle Fire everyday for over a year-and-a-half with only a few minor glitches that were easily resolved.

And now the bad news. A few days ago, the tablet crashed and froze and is now stuck on the title screen and is unable to boot up. A hard reset failed, so I contacted customer service for help. The rep walked me through an attempt to restore the Kindle Fire to its factory settings, which would wipe out everything on it but should get it working again. When this also failed, the rep said there was nothing more to be done. And since I was well past the expiration date of my warranty, my nearly $400 tablet was now a complete loss. After less than 2 years. I should like to add that the Kindle Fire never left my house - I did not drop it, spill water on it, play catch with it, or damage it in any way. My only recourse was to buy a brand new tablet, although, the rep informed me, I would receive a modest discount to ease the burden on my wallet.

I have since learned, to my great chagrin and increasing outrage, that this was not an isolated incident. Dozens and dozens of others have encountered the same problem and received the same answer. "Electronic devices break down sometimes, don't really know why, not much we can do - why don't you buy our latest model? New and improved!" I've been an Amazon customer since 2002 and this is the first time I've really been disappointed in their service. There is obviously a huge problem with one of their flagship products but they have not come up with a software patch or offered to fix it or replace it. Maybe some people can afford to buy the latest tech gadgets every year or two but I am not one of them.

You should know that I'm writing this review on the very same iPad I owned (for over a year!) before I bought the Kindle Fire, and it is still going strong. If Amazon hopes to maintain their share of the tablet market it will need to extend their shelf life, or risk losing that share altogether. Poorly-made products do not speak well of you, Amazon. I still enjoy my Kindle e-reader but I will never buy another Kindle Fire.
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on May 19, 2014
I have been a buyer from Amazon since April 21, 1999. This is my first bad review involving Amazon itself with their product the Kindle Fire HDX. Long story short; my original piece was replaced twice with non-working refurbished pieces. The original started getting blue lines in the screen after three months of purchase. The replacement, which was refurbished kept on dropping wifi connections. The third one, which was also a refurbished replacement would not load videos. It's great to have the mayday button, but I really don't like to spend lots of time talking to them. Don't forget time wasted for shipments. My first and last Kindle purchase from Amazon.
Update on May, 28; I was sent a different Kindle since the very last one would not load Prime Instant Videos. The replacement was also refurbished and will not play videos from the Prime Instant Video store or Kindle Free Time. Still waiting for a solution. I spent hours back and forth between 1st tear, second tear, and Instant Video to resolve the problem, but it hasn't been resolved as of yet.
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on November 12, 2015
This review is in part for the product, which I love, but more importantly, for a recent experience I had with Amazon. My Kindle actually stopped working two months after my warranty expired. While I have concerns about why it died after only a year and two months, I'm hoping that was a fluke. Customer service tried to help, but my Kindle simply would not turn on. I was out of warranty, and I really couldn't afford another Kindle (I'm an underpaid teacher). So basically, I was left "Kindleless" and unhappy with my initial experience with Customer Service. I ended up canceling all my Amazon subscriptions and decided I would just go with the more popular I-Pad once I saved enough money. I did, however, send an email to, not ever thinking anything would come of it. To my complete surprise and satisfaction, a representative contacted me, offered an apology, and sent me a replacement Kindle for free. They took into consideration that I have been an Amazon customer for seven years, had Prime and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, and have been a loyal customer for years. It's heartwarming to see a company step up and do the right thing by its customers. I'll be doing business with Amazon for years to come, probably from the Amazon app on my Kindle!
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on November 11, 2013
I had this delivered last week to an Amazon Locker so it wouldn't be sitting on my porch and so I could pick it up in the middle of a work day. The Amazon Locker experience was really cool and convenient.

First, lightweight, thin, and super sharp picture. How the heck are there so many enhancements stuffed in the Fire HDX without weighing it down or slowing the processor speed?

Navigating through the apps is quick and smooth, very responsive to touch. I had multiple apps (10-20) running at once and it didn't affect performance at all.

The picture is amazing, the colors are vivid and the contrast and sharpness makes some content almost look 3D. It also handles glare pretty good. Best screen I've seen to date and I have an iPhone w/ retina.

The speaker sound is really good, they actually put out some bass.

The app selection in the AppStore is plentiful...once you have your top 50 apps you should be set and Amazon has all of the must-have apps (do you really need 500,000 apps?), every app I looked for/needed was found and downloaded quickly and painlessly (love the Yahoo fantasy football, Facebook, Pandora, TuneIn PRO, and Netflix apps).

The video camera is crystal clear and the rear camera is a much welcomed addition. Great pics and video! The built in Skype app works very well for free video calls with friends and family. The good thing is, anyone with the Skype app can receive your video call on their device (unlike Facetime where both users must have an Apple device). This allows you to have free video calls with more of your contacts as long as they download Skype from their respective app store.

The camera app is surprisingly useful considering it comes built in. It has a ton of photo editing capabilities including filters (way more than instagram), panorama shots, cropping, text, and funny stickers you can paste to pics. You would think this was a paid-for camera app.

The email client was very easy to set up, I had my Gmail loaded in less than a minute.

The overall build feels sturdy and just pure quality. Again, it is very thin and lightweight but feels like it was put together very well.

The battery lasted for 10+ hours while I was hopping around fantasy football, Facebook, and email on Sunday during the games. This is very good for an HD tablet. People must remember a tablet is more like a smartphone and needs to be charged when not using since apps and wifi are constantly running in the background. For being so thin and lightweight the battery is very impressive.

The Silk browser is nice, although it defaults with Bing, so I changed it to Google (personal choice).
I really like the icon with reading glasses that appears in the top right of the browser that let's you change to reading mode. It converts the web page text into a book-like page, similar to the Kindle e-reader. It really makes reading articles on various websites easy on the eyes.

X-ray feature: Watching TV shows and movies is enhanced by x-ray. Just tap on the screen and factoids about the actors in the scene (at that moment) pop up on the side of the screen without interrupting the play. Just tap the screen again and the info disappears. This also works when listening to music from the music tab; the lyrics of the song appear while the song is playing. I've always had to interrupt myself and check my phone for movie info or song lyrics when I watched or listened on other devices, now it's all in one place and available with a tap of the finger. No more asking "what's that actor's name", "what other movie was she in", or "how does that song go"!

The keyboard is really accurate, no typos yet. I noticed there is an external keyboard by AmazonBasics, but I'm okay with the on-screen keyboard for now.

The price was reasonable for what I got. It's good to know they're not making a profit on me before I even opened the box!

Overall, I am very pleased with the appearance and performance after using it for 7 days. I was really looking forward to this purchase and I must admit that I am more than satisfied. Amazon over-delivered on this. Well done Amazon.

If you don't care about "labels", then this is the best tablet you can buy right now. And if you ask me, Amazon is the best "label" when it comes to taking care of their customers. You won't be sorry. Enjoy!

P.S. - You really should be an Amazon Prime member to get the most out of this tablet. The free Amazon Instant Videos for Prime Members are awesome!

I also opted for the Special Offers, which knocked $15 off the price of the tablet and does not bother me at all. In fact, I am glad I got the special offers version! Since I've owned the tablet I have received offers that only Kindle Fire owners have access to. I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for $20 ($100 off) and a Cuisinart Juicer for $20 ($100 off) - these 2 deals alone practically paid for my tablet purchase! There was a deal for Madden 25 for $5 but I missed that one. They are really awesome deals to take advantage of or you can just ignore them since the special offers only appear for a split second on your screen as you swipe to unlock the tablet from sleep mode. Definitely recommend the special offers, you can always opt to pay $15 later to have it deactivated but you'll find they are totally worth having.
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on November 27, 2013
There's tons of detailed reviews so I'll just add that the special offers consumes 30% battery per hour on mine. It ran out faster than my smartphone. I'd consider that $20 upgrade.

Other than that it's an amazing tablet.
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