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on November 15, 2016
I have never been disappointed with ELF products. Tried couple on a whim few years ago when I saw them in the grocery store and way cheaper than even the store brand. Needed new brushes and figured if they were total crap they were cheap enough I didn't have to feel guilty for throwing them away later. Much to my surprise their pigments didn't cause me to breakout so that led me to trying their brushes and that was no exception! So glad to have found the whole brush set on here! I also uses their brush cleanser regularly and the brushes are holding up to the daily stressors I put them thru! Keep it up!!!😍😍😍😘😘😘
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on June 10, 2012
This is indeed good value, $12 for 12 makeup brushes. Each brush has its name/use stamped on the handle and each clear plastic pack comes with description on usage, great for newbies. Read through packagings, they are made in China but couldn't find the material so I guessed synthetic. I washed all of them before use with a brush cleaner and dried them lying flat. 10 brushes (the denser, short and firm ones eg foundation brush, defining eye brush, shadow brush, blending brush etc) retained their shape and no shedding and felt really soft on the face. But the total face brush shed some, and the shape is not exactly a nice round dome, in fact its fairly uneven, like some1 snipped at it with a scissors. I took a pic but regret unable to load it. The bronzing brush, shed a few strands but the brush head flared out. I slipped them both into the brush guards (available from Amazon) and after 24 hrs, brushes kinda 'close' back a bit. Both brushes felt mildly scratchy on the face unlike the others in the set. Hope they won't shed again by the next wash. In general, still very good value, for the remaining 10 brushes. Better than some drug store/generic brushes.
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on November 28, 2015
I can't wait to use them.
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on March 8, 2015
When I got these in the mail, they seemed pretty decent for the price. However I washed mine. When I wash mine I stick them in cold water and dawn to loosen the powder. Then I rinse them a bit, give them a swish in the bowl. Then I fill it with as hot as I can stand water and dawn and let them soak for a couple minutes then swish them around. Make sure the water is clear, then give them a final rinse in a little vinegar. My other brushes with the plastic handles handled the washing just fine. These just fell apart, I didn't leave them to soak for that long knowing that some of the brushes may not hold up. The hairs are comming out, the paint is cracking on the handle, and they are detaching from the handle. Don't buy these its a waste of your hard earned money. Sonia Kashuk hold up better, I buy them on sale. I also go to craft stores and buy brushes with real hair. They last for ever and you can give them a good cleaning without worrying about them falling apart.
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on May 20, 2015
I think one of my brushes might have broken within the first week, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Little bit of glue and it was fixed.
The brushes hold together nicely, I rarely find a hair on my face from them ( though it does happen once in a while ) but, if you're a little low on cash and you can't afford a full Sigma set, I suggest getting this one until you can.
No real complaints with it.
Edit; I realised soon after writing this that the stray hairs from the brush started appearing a lot more often. I would not recommend this brush set. It's definitely worth paying more money for their studio set, or going and buying a Real Techniques set. These are stiff, they shed, and they easily break off. The only ones worth getting are their eye brushes. All their face ones, with the exception of the concealer brush, shed like crazy. Just. Keep that all in mind before purchasing.
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on February 1, 2013
I read so many reviews about these, and finally decided on them rather than ecotools like I was using before. The only reason I chose these instead is because some people said that they liked these better than ecotools. Well, I'm thoroughly disappointed.

Let me say that some of these brushes are fine. The foundation brush worked well, as did the concealer brush (the larger one). I like the eyebrow tool. The face brushes are TERRIBLE. I have super temperamental and sensitive skin, and the face brushes were so scratchy on my skin that it was terrible and I'm not going to be using face makeup until my other brushes come.

The eyeliner brush is a joke. Not only were my bristles bent and curved when they came, they are so long that it just flings my gel eyeliner around, which I've never had happen before. I ended up using the small concealer brush for my eyeliner, which worked but not well.

The 3 eyeshadow brushes are fine, but they don't really pick up the makeup well, and they are also pretty scratchy on my eyelids.

I'll never buy these again.
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on March 28, 2014
I have once again learned my lesson when it comes to buying cheap brushes. I have recently started getting into eye makeup since watching a lot of YouTube videos & wanted to spice up my look. I have bought Sephora brush sets & separate brushes from them & I have found them to be really functional & they do the job just right. With the Sephora brushes, you don't have worry about them getting worn out after washing them. I also have Real Techniques which are great. I have bought these E.L.F. brushes because I saw a few of beauty gurus suggest these brushes if you're on a budget. BIG MISTAKE.

The first day I bought them I washed them with my brush cleaner & the total face brush is completely useless now. When I let it air dry, there was a huge knot in it, which NEVER happens to me. I tried working with it to see if the brush hairs would be good for powder. This completely wasted a huge amount of my powder for no reason. Probably because of the type of hair. It feels like goat's hair which I've had from uSpicy brushes. So it's so coarse on your face, it just doesn't feel good.
The blending brush is not really a blending brush. It wasn't as fluffy as I anticipated. It's more in a dome shape. I have tried using it to blend, but it's not really working out for me, so I just use it to put eyeshadow on the outer v of my eye.
The foundation brush is great! It's a little bit on the smaller side for me, but it definitely does it's job & it's not harsh on my face.
The concealer brush is good. It's once again on the smaller side, I prefer concealer brushes that are a little bit bigger because it saves me time. This is good if I have 2 hours to get ready. But I take 30 minutes to do my foundation, powder, blush, bronzer/contour, highlighter, & eyeshadow. Once again, I'm still a beginner.
The blush/bronzer brush is coarse again, but it does it's job. I have multiple brush sets because I do get lazy with cleaning them every single day, so this would be the last blush/bronzer brush I would go to if my other angled brushes are dirty.
The smudge sponge brush is completely useless. I haven't seen any makeup artist use this. So don't even consider this a brush because I tried smudging with this brush & you're better off using something else.
The eyeliner brush is great. This is so precise for eyeliner & getting eyeshadow on your bottom lash line. I love it.
The defining eye brush is decent. It does it's job. It's not as good as my other brushes, but it's okay.
The brow wand is whatever. It's a good throw away for companies to include in their set.
The lip defining brush is once again decent. I can deal without it, but it would be my second to last choice for lip brushes.
The eyeshadow brush is a 3 out of 10. It doesn't pick up eyeshadows as much as I thought it would. But I am determined to find the right eyeshadow brand to work with this. I have tried Nars & the Sephora make up brand with this & it just doesn't meet my expectations.
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on March 17, 2017
This set lasted me years I love it. One star docked because I got a duplicate
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on October 26, 2014
For the price, you get a decent selection of brushes. The large powder brush and angled contour-blush brush are total garbage, though. I trashed those two after a week. They shed badly, and weren't soft. They were also WAY less dense than I like my face brushes to be. The paddle style foundation brush is ok if you use that style brush for application, but I prefer a stippling brush or buffing brush, so I don't use the one in the set. So basically, the only brushes I do use are the eyeshadow/liner brushes, and those are quite good for the money. You get a smudger sponge tipped brush, a fluffy blender brush, a shadow application brush, dense stiff-bristle push liner brush, a spoolie, a comb/brush combo, a lipliner brush, a tiny brush that says it's a concealer brush but I use it for my brows, and a thin small liner brush.

If you are buying this for the eye product brushes, then it's a good buy. They don't shed, and do their respective jobs well. If you're looking for any face brushes, I'd recommend any of the real techniques brushes, or the eco-tools kabuki set. Both are affordable and much better quality than these.
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on December 6, 2015
These brushes are great if you are just starting off, but they won't last you long. many of the brushes have names that don't really match their use. Also, they are not the softest brushes you can find. I especially didn't like the powder or blush brushes. If you plan on cleaning them (as you should) be careful to use mild soap and don't be surprised if they smell like wet dog for a little while, its just because the "hair" that they use is a poor quality and are easily damaged. Again if you are starting out and this is your first set you won't go wrong! Some of these brushes i continue to use everyday but others need to be replaced over time. The specific brushes i replaced are:
Powder brush
blush brush
Foundation brush
crease brush
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