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on May 26, 2016
Okay. I had left a review before, but now I'm editing it, because I just made a discovery.
When I first started using this product, I loved it! It's smooth and works great (I think -- it's kind of difficult to tell whether it makes a difference or not). And then I ran out... about 2 weeks after receiving it. Yeah, I was pretty confused. The packaging seems to be a relatively large container, especially for primer, so I was super excited to get this for such a good price. Usually, when I run out of a product, I just take off the lid and pretty much scavenge for every last bit of what remains, because I like to get my money's worth and hate to waste any. So naturally, I unscrewed the top of the primer cap... only to discover that a completely unexpected container popped right out! A green one! A PLASTIC, HOLLOW, GREEN TUBE is placed inside the outer container to make it APPEAR that there's a lot of product in here. That's not at all the case.
After removing that, I noticed the nozzle still was attached, so I went to remove that. Surprise #2! The ACTUAL container of primer is about as large as an average fingernail. It's directly underneath the nozzle, inside the 2 other deceiving containers. (-:
Basically, you're paying roughly $5 for enough primer to sit on a couple of fingertips. For that money, along with maybe 2 or 3 extra bucks, you could get at least 5 times as much. I attached pictures as proof. I absolutely adore E.L.F, so this was easily the most disappointing makeup product i have ever purchased from them or from anybody else. I'm definitely going to be more careful about this brand in the future.
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on June 5, 2014
I do love this product, it is smooth silky and light and works well.

BUT!!!! Make sure you know how much you're buying as the size of the container compared to how much is actually inside is very misleading. The clearish outer part comes off and inside is another white cylinder. That cylinder is mostly empty, and there is barely anything in there, I don't know why they even bothered honestly. I have uploaded an image to show this. I would rather pay a little bit more to have the container actually filled up.
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on November 1, 2016
The product goes on smoothly and makes your skin feel silky before the application of foundation. I did not find that it was great at covering up pores. However, the worst part is the small amount of product and the fact that a lot is wasted in the thimble size container. See photos. Only the very top portion holds product. The rest is for show. The pump can not retrieve the product around the sides of the bottom of the thimble size container. So your small amount of product is even smaller. You can't get it out, either unless you want to dissemble the container and use a Q-tip each time. Why waste all this space in your makeup area for just a few weeks worth of product? I will not repurchase. And a further insult is that all that wasted packaging is not recyclable.
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on October 1, 2013
e.l.f. offers quite a few good products and this is one of them. Countless makeup reviewers, makeup artists, and regular people who make makeup tutorials on YouTube swear by this primer even when most of their other cosmetics are high end.

I really enjoyed this primer. I'm still learning how to correctly apply it so I don't use more than necessary. But it goes on very smooth. It slides across your fingers and face like the most slippery lubricant you can imagine. At the same time, the texture of it is SOOO soft and silky. It actually feels great just rubbing it between thumb and forefinger. It's a pleasant experience!

The only problem I have with this product, and why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is so little -actual- product in this pump. It looks, by its size, like there is a lot more product inside it. When I started running out, exceptionally soon, I unscrewed the housing and took the pump out and looked inside. The actual well that holds the product is TINY! I mean very tiny. And there's still a bit of product on the sides of the well which can't be drawn up into the pump for some reason. I'm having to take it apart and scoop out what I need with a toothpick.

Speaking of toothpicks, I just had an idea. I took the bottle apart so that I could get an -approximate- measurement for the inside of that little well. When I put the toothpick in, and it hit the bottom, MOST of the toothpick was still above the rim. Probably 2/3rds of it. I marked the toothpick and measured it. The well, from the bottom to the top of the mouth of it where the other bits screw onto it, it's exactly 1 inch. 1 inch deep. The diameter is less than 2 cm wide which is a little less than 3/4 of an inch. So, yeah, teensy!

If this was one of e.l.f.'s $1 - $3 products, I'd have absolutely no problem with that. But for $6, you should get a little more product. At least that's MY opinion.

So, in summary, it's a great product and will probably work for most skin types and blend well with most foundations (though I'm not sure if it would work well under powder foundation). However, the small amount of product you get might not be work the $6 price tag depending on how you use it and what you're looking for. Hope this helps. =)
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on January 4, 2014
Well, I'm a dude, but I got my wife this and she said "Ohh myy gooddd, it's like putting silk on my face!" so I guess it's like putting silk on your face, which can't really be a bad thing, right?
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on October 8, 2015
One squirt goes a long way. It is a bit greasy feeling, but as long as you don't already have oily skin, or use a powder foundation you shouldn't have an issue with it giving you a greasy look.

If the first seven million pumps don't work, don't worry. I thought it was defective at first, but I pumped about seven million more times and it finally got thing flowing lol

It makes you skin feel very soft, and the smell isn't too bad when you open the top and smell inside, but I can't really smell it at all when I apply it.

I attached two photos: One with just the primer (and my eyebrows lol) on, and one after applying a simple face of make up (Younique Touch Pressed Powder Foundation, Younique Lip Stain, gloss, liner & mascara.) With a bare face (sorry, I forgot to do one without primer) my face is combination-- I have oily spots in the center of my forehead and beneath my eyes.
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on August 6, 2017
 I think the product is okay, but I think the packaging is very misleading. Yes, the ounces are listed but if you are searching through multiple products it is easy to miss. Besides, who would want to buy something that lasts only a few uses? Taking the bottle apart you can see that it is designed to look bigger than it is. The silver part of the dispenser is literally just silver rings to add height. The actual amount of product would fit in one heavy glob on my fingertip. So, even though the product itself is pretty nice, I paid way too much for this.
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on October 24, 2016
I purchased e.l.f Studio mineral infused face primer to go under my bare essentials mineral powder foundation. I would not recommend this as it caused me to break out very badly!

Just to give you a bit of a background. I had very bad skin back in college. I constantly broke out and my skin would scar easily. Around my 20’s I discovered by perfect skin care routine and I break out with maybe one SMALL pimple a month now. My acne scarring is so much better and I am way closer to that glowy perfect skin I’ve always wanted.

I recently wanted to add a good primer after reading up on the benefits especially since I have pretty oily skin. I bought that and started using it and bear in mind I did not change anything else from my general skin care routine. At first I thought this product was great! It came out as a nice light cream that spread easily on my face. It definitely helped control my oil and made my skin look much better throughout the day. My skin looked much more matte and I didn’t get that oily forehead and t-line. About 2 weeks later though, I started breaking out really bad. I started getting cystic acne way under my skin. It took forever to come to a head and look better. I had 2 pimples that took almost a month to go away. Even now, about 2 months later, I still have 2 pretty deep scars from the acne that I’m working on getting rid of still.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this product. While my makeup did look so much better using this primer, it caused me to break out everywhere. If you don’t have sensitive skin maybe give this a shot, but if you have sensitive skin, do not use this!
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on March 26, 2016
So I've been wearing makeup for years, but only recently decided to Do Something about the sometimes-often 'melting makeup' look happening on my face when it hits mid-afternoon. I have combo skin in that my T-zone gets SUPER oily and my chin and cheeks do not. My skin is also stubborn in that the pores on my nose are quite large, so you can imagine how makeup might settle on my nose with a double whammy of giant pores + oil. (If you can't imagine, the oil would basically melt the makeup off, but makeup that settled into my pores would proudly stay. So I had weird dots on my nose. YIKES.) I decided I needed to change my routine, which includes adding more products like this.

I normally only used a bit of primer (Benefit's Pore Professional) around my nose, but decided I would try out the full face primer to see if it helped. I still use the Pore Professional on top (seriously, my nose is SO oily, it needs all the help it can get), but I think this primer really helps keep it all together, especially on the rest of my face. The only drawback is that the bottle is quite small, as someone else mentioned. The bottle is a bit of marketing trickery, as the frosty container is just the outer shell and there is a smaller container within. Ah, well - I find that with this I only need less than a full pump (maybe 1/2 - 3/4?) to cover my entire face.

I recommend lightly patting in your primer, especially around your pores. It's better to pat/tap in your moisturizer/primer vs. rubbing it in, but this is especially key for primer. Patting will settle the primer into your pores more efficiently, allowing a more even surface. You'll feel your skin get more silky, so once you think you covered everything just do a pass with your fingertips - lightly - to feel for any spots that don't seem covered.

For anyone who has also suffered from "melting face", "cakey layers", and "pore pockets" here are some tips:
- Allow more 'setting' time between moisturizer, sunscreen, and primer before applying actual makeup. It's like applying nail polish, you need to give it some time to dry before you start the next layer, or else you get something that gets tacky and gunky.
- Stipple foundation, instead of brushing/stroking it on. Less of a chance of your brush/sponge/fingers rubbing away your carefully laid groundwork.
- When all your makeup is done (foundation, colored powder, bronzer, blush, eyeshadow, etc etc. whatever your routine is), use the setting powder. I currently use NYX Cosmetics Studio Finishing Powder, Translucent Finish, 0.21 Ounce, which I LOVE. (Left a similar review there.)
lightly mist your face. I currently use NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray, Matte Finish/Long Lasting, 2.03 Ounce, which the reviews mentioned is comparable to Urban Decay's All Nighter (which is TRIPLE the cost)

I know it's a lot of steps, and you could probably cut out a decent amount in the middle, but considering my stubborn oily skin, this is the best for me so far. Hope that helps!
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on January 25, 2017
I love ELF and this primer is fantastic. I have a couple primers from them and use them accordingly depending on my skin on any given day. I like the mineral one when my skin is a bit dry and it really helps my skin from being so parched and dry looking especially when applying foundation. The last thing you want is your foundation sticking to dry patches of skin. It leaves a nice canvas for your foundation. I have tried this mineral, the hydrating, poreless and the blemish fighting primers. They all work wonderfully. ELF does not receive enough love from the beauty community, they are a great company, cruelty free, great pricing and their products 9 times out of 10 are fantastic. If you have hesitated trying them don't, you're missing out on some great products.
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