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About Installers NYC

As a licensed and insured NYC home improvement contractor, I have loved building and fixing things since I was a child. At age 5, I took apart a clock radio to see how it worked. Since then, I shifted my focus from taking things apart to putting things together. At Installers NYC, I work with a small team of colleagues family members and long-time friends. Like you, I want to work with people I know and trust. We have assembled furniture for hundreds of satisfied clients in the New York City area because: - We are expert at what we - We treat your family with the same care as our - We are happy only when you are happy. Your time is valuable. We respond to messages quickly, help you on short notice, assemble your furniture expertly, and leave your home or office in good order. In addition to furniture assembly, we offer the following services: - Install curtain rods and advise on curtain - Advise on choosing and arranging furniture to create beautiful, functional homes and offices. - Advise on designing small, shared, and multi-function living and work spaces. Our project manager is a graduate of the Turner School of Construction Management Construction Training Program, which covers construction safety, budgets, project management, and building technology. PLEASE NOTE: that we do not deliver the product to you, Amazon does. Please let us know when the product arrives to your house, and we will contact you to schedule a technician to assemble your product in accordance to its delivery date. One of three dates that you choose is not a guaranteed date for our technician to arrive. This date merely provides us with an idea of your schedule. As soon as your order is placed, and your preferred date is chosen, please give us up to 24 hours to contact you and set up an appointment.

Specialty Skills

  • Interior Design
  • Wardrobe Installs
  • Crib Assembly
  • Ikea shopping
  • Furniture Assembly
  • DryWall Repair
  • Home improvement contractor
  • Pax wardrobe
  • TV Mounting
  • Storage Shed Assembly
  • Ikea assembly
  • Ikea kitchens

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