iPlayPower - iPhone Repair

iPlayPower - iPhone Repair

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iPlayPower - iPhone Repair professionals are background-checked by Amazon
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Licensed (if applicable)
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iPlayPower - iPhone Repair professionals are required by Amazon to maintain any necessary insurance and trade licenses
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We only invite providers who have a strong track record of service quality. We screen through a combination of media searches, online interviews, and reference checks.
We conduct comprehensive business background checks and require each provider you work with to pass a 6-point criminal background check.
Licensed and insured
All providers are required to maintain any necessary insurance and trade licenses.
Proven Performers
Providers must meet ongoing performance targets including responsiveness, quality, and ratings.

About iPlayPower - iPhone Repair

iPlayPower was established in early 2007 in Seattle, WA as a home based business to provide iPhone repair services to the community. iPlayPower has repaired all makes and models of the Apple iPhone starting with the 1st generation iPhone. We only source and use the highest quality O.E.M iPhone parts for your Apple iPhone repair and provide a 90 day warranty on all repair services. You are welcome to wait, or drop off your iPhone for repair services. Most repairs take approximately 30 minutes. If you cannot afford to take the time out of your day, order a service call and a technician will come to your Home/Office and repair your phone in an hour!

Specialty Skills

  • iPhone 4 Repair
  • iPhone 5C Repair
  • iPhone 6+ Repair
  • iPhone 5 Repair
  • iPhone 5S Repair
  • iPhone 4S Repair
  • iPhone 6 Repair

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