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Kalieb Designs professionals are required by Amazon to maintain any necessary insurance and trade licenses
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We only invite providers who have a strong track record of service quality. We screen through a combination of media searches, online interviews, and reference checks.
We conduct comprehensive business background checks and require each provider you work with to pass a 6-point criminal background check.
Licensed and insured
All providers are required to maintain any necessary insurance and trade licenses.
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Providers must meet ongoing performance targets including responsiveness, quality, and ratings.

About Kalieb Designs

We're a full-service audio/video, tv installation, computer repair, web design, and web marketing company located in Southern California. We have nationwide client coverage across all of North America, as well as international clients in several countries throughout the world. We pride ourselves in providing the finest-quality work at an affordable price for today's busiest businesses and individuals. As a highly successful company, we understand that success is hinged upon saving you, our customer, valuable time and money, while developing an excellent customer relationship. Our focused commitment from our experienced technicians, web and graphics design team allows for an on-time delivery of computers, recovery and design work while cutting cost and not corners. We have several years of experience in the following related areas: Computer Services: * computer repair * virus removal * data backup * data recovery * printer setup * wireless networking * software installation * performance upgrades Web Services: * web design * web development * web programming * web hosting * mobile web design * search engine optimization * social media marketing * business listings Software Services: * software programming * excel programming Installation Services: * cabling services * audio/video installation * tv mounting installation * security camera installation * low voltage lighting installation

Specialty Skills

  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Surround Sound Installation
  • Wall Mounting Installation
  • Security Camera Installation

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