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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 21, 2010
The cover works, and protects the screen, which pretty much no other covers do. I'm pretty sure 99% of people who buy this use the screen cover incorrectly, this is what you MUST do. Never pop the screen cover on or off while the case is already on your kindle, that is not how it was meant to be used, and it will probably just fall off anyways. The screen cover works well and will not fall off or need adjustment if you install it correctly, but it has to be positioned correctly for this to work. Take the cover completely off of your kindle. Place the front half of the shell face down on a flat surface so that it opens upward. Now take the screen cover, and look at it very closely, you will notice that it has 2 grooves on the long sides and 3 very small tabs (think pin sized, these are not manufacturing flaws, they lock the cover into the case and stop the cover from moving), the short sides have long grooves only. Now take the screen protector, and hold the flat side face up towards you (the flat/smooth side will touch the kindle, the grooved sides will lock into the case). Align the grooves and small pin tabs with the case, and it will fit perfectly with the front panel. Note that it will not "lock into" the case, but the weight of the kindle and the groves/tabs holds the cover in place. Don't force it in there trying to lock it in, it will just pop out. Carefully place your kindle on it, and then place the back part of the case on it, and fasten the case. The screen protector will now fit securely.

Also, the "clear" isn't really clear like in the photo, at least of the version that I received. Its more of a milky textured clear that is more resistant to abuse than your typical shiny finish. The screen cover is easy to scratch however, so don't expect it to last forever if you cram it in a bag with your keys and phone/etc.
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on October 12, 2012
I read the reviews thoroughly before purchasing this product and therefore anticipated some difficulty in assembling the protective cover. However, due to reading the reviews beforehand, I was able to assemble it fairly quickly and easily. I like this cover in particular as it is clear and so I can still have a skin on the Kindle dx should I care to do so. I am currently using it without the face plate cover as there is a slight glare problem. I got used to the clarity of the e-ink technology and now prefer that. If I have to schlep my Kindle on BART then I put the cover on to protect the screen from bumps etc.

I highly suggest reading the other reviewers instructions on how to assemble the cover first.

One con is that the Kindle Dx doesn't fit the way it used to in my carrying case. It slides into the container but doesn't fit in the stays. Considering that it was a tight fit before doesn't make this all that surprising. It does add a slight bulk but that more than makes up for the protective quality it offers.
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on February 4, 2016
I'm looking at my kindle dx and I think, "I should write a review of this thing". This is one of the best things I've bought on amazon. and I've bought a lot. It snaps on and stays on. You never touch the kindle, except for the buttons. It has small scratches on it, but they're on the cover, not on the kindle. It's got this little piece of plastic on the back that folds out so you can stand the kindle up. It's very flimsy so I never use it. Don't concern yourself with that. If you drop it on the floor (I've never done that), it might crack, but still protect your kindle. The plastic is pretty thick. I see amazon isn't selling it any more, but if you google the name, you'll find the company and you can you can buy it there. For twice what I paid for it. But it's still worth it. Remember when pretty much everything on amazon was a good deal? I digress. and they sell covers for other tablets and reading gadgets. Get this thing. I think you'll like it.
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on March 12, 2014
I just got mine today and luckily, I read the reviews and watched the video. It wasn't quite as easy as I'm sure it is for some people, but because of Anders complete instructions, I did get it on. When Anders says "very tiny tabs", he's not exaggerating. When I finally got it together and turned it over, I saw the "smudge" on the screen cover that wouldn't wipe off. Deep, deep sigh ... it was on the inside of the cover. I'd never be able to focus on anything but the smudge so I knew I had to take it all apart. On the plus side, now I know that I can take the cover apart without breaking anything. My suggestion is clean the cover and then be mucho careful where you put your fingers while you're assembling it. You don't get any better than this for the price. Thanks for your instructions Anders.
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on March 3, 2012
Actually expected a nightmare. Got a dream. Well, that might over state it a bit, but it was a pleasant surprise. I thought with the price so low it couldn't possibly work well or at least I would find something wrong.

It probably took me 3 minutes to put on the first time and fits my Kindle DX like a glove. Putting it back on, since I now knew what I was doing, took about a minute. It was a little harder to take off and I was afraid I might break something doing it. But that also means it's not going to come apart and fall off unexpectedly. I took extra care taking off and had no problem. I've had it about 2 weeks now and I know it has already helped protect the Kindle from a couple stupid things I did. The screen protector itself is not scratch proof, but will protect the Kindle's screen from any damage.

I got the clear mCover and am very glad I did. Clear doesn't distract at all while reading. My Kindle DX is white so I'm not even aware it's there most of the time.

The stand for hands free reading on a table or whatnot works great and is a nice bonus, but is a bit flimsy so be careful or it could break off easily.

Bottomline, I'd buy another in a heartbeat.
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on November 11, 2010
I have this product for my Kindle Graphite and I absolutely love it. I can put my kindle in my back pack without worrying that it will be crushed. I actually bought one of these for myself and the my mom saw mine and wanted one too, so I ordered her one as well. I love that it was available on Amazon Prime and the price is fantastic. I would love to maybe find one with a color, but for right now the clear works. People do mention about the screen cover, I don't ever use mine so I can't comment on that.
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on November 24, 2010
I have purchased two Kindle m-covers - one for DX and one for Kindle 2 and am very pleased with both. The hard shell covers provide very effective protection against scratches to both the screens and cases of the readers and also help prevent trauma caused by inadvertent pressure on the device or dropping it. They also add very little weight to the devices so they remain easy to handle. The soft cover reviewer who complained about cracking his Kindle screen when he leaned on the device while in its cover should have had an mcover!

The mcover is all the protection that you need for every day use and the covers fit closely enough that, while travelling, I can still put the readers into the soft "pouches" that I had originally bought but are not very helpful in providing "in use" protection.

Some reviewers have experienced problems with installing the screen cover or with the fit of the screen cover. I beleive this is because of the user not understanding the correct screen cover installation procedure: the screen covers actually fit well. I needed a couple of tries in the case of the Kindle 2, doing it incorrectly the first time causing me to wonder if there was something wrong with the screen cover fit. Not so. It turns out that the screen cover for the Kindle DX is installed by clicking it into the front mcover casing from the outside after the front casing has been fitted onto the Kindle DX. For the Kindle 2, however, the screen cover has first to be placed on the inside of the front mcover casing and the Kindle then inserted face down into the front casing and over the screen cover. These procedures are clearly laid out in the respective installation videos for the twe devices.

While links to the installation videos are provided on the mcover web site, the fact that no installation instructions or references are packaged with the cover when it is shipped stopped me from rating this product a five. The idea of an installation video is a good one, but why not enclose a slip with a link when the product is shipped?
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on July 22, 2011
I have had my Kindle DX for about a year now and I am always afraid to take it out of the house because I'm just sure I'll hurt it--especially the screen. NOW I know it's safe! I can enjoy the advantages of the light weight and easy reading anywhere! I never had any issues with putting any of it together, but maybe that's because I read that one review that said "put the screen cover on first and THEN put the rest together around it" before I even ordered it. It snapped together more easily than legos! I am so relieved to just be able to put the Kindle in my backpack and go, I can barely speak. All the other covers I've seen (and used) were nice for keeping it from getting scratched up, but none of them did much to protect the screen--I'd say, the most vulnerable part. This does protect the screen and does it without touching it so I know the screen is still safe inside there. Thanks for making such a great prodect.
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on August 14, 2013
This is a great and sturdy case to add some protection to your Kindle DX. It only leaves the keyboard exposed. It comes with a hard plastic screen protector, which needs to be applied inside the case vs. trying to be put on outside of the case... I think this may be the issue people are having with it. There aren't any instructions included but its pretty straight forward and they also supply videos on their website to explain how to install them on your kindle if it is a little confusing.

Just an idea: I actually applied this case over a skin to protect both the Kindle DX and to make the skin last a little longer and stay vibrant. It also works great in protecting the keyboard where the skin protects what the plastic case doesn't.

I wish these came in additional colors... I would buy them all!
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on February 28, 2012
From skimming the other reviews, it seems there are some common criticisms of this case. I have found that some of those charges are warranted, but some are unfair. (That is, unless people are literally receiving different versions of this case.)

Charge #1: The front panel doesn't stay in: ... I have found this to be untrue. Once I figured out that the screen should be snapped in last, pushed in from the outside, mine fit and stayed in very securely. However, this positive is offset by the fact of ...

Charge #2: The protector screen portion of the mCover makes the Kindle screen harder to see: ... Unfortunately this is true. I am someone that had been disappointed in my Kindle DX's display already. I found it depressingly muddy and unpleasant to read dark grey words on a lighter grey background. (Customer service told me that this is "normal." i.e. get used to it.) When the mCover screen is added to the Kindle, it visually adds glare and additional (albeit subtle) darkness to the already problematic Kindle screen background. I ended up popping out the mCover front panel because of this by sticking a knife under it from the opening on the page-button side of the Kindle and pushing outward.

It may seem like the case deserves a one-star review right there. After all, isn't the purpose of this thing to protect the screen? Well, for one, I can't imagine any hard plastic cover not obscuring the visuals at least a little. It's not the mCover's fault that the Kindle screen was already kind of hard to read to begin with (in my opinion).

Also, maybe I'm a weirdo, but I got this case more to protect the exterior parts (like the backing) from accumulating scratches (which it already was doing in my brief time owning it, even from simply sliding it under the couch when I was done reading, on top of a hardwood floor). I also find the extra bulk of the mCover case makes it easier and somehow more satisfying to hold the Kindle. And maybe it's purely psychological at this point (given that my Kindle screen itself is still exposed), but I do feel slightly more secure in using the Kindle with the shell on it.

Charge #3: This case won't protect as well as a padded cover against a high-impact drop: ... I'm *assuming* this is true. In all fairness, I haven't purposely dropped the Kindle to test this out. But the fact that the mCover is made of a hard plastic shell (as opposed to soft leather), and the fact that it is so form-fitting to the Kindle makes me assume that a drop on the floor would jar the device more than if it were in a padded case. Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe a physics major could correct me. Maybe the hard shell would absorb the shock. I don't know.

But I personally--again, I could be the lone weirdo here--was always planning on getting one of those softer fold-out holders in addition to this one. (Hopefully the mCover's added 1/8 inch around the edges would still allow the Kindle to fit into one of those.)

Charge #4: The little foldout thing in the back to (theoretically) enable one to prop up the Kindle isn't very sturdy... True, this doesn't seem very sturdy. But honestly, I haven't really tried using this. I can't imagine many people even wanting this feature in the first place. I don't know how much convenience it adds to a reading device to set up a page in front of them and then be able to have their hands free until it comes time to turn the page. I don't really need to weave a basket while reading, or have my hands free to drive a car while I awkwardly crane my neck forward to read the text on the screen like Fire Marshall Bill.

Charge #5: It's difficult to take the case off once it's snapped on ... Oh, God yes is this true. It's a good thing I kind of like the way the mCover (sans screen protector) aesthetically looks on the Kindle DX because I have no idea how I'm going to get this sucker off. Does Amazon sell dynamite and if so, is it eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping? I know the lady in the instructional video popped hers off no problem, but I suspect she might have some kind of mutant powers she was using there.
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