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on April 12, 2012
UPDATE: 14April2012, In my previous review, I stated that having the volume button partially covered wouldn't be an issue as I intended just to read. However, since I'm trying the experimental feature of playing mp3s on my DX, I thought having the upper right corner clip that's partially covering the volume button would be bothersome when adjusting, its not. It covers it but I can still easily adjust volume. No issues here. Great cover!

I love this cover...the quality, the look and the feel is better than expected for the price. As mentioned in the other reviews, it does cover the volume button some but that isn't as big an issue for me. When I put the DX in the cover and carry it around, it looks like I'm holding a book! My DX feels secure and it makes prolonged holding of DX easier as you can fold back the front cover like a magazine. It is really the best cover case for the DX out there.
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Several weeks ago I bought a "backup" DX on eBay, as the Next Page button on the one I've had for several years is starting to go a little soft. My first DX came with Amazon's original soft and supple leather cover, which has slots at the bottom for the DX corners to slip into, and elastic straps at the top to hold it in.

There is also a line of covers with clips that snap into two holes on the side of the DX. That was the type of cover I inadvertently got for my second DX. It turns out that those covers put your DX at great risk of having the bezel under one of the clips bow up until the plastic bezel cracks. I discovered that in the nick of time, and so the sad waste of money that is that cover is now going into the trash.

It took me a while to find a cover that does NOT have those clips. The original (and admittedly far more expensive DX cover doesn't seem to be available any longer. After some searching I finally came across this product. It has slots at all four corners for the DX to fit into, and an elastic band to hold the cover closed. Frankly, I doubt the truthfulness of the claims of some of these covers to be real leather (this one included in that list) but it is nice enough, will protect my DX, and the price is certainly right - thirteen dollars on the date of my purchase.

I'd rather have been able to get the original DX cover, but that ship has sailed. From what is available today, I am convinced this is the best choice.

Highly recommended.
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on December 19, 2012
Inherited an old Kindle DX which needed a new cover - this was a great deal and works as advertised - much like an Amazon OEM cover for smaller (keyboard) Kindles - but without the light. Unlike some other reviewers I have not had any problems with the device sliding around, or loose, BUT some of the corner pocket thingys are a little misaligned - looks a little wonky but does not affect unit (not enough to complain and try and get another one). I suppose if you tried to install/uninstall frequently you'd stretch the material and it would not hold properly - but I just installed it and left cover alone. The inner pocket is, in fact, sufficient for small items like boarding passes, etc. Haven't lost one yet. The reason I gave it 4 vs 5 stars is that although the product description claims it does not cover any controls, the upper right corner holder (i.e "thingy") partially covers the DX volume rocker (which I have never used anyway). Recommend.
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on June 16, 2012
I cannot imagine anyone finding fault with this cover.

I have had my Kindel DX for three months and have been looking for a reasonable price cover for that long.

They were all either very expensive and/or two or more inches thick.
Why would I pay nearly 379 dollars for a device that is 3/8ths of in inch thin and then put it in a cover that is two inches thick?

This cover is exactly what I was looking for. It is sturdy. It is attractive. ( Mine is black. ) It is secure, it will not open accidentally. When closed, it is still significantly less than one inch thick.

I like it better than the covers I found at the big box retailers and it is one fourth the price.
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A dropped Kindle is a broken Kindle - unless you have a good case for it. This folio attracted me for several reasons including:

1 - Price was right
2 - The design looked simple and elegant. No garish colors. No excess - just good material and simple lines.

When I received it I was also happy to discover that the Kindle is easy to lock into place, and then to remove when you want to. That ease of use does not mean a lose fit - this case will not accidentally let your Kindle slip out.

It's also light weight and feels good in the hand. The elastic band that keeps it closed is now flimsy and can be expected to last for a long time. Having seen and used a substantial number of kindle and tablet cases over the years, this is my favorite.
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on November 9, 2012
I wish I had found this case sooner and maybe I would not have bought Amazons original cover and a sleeve for my DX. Amazons cover like all the reviews said it would start splitting the back away from the front and bulging at the hinge. I love my DX and now that they stopped producing the DX, I am ever so careful with it. So on that note I continued to search for a cover and stumbled upon this one. I figured with the low price it was worth a chance and so glad I did. The case is perfect!! The DX fits into it perfectly and is NOT loose at the corners and it has no room to slide. Now if it does become loose later I will update this review for you. The cover is very light and does not add bulk at all. It is pretty much like amazons original cover without the hinge and the texture is smoother. The case has white subdued stitching and I so wish companies would use black stitching on black cases. I guess the white stitching is a "classic " look but it kills my ocd where I like a solid colored appearance. The inside pocket I would have done away with it but it is a spot that if you keep a list of books in a series you are trying to read it would be perfect there. I really liked the case over a sleeve as I like one piece and not two and the sleeve would always end up somewhere else and not with me. Its nice I can now put my DX down on the table and not worry about the cat stepping on the screen on his quest to either dominate the world or die sooner (really who honestly knows with a cat).
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on June 20, 2012
I purchased this case after having used a similarly styled official Kindle DX case that connected through the case connector on the side or spine of the device.

After using the case very lightly and only a few books having been read, we began to have trouble with the connectors being bent and bending the plastic frame of the kindle out of shape. A few months later my sister-in-law borrowed our kindle while on vacation to read some books and the connector totally wore out and would no longer hold the device in the case.

This case holds the kindle in with soft leatherette (I don't know if it's real leather but I don't think so) corner holders. This Is more similar to my case for my Nook Tablet.

The case holds the Kindle securely and having the folder on the inside is nice though I haven't used it yet.

The build quality seems very nice and I would recommend it over the official Kindle case as it doesn't put all of the stress on two small and apparently somewhat flimsy connectors.
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on September 12, 2014
I was planning to buy the Amazon original DX cover but after read the reviews I changed my mind. For many people complained that cover cracks the screen. I did some search and found this iPearl mCover. The reviews seems very good. Even though the price is higher than Amazon's original ones, I went ahead and ordered one. The item arrived in time. And served its purpose well. I like the 4 corner holders which keep my DX secured very well. As other reviewers mentioned, the DX does slide in the four corner holders, it only happens when I push it. When I hold it upside down, it didn't move. Overall this is a good product only that it does not look as beautiful as Amazon's original ones. My only complain about this product is I didn't realize how bulky it is. After I put my DX in it, I found the weight is doubled or maybe even more. This is way too heavy. I do have iPad but because iPad itself is heavy, after I put on the cover I didn't feel any significant difference. But for DX, with this cover and without this cover, the weight difference is huge. Maybe for this size, any cover will put more weight on it. I don't have the Amazon original cover so I can't do the comparison. Otherwise I will give this cover 5 stars.
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on March 1, 2012
This case looks ten times better than in the picture. The leather is nice quality, the sewing and design are stylish. There is a elastic string well placed to keep the case tightened. I am very happy with this case. I tried CaseCrown case but it has a flap that interferes with the surface when the case is laid down. This case is much better for half the price. 5 stars all the way!
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on October 31, 2013
When I bought a Kindle DX, I didn't want to use the Amazon cover for two reasons:
1. I had bad experience with unlighted cover for normal kindle. It caused all sorts of intermittent electronic problems with the Kindle and was finally upgraded to lighted version by Amazon support. The lighted version doesn't short out.
2. After reading about the connector stress on the device experience by others, I didn't want to take a chance on it.

I really like this cover. The corner tabs work perfectly, the case is a nice lightweight and thickness. Feels very secure for carrying the device. Added bonus is the inner pocket - very convenient for carrying a couple of index cards or sheets of paper to scribble on.
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