Mifold® Grab-and-Go booster seat® is the most advanced, compact and portable child car safety seat in the world. 

It's more than 10x smaller than a regular booster and it's just as safe.  A regular booster lifts a child to be in the position of an adult. mifold does the exact opposite, instead of lifting the child up, mifold hold the seat belt down. It’s that simple. Despite improvements in the adoption of child restraints, there are still 20% of journeys where children do not have an appropriate restraint: in carpools, with grandparents or other relatives, in taxis, on vacation, in rental cars, sitting three-in-a-row and so on.  And this does not include bigger kids on the border of the regulatory limits, who do not want to appear babyish in front of their friends, who have already outgrown child restraints. For the first time ever, the question mifold is solving is what to do when a restraint is not available. With mifold there is no longer any excuse.  With a compact and portable device, a child can easily keep one with them all the time and drivers can keep spares, without cluttering up a car and losing cabin or luggage space.  With mifold, a child can always be safe no matter whose car they are in.

The mifold belt guides position the seat belt on the bones of the child's hips; off the soft stomach.  These guides adjust to three sizes to always fit snugly. A third shoulder clip that pulls the seat belt chest strap down correctly onto the bones of the shoulder; away from the face and neck. Like a regular booster, mifold holds the seat belt in exactly the correct position on the bones without bing big and bulky. Grab one and go!