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on November 20, 2013
I just ordered this because of the obscenely low price ($278) compared to other TV's in this class. Like others I was very skeptical considering it was so cheap and from a brand I or anyone else had ever heard of. I considered if I didn't like it I can just return it, the price makes that risk worth it. The actual quality of TV blew me away. Before configuration the picture looks comparable to $800 screens of different brands. Blacks are black and colors are vivid. The system menu is very easy to use and attractive. The build quality is a little cheap but you get what you paid for. I've not noticed any dead pixels. Like other reviews have said the speakers are pretty crummy. I'd recommend getting a sound bar or a receiver to pipe audio out of instead. The reason it gets 3 stars instead of 5 is because it didn't come with a remote, joint to fasten the stand to the monitor, or any of the manuals or warranty information. The only things in the box were the monitor, stand, and power cable. I'm assuming this is an error on packaging's part and have written to customer support. Depending on how they get back to me may consider how I change my rating for better or worse. Till then I've got it built up on some books and controlling it with a universal remote after finding the manual on their website. I highly recommend this TV for someone looking for a basic LED HDTV without the smart tv bells and whistles and price. If future buyers also find parts missing out of the box you may want to steer clear unless you plan to wall mount it and use a different remote in which case you probably don't care.

TL;DR: It's a great TV worth more than what they're asking. Audio is nothing to get excited for so you may want a soundbar. I had an issue with not enough parts included but everything is fine now. If you're looking for a cheap, large, non-smart TV, this is the TV for you.

Update: Customer service was a breeze and the missing parts have been replaced

Update 2: First was an early Christmas gift for mom. I was so impressed I ordered a second for myself since the price went to $250. This time it came with all the parts and documentation :). Screen and build quality still on par with the first.
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on December 5, 2013
I work in pro AV and look at screens / displays for a living. Part of my work requires a large monitor, which was the purpose of this purchase - to be able to do a little work from home on weekends without a big price-tag or getting in the way of the family's screen.
My expectations were very low for this purchase, primarily because of the $249 price tag. That's disruptively low for a 40-inch 1080P product. Although I tend towards Sony and Samsung, I thought "hey, it's Amazon...if it's not worth the rock-bottom price, just return it."
At the moment this purchase is still pretty confusing. Yes, I realize LCD substrate doesn't come from very many places and that other than some of the internals, most LCDs have a lot in common screen-wise. But this device is over-the-top on features and is picture-wise several orders of light-year ahead of, for example, a Walmart Sanyo, anything made by Element, Westinghouse, pretty much anything by Vizio, and the rest of the low-cost alternative. It's Korean, which means (although difficult to verify) that the screen probably comes from the joint Samsung/Sony factory. The LED distribution is very, very even, without the splotching seen so often on low-cost displays. It has MHL, a very modern capability. I got a three-year warranty for $20. Even if it dies after three years and 1 day, that's like $8.50 / month for a what is a pretty good set. How are the manufacturers achieving this price? Perhaps sometimes "too good to be true" means I'll have to be wrong today. A+ purchase.
This is the best value monitor I have ever seen.
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on December 3, 2013
If you are like me then you love electronics and love them even more when they are sold at a great price. You might also really have a high sense of brand loyalty because let's face it, it is your money and you want only the best and what has earned your trust and consumer interests. I was skeptical of this TV because of the brand, it is oCosmo and it is not that popular and definitely not as popular as Samsung, SOny, LG and other industry titans.

HOWEVER, THIS TV IS AMAZING!!!! I paid 249.00 for it During Black Friday and it is EVEN BETTER THAN MY LG FLAT SCREEN WHICH COST about $150 MORE! It is stunning, looks like it is really well made and more importantly has excellent sound and picture! THE ADDED FEATURES REALLY MAKE THIS TV WORTH IT ALL!

I HONESTLY FEEL LIKE I GOT THIS TV AS A STEAL because it is sooooo good! I JUST CANT BELIEVE WHAT I PAID FOR MY 32 inch LG when a product like this exists and for SO MUCH LESS! the screen is true 40 inch so it looks fully and large and the shipment came with everything EVEN a screwdriver! PUT IT together in minutes.

I AM SO HAPPY I GOT THIS AND I HIGHLY, HIGHLY encourage you to give it a try DO NOT simply discount it becuase oCosmo isn't that popular YET!!! IT IS PACKED WITH FEATURES and is SIMPLY AN AMAZING TV!

YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I also purchased the 3 year protection plan and I feel confident and happy that all well go well.

BTW I have the ROKU streaming stick since it is ROKU ready and I JUST LOVE IT!

GREAT LUCK! BUY THIS TV as a gift, for yourself, LIVING ROOM. it is so beautiful I am sure your guests will be so impressed, you definitely will be!
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on November 2, 2014
Apparently other people received the same defective televisions.

The left top of the screen frame is bent, so light streams out from behind onto the front of the screen, so the picture is seriously impaired. You can also see a white line on the top of the screen, and it is very distracting.

The sound quality is terrible. Even set to max the audio is difficult to hear. I went Into all audio settings, none made any improvement.

The unfortunate part for me is I did not set up right away, as I just moved into my new home. This was purchased the end of June, so Amazon will not take back. Now, I have to deal with the company, and I want my money back, I do not wish for a replacement.

So, if you really want to try this tv, open right away and set up right away. Some people, seem to have gotten good units, others got damaged duds.
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on September 22, 2014
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on December 11, 2013
I was needing a larger TV for our living room to replace our smaller 32" Panasonic, and this oCOSMO seemed to fill the bill. I was a bit hesitant to order an "off brand" tv, especially one that was just introduced this year, but knowing Amazon's great return policy I figured this purchase would be safe enough. And, for all the conspiracy theorists out there, I do not work for oCOSMO or AMAZON, so this is a sure-nuff review!

The tv came in great condition in 3 days, and the box was intact. The TV was packed well inside and floated amongst four high-density foam corner blocks, with about 3" of open space on the face and back, so short of a fork lift impalement or crushing incident, this seems to be a very secure boxing type. All the listed accessories were intact, and immediately I noticed the instruction book was printed on nice glossy paper with full color illustrations (classy!)and it was fairly easy to understand and very complete. I had the tv set up and ready to go in under 5 minutes, including assembly of the swivel base (a small but functional screwdriver was included!). The picture was VERY nice right out of the box, but of course I had to do some small amount of tweeking to the settings in the menu to get it "just right". Seems to have plenty of color saturation, a very sharp display, and plenty of room left for adjusting the tint, color, contrast, etc. The 1080i was especially sharp on my OTA (over-the-air) stations. Be advised, this set features an "Energy Saving" video setting as default from the factory, so if you want a brighter display turn off this setting first thing. The viewing angle is somewhat narrow, which is troubling. The picture washes out when you move a few degree to either side of looking straight at it, and the tint and contract really change.

Now, I've heard better sound, as it's barely acceptable for us in the living room. Our smaller Panasonic actually has far better sound, just fuller and richer, so this may be a problem unless you have a sound bar. With the bass turned almost wide open on this model, even with TruSurround turned on, it was very mid-range heavy and sounded like it was coming from a tin can. Fortunately, the menu also includes a nice graphic EQ that you can mess with, but all in all the sound is pathetic on this model. We may invest in a sound bar at some point down the road, but it will have to do for now. Please note: This set sadly does NOT include a "Signal Meter" function in the menu, which is very handy for OTA broadcasts. It does, however, include a "Guide" button on the remote which displays the program information, title, content, etc. for the current program while using for OTA broadcasts. The remote is well laid-out, logical, and even has a section for a ROKU stick if you want to watch streaming video, as this TV is "Roku-ready", which is nice. The remote is fairly weak, though, and you need to point it directly at the sensor.

Another negative that I will mention - - the tuner in this set is not as sensitive as my old Panasonic for some OTA stations - - a couple of them break up more often, although I have a steady 75% signal on those particular ones, with 100% on all the others. The oCOSMO instruction manual states that your OTA signal should not fall below 65%, which is a bit odd as I had a few stations that never gave any problems on my Panasonic that were around 50%. I have a very small RCA in the bedroom that does the same exact thing as this oCOSMO, while the Panasonic does not. Just a little frustrating, and while not a deal breaker by any means, I had to deduct a star for this shortcoming. Not a big deal if you don't watch a lot of OTA broadcasts. Obviously there is a bit of weakness in these sets in their power to draw in weaker OTA stations, as compared to the high-dollar TV's out there with more powerful and sensitive tuners.

Bottom line - - this set seems to be of a nice quality, not super fancy, but good for the $$$. It's lightweight and runs fairly cool, which is good, too. It's one of the best bargains in electronics that I've ever made, and that's saying a lot! I come from a background in electronics, with my dad being from the old school of radio & TV repair, and I'm very familiar with all the many brands of electronics and their makers. This particular TV has several "interesting" qualities - - it's remote codes are for SONY - - and it's menu display is the same as RCA. My smaller RCA has an identical menu, so oCOSMO seems to be a major manufacturer of components used by other manufacturers who has decided to make their own brand of TV. I also know that Sceptre is another brand that these folks make, their 39" model being almost identical to this one. Nevertheless, the reliability of these sets is yet to be established, but there's nothing at this point to indicate that they won't be as reliable and long-lasting as the next brand from Asia. Needless to say, I'm very impressed with oCOSMO and hope this TV lasts for a several years. I did purchase the 3-year warranty, just in case. In short, this TV is quite a BARGAIN and we like it. Well done, AMAZON!!

UPDATE: After using this set for almost two months now, it seems to be holding up great. But, I am not as enthusiastic with the picture quality, the limited angle of view is very troublesome, and the overall quality of the picture is a bit lacking, even after much adjustment of the settings in almost every conceivable combination. Additionally, I will stand by my initial critique of the sound quality of this TV - - it's just horrendous. Obviously, most of the excessive mid-range and rattling of the speakers comes from the ultra-thin design, and is common among any TV of this design - - some are even worse, so it is what it is. Another very obvious flaw in the sound that I didn't mention earlier - - when you turn it down to 1 it is still FAR too loud (roughly equal to the 7 setting on my Panasonic) which makes it tough to watch late at night when you don't want to disturb others. I've found if I disable the TruSurround mode it will lower the sound, which helps, but still it's just too loud on it's lowest setting. In desperation, I connected the TV audio outputs to my AV receiver and it helped (of course), but still the quality of the sound is just much too thin and mid-range heavy (seems to be coming from the TV's own amp). Our old smaller Panasonic had superior sound and picture quality overall, and unfortunately I'm forced to take this new oCOSMO TV to the bedroom and bring our old Panasonic back to the living room. The sound quality issues, along with the somewhat narrow viewing angle and lackluster picture just isn't going to allow it's continued use as our main TV. However, you have to remember the price I paid for this thing, which is still remarkable for what we got. I am now considering a new 40" set with a more proven track record, such as a Samsung brand. While the price is somewhat more, the difference in overall quality in picture and sound is not even close, and anyone who honestly can say they are the same is only fooling themselves. This oCOSMO TV is great for the price, a good bedroom or spare TV, but for a main set there are much better options out there - - in this case you get what you pay for, but not much else.
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on February 23, 2015
It took me a while to write a product review of this TV because I wanted to put it through the paces seeing that I read through every review on here and was watching this tv for almost a year before purchasing. There are a few things I would like to highlight in this review, some of it to do with the TV itself and probably just one to do with the type of ROKU stick it supports.

1. TV supports both 720P and 1080P broadcast and video resolution. Something to watch, it comes setup for 720P you have to go in the settings to switch to 1080P.
2. Excellent colour. I've read persons gripe about it, but I never had to adjust anything. Picture was crisp and correct right out of the box
3. Works as an excellent desktop monitor should you feel to 'cast' your laptop or desktop PC to it. VGA works great, but I prefer to use the HDMI out that my laptop has instead. I have not used it for gaming, not much into gaming either so I can't comment now on frame rates, response time, etc, but to the person who said that you can't even do web browsing on it, I say that's not true. Right at this moment, I use it as my monitor when I'm not watching TV. Even TV broadcasts online are superbly clear.
4. Speakers work well and are really loud for a TV. Guys, it's a TV, not a boom box so you'll get the flat audio that TV's produce anyhow. If you're looking for something with bass, treble and all that spice-works, just hook it up to your home theatre system. At least, this is how I have it at home.
5. I'm really impressed with the viewing angles. I mean literally impressed. This is not the LCD I was used to seeing that once you move from directly in front of it, things start getting black. I've watched it from almost a 180° angle and I could still see it just as if I was directly in front of it.
6. I was skeptical at first when I read that the ROKU stick I had ordered for the TV, the HD version was the wrong version. So when it arrived and plugged it in and nothing worked, I paused for a moment. However, I chose to ignore my fears and connected the power supply. Lo and behold, the stick came on, so I can say it supports both types of ROKU sticks.

This is my first 40inch television, and I am satisfied with my purchase.
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on September 5, 2014
I just recently ordered the TV and let me begin by saying Amazon was great. I originally bought it for $311 and then a few days later it dropped to $280 and they refunded me the difference.

Now for the meat and potatoes.

The TV was shipped in its original box with no extra packaging, which is not a big deal as long as its not a beat up. In the box there is a TV, a bag with the remote, batteries, manual, and some other pieces of paper. You are given the screw driver to attach the screws for the stand, simple enough to attach.

There is about an inch frame all the way around the TV with an aluminium looking finish, which looks nice, not cheap or anything. The power cord is about 5-6ft, but it is attached to the TV. No removing the cord or having to plug it in like other TVs, could be a plus or minus depending what you prefer. The remote is light weight, but it is very functional. The batteries are very cheap. I actually bent it while putting a knife in to cut the plastic wrap, ended up having to throw them away.

The picture itself is very crisp. I plugged in my laptop, and did a duplicate display. Just a quick word, my display only goes to 1600x900, which was duplicated to the TV, to get full 1080p you must extend it.
I used Disney's World of Wonder to help calibrate the picture, a great tool for those who want to set up a home theater and get the best picture and sound possible. The picture is sharp and clear, color is wonderful.

The sound is not that great. The speakers are in a strange spot so to hear the sound you have to turn it way up and it gets a little distortion. But, for $280 the sounds is definitely usable. The volume adjustment isn't the best. It goes up to 100, but the sounds fluctuations with different inputs. I noticed RCA was set at 35 while my HDMI was set to 15 and the sounded similar in volume level. 0 mutes it while 1 can sound similar to 10.

The menu offers a full array of settings and customization that you can do for altering the picture to sound among other things. 3 HDMI ports was the main reason I picked up this TV compared to similar priced TVs, the other plugins are great as well. I do wish they had an optical out instead of an coaxial, but just a minor detail.

I have only had the TV for a short time, so I will try to update as time progresses and I learn more.
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on January 21, 2014
As far as disposable electronics manufactured in China by exploited peasants, child labor and political prisoners go, this is the bomb. Very solid television for dirt cheap -- lots of connection options, good color reproduction, all that jazz.

My only nitpick is the MHL enabled HDMI connector loses video signal after a while watching. I didn't notice until too late to return the TV, and I'm not sure I would have even if I had noticed it earlier -- there are still two more HDMI connectors that don't have the problem, which is more than I'll need.

No idea how it'll stand up over the long term -- my last tv lasted six+ years, and this one seems to have better build quality. For right now at least I can watch my favorite shows to take my mind off how I contributed to the destruction of the American industrial base and middle class lifestyle by buying this cheap Chinese television. Hurrah!

Update: Problems with the MHL enabled HDMI connector were on my end. Fixed.
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on December 5, 2013
Great picture and sound, but playing at very low volume, the automatic volume dampener adjusts the sound too low to hear very well until it slowly adjusts itself to normal. I will get to test it better when Sunday football comes this weekend since I've only had it less than 1 week. Other than that it's a great TV for the price. It swivels left and right at about 45 degrees each direction without moving the base, so the base remains straight and stationary. Great shipping time of just 2 days, and I chose the slowest, cheapest shipping too. It even came with a small phillips screwdriver to attach the base parts, which is an alright gift and OK for small jobs, but is way too small for the size of the hardened screws provided - so you'll need your own.
You also can't beat Amazon's careful and neat packaging of the products they ship.
You can't beat Amazon's price on a this 40" TV, and this is the second TV I've purchased from Amazon or online, all with no hassles or lemons, which makes the whole shopping online thing a great experience.
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