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4.7 | 146 customer reviews
132 of the 146 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great tires. Put these on a 1978 Lincoln Mark V, you know, pretty much the largest coupe ever made!

I used refurbed Keystone rims, so everything is nice and straight and true. Balanced with 1/2 to 1 once here and there, rims were spot on statically balanced (single plane) out of the box, so the uniformity of the tires is very good. Radial runout is about 0.05 on the center rib, which is pretty incredible. Set up the dial indicator and everything to verify that these tires were not out of round before they ever had any weight on them (no sitting flatspots).

Traction is fine for a 1978 Lincoln land yacht. Wet traction seems Ok too, but not driving the land yacht too aggressively.

Whitewalls are white after a bit of scrubbing. The white stripe was coated with the blue stuff, and then blue tape on
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By fmwardalot
This was the perfect tire for my 1996 Buick Roadmaster, I know Amazon says it's not the correct fit for this vehicle, but in-fact it is, and the price is amazing! Far cheaper then any local deal, plus it has the perfect white wall, not too thin or thick. It compliments the car. I have found it to be a very quiet tire, with a lot of grip to the road, handles well in the rain with the deep channels. And to those who are curious as to how it looks, I threw in a pic.
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By Andrew McComber
I bought these tires for a 2010 Ford Ranger. I have had them for 18 months not and they still look like new with no notable wear at all. The ride is Much better than the stock Continentals and the mileage is better. Even with the higher load rating the handling, low noise and ride are exceptional.

I have driven these tires in the snow and heavy rain that Oregon has to offer and have found them to be very versatile.

The only reason for four stars is that they have a rather narrow tread pattern and were difficult to mount on standard width (7 inch) rims. The narrow tread pattern does not lessen the handling abilities of these tires. If my Ranger out-lives these tires I will certainly buy another set.

One note to add. My speedometer used to read a little fast with the 225/70-15
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By Michael Faas
4.7 | 106 customer reviews
96 of the 106 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Sorry to adding to this, Update after Update. But I feel pretty confident recommending these tires!

UPDATE again, March 19 2019:

WoW! Is all I really need to say. It’s been this long already?!

Anyway, rotated the 2 “older” pair back to the rear. Apparently I’ve either got a hub/bearing assembly in the front going wonky? Or maybe a tie-rod end worn? But I’ve smoothed our the outer edge of the front tires now. But it’s been almost 2 years on them! That’s probably 40,000 miles!

I’m here because I’m gonna buy another full set. Two for now and two later this summer.

I read the reviews and I’m happy to see others feel the same. (To the one that mentioned speed rating? I’ve easily taking my Charger to 147mph now and never worried.)

Feel safe with these. Feel secure and confident.

They will squeal on a “cloverleaf” off ramp at about 60mph... but you won’t feel
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By Daniel J.
Bought for a charger and it's holding up just fine I am quite impressed with it. I know like one of the reviews says one blew out really quickly but I bought name brand tires that did that before if could just be a unlucky manufacturer defect. I live in Hawaii and was getting quotes from 1300-1600 to get all 4 tires changed aligned and disposed thanks to the price of these and Amazons free shipping I spent under 600. Had it for months and the roads where I live sucks rains a lot, a lot of pot holes and does better then expected. Would buy again.
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By Amazon Customer
I just replaced all 4 tires with these and they are very good. I read the negative review about "wooden dowels and gravel road" BEFORE I bought these tires which almost made me not buy them. But because the price was so cheap, I couldn't resist. Especially because my car is a lease and I don't want to put more money into a lease than I have to. So I bought them. I listened to how the old ones sounded (windows down) before I had these new ones installed so that I could compare them before and after. They both sound the same!! No gravel like road sound or wooden dowel sounds. Not sure what tires he/she is talking about. They've been on my car for a month now and are just fine. They don't even seem cheap to me
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 88 customer reviews
83 of the 88 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First of all, I was surprised to see that the 205/55r16's I ordered are made in the USA. They only cost me about $60 each. Some people were saying they're made in China or Indonesia or whatever. Anyway, I've been daily driving on these tires for almost a week now through city and extended highway driving in both dry and wet conditions. One thing I noticed immediately is that they are a little louder than my old tires. They aren't any more comfortable than my old tires. They do grip better than the old ones though, and thats whats important to me. I'm very confident cornering with these tires. Some people have said that they don't grip well in the rain, but I was on some curvy roads earlier going about 50-55mph in pretty heavy rain and they performed perfectly fine.
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By Cheryls Reads
I bought these hankook tires for my honda-civic 1.5 months back.So far,they are running great.
Drove these on 2 weeks of rainy days and the traction of these tires is superb.Feel great when taking turns on a wet road as well.
Will update my review after few more weeks if i find any difference in driving.
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Tires are not good in snow. I totaled my car in the winter.

Also, they stink for roads with a grooved surface, like some highways in Michigan. (Little lines that run parallel in the direction you are driving). These tires will cause the car to feel squirrely on these types of roads, like your car is being blown by strong wind but it's just the crappy tires....
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By J R
4.6 | 206 customer reviews
190 of the 206 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are on a 2003 Subaru forester. So this review should apply to outback sport owners and imprezas for 2002-2007 and foresters 2004-2008.
I can't say how long these tires will last right now they have only 600 miles on them.

Road noise? Average I've had quite and far noiser tires. I give them 6.5 our of 10

Highways handling great 8 felt safe going over some water and cornered great.

Country roads the grip is great for a all season commuter tire. You do feel some flex in the side wall And very rough roads you'll Approach it's limit with spirited driving. 7

Snow surprisingly good I'll give them a 7 as well, the tires these replaced some kumhos had far less tractions.

Unless your really out there in the Northwoods if you have a subaru you won't need to swap out tires. I live in Central Vermont and drive up and down
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By Stephen Vermont
My daughter was once again having a problem with her tires breaking belts and cupping. She is now on her third set not counting the originals. I took her car to a very reliable shop and asked them to check alignment, shocks, anything that might be causing this and the verdict came back as "there's nothing wrong with the car. It must be the tires." really! a set of uniroyals and then a set of Goodyear's. Anyway I got on Amazon and was looking for the best price with the best reviews and found these. I was a bit concerned due to the low price but decided I've already put two sets on at a much greater cost (we have to help our daughter due to financial situation which is not her fault and I don't mind anyway) so I went for it with
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By Kindle Customer
I had these tires for over 6 months.... 30000 miles plus....they wear great. They are not quiet as most claimed. After about 5000 miles noise starts and gets louder as the threads wear down. I am using them on 2011 Nissan Sentra sr...i might add the car is being used for a rideshare par time in the north east USA. I drive in all weather paterns and road conditions. Let me know if this helped.
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 63 customer reviews
59 of the 63 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was hesitant to purchase a brand of tires that I had never heard of. I researched for 3 months, yep, 3 months!! I found these Milestar tires and the reviews on Amazon were great. I went to other tire sites and the reviews were great. I pulled the trigger and purchased the tires. Walmart installed the tires, balance and mounting for 5 bucks each! Tires are unbelievably quiet, ride smooth and look great!! Usually, I purchase only 'Made in America'. I was very disappointed that I failed to notice that the tires were made in that God forsaken country of China!! $#@(%! Fortunately , the company that owns the plant is based in Formosa, err, Taiwan. (Formosa, bit of humor) Anyway, so far the tires are GREAT!! I will update a couple months down the road....
. I have now had these tires on my performance Cadillac for two
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By GodBlessUSA and AlliesIgnoretheRest
Great sporty looking tires. Aggressive thread that holds great during wet floor situations. I read reviews about this before I bought it to replace the tires on my 2012 Mustang. I had on it the Ventus S2 tires that came from factory and I knew that they din't hold very well during rain or snow days. I was trying to save money, Hankook Ventus are pricey, and to see if if I could improve grip, not very easy task.
I install them and we went to Florida from Kentucky. Right of the back I could feel an improvement on ride and grip on dry roads under high speed turns and curves. On our way back from the trip we had a rainy day and soaking wet road conditions. We were a bit :) over the speed limit when a truck in front of us hit a side road sign announcing a
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By Walter
I have put over 5,000 miles on these tires. Proven on Minnesota roads in the months of December thru March. They have performed awesome in conditions of snow, ice, sleet, rain and mud. This is an excellent sport touring tire that holds well in corners at high speed with no noticeable tire roll. I believe, short of knowing how tread life will go, (There is no discernible wear as of yet) this is the best value of any tire I have seen on the market today.
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By badblue
4.6 | 103 customer reviews
90 of the 103 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Installed all four new tires and they are great. Car rides smooth and of course feels better with new tires. Perfect fit for the Prius. Hope to get 40k to 50k on the tires. Will buy again.
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By Michele Martin
Wow what a difference! Smooth and even! Mounted these myself and runout was as good as tires two or three times the price. Balanced them with balance beads, so I can't say how well they balanced out at the factory. The Firestones on the car thumped and were noisy from day one. These are almost silent. I have a set of their ATs on my f350 and they are doing well. Westlake may have my business from now on....
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By Scott F.
These tires are great, the Westlake tires had the highest reviews, and the price, with installation at Sears Automotive, was the least expensive tire purchase I’ve had in over 39 years.

Shipping was prompt, communication for the installation, as promised, appointment kept, and installation finished in an hour.

I couldn’t be happier.
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By Brian L. Baker

4.7 | 55 customer reviews
54 of the 55 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just mounted and balanced on my 2015 Ram 1500... so far the ride seems smooth and they look great! hoping for the best and they last!
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By G. Herzog
I have put about 5 thousand miles on these tires so far including highway and back road use. They arrived on time and balanced very easily (I have access to a road force balancer for personal use). I went from 275/55/20 (32”) Michelin defenders to these in 275/65/20 (34”) on my 2014 silverado 1500 with a 6.2 liter. These look and grip much better than the all season Michelin’s but I did lose 1-1.5 mpgs on average due to the more aggressive tread and larger size / weight. The tires are wearing evenly and as expected as of now. I am very hard on tires, if I get 40k miles out of these I will buy again without hesitation. I will update this review as time goes on
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By Jones
Replaced OEM Michelin Latitude Tour HP tires on the Armada, OEM tires lasted 48K. Road manners of these tires are every bit as good and off-road manners are far superior. If you're coming from a "high end tire" to these, you will not be disappointed in these tires.
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4.9 | 28 customer reviews
28 of the 28 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I put these on a 2010 Jeep Liberty they replaced the original Goodyear tires that were factory tires. I was trying to decide between these or the bfgoodrich all terrain that I’ve used for years on all my trucks and have always served me very well. Being short on money I bought the falkens hoping I wouldn’t regret it because my jeep does see some off road use as well as towing and grocery getting duty. I definitely don’t regret it. These tires are great in the rain more quiet on road smoother riding and way better off roading or any type of bad weather such as snow than the junk badyear tires ever could hope to be. So far with 25,000 miles on them they are wearing very well and I will definitely purchase another set when I wear these out. It feels like a completely different jeep it’s
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By Ohiocowboy1277
So glad I did not pay for the BF Goodrichs, way over priced ! Now these tires the Falkens wild peak are a grand slam, paid $ 100 less per tire vs. the BF goodrichs ! That is worth a five star rating in its self ! The aggressive tread, the performance and very little noise makes me smile !! Now the only question that remains , Is how long will they last.? Who cares ! they were so much more affordable even cheaper than Walmarts tires which were garbage and I do not recommend not at all ! If you are in the market for all terrain tires you really should consider these Falkens
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By Lee
Great traction on/off road and in all weather. They are a 4 ply tire but made with tougher compounds to withstand a higher load range. I have them on my Ford Escape and work at Big O'tires. The tougher tires on a lighter vehicle, should last me a good while... plus you can't beat the price... with the same UTQG rating of other brands!
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By Robert
4.6 | 91 customer reviews
79 of the 91 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my third go-around with Ohtsu tires and I'd be pretty confident putting these up against any tire store middle of the road "name" brand. Any more, in my opinion, tires are tires and you can pay a fair price for 'em or a super-inflated price....your choice. Are these 40,50,000 mile tires? Of course not, but you're not paying for a tire that's labeled as such either. For the money, I have found Ohtsu to be an excellent value, and this set is no exception to that rule. This tire is a little soft, but the super aggressive grip is a worthy trade off.
Keep these rotated and inflated properly, and you should get 30k of solid use. Is that worth this price? You'll have to be the judge of that.
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By D.Cor....
Really good performance for the money. Rubber is a bit soft so the tread wear might be on the quicker side but grip is incredible for my RSX Type S. I drove really hard and couldn't make the tires lose grip! Plus the rugged design make the car look more aggressive. Speed rating is higher than I need and these things make my ride feel incredibly stable. One downside is the huge ass tread grooves sometime kicking pebbles up towards the undercarriage, but that's a rare occurrence I can live with for $60US per tire.
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By Joey V
I purchased two of these for my 2007 Mazda 3. I just needed basic tires on my commuter car. These were cheap and they fit and they were quiet. I put them on the front - the drive wheels. However, during my first winter in Maryland, I noticed they were extremely slippery in the snow - hardly any grip. Then came spring and summer. From a start at a traffic light, they would spin with little grip in the wet, eventually gripping and allowing forward motion.

I had to emergency replace a rear tire, and replaced it with a name brand one from a tire store, (I can say one which if asked). And then bought the second matching one from Amazon.

** The rest of this review ISN'T about the new tires, but only about them in COMPARISON to the OHTSU ones. I'm not advocating purchasing the other tires.
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By Derek W.
5.0 | 21 customer reviews
21 of the 21 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We've used the Z rated DWS tires now for over ten years. They provide great all round performance and they excel in adverse conditions esp. snow and rain!
We use them on our Volvo's AWD and our Audi A3 FWD and we typically get two tires per year in October/November and rotate the older tread to the rear for each car.
The routes and trips we take allow us often hit speeds well in excess of 100mph and at times above 130 mph and these tires being W and Z rated provide sound performance I have total confidence and trust in!
Road noise is greatly reduced because of the angled tread pattern on 2/3rds of the tire...
We also travel north to Vermont where my sister's house is a half mile up a mountainside where they had to build their own unpaved gravel road with a ridiculous grade at points, it is typically covered
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By frankie
Fantastic tires. I had the Micheline GTs on before and these tires handle as well if not better. They are much better in the rain. I live in Honolulu and we get rain all the time. I can't even tell when there is water on the road. I have put around 10k miles and they still look brand new. Highly recommended.
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By Michael Roy Turpin
Had these put on my 2013 Jetta Sportswagen at the beginning of summer. I've put over 10,000 miles on them traveling from Seattle to the east coast. Many areas now have very high speed limits (Utah, Idaho and Wyoming) and these tires were absolutely smooth rolling. Road noise was not bad at all even though the Jetta isn't exactly a luxury car when it comes to sound insulation. Grip on dry pavement and in rain seemed to be excellent, but I did not encounter any standing water. My impression of how they handle is that they should be good in standing water and at least decent in snow (the size I have are fairly wide, so I think that snow will be a little challenging without all wheel drive).

After around 12,000 total miles, mostly highway, the wear is minimal as I rotate them for the first time. They are still
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By mmoe
4.6 | 73 customer reviews
68 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Top quality at a fantastic price got them in 5 days and put 4 of them on my 2008 mustang GT California special. They are Whisper Quiet, very stable ride. It was raining when I had them put on, couldn't believe the traction, even in the rain. Best cornering tire I have ever ran on this car! I would put this tire against an top brand tire. This is an all season radial tire, with mud and snow rating. If you are looking for good traction and durability this is your tire. I pay close attention to the products that amazon carries, and I know that they do there due diligence on what they are going to carry. I can see why they chose to carry this tire.
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By amber
I bought 2 for the rear of my 2006 350z. I'm shocked at how good they handle for the price. I didn't wanted to spend alot on a rear tire since I do burn outs all the time. It handled amazing in the rain, and going up mountain corners 75MPH not one bit of traction loss. I would recommend if you are on a budget and looking for above average performance from a tire.
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By Trevor Brits
Man these tires have so many good things to say about them put them on a 2016 Cadillac cts. Manufacturer called for 245 40 18 but I put these 245 45 18 and worked but with just literally a millimeter to spare before it rubbed on any part of the car so make sure you measure before you plus size. I am very happy and pleased with these tires. Grips in the rain very well but still haven't tested in snow. Grips very well in cornering too. Every tire has its limits and I didnt slide a little with these but only because i was going 70 coming out the highway on a curve that I couldn't even go 45 with my old tires before I started hearing them screaming at me. The ride is Amazing! Smooth ride makes me want to take joy rides in it now because before
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By Omar
4.8 | 31 customer reviews
30 of the 31 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
2nd Purchase for the vehicle. Was looking for some tires without breaking the bank for our SUV. Cheapest tires I could find at Sams or Costco would have cost me almost $300 more for the set.

Read other reviews online and found more positive than negative. So I thought we would give these tires a try. Never heard of Milestar nor did the person who installed them. Bought 2 up in Chicago to try as I was about to take the car on a trip to Florida. The installer had no issue balancing them ( one of my concerns) They drove nice, no wobble, whining on the trip down. Order 2 more to complete the set when we got to Florida. Handling is good. If I get the 50K the warranty states that will be a plus. OEM tires only lasted
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By MrWonderfull
I have about 6500 miles on these tires now. I drive approximately 65000 miles annually. Though it has only been a little over a month driving on these tires I am very happy with these tires. They are wearing good, they have performed well in extreme weather. I ran in extremely hard rain with water lying and puddeling on the highway. These tires channeled the water away and I was able to maintain a greater safer speed than many cars driving around me. They have driven in extreme heat conditions nearing 100 degrees for hours. Have not had snow yet so I can't comment on that, but in every other way I am impressed. I bought p225/55r/19 size tires delivered then installed locally. I spent $525. I couldn't find any tires listed any where close to this price for 19 inch tires. For me to have bought a set
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By Amazon Customer
So far so good. I've had these on for about 1.5 months now. Love in new jersey and have been good in the snow. Good all around. Road noise is worse than my last tire but I don't care I was trying to save money. One of my four tires had a cut in it when it shipped so I had to ride on my donut until the new one delivered which was a pain but Amazon customer service as usual was very helpful. Hopefully these last even 30k miles and it's worth the money. Put them on my 2016 Mazda cx5 grand touring
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By William Chiusano
4.6 | 69 customer reviews
64 of the 69 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great price, utqg rating 600. (60k warranty). Only 8% of tires have a utqg rating above 500. Tires run quiet, traction good, comfort ride. Hope they last 60k miles.
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By Mark
Very good tire for the money. I had Goodyear Assurance radials on my car and they were horrible. Ride is much better and traction is far superior to the Goodyears.
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By nc
Tread looks great and they smell of legitimate rubber (not that I was worried). Have not had a chance to install yet, but based on the tread pattern, depth, and compound, I am expecting these to be about 4/5 stars and would highly recommend for the price. One thing to keep in mine is that there is a new version of these tires available. Not sure how much better they are, but they are not this cheap.

Your local dealer will mount/balance for $50-$100 a pair.

EDIT *** So I got them on and have 2 weeks on them. The drivability is great. Traction is awesome. Great tire. 2008 Cadillac CTS
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By fl4shb4ck
4.5 | 93 customer reviews
87 of the 93 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very good tire for the price. I paid $80 for mount and balanced. Tires came via FedEx / UPS relatively quick! Mine came from Texas.

If you look up other sizes of Milestar tires, you will see they generally have a 4.5 stars or 5 stars rating. They are a Taiwanese company, which is generally a lot better than Chinese companies (quality control speaking). I got these for my newly acquired 2007 Honda Accord SE V6, exact same size as what Honda recommends. So far so good (only got about 250 miles in a few days). I will definitely update how these hold up. They are good looking tires (my car is dirty, makes it look bad), and very quiet like others have mentioned. I liked them enough that I recommended them to my roommate, who has a 2008 Mazda 3 and my girlfriend who has a 2007 Scion tc.
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By J_Sherman
You always hear that you get what you pay for. You hear that cheap stuff can't be as good as expensive stuff. By that logic, this $279 (price I paid at the time of purchase) set of 4 tires shouldn't be anywhere near as good as the $800 factory replacement tires. These are the exception to that rule. First of all, don't let the fact that they're made in China scare you. They're a quality tire. They don't feel, look, or grip as if they are a cheap tire. There is almost no road noise, even less road noise than the Continental's that came with the car. They actually do better on wet roads as well. I've put about 1,000 miles on them (had a road trip come up) and couldn't be happier with the performance. So let me break down the prices here...

Quote for factory replacement Continentals - $874.09
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By Adam Placker
The first set of these tires I had only lasted about 38-39K miles and really I pushed it hard to get that many out of these tires, was not very happy with them, only thing is the low price compared to other tires in this size. The second set I am currently still using and have gone about 35K so far and it looks like I should be able to go another 10-15k and get around 50 k miles out of this second set I bought, only difference between the two sets is that on this second set I have rotated my tires every time I change my oil which has been every 5 to 7 k miles thus that is why I think this second set has lasted or wore so much better then the first set.

Oh almost forgot the second set of tires after 1.5 year driving
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By S. Bates
4.4 | 349 customer reviews
303 of the 349 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The delivery was on time and the tires are worth up to the cent what they cost. I bought this tires for my car a Honda Accord and spouse a Nissan Sentra. I recommend Milestar all season, because so far it has meet my driving and budget needs.
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By Joseph Azcon
This is my 1st internet tire purchase. I was a little nervous but decided it was worth the risk if I could save $150.00 on 4 tires.
They arrived on schedule via UPS and I was immediately impressed. They look like quality tires. I took them to my favorite garage and paid $40.00 to have all 4 mounted and balanced. I live in the mountains of southern WV. Last weekend I drove from Hillsboro to Cass where Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort is. Many steep banked curves and dips. My Honda Civic handled very well with the MS932 Sport tires. I'll try to post an update after I get some more miles on them, but right now I'm quite impressed !
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By BrotherAL
Just wanted to first say that I'm not a competent tire reviewer. If you don't want to read my bloated review (over time,) then all you need to know is that I think these tires are the real deal and would recommend them to anyone. They aren't as nimble as some of the sportier brand name tires that I have ran but seem to handle well under all conditions - especially wet weather.

I've had these tires on my 2005.5 A5 Jetta for a week now. My overall impression is favorable. These replaced a set of Continental ProContact All-Season tires. (Which I really loved.)

First impression came from my tire guy who installed them. He thought they were solid tires but he also said they were hard to balance. In his opinion (but, not always) an issue that occurs with cheaper tires. At some point, you just
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By John W.
4.4 | 287 customer reviews
247 of the 287 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After spending over $1k on tires for other vehicles I decided to do some research on a more economical option for my 2013 Accord. These tires had good reviews and amazing price, so I bought a set and had them installed right before a 3k mile trip. I went home after installing them, loaded the car with luggage and people and hit the road. We put about 3,200 miles while on a 10 day trip and are extremely happy with the purchase. We encounter temps ranging from the 60's to 100+ and drove in heavy rain for about 9hrs and car always felt planted and inspired confidence. Since we were driving through unknown areas we also hit some big potholes, but these tires did great no matter what. Overall I'm extremely happy with the $172 dollar (Amazon prime) purchase instead of the expensive Michelin replacements and these tires are just
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By miguel
Hey...i've had Michelin tires, goodyear tires and Bf goodrich on my car...Toyota Avalon 2011...they all last 2 years...35k miles and the rain traction was that being said....almost 1000 for michelin, 800 for goodyear and 600 for BF...i was tired of wasting money and tried what a friend said was best value he'd every i tried...ordering these tires...look like the BF's that i had...but here's the deal....installed at was $280 are seeing based on the cost...they only need to last 1 year and they are still less expensive...road noise is same as the others and performance seems to be the same in dry, wet, snow conditions...Do youself a some money...real money and don't waste it anylonger on the big name timers...these are really good tires for a rediculous price...
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By Amazon Customer
- Grippy and sticky tires, good cornering and stopping distance
- Cheap tires
- Soft tires, low road noise

- Much lower MPG!
25% lower MPG at 35PSI, and 20% lower at 40PSI (vs 35PSI on my factory stock tires)

My previous tires were Low Resistance Tires. I would hit regularly 50MPG on the highway; but with these, I barely hit 40 MPG.

I tried upping the PSI from the stock and soft 35PSI to 38 PSI, which improved MPG somewhat, and will up it even more to 40PSI to see if I could close the gap from the stock tires to these.

These tires only make sense if you're going racing on a budget.
If you're an ecomiler (trying to squeeze every penny out of your gas), these tires are not for you.
The loss in MPG is directly related to gear ratio, so in your lower gears, you'll experience less of an MPG drop.
But in final gear,
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By H B
4.9 | 19 customer reviews
19 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
First time ordering from Amazon and having installed locally. These tires are quiet, stable, and grip the road well. It takes a little coordination to make buying tires this way work, but i think it's worth it vs. buying from a limited brand selection at a local store. I think this brand is a bargain because no one has heard of them, but they come from a Taiwanese company that is a pioneer in tire technology, and it's all they do. Highly recommend.
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By Denverite
Great for the price, decent in snow, rain, dry. Not a bad all season tire
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By Chris
This is the second set of these that I have bought in 3 months. They ride nice, work well in the rain and seem to have the same ride and road noise as the Michelin's I replaced these with. Can't comment about mileage yet but the 60,000 mile Michelin's lasted 30,000 miles so I would hope to get at least that at a third of the cost.
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By Doug B
4.8 | 22 customer reviews
21 of the 22 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I snagged a matching set for the front of my 2015 Honda Civic LX for around $125, which was a steal. I’ll start by saying the tires look very sporty mounted on the rims, they are about 90% quiet at low/high speeds, have excellent shock absorption quality compared to my last set and they have really nice cornering capabilities. I have not had them long enough to observe the traction in snow/rainy conditions; however, these tires are definitely of great quality. I do recommend!
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By Adam Sanches
Bought these to replace a set of pirelli zero all seasons. Traction is good in dry and wet, seems harder to break loose on hard turns. 2005 wrx wagon, used for towing and commuting. As good as the pirellis with better traction. Will find out this winter how good the snow traction is.
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By R. Gelert
I drive mostly I95 in South Florida, 800 miles/week commuting for school. I have ran these tires on my 330i and now on my Jetta TDI. For the cost to mileage, it's pretty hard to beat these tires. They provide excellent wet weather traction in South Florida afternoon thunderstorms and excellent braking ability for the snowbird traffic.
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By SouthFLDonny
4.9 | 18 customer reviews
18 of the 18 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They ride great! Look good, very very good price! Will buy again if needed and they hold up, have only driven on them for 250 miles so far!
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By Cody
So far they seem to be good tires. Good in slush and snow. Quiet smooth ride. They are not the best in hard corners. They hold the road but I can feel the sidewall roll a bit. Only have about 3k miles on them now. Hopefully I can get decent miles out of them. For the price I'm pretty happy so far.
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By shane patterson
Quiet ride and they seem to be a good quality tire.
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By MadBound
4.4 | 166 customer reviews
143 of the 166 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Okay, I read all the reviews and decided to pull the trigger.

Here is my setup:
2012 Mini Cooper Clubman JCW
Original (equipped from MINI) 205/45/17
Tires on the car before the Milestars were 225/45/17 Michelin Pilot Sport 3+’a
Installed the Milestars on 8/14/18

First impressions
The tires look well made and shipped fast.

Two of them needed ZERO weights to balance, the other two needed 1/4 ounce.

The sidewalks are definitely softer that my Pilot Sports. I’m not sure if I would consider the Milestars a “Sport” tire as the name suggest. To me, these are definitely a GT/touring tire but they are definitely stiffer than other GT tires I’ve had in the past.

I fully understand that it probably isn’t fair to compare this ($49 in what I got them for) to the $165 PS3+s that they replaced BUT that’s what I’m gonna do! They ride soft(ish) and are WAY quieter than my PS3s were.
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By Erin
So I had these tires for 3 years now. And my feedback is this. 80% thread still left I drive about 9 thousand miles per year so thats about 27k miles I put on these tires. Smooth ride not noisy unless its a rough road, but thats almost any car on a bad road. Overall 500 threadwear on these is comparable to pirelli for half price of pirellis. I would definitelly recommend these to a friend or family. Hope someone finds this review useful.
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By Nedeljko Ljujic
I've had these on my Volkswagen for a couple thousand miles now. Dry performance is great, and so is treadwear. Wet performance leaves a bit to be desired in cornering, but they handle hydroplaning well. I wouldn't use these for a performance application obviously, but for my daily driver they're great. Good tire for FWD applications.

Update 12/5/2018: 13k miles now, no abnormal treadwear, tires are still quiet at highway speeds. They actually grip decent once warmed up, but when cold you can tell there is a lack in grip. Still no snow exposure yet, but I've been putting 200 miles a day on them for the past month and have had no issues. Very happy with my purchase.
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By Parker Hatley