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4.8 | 3,624 customer reviews
3,429 of the 3,624 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a great rug: Thick and full. Very well made. Deep navy blue.

But my review today is mainly to give you a word of caution: Beware of fakes being sold right here on Amazon.

I ordered two of these rugs: One from Amazon, and since I liked it so much, I ordered one later from one of their third party sellers, "GlenValley Inc," (because at the time Amazon itself was out of stock.)

The Amazon one was a real Safavieh rug, high quality, with thick jute backing and the Safavieh label on the back saying it was made in Turkey.

The one from GlenValley was pretty much the quality of a cheap bath rug. Their rug was not nearly as dense as the real Safavieh one, the yarns were thinner, and the backing was rubber. It was a brighter blue. There was no label on the rug back, but there was a
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By Real Name
This is people wondering what the difference between the Milan and California Shag rugs from Safavieh. I spent a lot of time tried to figure this out and they only thing I had to go on was the QNA comments where someone said they were the same, but the Milan was a little thicker. I bought 2 California rugs and loved them. Great quality for the price, holding up nicely for about 2 year now. I wanted 2 more in a different size. I considered the Milan because the aqua blue Milan looked brighter than the light blue of the California shag. I wish I had order the California rugs again. Here is the real difference between the too. California coloring is varied, my navy has a few lighter fibers in with the mostly darker navy. The green California rug I have is also nicely varied with green colors. The
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By Amazon Customer
First off, this is a really nice rug. It is plush and soft and a great rug for the price.

I do want to include some information others may find helpful about the GREY color, which was the one I ordered. It can be tricky and tedious trying to make sure you order the proper color online! In the product photos of this color, you can see in the close up that it is more of a speckled look, which is accurate. However, in some of the further away pics, it looks more solid-ish and appears to be a lighter shade of grey than the close-up. The close-up is the correct color! I ordered and crossed my fingers that it would appear more like the light grey, but it definitely does not. It is almost a black/brown/grey/white speckle, like pepper looks in the shaker. It is lovely, but too dark for
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By Courtney S.
4.8 | 3,170 customer reviews
3,038 of the 3,170 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent, Excellent rug. No other words for it. You see all these expensive fancy looking brand name (although safavieh is brand name-it is an exception) rugs that are hundreds if you want a larger size. They are beautiful but I personally wanted a rug that was SOFT, CUSHIONED, COMFTY and looked close to spectacular.It was cheap, affordable, and the quality doesnt match the price.

With rugs.... pick two: comfty, decently priced, beautiful. Well......This rug has all 3. Quality is the other bonus that most rugs dont have.

No, I am not just talking about high luscious pile and thick-cushioned feel under your feet, both of which it has. I am specifically talking how much damage (READ: poop, vomit, curry, spaghetti stains, nail polish, the works of having boy toddlers under 3) a rug can take.


As a note, I didnt pour straight up bleach, but you
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By Sahar
Love the carpet, the color is perfect for what we wanted. It's plush, looks high quality, and unrolled without any issues. Highly recommend!
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By Lauren Mandelbaum
This rug is extremely plush and very nice looking. However, mine was infested with bugs from the very first day I got it. I wish I had read the comments that people wrote about this rug being bug infested before I purchased it. However, I didn't, and boy, did I pay for it. I have gotten so many bite marks on my legs that I lost track of how many times I've actually gotten bitten. I always suspected the rug because I never had a bug problem prior to purchasing the rug, but I did not have any proof. Then finally today, I went online to see if anyone has been having the same problem, and jackpot! I am glad I finally found the source of the problem. Now, I just hope that the fleas have remained contained in the rug.

**So, please think twice before buying**
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By C. Pierre
4.8 | 2,780 customer reviews
2,650 of the 2,780 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have purchased two rugs before and donated them when I came across this one. Other reviews with pictures helped me decide. Everyone was right, this rug is simple yet versatile and was exactly what I was looking for. My light is very low, almost non existent so the colors may not be as accurate. Some pictures were with and without flash as well. I have the ivory rug, with grey accent in the 9 x 12 size. Size is accurate and it is soft and plush but not so much that I can not vacuum it. The grey is true grey, nice steel grey not silver. I can see where it would compliment other colors such as taupe or green because it can lean that way in some light. All my accessories are beige, dark mahogany/espresso and white as well as grey so this was perfect. The lines on
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By smiley1
In love with my rug! Very good quality!
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By Natalia
I can't speak highly enough of this rug. It is so thick and plush, and absolutely beautiful! We have an increasingly mobile baby and needed something soft and cushy for him to play on that didn't involve laying a blanket down on our wood floors during playtime. After searching every store imaginable, we took the plunge and ordered this one - even through I was so nervous ordering a rug I'd never seen in person. But I couldn't be happier with this rug! We have the 9x12 for reference.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 1,713 customer reviews
1,617 of the 1,713 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Just gorgeous, I'm in love with my new rug. Thank you for the quality and beautiful rug.
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By andreia
Love it i bought this for my son's room.
It looks beautiful my son loves it .
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This is going to sound crazy but there are maggot looking worms coming from the rug. We saw them burrow into the rug and pop out. Did not even deserve a star.
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By Amazon Customer
4.8 | 1,189 customer reviews
1,155 of the 1,189 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I can't say enough good things about this rug. Unlike the nuloom rug I was replacing this is heavy and thick and just feels like quality.

Also, as a huge plus for me this has some brownish undertones to it. I bought a couch from Kasala which although deemed "gray" has some very distinct brown undertones. Gray tends to either go a little towards blue or a little towards brown. If you need something that definitely looks gray, but won't clash with browns, this is it.
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By SandraP
I absolutely LOVE this rug! I was so skeptical about buying a rug online, but this rug is the softest, most beautiful rug I’ve ever bought! And it’s a lower price point than local big box stores! Not to mention more astheltically pleasing than any I’ve seen locally. I’m not a paid product reviewer, just a mom of 3 who loves online shopping.
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By S.M.D.
I’ve had this rug for exactly 6 months now. As you can see from the pictures, it does look a little worn. The pattern looks blurry and it’s not as fluffy. It’s not as soft- more clumpy looking/feeling if that makes sense.. I’m going to get it professionally cleaned and see if that makes a difference. Overall it’s not bad though!
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By Ashley

4.7 | 1,844 customer reviews
1,690 of the 1,844 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOVE this rug! Using it in the kitchen and it does so well at hiding any dirt/stains! Colorful without being annoying.
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By Christy Bukowski
I love this rug!
purchased in: Multicolored, 6'7"x 9'2".
This area rug is of decent quality. Once unrolled it relaxed flat without wrinkles or curling and it's really soft underfoot.
The pattern & colors are spot on (cream, coral, aqua, turquoise, fuchsia, navy, soft pink, olive green, terra cotta, red & yellow) and while the colors are vibrant, the distressed portions keep it from being too overpowering.
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This is a pretty rug, but I need to return it because the colors are not quite as they appeared in the listing. It looks to me like there is more vivid orange/red/mustard yellow on the rug than pictured in the listing. In the listing, it looks like there is more muted turquoise and pink than in actuality. I've attached a picture of a 9x12 in case it helps others see the colors.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 7,661 customer reviews
6,830 of the 7,661 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great rug! I bought the ivory and the beige. I've uploaded a comparison of the two next to a bright white pillow.
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By Aunarue
Ok, we have had this rug (Ivory, 8x10) for the past 6 months and it has held up very well in our highly used living room. We have an elementary school-aged daughter that loves arts and crafts and drinks liquids in the living room despite reminders not to, and a 100-lb Old English Sheepdog - so I think we put any household object to the test. Because of the aforementioned biological and furry children, I don't invest too heavily in expensive housewares and know full and well they will get a lot of use.

I AGONIZED over this purchase so I hope this review is helpful to others in the same boat. Yes, this rug is as wonderful as the reviews say! It's plush -- extra duper plush with a thick felt pad below it! Everyone in the house enjoys sitting on it and guests comment frequently about the beautiful appearance
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By Erin D.
I never knew it was possible to actually look forward to sitting on/laying on/walking on a new rug, but this one has made me a believer! I am the proud mama of an all-boy toddler with no fear and one speed - ON! Haha! We have hardwood floors throughout all of the main living areas in our home and only the bedrooms are carpeted. Since he became a walker/runner (because that happened within a few hours of each other), we have genuinely tried to anticipate all of the things he could hurt himself on in our home and either eliminate them completely or replace them with toddler-friendlier options. Obviously, replacing all of the flooring in our home was not a responsible financial option, nor would we want to do that, so I was looking for PLUSH. This rug, with it's high pile and dense shag more than
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By CaitCan
4.6 | 3,585 customer reviews
3,227 of the 3,585 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have two dogs a cat and extra kids constantly running through my house. Five minutes after I put it down my kid spilled 32oz of lemonade on it. The next day. My golden retriever threw up bright yellow vomit on it. Both were easy to clean and you’d never know they were there. It’s a very forgiving pattern and looks great in my living room
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By Kim
I read the reviews very carefully before ordering this rug. A rug is a big investment. A 9x12 rug is something you are going to be living with a very long time. If you are ordering this on line and not looking at it in the store, you kind of get those "Hebee-jeebe" butterflies in your stomach that say better be really careful of what you are doing. This thing is going to be really hard to return if you don't like it.
SO......I READ the reviews........I looked at the photos......I ENLARGED the photos.......I RE-READ the reviews ( starting with all the 1-Star ratings).

After a couple of weeks, I purchased this rug and of all things it arrived 1 day earlier than the Amazon Prime guaranteed 2-day shipping. (wonder if Amazon was keeping tabs on just how many times I had been looking and reading all about this rug ?? ).

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By S Gilly
I've had this rug for 2 months now and let me just say WOW!

A little perspective: Our household is made up of 4 kids (ages 18-3 years old), a black lab, a LARGE Great Dane pupper, and a cat.

This rug was placed in the center of our living room, where we spend the majority of our time. Within the first week, it had a grape juice spill, play doh shredded on it, a 120 pound Dane pupper pee on it (TWICE!), a stomach virus hitting our 3 & 5 year olds (think lots of 🤮🤮), and our cat trying to use it as a scratching post. That's not even taking into account all the heavy foot traffic (and paw traffic; our Dane pupper is HUUUGE, with big, thick nails and this rug triggers his zoomies!!)

This rug looks just the same as it did the day it arrived!! I've rubbed, scrubbed,
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By Lindsey
4.7 | 1,244 customer reviews
1,133 of the 1,244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my favorite rug in my house. It's gorgeous, soft and doesn't budge even on my slick LVP floors. And the dogs love it too!
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By Christy M.
I bought this rug to put in my storage area in the basement. It's really very nice for this use. Gives the storage area a little bit of pizzaz. The rug lays well and is very attractive (see photo).
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By J. P.
Skeptical to purchase a rug via the internet. However, very pleased with this purchase. It is so pretty in person and adds a bit of fun to the kitchen. I thought something so colorful would be the wrong choice but truly the colors are not overwhelming, the quality is great and it is a bonus that it is non-skid. I don't find this rug to be a trip hazard either because I have an 85-year-old living with me and this does not present an issue. I also love the fact that it is made here in the USA. I will definitely look for more items from this manufacturer.
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By Jelisel from MA
4.8 | 781 customer reviews
743 of the 781 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This rug is being used for my industrial organic sun room, the room isn’t done yet but this rug is absolutely perfect!! The colors of gold, beige and greys work perfectly for natural woods and stone decor! I’m obsessed 😍
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By Patricia g
Was looking for something to tie my Livingston together. This is perfect! Soft and not too thick. Very comfortable. Really love the coloring. The gold shimmers slightly in some spots, which I love! Was a little worried bc the price was so low, but am pleasantly surprised! One side lays underneath the couch, so it doesn’t slide around and I didn’t purchase one of those rug liners/grips. Bonus- My roomba works with it too!
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By Doodle
☆☆☆Updated review after less than 2 months of use-
I loved this rug until today.. when I spilled a cup of water on it and it buckled up within a few minutes now it looks distorted and shrunk where the water was even after I got it all up with a towel . So I have no idea how durable it will be when the time comes to clean the entire thing. It will probably warp to the point of going into the trash.

Original review-
I absolutely love this rug! It compares to the rugs that can be bought at home depot or lowes for over $150 , but Is less than half the price. It's very easy to vacuum and is soft, it is on the thin side but that's just the type of rug it Is, making care for it easier. I actually decided to buy another rug from
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By Kyle & Rachael
4.7 | 1,200 customer reviews
1,102 of the 1,200 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice rug! Good quality and super soft. I love the colors. I thought the blue would be closer to a navy, but it's a dark turquoise color. Who's wonderfully with my white brown and gray color scheme.
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By Chickletnj
Had this rug for over 1.5 years. Held up amazingly.

It's soft, plush and the price was reasonable. I mainly got it because my new place has hardwood and I wanted my dog to be able to lay down in the living room if she chose to. Between my german shepard and my man's great dane mix, the rug has held up. Even using the Dyson vacuum with bristles on. Bonus part is that spot cleaning has been easy: One dog had chewed up some plastic on the edge of the rug and most of the saliva/blood just sat on top of the threads, didn't really absorb in. Making easy to wipe up the extra drool, then spray the spot cleaner, and rub away.

I did get it professionally washed this October and noticed the high traffic: The plush got flat where the dogs lay, but it was the most noticeable when
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By kilala190
I ordered this rug last October. It is situated in our non traditional dining room that gets a
light to moderate amounts of traffic, mostly walk through. First let me say when we rcvd this rug it was so beautiful and hands down the most luxuriously soft rug I've ever stepped bare feet on. Right around early spring I noticed the piling was mating which isnt entirely uncommon in shaggier pile rugs, but after less than 6 months???

So here I am, less than a year from purchase and this rug is basically trash. I will be contacting the seller, although I have low expectations about resolution at this point. My fault for not speaking up in March, although I honestly didnt think it would get to the point that I would have to through it away.

Buyer beware! And I'll enter an update when/if I hear from
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By C. Rutledge
product price
4.7 | 1,132 customer reviews
1,053 of the 1,132 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Oh my gosh I get so many compliments on this rug. It's even better than it looks. Beautiful!
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By Elizabeth D.
I was looking for the perfect rug for my relatively neutral living room. When I saw this one, I knew it was the one! A huge thanks to all buyers who left a review and posted pictures. This really helped in my decision making process. The quality is great, especially for the price! It's not the thickest, so I bought a felt pad for underneath! That did the trick! It only took 2 days for it to flatten out. Here are a few photos for you to see for yourself just how beautiful it is! Oh and shipping was quick too! I'm so satisfied!
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By Amazon Customer
I chose to purchase this rug based on the reviews and photos and felt I should follow up for others. This rug is AMAZING. It is much more plush than I expected, the corners laid flat within 24 hours, and it has not worn down despite my own 5 children, and my extra daycare children. To say we abuse rugs is an understatement. When we first got this I was nervous because it was so light, and I assumed everything would show. I was so wrong. We have mushed in play-doh, water heads, paint, juice, blueberrys, blackberries (seriously, eek). Everything blends in and quickly comes clean.

We decided to add a new puppy to the mix, and still the rug looks and feels brand new months later!

Various pictures are of what this poor rug endures on a daily basis!
I have actually considered buying another as backup as this beats my previous
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By Jenn Bryant
4.7 | 1,122 customer reviews
1,017 of the 1,122 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This rug is BEAUTIFUL and larger than I expected for the price. It seems really well made, we’ll see how it holds up outside under my porch cover. I got the couch on amazon as well, the rug matches it perfectly and really ties the whole backyard together. Even if this rug was trashed in a year or two, I might just buy this again just because it’s so pretty and inexpensive. The flowers being a higher pile than the background really gives this rug a more expensive high end look. It’s so soft to walk on as well, which is why I’m skeptical of how it will hold up outside.
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By Lindsey
Ordered these as runners from our pool to the shade. Cement gets SOOO hot. Generally stay put in our OK winds with carpet tape. Fabric is thick enough to make it bearable for feet. Pretty design. Flower petals are raised and fuzzy (more help for feet!). Fading after a few days in our sun but that’s okay —perfect looks are not my priority. Easy cleaning—vacuum or hose.

My only issue with these rugs was the labeling of colors.
“GREEN”. Has the bright RED flowers.
“MULTI” has the NAVY flowers.

The 10 foot runner has the wrong picture attached. I ordered MULTI and received GREEN. The other sizes show the reverse, which is correct. Not worth returning. They serve their purpose and are pretty, if not exactly what I expected.
So remember —- in all sizes—

Check the prices periodically if you’re
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By Shelley
The first photo shows the brilliant colors as it was first received. The second image (closeup) shows how much the RED floral pattern faded. The only reason there is still some red is because I had an umbrella base standing on top of that area. Yes, there is some orange on the rug, but the area photographed is supposed to be all red. There are several areas that have faded. This rug is on the east side of the house so it doesn't even get the hottest afternoon sun. Positives about the rug -- it HAD brilliant colors when it was delivered and was oh, so pretty. The rug dries out very fast after a rain shower, and the white areas did not soil easily. I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug, but very disappointed with the color fading. If seller will work with me on
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By Gwen Leapaldt
4.6 | 2,143 customer reviews
1,907 of the 2,143 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The moment I started converting my bedroom into a bedroom/nursery, I had a vision. I knew from the start I wanted one of these rugs. Boy I had no clue how pricey they were!!! Especially the real deal. So when I started shopping around on Amazon I realized I had to go small and get the faux sheepskin. But there are so many to choose from and even the faux sheepskin ranges in price dramatically. Reading review after review I got discouraged. Even the priciest faux rug had mixed reviews. So I decided to go with a less expensive one to test the waters. Boy did I get lucky!! I’m confused by the negative reviews honestly. U can’t expect for around $20 to find anything this beautiful!! For 3x the price I doubt any of the other faux rugs could be this nice. U have to know when purchasing that
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By Momma Foell
I am using this on a sofa and I was looking for a cover that would match a light grey leather sofa. It fits the depth of the seat just right. This looks great on it. It feels very soft.
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This rug is so terrible! I regret wasting my money on this. The rug is extremely thin, the color is dingy (not bright like the advertisement). The fur lays flat and feels rough to the touch. I have purchased other faux fur rugs. This product is almost laughable by comparison. I cannot believe I wasted money on such a poor quality item. Don’t be fooled by the photos in the add, STAY AWAY!!
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By Sarah Smith
4.6 | 1,844 customer reviews
1,647 of the 1,844 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it! Bought it to replace a smaller rug I had in the space. Nice vivid colors. Definitely needed the felt pad I ordered under it, due to how thin it is, but so did my last rug. Lovely rug, nice price, and I did some sereious looking around before making this purchase.
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By Angelle
Beautiful rug and arrived much faster than expected. It does need to be taped to the floor to "train" the edges, which want to stay rolled up (like most rugs). Like another reviewer said, the border of the rug is light blue, not navy, and in general the colors are slightly brighter in person that in the pictures. The photo shows the 6'7" diameter rug under a 48" diameter table.
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By sltovey
I’m writing this review at 3am. I am laying on the couch escaping the chemical out gassing of this rug, because even after airing this rug outside for a full two days, it has stunk up my room with a chemical smell. I’m worried it could harm me and especially my baby who hasn’t hardly slept tonight since we tried to put the rug inside. I’ve been tossing and turning all night, kind of have a headache and a scratchy throat. I believe this rug to be made with harmful glue chemicals and after researching it appears to take 5 years for carpets and rugs to out gas fully. I mean, gross! I have no idea how to package this back up to return it but I payed $250 for it and I swear I want it out of the house it is horribly stinky I can’t believe no one
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4.6 | 1,445 customer reviews
1,273 of the 1,445 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love it! I really wanted to see a picture of how plush it was before I purchased but just couldn't find one so I thought I'd post my own to show. So soft and plush, I don't have a pad under it but I'm sure that would make it even softer.
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By Just Me
UPDATE 1/6/18
After owning this rug for 3 weeks, I am even more pleased with it than I was on the day of delivery. The rug was completely flat after leaving heavy stones on one end of it for less than 24 hours. There has been zero shedding when I vacuum it. I have it lying on a hardwood floor without a rug pad but that hasn't been a problem at all. Before I purchased this rug I had an 8x10 flat pile rug in the exact same color and pattern but it didn't give my living room the " oomph" factor that this rug does. I am so pleased with this rug that I am going to purchase another one for my dining room.

I am extremely happy with this rug. It is a medium gray and cream color. I don't see the
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By Bigred
Beautiful and very comfortable. Bought this for my living room and was very pleased with both the look and the feel of the rug. The price was great. I looked around for similar rugs on other website but ended up getting this one because of the very affordable price. I ordered the gray one and it looks great with my decor. I definitely recommend it.
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By Ripi
4.5 | 1,858 customer reviews
1,620 of the 1,858 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't normally leave reviews but I felt the need to after being SO SURPRISED by this rug. I really didn't have high hopes after paying such a low price on this rug. I've bought many shag rugs in the past and typically you get what you pay for. Well I have to say that this rug exceeded my expectations by a long shot, and it is actually even nicer than a Safavieh that I paid twice the amount for. It's so soft & feels almost silky.

For reference, I ordered the 6'7x9'3 in gray for my son's room. There is no noticeable smell to the rug (sometimes they come with a weird odor) and there is no shedding at ALL! I'm very pleased and will definitely be purchasing more from this company. My son is happy as can be with his new "comfy" floor :)
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By Mariah
We LOVE this rug. It was perfect for the Palm Springs mid-century modern look we were going for. Just as pictured, bright but not like “traffic cone” bright. It cleans well, which I was worried about. Nice feel and an amazing price.
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By Tyson Nielsen
This rug is plush, the perfect color and exactly what I was looking for. I have two kids so I'm not in the market for an expensive area rug at the moment, but wanted something soft colorful to add a pop in our livingroom and still hide kid stains. This carpet does it all specially the price!
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By Amanda
4.7 | 640 customer reviews
598 of the 640 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
LOVE THIS RUG. The colors are just as vibrant as the pictures, and the quality is very good. Fibers are held securely in place (I've vacuumed several times already). Seriously, this is an eye-catcher. Every friend that walks into my apartment comments on it. The matting ('fluff') of the rug is just enough to be comfortable on the feet, but not being a pain-in-the-butt.

I was caught between this and a couple of other rugs these guys offered, and settled on this one. I would most definitely give any of their others a shot.

And rugs are EXPENSIVE. When I found this baby (I love vibrant colors, so this was right up my alley) I thought there must be low-grade construction or something else foul at play, because the price was so reasonable. Nope. This rug is a winner. If you're in the market for a vibrant, colorful rug, give this one
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By Travis
I'm in love with this rug! It's exactly as described and exactly as I imagined it would look. It arrived earlier than expected and soft I under foot. I'm so happy I found this after months of looking for the perfect area rug!
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By Danielle M
I am in love with this rug. First of all I must say it came super super fast. They said it would be delivered in about a week but it was delivered within two days. Second of all the colors are so bright and pretty and the rug is really soft really good quality. Totally brightened up my living room and makes me feel cheery!
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By LegallyBrunette
4.8 | 481 customer reviews
461 of the 481 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Soft plush carpet, looks slightly darker than the picture. Bought the small one to make sure I liked it before purchasing the big one for my living room. First picture is 2x4' and second is 8x8'
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By Hailey
Love it! Just what I wanted. It arrived ahead of schedule. It is super soft. I like the blend of colors. I was worried about the black in it because I wanted something fairly light but the black areas have enough grey mixed in that it's not bad. The middle is very light (white/grey) with the darker colors blending outward.
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By Cherie
Love this rug!! Great quality, thick pile and affordable.
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By Kirsten p