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4.8 | 2,150 customer ratings
95% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this baby monitor and I really like it so I decided to leave review.

1. Design
When I first opened the box, I was amazed how well it was designed. It almost felt like unboxing some Apple product. It was clean white color with minimal details. I know you tend to really not care about the design when you buy baby products but I did enjoy the design of it.

2. Vision
As you can see resolution is really high for monitoring baby. I can see so much details clearly both day and night. First photo was taken during daylight and second photo was during midnight. As you can see in day time, vision is so clear with all the color correctly. At night time also, I can see everything clear. I was surprised how it can catch it so well without any light source. It catches sound crisp as well, so
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By Ken
We're expecting our first child in a few months, and I was skeptical at first about getting a baby monitor. I figured since we had an NVR system for home security, I could just add another camera to that and be done with it. I couldn't imagine spending more than 2x-3x the cost of a good quality security camera just for a baby monitor. My wife brought up some good points about using a baby monitor - portability (we travel a lot), temperature monitoring, and ease of use for someone who might be babysitting. The main downside is not being able to view the camera feed when we're not at home and someone else is watching the baby. Though after thinking about it more, that might be a good thing to worry less about our child and trust the babysitter to do his/her job!

Once I was onboard with the baby
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By Patrick C
So I was due for a new baby monitor, as my newest one was 6 years old. I got this one at the recommendation of a friend and I was very pleased! The monitor is big enough to see clearly but small and sleek enough to carry around comfortably. The video quality is very nice and even records in black and white when in the dark or low light areas. (Some pictures and video were taken in the dark, as the only time i could get a moment was when the kids were asleep!)

There's also a talk button so that you can speak to whoever is in the room with the camera. It's got good range, works in all rooms of my home, upstairs, downstairs, basement even, without issue and has good sound quality. It's also nice that it has a temperature gauge which i didn't even realize
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By Jacqueline Schmidt
4.7 | 1,286 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Our second video baby monitor for our basement (where our playroom is) died and we needed to replace it, quick! I went with this particular one for two reasons, the night mode and how small and lightweight the receiver is. My kids have recently decided they like to turn off the basement lights to make it a “movie theatre” while watching TV, but I still need to see and hear what they are up to so the night vision mode comes in handy. The lightweight and smaller monitor is perfect for keeping on me as I move room to room throughout the house, whereas the old one was super heavy and couldn’t fit in my pocket and was constantly left around. The kickstand on the receiver is also super helpful, letting me sit it down and just glance over at it - rather than needing to pick it up every
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By Kerri
Amidst a rough month of our 2.5 year old son having practically every sickness imaginable of course our son's monitor falls apart! I quickly ordered another monitor that was highly rated only to waste unnecessary time setting it up and the picture being completely unrecognizable. I returned that monitor the next day and found this one!! This monitor is not as fancy as the other but I love it 100 times more! This monitor doesn't pan like the other one claimed to offer but I can see my son close up as it easily mounts onto the wall with a screw! The picture is crystal clear during the day I can make out all the colors in my son's room (unlike our old monitor that we loved)!! The night vision is also perfect! This monitor also has a zoom in function so although it doesn't pan when you zoom in
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By Sarah
So I have had this camera for only a few days and here are my thoughts. I also can't speak to the longevity of this camera as I decided to return it within a day b/c it doesn't have all the features I need. Overall it delivers on what it promises which is why I gave it 4 stars.

-the range is great (baby's room is on second floor and it works in basement, outside in our back yard and front yard)
-the instructions say optimal image is 6 feet away and anything within that the image is great - can clearly see babies features etc...
-great price for what it is (compared to other baby monitors)
-no distracting light from the camera base
-two way sounds works however when i talk through it its not great sound but my son can hear me

-Camera doesn't rotate at all so I have to have
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 8,531 customer ratings
86% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I actually purchased this monitor for my parents. After my dad's second fall outside and my mother not hearing him yell for her while she was inside, I thought this might be a good solution. I read the reviews on several different devices and ultimately went with this one. We are very very pleased with this monitor! They keep one outside on the back porch and one inside. The sound quality is fantastic and very clear! I cannot believe how much and how far away you can hear with this. We did several tests to make sure this would work for their needs and with over an acre of land, while standing as far back on the property as we could, the sounds of yelling for help were loud and clear!!!
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By Natalie J Kromberg
No babies in the house, but I bought this for my parents to use as an intercom monitoring system.

My parents have a large, ranch style house and my father is recently home from a lengthy hospital and rehab facility stay. I live out of state and cannot be here with my parents full time.

The purpose of this monitor was so we could leave the "baby" unit in their bedroom/bathroom, one "parent" unit out in the living areas, and the other parent unit in the kitchen. This way my mom can go about her day without having to run back and forth checking on my dad.
We were initially loaned a unit from a friend which didn't have the talk back capability. Although this helped my mom keep tabs on my dad, if she heard something, she couldn't respond without physically running into their bedroom.

The "talk back" capability of
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By B
We have been using this model with my son for over a year without issue, so when it came time to register for our new baby we asked for the same monitor. Unfortunately it is completely defective. The monitor comes "un-linked" every night without fail. Sometimes it will stay linked for only an hour, sometimes for several hours. Never has it stayed linked through the night and even if we can get it to re-link it becomes un-linked again in short order. We have tried changing the location of the monitors, distance between monitor and receiver, and power cycling the monitor. It is extraordinarily frustrating to be woken in the middle of the night, every night by a defective monitor. We have actually had to switch to a different brand because this one is so consistently unreliable. I would never recommend this. The Graco monitor that we have been using
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By Kindle Customer
4.5 | 2,979 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was really excited to get this in the mail and I’m even more excited that it’s working well. I’ll try to keep this informative and short.

Upon opening the amazon envelope I first noticed it’s sleek packaging. This camera is snug in a similar white box and packaged equipment on the inside as iphones are.

Instructions are... mostly coherent. They are translated and have awkward phrasing but set up took me less than 10 minutes regardless. (There is also a youtube video of two men I believe unboxing and setting this up, should anyone need it! Just search for this camera in youtube’s search bar.)

Camera quality is pretty good! It’s not an HD video from a dSLR or anything but I can very clearly see my son and even with the camera pointing down at him, I can see him breathing. Which, for a first time mama is a plus.

Sound is
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A $30 camera, you would think "You get what you pay for" right? In the case of this particular camera, the answer is heck no!! This camera is amazing!!! The picture is so clear during the day and at night. My son is special needs and I wanted to monitor him at night because he cannot adjust himself or talk, he can only cry or laugh so it is very important that I see and hear him clearly. I was skeptical at first but I was not disappointed. I turned the motion detection off because every little move he made, it would alarm like a burglar was in his room lol, which is very nice if I was using the camera for motion detection elsewhere in the house. I guess the only thing I am disappointed about is that me and my husband cannot be logged in on the same
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By Amazon Customer
I ordered this camera mainly to check on my dog every once in a while while I'm not home, but it also makes me feel a lot safer in my home. You can also use this camera to monitor children. The quality and sound of this camera is really good and has some great features, such as, it works with the IPC 360 App where everything is at a touch of a button, you can speak through your phone and the sound comes out of the camera and I LOVE that feature! (and vise versa) It also has motion detection which you can turn on or off depending on your preference. Also, the camera has an SD slot where you can record live feed.

My order came very well packaged and was shipped very fast, I got my package in two days with Prime.

At first I had an issue connecting my
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By Ananas
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.5 | 1,377 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great baby monitor. We’ve bought a few other baby monitors over the years and they all had some issue that really made them frustrating to use (like you couldn’t tilt/pan from the monitor, night vision wasn’t good, etc).

This monitor is definitely on the pricier side but worth it in the end since it’s a daily use product.
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By LukeWhosTalking
We have 3 kids and after lots of research and reading reviews, I opted for the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor. The image quality, range, and sound pick-up is very good and because we are often in the living room with our other kids (and kitchen) being able to bring the monitor with us while the baby is sleeping gives us peace of mind. I would recommend this monitor.
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By Mikey T.
so we’ve had the original camera and monitor for 2 years and I would give that setup 4.5 stars (camera quality is so so). Naturally, we bought the second camera for the second child’s room but decided to be cheap and not buy another monitor. First night after setting up the second camera with the single monitor, we could not sleep until we shut the thing off. We observed that the monitor flipped between cameras every minute or so with slight silent pauses in between. We have identical white noise machines in each room, but since they are positioned at different distances etc., the monitor projects different frequencies at different volumes. The changing, distracting, annoying flipping between cameras made it impossible to fall asleep. I can sleep with the one constant noise, but switching with slight silent pauses in between was horrendous.

If you don’t use noise machines, this might
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By Randall Storms
4.9 | 207 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've had my Summer baby monitor since 2016 and was super bummed when the cord finally gave out due to a rip because my monitor set is discontinued. I was thinking I had to replace the whole thing when I thought "duh" I can replace the cord. So happy I found this and it was compatible with my monitor! The price is great (especially when compared to buying a whole new system for $99+) and the quality is exactly the same as the original cord. I haven't had any issues with this item and I'm so happy I can continue to get use out of my old baby monitor.
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By Megan
Thanks to a couple cats my AC cords for my Summer Infant monitor and cameras (#28970) needed replaced. These cords did the job perfectly and arrived a day earlier than expected!

Like seriously, they must have filled this order as I was putting it in my cart because I got them in less than 24 hours.
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By Tony_RAL
I’ve had this monitor video system for 7 years. I was a excited to still be able to find the power cord. I received it quickly and it worked great!! The cord was long enough and the picture quality is like new. I’m very happy with this product.
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By Amazon Customer
4.5 | 1,048 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Such a great product! I wish I New about this sooner. I use my flexxicam not only to monitor my baby in her bed but to monitor her in her play room. This has given me the freedom to clean or do laundry while she plays and still be able to keep an eye on her!
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By Giovanni Gonzalez
This is a lifesaver product. We have a very light weight camera and it always moves or tips. Using this it holds it in place tightly and you can put it just about anywhere. We used the camera without this at a relatives house during a trip and I realized how much we really use this and need it.
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By Kinslynn Stratford
The clip works great. Camera has never fallen off. Very easy to adjust size and install. I love the portability. Only thing I can think off is eventually when the baby is bigger I will have to move the camera further away to where the camera cord is not a choking hazard and I am not sure where it will be clipped. As for the items quality I recommend it.
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By Lis C.
product price & FREE Shipping. Details
4.4 | 36,839 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Top tier product. Extremely well thought out and designed. We have had ours for 6 months or so. I did a ton of research and review reading before we chose this monitor to include separate stand-alone video cameras and monitors with separate audio monitors. Here’s a summary of the best elements and why you would do well to buy this one.

My brother bought a stand alone HD 1080p video quality camera to monitor his kids. However, you must have a WiFi connection to set it up on. They also needed a separate audio monitor solution with the setup they chose. Also, they have to monitor the camera with an app, which based on our real-life experience with the DXR-8 would no longer be a consideration for us.

Having a self-contained system in the DXR-8 is absolutely the simplest and best option for a number
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By Crystal R.
I absolutely love this monitor! Going on over two years, by far the best baby purchase! I had a previous monitor, different company, more expensive and so much less in comparison! I have recommended this monitor to siblings and friends who have all sinced purchased! We bought the add on camera as well. Easy to pair and use! The best part is the customer service team who is always there to assist if ever there are any issues! Hands down worth the money! Great sound and picture quality! I’m lost with out my monitor. Peace of mind at it’s finest!
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By Amazon Customer
Updated review Sep 2019:
What can I say - this company have really listened to the customer feedback and made great changes to their monitors! Infant Optics recently reached out to me offering a replacement with the updated version of the monitor due to my bad experience with the older version. And wow, so much better! All of the cons have been resolved! The power cable fits snugly! It also comes with a USB charger now! And it no longer makes that crazy beeping sound when losing signal for 1 second as the wireless signal module has been upgraded!! We have been testing it out all weekend, and it is really great! It also comes with an additional lens, and back up battery - which is even better! On top of that, great visual on the screen and ability to communicate as always!

I love the new version of this monitor, and
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By Fyl and Michelle
4.5 | 869 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This baby monitor is excellent! We have been using it for a few weeks with our first baby and it has been a relief. We can put him down for naps during the day (because he still sleeps at night in our room) and not worry. The app notifies you when sound or motion is detected. The best feature is that you can leave sound running in the background of your phone while you use it for other things. The picture is excellent and the night sight is particularly impressive. You can also zoom in from your phone to see the baby closer. It is a battery drainer, but still worth the purchase.
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By Sarah
We initially had the Nanit (original), and although that product had great picture clarity, was easy to set up, and had a very user-friendly and intuitive app, we were having regular connectivity issues. As a result, we decided to upgrade and get this product, the Nanit Plus, which we were told by the (very patient and professional) support team, would resolve our previously reported connection problems. And although the Nanit Plus has a number of other new features and improvements, for us it was really about being able to have a stable solution that was reliably available when we needed it most - for those late-night wake-ups where you're not sure if the baby just needs help getting their binky back, or if they're up and need a feeding, etc.

After ordering, the unit arrived promptly and was very well packaged (it seems like they took packaging design cues
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By Tom H
This camera has by far been the Best baby camera we have bought! We purchased several cameras before but I never fully felt confident in any of them as I do with Nanit. Some would lose connection, some had horrible night vision and others I wasn’t quite sure if it was truly safe. As first time parents we of course worried and continue to worry about everything and we wanted peace of mind knowing our little one was safe at night. This camera will tell you the temperature and humidity of your baby’s room and will alert you if either one of those go out of range. It will also alert you if there is movement and sound in the crib. The insight membership truly is worth it because you can track your baby’s sleep progression. It breaks everything down in videos and you
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By Kristina B
4.5 | 836 customer ratings
89% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
this monitor is so good. we've been using it for few days now and I think I can give a feedback about this product from what I have seen so far.

we used a motorola monitor for more than two years now and it's been working good until my son dropped it on the floor and then the sound was almost gone. i did not reakly know that i will love this Heimvision monitor until I started doing my research to replace my motorola.

This monitor is great. the sound id lound and clear (you can actually adjust the sound detection according to your needs). The size or the monitor is definilety big, but not in a bad way, it"s not heavy at all which means you can carry it with aroud the house with no problems.

the major upgrade that this monitor offers to us (which the motorola did not have) is
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By meriem
Love this baby monitor. I have tried about 5, this is going to be my favorite. The picture on this thing Is crystal clear , the display is beautiful and big. The feeding is a new feature that will be so helpful to new moms,I only wish I had found this monitor sooner. My last monitor was a different big name brand and I had to call the company because it didnt want to pair, so I like this one took about 10 seconds to set up. It was a total breeze, I just love this unit
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By Nikita casao
A great monitor from a well-established security product. It's reliable and its video quality and signal range are excellent. The infrared night vision is also particularly good. This baby monitor offers the best value for money if you do need these extra features. Camera stands well on the mount, monitor with large capacity batter. Audio and video quality is outstanding.
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By yun lee
4.4 | 2,594 customer ratings
83% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I LOVE this product! The remote monitor itself is so small that when I’m walking around the house cleaning I can easily stick it in my pocket. It’s very easy to use and the picture is great!
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By Garners
My child is 3 1/2 and we have owned a baby monitor since she was born. We have gone through 2 monitors so far and this one, is our 3rd. In comparison, this monitor far surpasses the others we have owned. Pros: 1) It's compact which I like a lot. You don't have to carry a clunky object around the house. 2) The screen doesn't come on unless you want it to! You can black out the screen but still hear your little one. 3) The picture quality is great. With the others we have owned, if it was just getting dark outside, the screen would be black and fuzzy and you couldn't see anything. 4) This monitor doesn't have a physical/tangible antenna so there are no worries about breaking it off.
The only con I have found with the monitor is that
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I always told myself we didn't need a video monitor. Our living space isn't that big so it seemed unnecessary.
I. Was. Wrong.
I have so much piece of mind knowing that if I'm in the kitchen doing dishes and I can look and keep tabs on my baby and my toddler while they nap. It's an affordable option that has eased some of my anxieties which alone is priceless.
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By peachicees
4.7 | 272 customer ratings
93% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'd been disappointed with the infant optics battery, barely lasting the whole night while we were sleep training (leaving the screen on for lots of time). Then I found this alternate battery and my system got so much better. The day before my new battery arrived I decided to see what the exact difference between the two was and left the screen on all day. I got nearly 7 hours of battery life (screen on volume off and night mode off, with the camera and receiver a floor apart). When my new battery came in I repeated the experiment and got about 21 hours (though 9 hours through the night, night mode was on). This will allow me to use the system during the day and night with charging it only right after waking in the morning...or I'll be able to get two nights easily if I forget
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By Sarah
The original battery that came with this monitor really started going downhill after the first year or so. I would leave it charging all night and it would be dead during the span of a 2 hour nap and a few minutes into bedtime I would have to go find find the charger and it was driving me crazy.

This is so much nicer for battery life I still charge it at night but I don't think it ever shows below a full charge and there are no more desperate charging cable searches. The only thing I don't love is how bulky it makes the monitor and I do miss the little pop out stand simply because I tend to carry to much stuff at once and it was nice to just carry it on my finger which I can't do with this battery on. Although bulkier it
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By Michelle
As a product, this is actually built quite well. Once it is connected to the monitor, you couldn't tell this is an aftermarket product. The battery can easily go 16 hours and only lose 1-2 bars, so it does what its supposed too.

My issue is that the item comes with a notification that if you leave a 5 star review, you can receive a gift card. I can't stand products which have false reviews because of this practice, so I am down rating it accordingly.
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By Brent F.
offers from product price
4.4 | 2,056 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I cannot sing the praises of this little device enough. If you are struggling with postpartum anxiety, the Snuza is a lifesaver - worth EVERY penny (and every false alarm!). After losing my daughter 2 days before my due date to stillbirth, I was frantic with terror that our son (born a year later) would die suddenly and inexplicably as well. If not for the Snuza, I don't think I would have slept the entire first year of his life. And now almost 4 years later with our second daughter, even though my PPA is much better this time around, it still just takes SUCH a weight off knowing she's wearing it. I really cannot recommend this product enough, especially for anyone who has lost a child and is terrified of it happening again. Yes, some cases of SIDS may not be preventable, but at the very least you'll
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By Samantha
This has literally been the best purchase I have made for our daughter. She has stopped breathing a few times in her sleep. Twice was just long enough for the vibration to wake her. So the alarm didnt go off, but it made her breath. The light was blinking red when she woke later on so thats how I even knew. The other time she stopped breathing and It sounded the alarm. I had to gently shake her to get her to breath again.
I honeslty dont know that she would be here, if we didnt have this on her. She is 3 months old and weve been using it since she was a week old. It gives us peace of mind at night knowing that shes got something on her that will gently wake her, or us, if she stops breathing.
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By Jennifer Duffey
My baby is 11 weeks old and I’ve used the snuza without any issues up until this morning. It gave him HUGE blister. I put the snuza on around 9pm when my baby went to sleep and removed it at 6:30am when he woke. He was extra squirmy last night but I still don’t think a product for babies should cause blisters.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 1,138 customer ratings
84% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this camera to use so I can see my dogs when I'm not home. The sensors on the camera work great. It follows anything that moves and send me an alert straight to my phone for me to watch. I also get alert that "baby crying is detected" but it's my dog barking and I love that. It's exactly what I wanted. And the picture quality is actually really good. It's way better than I ever expected it to be. I also have put an SD card in it (picture included) that allows for me to be able to go back and watch anything I need too. There is also an option to buy storage but the SD card works fine for me. The camera also has night vision and it works well too. The picture is pretty clear. I love that I can talk to my
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By Natasha
The quality of the product is good, as you can see in the pictures it is small so it can fit anywhere in the house(almost a finger tall), getting it connected to my wifi was super easy and in case you need more help they have provided a youtube video. You can insert your memory card in it or store the picture on their cloud. The picture quality was excellent during the day, it was also good during the night with no light, It has a motion detection option which was really amazing for a product in this price range, it follows you if it detects a movement inside the house and captures the motion (you can turn it off if you don't need it). Their application is easy to use and I think they even working on an Alexa skill which is in beta stage at this point but
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By Samira
I purchased two of these cameras - one I use in my room to monitor my dog during the day while I'm at work, and the other in my living room for security purposes.

The motion tracking feature on this camera is fantastic. It does a great job of keeping up with my dog as he moves from spot to spot, and has allowed me to catch him in mischievous acts on numerous occasions. I am confident that the motion tracking would work just as well if an intruder were to enter the house. This is crucial if you have these cameras for any sort of security/liability issue, or wish to track a moving target such as a dog or child.

The app interface is great as well. Easy to control camera, including re positioning, speaking, and snapshotting. Overall, no complaints whatsoever about this purchase, and I will likely be purchasing more
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By Jonah
4.5 | 483 customer ratings
85% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This review is for Samxic Baby Monitor

This baby camera is amazing.
I've had a few baby cams.
This one is far superior.

I use this cam in my autistic childs room.

You can listen in the room, you can also talk through the Unit to the baby/child.

I have not lost signal at all, and keep antennas down.
The camera comes with a mountable base, this is huge! It has an adjustable arm on the base, as well you can control the camera remotely from the receiver unit. The camera pans my kids entire room, side to side, floor to ceiling.
The picture is clear, crystal clear, even using the night vision.
This camera has lullabys, it can play, and many other options.
Please see my pictures.

I had a infant optics before this.
It was ok, but the charger wire was a joke.
It was a flat USB type thing you inserted into the receiver and it failed over and over.

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By Prime Glory
Absolutely Life Saver. I had doubt before buying this since I already got a 360 security cam hooked to mobile phone app. This seems to be way more “old technology” and really expensive. However it’s 100 times better doing baby monitoring job and freed us mentally and physically!!
In general this thing immediately allowed us to sleep in a different room, which greatly increased mom’s sleep quality, as well as the baby’s!
* there is no lag from this compare to phone Apps. Sound plays immediate 24*7, video streams immediate pushing power switch. I often turn it on after I heard any suspicious sound played from it. I can’t do this on mobile phone, those push notifications can easily be missed and may be muted and often has long delays, when it’s on my phone the event already happened a while ago.
* have a portable video console that turns on and watch
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With our first child (now a toddler), we previously used what is currently the most popular baby monitor--Infant Optics. We were satified at the time, but the: 1) out-dated VGA picture quality of 640x480 (both from the camera unit and on the monitor screen itself); 2) lower capacity battery (1200mAH, which did not last long to begin with, but now has an even shorter period of time); 3) lack of VOX (a must-have feature these days); and 4) the monitor's bright LED lights (too bright for us to sleep with on our bedside table) ...all of these deficiencies--and the fact that we now need another camera for our young infant and additional Infant Optics cameras are each as much as a new monitor WITH a camera--finally compelled us to begin looking for another monitor.

We came across this Samxic and are very happy with all of the features it provides.
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By J.R.
4.7 | 227 customer ratings
92% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this to use with the Motorola MBP36XL 5" Baby Monitor. It does the job with mounting. It's pretty bulky in my opinion. I couldn't find another option for mounting my camera so this one is getting the job done.
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By Amy
This bracket did exactly what I needed it to with only a minor issue. The camera I needed to mount had a small nub sticking out that either needed to be cut off or needed to have a hole in the bracket drilled to fit into. I decided to drill a small hole in the bracket.

This issue is mainly with the camera having a non standard hookup, but it highlights the only issue with this bracket, which is that it could use a few additional openings to broaden compatibility.

The bracket works really well, easily adjustable, and absolutely more than sturdy enough for my camera and would work for other things just fine I would imagine.
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By Tom N
Cheap quality. Do what if it’s metal..Is this a realistic wall mount? Yes. Does it do the job? Yes but...I had to use my own screws because the only one it comes with to mount to the wall didn’t have a big flat head to hold down the mount well to the wall. Secondly, the adjustable screws don’t go through the 2 plates as the holes are defective. I have it on one screw on one side until I figure out how I’m gonna take it down again to try to exchange it or maybe I’m hoping the seller would send me a new one.
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By HomeFamilyGadget
4.6 | 276 customer ratings
91% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice product. Wish they would advertise you could wall mount it. I've added pictures showing how easy it is to wall mount to get that perfect picture you need. Very sturdy piece.
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By Amazon Customer
This thing is AMAZING if you have a Motorola camera. Holy OMG! If you’re like us, and aren’t able/don’t want to mount your camera GET THIS. We live in an apartment, and my husband works nights. So at night, baby is in our room, but for naps during the day, she’s in ours. So I’m constantly moving the camera (MBP36XL- also love!) back and forth.

It was a PITA trying to find good spots where baby can’t reach it, but I can still see her easily.

This star grip thing attaches to anything I want, with a few quick bends. You can also mount it to the wall, which we may do once we have our own place.

I can put it at any angle, any height etc.

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By Meagan Sweeney
Have to have this. Loved that I can attach the camera and not have to put holes in the wall like with out last monitor. Motorola does a really bad job of advertising this additional product in its original packaging of monitors and I think they would make a killing if they offered a mention of it in the start guide as it took some research on my part to find out what I was supposed to use with my motorola video camera. This screws into the bottom of the camera and is completely adjustable and can be "wrapped" around a towel bar, coat hood, crib etc. Bought two.
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By Awe yeah
4.6 | 272 customer ratings
90% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what I needed and cheaper the the company.
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By Amazon Customer
Fixed a dead monitor!
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By Katherine B Schmidt
Like a charm. These things only last a couple of years anyway, but better than buying a whole new monitor.
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By Tom D
4.9 | 139 customer ratings
97% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was so happy to find this charger for sale because I thought I was going to have to purchase a whole new monitor! But thank to MAGIPEA, they had just the product I needed and only cost me $15! It worked like a charm. I highly recommend this company for their reliability, great quality, promptness, and ease of ordering. Will definitely use them again! Thanks!
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By Leah O'Connell
Loved this charger!!
Great replacement, charges very fast and like that it’s long compared to the one that originally come with the infant optic monitor.
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By Ashley Ventura
I have an Infant Optics camera/monitor I purchased from another seller a few years ago. Although it still worked fine, the charging cable on the monitor didn't fit snugly anymore and didn't always make the connection to charge the unit. The replacement cable I ordered works perfectly so I didn't have to order another complete unit. I love this monitor and use it for caring for my father, who has advanced Alzheimer's.
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By H Cheek Kathy
4.5 | 365 customer ratings
88% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars
This battery saved me some decent cash. 3 years ago I purchased an Infant Optics DXR 8 baby monitor. After about 1.5 years of use the battery began to act up. Not holding a charge, not recharging when plugged in, etc. When baby number two came along I was sure I would have to buy a new monitor. Turns out it was just the battery. This battery holds its charge and refills fast. I like to have the video screen on and it seems to last about 7ish hours before I have to recharge it again. It would probably last longer in the power saving mode too. Battery was easy to install. My only wish is that I had bought it sooner rather than deal with a wonky baby monitor that had to be plugged in, yelled at, and cursed
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By Alina D.
Replaced my wireless headset battery corsair void pro rgb (the battery connector is the exact same as this). The stock battery was 1000mah so 1800mah is a great upgrade. I was only getting around 4-5 hours on a full charge before I replaced with this battery. Now I get a solid day/day and a half depending on usage. Now I don't have to have my wireless headset used as a wired headset anymore! :P
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By Chris lane
Its a battery. Just like the one that comes installed except, a little more charge capacity. Worth it once your original battery starts acting up (and it will)
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By Xavier Skywalker