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4.7 | 431 customer reviews
414 of the 431 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They're not lying when they say "superior". Terrific lubricant that works well in very small amounts (more is not better). Use it for bicycles of course but great for all kinds of things around the house. I usually start with WD 40 to clean old gunk and follow it with Tri-Flow for lubrication. Sticky lock? A squirt of WD40, insert key and open / close a few times. Then put a few drops of Tri-Flow on your key, insert in the lock and again open and close a few times. Made mine smooth as silk to use. Just fixed a nice fan whose blade refused to turn no matter how much WD40 I used. A few drops of Tri-Flow on the shaft and everything's cool again. The little tube that plugs into the bottle tip works well to deliver a drop just where you want it and 6 oz. will
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By Less Pain
The arguments for a particular type or brand new chain lube (cycling) can get heated.

I subscribed to the idea that the kind you are willing to apply is best. Triflow does the trick.

It's not going to last through a turental downpour, or end up adjusting your derailuer for you. However, it works extremely well. It's thin, so no nasty build up. It comes off just as easy when it's time to degrease the chain its on.

Plus, you can add a drop to cables and springs (eg. behind caliber brakes) to smooth out actuation.
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By allonespeed
Review form asked me to rate scent. Why are we rating lubricants on their aroma? Yeah, it has a smell bit it wares off. Wouldn't it be stupid if the manufacturer produced an inferior product to appease Amazon's stupid review metric? Yeah, I wouldn't want to wear it. It's about as relevant as asking about taste. Needless to say I rated the aroma 5 stars and recommend you do the same.

Regarding the actual performance: I honestly wasn't expecting to be impressed after over saturating myself on all the positive reviews. I'm kind of a lube freak. I own an embarrassment of lubes of myriad varieties. Lately, I've been especially interested in lubricants containing PTFE. Wet & dry. Anyway, of the 5 or so in this class of lubes that I've purchased on Amazon (all 4.5 stars or more) I've
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By Bitchinson
4.7 | 286 customer reviews
261 of the 286 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is great lube, but it's a thin lube. You want to clean your chain and apply new lube about every third or fourth ride, max. Me? I'm a "drop on every link" kind of guy. You might be a Squirty McSquirt and just squeeze the bottle while turning your cranks, soaking the chain, the floor, and pissing your wife off. Stop pissing your wife off and getting lube all over your bike. Be a Droppy McDropperton like me. You're welcome.
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By Shep
Being raised on TriFlow, I decided to try something else. I was researching this stuff and was pleasantly surprised to see the bike mechanic at the bike shop using this stuff. I got my bottle and put a bit on - by the way, the lid is a little stiff; unscrew the top half as you would a bottle of Sriracha. Ran the chain backwards ten turns or so and wiped it off. This stuff works great; I wouldn't say my chain is silent, but it is definitely very quiet. As others have said, it is a low viscosity oil, and as a result the first time I applied it, some went on the rim (danger to brakes!). Be careful.

This does also seem to flush out the gunk better than any other oil, too; after applying and wiping, the rag is often dirty even
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By Jeffrey Smith
Ironically, I bought this and a week later, I won an XC MTB race in my division and received a box of their products as a prize, LOL! So I have 2 of these bottles, plus some heavy grease, degreaser, speed lube, helmet sanitizer, bike wash, etc. This is a light oil that works very well for chains. The key to using this is to apply along the chain's entire length, work in by backpedal spinning, and then use a rag to wipe off the excess. Depending on trail conditions, I will use it every 2nd or 3rd ride unless I ran into water or excessive mud.

This product helps with chain wear and stretch. I find I can get a few more miles out of my chain before I hit 8/1000 of an inch stretch which means time to install a new chain.

Off topic, the
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By TJ Jones
4.7 | 220 customer reviews
210 of the 220 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stuff is amazing. I recently purchased a singer 503a (for the 99.9% of you who don't know what that is, it's a sewing machine from approximately 1960.) It was semi-stuck but I was determined to get it going. I spent about an hour a day over the course of two weeks blow drying the internals (to heat/remove the old grease,) cleaning, and re-oiling. It was better but still sluggish. I read online about the magic of tri-flow oil but my local sewing machine shop didn't have it so I was using singer oil. It was ok, but I was getting frustrated that I wasn't seeing a huge improvement in the function of the machine.
The tri flow came today and I gave it a quick once-over and fired it up (some folks recommend letting it sit a day or two. I'm too impatient.)
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By angelclaire
Nice quality oil; lubes well. Not too "thin" for a sewing machine - just right... IMHO. I purchased this particular bottle for the applicator. The applicator is nothing more than a "straw" that attaches to the head of the bottle - but it's so much easier to apply the oil; controlled without a mess. The bottle is small, but I will be purchasing the larger size as time goes by and refilling this one. The oil flows nicely into the areas I need it to be in. The machine runs smoothly afterward - but that's why I bought it; and for its reputation. (I use a different type of grease (silicon base) on the large gearing on the undercarriage.) But this bit is used for all points necessary top side. Cheers.
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By Hardenbrook
I ride a too heavy Schwinn hybrid bike (dept. store bike) and I feel like I'm dragging an anchor.
I tried Teflon sprays and WD40 on the chain, and they did nothing.
I remembered Tri-Flo (though not the name) from my experience working in a sporting good store, and a ski shop in the 1980's - a long time ago. The techs used it.
So, after a little searching there it was - and the bottle looked like I remembered it.
After applying it, it smelled the same too - bananas! Ahhh, the smell of the 80's.
I couldn't believe the tremendous difference this made in reducing the pedal effort of my bike!
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By L. Morano
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4.8 | 107 customer reviews
106 of the 107 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've used RnR Extreme for thousands of miles across many years with good results. I ride a lot of singletrack and dirt roads and do a few miles of pavement in between. I got a few KOMs on Strava but have never raced so I'm no real pro. I do about 100 miles of dirt riding per week. This stuff takes care of my chain all year long. I do wipe my chain and reapply after most rides just to keep things running extra smooth but have done 200 miles between applications without any issue. Most any lube will accumulate crud that can ultimately create friction but I found this stuff to be much less messier than Finish Line Ceramic lube and Tri Flow. I've also used RnR Road and Gold lubes here and there across the years but there are typically a few wet spots on the trails I
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By Eric
I've been using this lube for about eight months now, and really like the way it works.

Just make sure you read the instructions that (usually) come with it. If you follow them, you can get a VERY clean chain, and I ride exclusively MTB.

For the record, the instructions say pretty much this:

Put the chain on the largest chainring, and the smallest cog. Rotate the pedals forward as you dribble a bunch of lube on the chain (get it very wet, don't be stingy!). Then, hold a rag over the chain at the rear cog, and rotate the pedals rather quickly in reverse. The tight turn made by the smallest cog flings the gunk outwards into your rag. It takes a couple minutes of doing this, but it gets a LOT of the gunk out/off the chain, and you're left with a very clean chain.

To get
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By Yoshmann
This maybe should be a five-star review, but my chain looks like hell from rust. I got it because every time I had to commute in the rain my chain would squeak the next day. I was using some other chain lube. Now it doesn't squeak at all, but should I be worried that my chain looks like a rustbucket? Maybe not? Maybe? It is really clean stuff. You wipe the chain dry and let it dry more after you use it. The chain is really dry the next day. Nothing sticks to it. But go through rain and it turns rust-brown, so I have to lube it again if I want it to look nice, or if I don't, it looks like a homeless guy's bike. But it isn't squeaking. So I'm kind of torn. This stuff isn't cheap, and you have to use a lot of it if
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By M. Frobisher
4.7 | 180 customer reviews
169 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have a 1971 C-10 with a 402 big block original to the truck. The engine was built with a Comp Cams 268H and bored .30 over. It runs hotter than stock due to the bore. I've run break in oil every oil change and now have roughly 9000 miles on the build. It's all I will use in my hydraulic cam engines and I own several. Why gamble when you know this has the required zinc for the older engines?
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By engineer_gregh
I have an antique pickup truck, and my mechanic strongly recommended that I use a zinc additive to help protect the camshaft. Some older engines(think mid 1980s and earlier) have what they call a 'flat' cam instead of a 'roller' cam, which requires zinc for proper lubrication and long life. While he didn't recommend this brand specifically, it had the ingredient he recommended. Apparently, some engines can have camshaft problems rather quickly without enough zinc in the oil. Time will tell how things work out for me. The product was easy to use, just open the container, and add it with the oil at oil change time. I believe I will have to add a bottle at each change to keep the zinc levels up to where it is safe for my cam. Just part of what it takes to be able to
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By J. Bruha
After this sitting on the shelf for a couple of months, the oils seperated in the container. I kinda got scared tonight because I'm spending all my recent time building an important motor and did not think Comp products would separate like that. So, being a UNgoogle fan, I searched for COMP 104 assembly lube. Come to find out, all the online containers have color labels - however NOT THE ONE I GOT here. I think I was duped into buying a jar of white lithium grease. BE WARNED! Is this even the "official" COMP CAMS seller? I plan on using it as lithium for rotating while clearance checking, but will get my assembly lube for final from SUMMIT.
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By ungoogle
4.6 | 391 customer reviews
360 of the 391 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am a cyclist and primarily use Tri-Flow for lubing my chain and a few other components on my bike. I don't wash my chain with a cleaner. I use fresh oil to 'wash it', so I spray a lot on my chain about every 10th ride to get it cleaned really well. Course, that means there is way too much oil on the chain, but I just run the chain through a cotton cloth over and over to get all the excess out. After each ride I first wipe the chain with a cotton cloth, then lightly lube it and get off the excess. That way I don't put any soap or water on my chain most of the time. This process works well for me.

But, enough about my bike chain cleaning process. :-) There are a lot of good lubes
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By T. Bowers
'Absolutely', the very best lubricant you can buy! I've been using this for many years now, and it's just the best there is.

'Much better' than WD-40, and will not freeze. Yea, it's more expensive than WD-40, but very much well worth it.

Once you try it, you'll never go back to anything else you've been using.

I mean... WD-40 still does have some uses and applications. I'll buy the gallon can of it, like for soaking parts in it to clean and help remove rust off parts. But I don't use it as a lubricant any more.

Unfortunately, this stuff is really hard to find! Not a 'one' of the big home center stores carry this, (probably due with a contract with WD-40). When you ask for it by name, no one has even heard of it before...

Locksmith shops carry it, (as this is all 'they use'), Ace Hardware stores carry it, 'and
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Amazing stuff! A locksmith from one of my Facebook RV pages recommended this and what better advise can one get for locks and latches? I tried it and I was blown away! The entrance door to my RV was always tough to open and close, I sprayed this on it and now I could operate the door with my pinky. Used it on all the barrel locks and wow- smooth as butter operation. No residue either
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By Annette

4.8 | 87 customer reviews
83 of the 87 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
What can I say? I use Motul products almost everywhere. Engine oil, motorcycle oil, chain lube, motor flush etc.
It's a good grease for street use, wouldn't use for enduro/motrocross bikes, it doesnt leave as thick layer as motocross ones should have, but for street use it is a really good product, doesn't leave too much residue which helps keeping the chain clean, but sticks enough to keep it lubed! Recommended! :)
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By Krzysztof Gallus
I've used various chain lubes however this is the first one that I must say doesn't drip nor splatters everywhere once I start driving. I have blue rims and every time I would have to rewipe my rims even hrs after applying previous chain lubrication. This one dries right up and I haven't had to re clean my rims
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By Jason
I purchased this thinking it was for street use. You can use it, but it will throw a black, greasy substance all over your swingarm and undercarriage. It doesn't matter how long you let it dry either. It doesn't seem to last that long either.
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By Ninja ZX12R
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4.6 | 127 customer reviews
113 of the 127 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Seems to do what it says. I add some to my mtb chain before driving out to ride. Chain remains in good condition using it and it doesn't get super gummed up like some I've used in the past. Actually back to order a second bottle. Just make sure not to get lazy with it like I did. Some dropped onto the paint under my chain. I was in a hurry and didn't wipe it off. Well all the spots where I left it ate away the paint. If you are super careful with your bike be aware. My bike has battle scars so I'm not worried, but I figured I'd mention it just in case.
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By T.R.
I’ve been using now for a month or so. I’ve tried many lubes out there, and Living in Vegas with all the dirt, sand and wind! It doesn’t take very long for your drive chain to get Mucked up after just one ride! I was skeptical of how good it would work and I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised! I just cleaned my drive chain a week ago. After 300 miles of riding in this sand infested streets! My chain and cassette are extremely clean! I mean there is some dirt on the chain but, the chain isn’t black. I turned on a friend in Colorado and he thanked me for turning him onto squirt! He said it’s amazing and his drive system is quiet and clean. By the way, I’m not affiliated with squirt in any way! If your thinking about getting it...don’t hesitate and save yourself the
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By william Pastorius
Initial thoughts: I like how easy it is to apply the lube without making a mess. I like that it runs cleaner than other lubes. I don't like that my first application only lasted about 60 miles before things got a little noisy. The lube I used prior to testing Squirt would last 150mi and it's a "lite" formulation. Maybe the last remnants of old lube need to be flushed/expelled by reapplications of Squirt, but I suspect I will be switching back to the old lube or trying another "new" wax lube like Smoove.

Update: I've already given up on this lube. It's wreaking havoc on my drivetrain, leaving chunks of gray wax in hard to clean areas like the rear derailleur cage. The lube does not last more than a single ride for me and while the chain is technically cleaner, the gluey wax buildup is even more annoying. I'd
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By Curiously Strong
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4.5 | 266 customer reviews
243 of the 266 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I’ve been using the dry lube for as long as I can remember (20+ years) but decided to give the wet lube a try. I mostly made the switch because I’ve been riding in the rain a lot more and wanted to see how he wet lube held up vs the dry. Not only does the wet lube stay on the chain through the rain better, it goes on with much less mess. The dry is too thin going on and drips off onto the rim or the ground. It’s also much easier to see where you’ve already applied the wet lube on the chain so you’re not re-applying to the links you started with. You certainly will need to clean the chain before each application if you don’t want a lot of dirt in your drive train, but I run my chain through a chain cleaner about once per
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By John Bugajski
As a daily bike commuter in the Pacific Northwest chain lube is of paramount concern to me. I have used quite a few methods of lube, including the daily WD-40 method, and expensive lubes like Dumonde Tech... and none does as good a job for such a low cost as Finish Line wet lube. During the winter I lube about once a week, with a total chain clean monthly (or sooner if needed), and this lube does a great job keeping the drivetrain clicking over quietly and shifting nicely. I use this lube on both my low-end 'foul weather' bike with 105 groupset and my carbon racer with Ultegra groupset, and have no problems on either. The Dumondtech was costing me around $5 a month in lube, where this should cost me about $1 a month. On average I will ride between 150 and 200 miles a week, much of
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By Ben and Amanda
This is currently my choice of lube for commuting. I can't compare this to other wet lubes, since I haven't tried those. Compared to dry lubes the lubrication is much more durable, especially in wet weather, and the protective effect is greater. With either Finish Line dry or White Lightning wax the chain would start to squeak after only a few days, and show rust even in merely damp conditions. Additionally the ride with wet lube feels smoother even when fresh.

The downside to this lube is that it combined with road dirt to form an adherent black paste that is annoying to clean, and will eventually ruin your pants. This is unavoidable but can be minimized by wiping off excess lube twice: once after application and once after the first ride with fresh lube. Mountain bikers may want to think twice about choosing this lube. The mess explains the 4
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By Adrian Brunyate
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4.5 | 250 customer reviews
228 of the 250 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have tried 4 different lubes on my road bike chain.
I ride in mostly dry conditions.

I have tried Maxima Spray Chain Wax... didn't work for me.

I have also tried Rock & Roll Gold, Finish Line Dry Lube, and ProGold ProLink.
These 3 products are all okay for lubing the chain.

Rock & Roll Gold wants you to use a lot of their product to saturate the chain & flush out the dirt & grime.
Rock & Roll Gold is messy, and you have to use a lot of it.

Finish Line Dry Lube seems to leave clumps of white material, I think it is PTFE, especially as the bottle gets nearer to empty.
It seems to me that it lubricates fine, but seems to attract a lot of road grime to the chain.

ProGold ProLink seems to me to leave the chain the cleanest over time. You only apply 1 tiny drop per link, so
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By Kim L.
This product works exactly how well you would expect it. It clears away rust, gunk, and makes my fixed-gear eerily quite. No need for anything fancy, just pour a bunch on, give the crank a few turns with a rag against the chain (which I assume all cyclists have a rag their "bike box") and ride. I apply it very liberally, maybe once a month (but especially after it rains).

I have used this on several friend's bikes and the improvement has given the impression that I am some master mechanic.
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By Greg B.
There seem to be two types of chain lube: wax based ones and 'liquid' ones. Waxy ones consist of a wax and a liquid carrier so that it comes out of the bottle and into the nooks and crannies of your chain. Once it's in place and you've spun the chain a few times, the liquid evaporates leaving a film of this wax. As the wax gets dirty, it sloughs off if you will, taking the dirt with it. Great idea in theory.

Liquid oils are just oils basically. They do a good job keeping the chain quiet because they stay liquid and stick to the chain. When metal bits are going to touch, it acts as a cushion. However, dirt gets encased in the oil and that's why lots of oils turn black with age.

This chain lube is the dry type. Works
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By Jeffrey Smith
4.6 | 110 customer reviews
104 of the 110 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was absolute magic for my recently purchased (new to me) FZ6. It has reduced throttle and clutch pull significantly after one application. The applicator tip makes applying easy without having to purchase the $12 “cable lube clamp” that so many use for cable lubrication. Product is messy, so I do recommend wearing gloves and appplying rags to areas of exposure on motorcycle. 10/10 would recommend.
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By Aaron Stamey
I love Dri Slide for its lubricating properties, the fact that it doesn't drip or fling, once its carrier dries and the very thin application tube is the best device for lubing between cables and their outside casing. The product's only failing, which is not its fault, is that because of the thinness of the metal application tube, it can clog should the product dry out inside the tube. Then cleaning the tube becomes very difficult. It is a good idea to blow it clean before putting Dri Slide away. A suggestion to that effect, printed on the container, might be a good idea.
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By Richard 230
Seems like an excellent lubricant, however I have one complaint regarding the ease of use. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I work on cars, motorcycles, you name it. However I felt like an idiot for a couple minutes trying to attach the syringe. I tried to remove the cap at first, but soon after realized that the syringe screws onto the actual rubber cap. Its a first time I've ever seen a metal attachment being threaded onto a rubber nozzle, but hopefully the threads will last throughout the use of this product.

I'd assume someone less mechanically inclined would have trouble getting the syringe on, maybe a small tip on the label would be prudent.
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By Tom
product price
4.6 | 105 customer reviews
101 of the 105 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Living in Northern California, one rarely has to worry about rain, especially during the past four years. If you are looking for a chain lube for fairly dry conditions--drought or no--Dumonde Lite is the best. Period. At the risk of looking a bit OCD, here is my foolproof application technique:
[1] Deep clean your chain. You need to not only remove all the grime, you need to strip off all previous lube. This is SOP any time you change lube.
[2] Apply one drop Dumonde Lite per pin.
[3] Once all the pins are lubed, run the chain forward for 1-2 minutes. This will be messy; use a big Amazon box to protect the ground.
[4] Using a clean shop towel, run the chain backward and remove 99% of the lube.
[5] Re-apply lube, repeating steps 2 & 3. I do not follow the rinse-repeat instruction on shampoo, but here it makes a huge difference.
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By Press250
Dumonde Tech Lite Bicycle Chain Lubrication is the best stuff I've found for keeping my bike chains quiet. And, the chains stay clean.

After each ride I wipe the chain down quickly with a dry cloth (hold a bundle of tee shirt jersey on the chain while turning the crank "backwards").

About every 500 miles I wipe the chain down then carefully drip one drop of Tech Lite on each roller, let it "soak" for 10 minutes or so, then wipe the chain dry.

I have not had to clean the chain on either bike for a couple of years or more. No squeaks, no frozen links, no crud build-up. Both bikes are road bikes, used mostly on paved paths.

This is really Good Lube!
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By ImageMaker
Good line but works about the same as triflow or boeshield. Still need to wipe chain after each ride to remove black grime. And yes I did totally degrease and wiped off after applying. No cleaner than any other lube. Wish it had a drip tube like tri-flow. Goes on very runny/thin.
Follow-up: It is now late September and have put on about 1400 miles on this bike with the Dumonde. I'm sick of how filthy the chain gets after each ride. And NO I did not put on heavily, and YES I did wipe excess off after working in the lube. Apply and wipe off the same as I do the TriFlow. My nickel Connex chain with the Dumond is black again after just a 20 mile ride. I wipe the chain down after the ride, and it's black again
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By Stephen
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4.6 | 80 customer reviews
76 of the 80 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
After searching many forums for the perfect oil for my RC helicopter tail pitch rods, main shafts and bearings, this product showed up as the #1 choice.

I've used many brands of oil for my 4 helicopters and this stuff is amazing. After every flight I would have to remove dirt the oil would capture, plus noticeable wear on high speed main masts and rods. This stuff comes off clean, seems to fling dirt and dust off vs holding on to it. I have some vintage helicopters that have parts that are impossible to find. I have a good feeling this will extend the parts that often wear, my tail rotor linkages are smooth as a freshly waxed car! After 50 flights on one of my older helicopters with a low quality steel rod on the tail, it still looks good as new with no slop or wear.

The small plastic drip
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By Sean
After 20 years of restoring vintage sewing machines and trying several lubes, I found this at a local bicycle shop. It is the only oil I use now for the last 3 years. Superior protection without the discoloration and varnishing of most oils. I use their grease too! It's all good. I buy the biggest bottle, and refill this small one to use the little plastic tube and get into the tight oil points on the machines.
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By Andrew H.
Tri-Flow is a great lubricant. I use it on two of my mechanical hobbies: cycling and firearms.
I use this extensively on my high-end road bicycle ($4,000+ bike). I was using a specialty "bike" lube on my chain and was wearing a chain out every 1,500 miles. Since I've switched over to Tri-Flow I've gotten 4,000+ miles on a chain. Yes, this lube requires a bit more care to keep the chain clean and dirt free but it's well worth the effort. I also use this on my mountain bike and my cyclocross bike without worry.

This is also a great, light-weight lubricant to use on firearms.
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By Steve Cook
4.3 | 316 customer reviews
274 of the 316 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I used to wax my chains using a crockpot, paraffin blocks, and some Teflon powder until I tried the Clean Ride stuff. I had read about this on bike forums, but figured it was the same as the rather tedious cleaning of chain with mineral spirits and/or sonicator plus Simple Green and isopropanol. Yes, they both are wax based, with Clean Ride being wax suspended in heptane (pretty sure). Clean Ride still calls for a solid cleaning of chain before initial application, but after that it is just reapplied, resuspending and washing off the dirt on the chain. Certainly much easier than the clean and wax method u was previously using. Not a “green” solution, of course.

Like paraffin, Clean Ride will not give you a perfectly clean chain. At least not if you are riding a good distance. I can still get chain marks in
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By Etienne
Back when I was a young'n riding BMX bikes on dirt trails white lightning was all the rage. Imagine my excitement when now I'm 31 and purchasing my first bike since I was 15 and when I look up "best chain lubes for bikes" white lightning is number 2 on the list.

Didn't even hesitate to buy a bottle, I already know the product.


The chain on my bike snapped and I brought it in for repair. My LBS put some greasy lube on the chain when they replaced it.

Within 50 miles my bike sounded like the bottom bracket was going to fall apart. The problem was all the sand and dirt my chain accumulated during my daily rides around the neighborhood. I put some white lightning on the chain and within 25 miles all I heard was the wooshing of the tires and the clicking of the
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By Brian Kelleher
This is great chain lube. Been using it for quite some time, and was going through the smaller bottles pretty quickly, so I stepped up to the 32 ounce size. My frustration is this - it seems to be impossible to pour from this container without spilling. I've tried fast, slow, sideways, you name it, and it always seems to dribble down the side of the bottle and on to the floor, wasting precious and expensive lube. It's got to be a poor design! I think the only solution is to get a massive funnel as big as the container itself so the spillage will be caught .
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By Brody
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4.3 | 1,523 customer reviews
1,298 of the 1,523 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This stuff works great. I have been using this on my bike for a couple years now and did not appreciate it until I applied it in another application. Purchased my wife a Precor Elliptical trainer and made the mistake of cleaning the rails that the roller glide on. Afterwards they started to squeak so loud you could not listen to the TV or music. I tried everything you could imagine, car wax, WD40, silicone, lithium grease, etc. but nothing lasted more than a couple minute before getting squeegeed away with the rubber wheels. Just happened to be tuning my bike and thought I would give it a try. Over 6 months later and not one squeak!!!!!!!! I think this is a testament to how well this stuff lubricates.
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By Envoy
I have tried 4 different lubes on my road bike chain.
I ride in mostly dry conditions.

I have tried Maxima Spray Chain Wax... didn't work for me.

I have also tried Rock & Roll Gold, Finish Line Dry Lube, and ProGold ProLink.
These 3 products are all okay for lubing the chain.

Rock & Roll Gold wants you to use a lot of their product to saturate the chain & flush out the dirt & grime.
Rock & Roll Gold is messy, and you have to use a lot of it.

Finish Line Dry Lube seems to leave clumps of white material, I think it is PTFE, especially as the bottle gets nearer to empty.
It seems to me that it lubricates fine, but seems to attract a lot of road grime to the chain.

ProGold ProLink seems to me to leave the chain the cleanest over time. You only apply 1 tiny drop per link, so
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By Kim L.
So, I like how this product goes on and I assume it is doing a good job lubricating my bike chains. I cycle several hundred miles a week so I don't mind spending more for a top rated product. I bought a can in June and used it frequently. However, when the can was only about 1/2 empty (end of September) the can stopped spraying? I guess it was clogged or something? I ordered another can in early October and I only used it about two weeks (maybe four times on 4 different bike chains). And, today (Oct 17) the same thing happened! The can feels almost full but it will not spray. I was using the little red straw attachment on both cans but neither can will spray even after I remove the red straw? Amazon was GREAT about the return
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By Kevin L. Lyles
product price
4.4 | 165 customer reviews
146 of the 165 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't ever use the spray nossle, but instead simply refill small droppers and continue using them.

This lube is great. Just make sure to use it properly. Apply a light coating to the whole chain, then slowly pedal while shifting through all your gears. After that, use a clean rag to wipe the chain dry. The lube has already penetrated having leftover on the outside only leads to a dirty, gritty drivetrain.

Don't leave this soaking on your chain overnight then wipe off before you ride. The cleaning solvents will have evaporated by then and left the sticky oily film to collect dirt. Apply, spin for a minute or so, wipe clean, and put your bike away. It'll be ready to go when you ride next.
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By Stephen Durham
I just did two complete rebuilds recently and wanted to relubricate everything as I built the bikes. Firstly, this lube and it's spray applicator really helps with loosening up screws that have gotten wedged, too tight or corroded; was a life saver in that respect. This isn't so great for greasing up seatposts, bolts and bearings, but that isn't this product's mission (for that use Park Tool PPL-2 Polylube 1000 Grease Tub (1 Lb)). For the chain, proper application is cleaning the chain and cogs in a bath of degreaser (I use Simple Green), wipe down, spraying the interior of the chain with lube, let dry for 2 hours, wipe down again, spray again, install the chain and let dry for 6 hours. This may sound like much, but after seeing how much gunk and old grease this lube displaces for how little is applied( it cleans further when applied)
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Wow! Words cannot express how much I love this chain lube. I must confess that the lube I was using before wasn't exactly designed for bikes. I had been trying to buy other lubes that were less expensive because they weren't marketed specifically for bikes. But, after a year of riding with noisy chains on all four of my bikes, I finally searched Amazon and tried Prolink. It transformed all four of my bikes and my riding experience.
I didn't realize how noisy my chains had become. My bikes were making noises that I thought were coming from the bottom bracket or derailers. But, when I lubed my chain with Prolink all the noise went away. My rides are now completely quiet, which is one of the things I have always loved about cycling. And, my bikes started shifting much better too.
By the way, I noticed some reviews said that the
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By Jeff
4.6 | 59 customer reviews
54 of the 59 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent lube, clean application, performs amazing... until you get caught in a rain shower. Then the benefits quickly rinse away.

I don't start my rides planning to get wet, but it's something that happens on occasion.

I feel strongly that, when dry, this is the best lube I've used... other brands I’ve used include the gold one, the green one, the white one... all have their merits: Easy and reliable daily drivers.

When your game has risen to the next level, when you care for and tune you equipment to suit your preferences, this is the next level lube... as long as you stay dry.

The small light feels quirky until you dive in and realize it's extremely helpful to examine the accuracy of the application. You'll see how evenly you're covered, and that you have some stray drips that need to be cleaned up!

I'm trying the
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I was in doubt at first.

Purchased the Muc-Off 872, cleaned chain and cogs completely and follow the product's instruction when applied the product. It makes a night and day different on my chain.
1/. Chain is no longer dirty nor look dark after 200 miles
2/. Cogs are clean and look clean after 200 miles
3/. It seem that chain and cogs no longer collect road dirt as other lubricant
4/. It is very quiet and smooth

Make sure you clean your chain and cogs before applied Muc-Off product. I will not used any other product on my bike.
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By Minh Nguyen
Fancy lube, but doesn't seem to stay clean significantly longer than what I've used in the past. It does, however, pick up less dirt overall--my drivetrain is a lot less gritty with this formulation than with the cheaper lubes I've used in the past. The little UV light is cool, if a bit gimmicky, and the lube is oddly...pleasant smelling? It's hard to describe, but it's like a sweetly-scented shampoo. I wouldn't call it aromatherapy in a bottle, but it beats the harder chemical odors many other lubes have. I'll update this review after I make it through the majority of the bottle to get a better idea of drivetrain wear over time, but so far I can say it doesn't hurt. Slick packaging/design, too.
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By I. J. Barker
4.3 | 151 customer reviews
141 of the 151 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are a lot of chain lube concepts and this one is the old go-to when I have the time. This is a synthetic blend, so it still does catch more dirt than a full synthetic. What I do is hit the chain swivels with this stuff. Then after a few days, hit the chain with a light coat of RemOil (aerosol Teflon). The combo works great for me.

Yep there are better chain lubes. But unless you are a competitive racer or are doing a week+ bikepacking tour in bad weather, there is nothing wrong with this lube.
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By Doc1
Picked this up because a trusty bike mechanic warned me about the long term dangers of white lightening brand lube. This stuff seems pretty great but keep in mind that despite a lid that allow you to somewhat adjust the flow, a lot of lube comes out pretty quickly so you'll probably need to wipe away the excess once you're done, especially if you're dealing with any kind of dirt or dust on your rides. Added a picture with a key for size comparison.
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By James Bond
The lube works great, but I don't like the packaging. It came with a longer applicator tip- not like the pictured simple cap. The tip is part of a cap and unscrews to allow application through a small hole on the end. That part works fine. The entire cap did not fit tightly on the bottle and when it was in my toolbox during a trip, it leaked, losing about 10% of the oil. I investigated the cap and there was no position where it was leak free if the bottle lies on its side. I later dropped the bottle from about 3 feet and the cap popped off and I lost about 60% of the original oil. I've used a few drops and only have about 30% of the bottle remaining! The old cap (as pictured as of the time of this review) was fine- the new one leaks.

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By JustLiberty
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4.4 | 58 customer reviews
54 of the 58 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I met a person on the Stand bike path in the So. Bay of SoCal, he had just returned from a 3000 MI round trip to Cabo San Lucas on a full suspension Mongoose, he started his journey with a brand new SRAM 1X11 drive train and it still looked brand new.
I asked what he used for chain lube and he pulled out a shop size bottle of Squirt and showed me.
I ordered a shop size bottle and cleaned my recently installed drive train and applied, I definitely noticed a difference in the feel of my drive train over my 1st 20MI ride. I FULLY ENDORSE SQUIRT AND IT IS ALL I USE ON ALL 3 OF MY BIKES.
It seems to ball up with dirt and contaminates and throws /falls off as you pedal, I've found small balls of wax on the floor where I work on my bike
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By Seymor Skagneti
Works great after you get the whole drive train clean, will take a bit to get the gray gone so don't be discouraged if you keep getting a gray gritty wax build up at first, afterwards it now keeps the chain and cogs clean and lubed, it's nice being able to change a tube in the back tire without getting grease on your hands. Plus it does a great job as a lube the cleanness is just very nice bonus.
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By Frank B.
Super disappointed in Squirt after reading all the hype and positive reviews. I wonder if I’m on another planet. Someone asked if maybe I had a counterfeit bottle, so I tried 3 bottles from different sources… no change. I was also asked if I cleaned my chains enough before the first application; the answer is yes. I used an ultrasonic cleaner with a degreaser and did 3 baths/cycles on each chain, and then baked them after to completely dry them. They were as clean as clean can get.

My problem is two-fold, with the biggest issue being that this stuff is just incredibly messy. People are saying "no more greasy black hands after handling my chain"… what the ? All three of the chains/bikes I applied Squirt on ended up sticky, black, goo everywhere. I was figuring the wax in Squirt would dry harder than it does. It stays rather soft,
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By Justin Van Alstyne