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4.7 | 252 customer reviews
241 of the 252 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great for Back Pain Relief.
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By Aspen Run Farm
this was amazing thank you!
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By Noet Beeler
Feels soooooo good.
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By Dale johns
4.6 | 411 customer reviews
370 of the 411 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've been on ketogenic diet for the last 2 years, and have used a few different meters. This one is my favorite so far.
It's accurate ( images one and two show my morning ketone readings 9 min apart), easy to use and test strips are reasonably priced. Test strips itself are high quality and absorb blood sample very fast, this helps prevent error readings and waste of strips. To avoid "E02" error do not touch arrow area of the strip when inserting it in the meter. {The seller's video shows how to do this )
The meter doesn't need to be calibrated or coded.
I bought another meter as a gift to my friend ,who wants to try Keto diet.I decided to check how new one works. Very close results on the image were taken from the same drop of blood.

Update: before KetoBM one of the meters
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By J.K.
I have been using the KetoBM ketone meter for a couple days now. At first, I had some failed readings. I emailed the seller and they credited me back for the lost strips! They also walked me through using the meter properly and it turns out the errors were my fault. You don't need a lot of blood but you do need to have a good drop to get a proper reading. I have since used about 10 strips and have had great results!
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By Steve
This product is unfortunately wildly inaccurate. I tested three times in the space of a couple minutes to test consistency and the numbers were radically different every time (.05,1.1 and 2.7) . Really a bummer because I wanted to love the product and had already purchased additional lancets and testing strips before I started to feel like the numbers were incorrect. So that’s money down the drain. Would not recommend.
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By Tee Kearney
4.8 | 104 customer reviews
101 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
The booklet that came with this Glucometer was in small print and had many pages... I was overwhelmed... Called the 800 # provided, and Customer Support sent me a video to watch and then walked me through how to use it on the phone, too...
I bought this for my father who was just diagnosed with Diabetes... The doctor has shown me how to obtain blood for a sample using a sharp needle, but it requires scraping the vein in the ear... He told me he doesn't like using lancets, but, I watched a video of someone obtaining a blood sample on their cat using a lancet and a pen like the one included in this kit... It works BEAUTIFULLY, and my father doesn't mind having a blood sample taken...
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By Anatoly NYC
Came with plenty of test strips.
I'm not diabetic, but am taking precautions for disease and like to keep track of my blood sugar levels. Checked some instructions and videos and I am good to use it.
Very simple to use and calibrate.
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By Par kh
This is a very nice blood glucose machine. It has the ability to set 5 alarms to remind you to test your blood sugar. It has a large memory capacity, will save 900 levels. You can take this machine with you to the doctor so he can see your levels. The machine is super fast as it gives your reading in 5 seconds. It comes with 25 Lancets and strips. Great buy. I would recommend this machine.
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By Deborah S Reed
4.3 | 950 customer reviews
811 of the 950 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I gave up my OneTouch Ultra2 for the Bayer Contour Next EZ and so far I'm glad I did. I was getting some very high fluctuations with the OneTouch. Yes, It was calibrated to the strips correctly. I did control tests and I made sure I used it correctly. I was going through very expensive OneTouch tests strips like crazy (often 2 or 3 per test). I finally decided to pack it in and bought the Contour Next based on reviews and claims of accuracy.

The unit showed up right on time and in pristine condition with all items in tow. The first thing I noticed was the really good tactile feedback you get when inserting a test strip. There is a little resistance and a little click so you know you're set and then the audible that tells you it's ready for the blood sample. Lancet pen worked fine and
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By Slider
This Bayer Contour Next takes closer reading to professional lab works than FreeStyle Freedom, which reads10 to 15 points lower. Better accuracy and user friendly.... and much more economical than FreeStyle. I have been successfully controlling diabetes for 40 years on Zone style eating and hiking. I don't take any medication or supplement. In my recent years I monitored my blood sugar level with FreeStyle Freedom Light, because it is covered under Medicare and Tricare with doctor's prescriptions. Most doctors don't have their own physical experience in controlling Diabetes; that makes them so quick to push for drugs and supplements, that truly annoys me. For a long time, I looked for economical and less cumbersome way to obtain the monitoring kit without prescriptions. FYI; you don't see them on drugstore's shelf unless they are enormously inflated in price. Then this Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetes Testing
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By A hiker
I bought this meter until my insurance sent me the one they would pay for. I, actually, like this one better than the smaller one they sent that requires less blood. I, still, have to prick my finger, and, still, get the same amount of blood, so that is not a factor, for me. I like this meter better, because it is just a bit bigger, therefore, easier to handle. The smaller meter has very thin test strips, which makes it harder to get them out of the bottle. At least, for me. The carrying pouch for both is the same size.
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By Marylou M.
4.3 | 398 customer reviews
341 of the 398 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Really like how this product has everything you need in the kit and is affordable. I needed to buy one for my cousin who was runny low on supplies while visiting us for Thanksgiving week. Most of the supplies at the local Walgreens/pharmacy were quite expensive. This product was the best deal on Amazon and with prime shipping got it right away just in time. With the new meter she can use or keep in her emergency kit as well but she actually likes it more than her current meter. It came with a spare battery and really cute/discreet carrying case that fits nicely into her bag. I should have just said it was her christmas gift! So far no issues with the product. Would highly recommend and would buy again.
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By Amazon Customer
Couldn't beat kit contents for my money. Meter design's compact, smart. Kit's easy to use (quick start guide images) & painless, but YMMV.
Good to see on-screen countdown of 5 secs, from the moment enough blood’s on the strip till the result appears. Confirms I haven't wasted a strip on too little blood for testing. Tested twice off the same blood drop with exact same result.
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I'm on an extreme low-carb diet to control weight and lower my blood pressure enough to get off blood pressure medication. That's my goal. My recent physical revealed that I wasn't suffering from elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc. Except for being overweight, which my doctor is blaming for the blood pressure, I'm in good health.

Because I'm a nerd, and an engineer, I am keeping a log and collecting data while I'm dieting. I'm checking BP and BS at several times throughout the day. Specifically, I wanted to find out what the foods I'm eating on this miserable, boring cave-man diet do to my blood sugar. Also, since I do enjoy a diet soda from time to time, I wanted to see what effect the aspartame and caffeine had, if any on my blood sugar (in MY case, it seems they have little to
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By A. Lundwall
4.3 | 147 customer reviews
109 of the 147 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So, I love this little device! Needed to check in with my blood sugar (on a keto diet now, working wonders for my health!) and chose this because it seemed most convenient, plus pairs with my phone and keeps records stored.

Like others, I at first had difficulties keeping it connected to my phone (HTC10) until I discovered a simple trick. I open the app, turn on the meter device, put it next to my phone (where it is stored as a paired device), turn my Bluetooth phone setting off, then back on, hit "Scan" on my phone, and then go back to the app, and it connects every time, no issues. It won't just connect, after having been turned off, and left for a day or so, but I was freaking out and re-pairing it from scratch each time, and then discovered all I had to do
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This meter works well. I'm satisfied with its accuracy. It is easy to use. I have had no problems keeping it synchronized with my HTC M10 (running Android V7 Nougat) despite that phone not being on the approved phones list. I suppose I got lucky there.

I had been using a Contour Next USB and I liked that test meter quite a bit.

I was hoping this one would be better in many ways, but I found that to be not the case. The Contour Next USB charges from any USB port or power adapter and would run at least 200 tests before needed another charge. I was more than a little surprised to learn the Contour Next ONE uses two CR2032 batteries and is not rechargeable. This was very disappointing and is why I rated the meter 4 instead of 5 stars. Putting
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I ordeted the contour next one smart meter because I wanted to sync to my phone. I received the regular contour next meter. Does not sync to phone and though I like the meter I already have one. Since it is a blood related item it’s non returnable. Beware, if you order this you may not get what you ordered.
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By Gigi

4.3 | 134 customer reviews
119 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

Upgrading my review to 5 stars.

(TIP: Don't throw away the plastic cover for the meter - it makes a nice, convenient tray to use when out and about.)

I ordered this a month ago (March 22) and originally had a problem with the test solution. OWell took care of the problem VERY quickly, making sure I had everything I needed. I have been very happy with both this product and OWell's response and customer service.

I've been using this meter several times a day, and have not seen any wild "out there" results, and even though there is a variation allowed in these machines, my readings have been quite consistent. I like that one can designate what the reading is (pre or post meal) and that it has a timer to help you remember to test post meal. The only thing I would change is to
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By Therese
Updated 12/9/17: Be aware if you will be downloading readings to computer, you must purchase a "data cable" separately. This kit does not include the $20+ data cable and a standard "micro-USB" doesn't work. Just be aware if you want to upload/download data to a PC for tracking purposes that you have to have a data cable for the Contour Next EZ model.
New owner of the Bayer Contour NEXT Diabetes testing kit. I found the product to work well and have easy setup (there is a calibration solution needed for first use and each time a new container of test strips is used). But that was in the description. I'm a home user (not diagnosed with Diabetes) and I don't have a doctor's office reading to compare the results to, but they are consistent and seem to be reliable (I've tested a couple of
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By romania6
This worked for a week and a half then didn't register the blood or the test solution. Ascensia (the manufacturer) did not want to stand behind the product but after speaking to a supervisor they said they'd send a new one. Hopefully the new one will work, we'll see if they even send one. Customer service was terrible and the meter is worthless.
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By Lucy Fan
4.2 | 257 customer reviews
190 of the 257 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
By far my favorite. Love how easy it is to test. Very little blood needed. Easy to add, waits for me rather than canceling out the test like their previous version. Cheap strips also available in this website. The Bluetooth is priceless. Syncs with my meter in the office and the one in my purse and the one on my sink.

The predictabive function of what kind of test it is — pre or post meal or fasting. I just press a button since it already knows cause I set up the app to know when I usually eat. I only wish I could choose number if hours for after eating.

A big group Reversing Diabetes on fb has had great experience with the brand and especially with this latest model.

Get it and take control.
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By Robyn P.
After researching glucometer accuracy, I landed on the Contour Next One as the most accurate available. It came in quickly and performs as advertised. The sync to the Contour app on my Android smartphone is flawless. I really wanted the ability to log the results and this feature alone is worth the upgrade.
Update 5 weeks later: still working great. No issue with the sync to my phone (Samsung S7). If the app on the phone is running (on screen or in the background), the reading shows up immediately. If the app is not, whenever I do open the app on the phone and the meter is on, all the "new" (really stored and not yet synced) readings come in. It couldn't be easier. The ability to see the averages and trending are very handy.
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By R. Freeze
I bought this for the bluetooth connection to my phone but in order to use it you have to create a cloud account and connect all out your information to the cloud. You cannot even sync via bluetooth without turning on location services. What in the world does my location have to do with my glucose levels? You must have a verified email address to create an account so that they can market to you. I feel duped and my privacy violated.
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By Travis A.
product price
4.6 | 49 customer reviews
45 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was not pleased to learn that Bayer had abandoned the market for the Breeze2. I had used the Bayer 1 until it was superseded by the 2. I'm outdoors a lot and found the cartridge-using 2 the most handy and convenient glucose meter available.
This one arrived in outstanding condition with everything working as expected, ready for use out of the box so to speak.
Other than CGM, I can't imagine a more convenient meter out there today.
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By M. Bernstein
I've had good results from this older Bayer meter, which I believe they are seeking to replace with a newer one. At any rate, I bought a couple of these at a very good price (compared to recent levels) to avoid making the change for as long as possible..........certainly long enough to carry a very old man through to the end). All I can offer as testimony for its merit is that the results I obtain from my daily pricking of the finger usually match within a quite acceptable range the results obtained when subjected to the medically administered blood sugar tests. I am not at all aware of the evidence one way or another from the newer products from Bayer.
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By drkhimxz
After having mine for 8 years it broke on the top were the testing strip came out. I was pleasantly surprised to find it on amazon, it only took a few days to get it and just the same quality as the one I got while in the hospital. This was a great buy, and at a good price, I'm sure it would had cost me a whole lot more at a Pharmcy. I love this meter, it's has a disk that you can test 10 times before changing, and that beats having to take the time to put in a new test strip every time before you can test, I love being able to do that, and it's so convenient when your always from home.
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By Rosemary Matthews
4.1 | 515 customer reviews
398 of the 515 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is one of my basics I am not diabetic but on occasion I need/want to know what my blood sugar is to determine what to do. My other basics are the blood pressure cuff and pulse and the finger pulse Oximeter. The Bayer's Contour Blood glucose monitoring is very good. The problem that I have found is that buying the Bayer Microlets multicolored lancets fit lower in the Microlet lancing device than does the sample packaged that are gray. so be aware if you buy the multicolored -- know that you need to push them in to click the lancing device and then pull very slight back up otherwise, when you put on the cap to the lancing device, the multicolored lancets will not go past the head of the lancing device and will not prick your finger.
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By D. L.
It works quite well, but it does say "NOT FOR RESALE" on the box. It was carefully covered with a white address label tape, but I heat gunned it to gently peel back the label and here's the picture. As a California Licensed Health Care provider, I use the "NOT FOR RESALE" meters to give to my patients who don't have the cash to afford a meter or are not covered by insurance. Finding these on Amazon is quite interesting to say the least. I would expect them on Ebay, but would hope that Amazon would screen their sellers a bit more carefully.
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By Jeffrey Wong
Meter run 20 more points higher after 3 months of uses. Not very please with the results. However, I was even unhappy after contacting the manufacture for replacement (automatic 5 years warranty) and was turned down.

The manufacture told me, even I registered the product, I can't receive the warranty since I bought this from Amazon. After channeling up to supervisor, I was granted an exception to the rule and will receive a replacement unit. However, the supervisor advised me that the company don't warrant purchase from Amazon 3rd party (for meter, strips and solution).
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product price
4.4 | 65 customer reviews
60 of the 65 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Have been buying from Maxi-Aids for years. These PRODOGY no code blood glucose strips are really nice. The user has a talking blood glucose meter PRODIGY VOICE and these are just right for it. Even if you don't need a talking meter they are nice to have.

The price of the strips from Maxi-Aids is great!
Have made an additional purchase since my first order of these test strips. With the Prodigy Voice meter you can also test on your arm or leg and only need a small amount of blood.

We LOVE Maxi-Aids!!!
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By momma
What can I say, I've been diabetic for about thirty years. I test my blood glucose infrequently but all my other strips expired about three years ago. <G> The test strips work well and are easy to use.
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By George M. Shirley
My husband tests every morning but I got so tired of the different clubs calling to sell us more and more test supplies. I found these test strips for the most reasonable price I have ever seen anywhere and the quality is comparable to any others on the market. They come in the same box, same product and he is very happy with their performance. We will definitely purchase then again.
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By mm3545
1 offer from product price
4.4 | 62 customer reviews
53 of the 62 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
O.K., I admit it...I'm a Ph.D. analytical chemist and if anything can be measured, I'm like a Labrador retriever and a tennis ball. I tested the strips with the OneTouch UltraMini on a test solution (to avoid variations that occur with "real' blood) and got the following values:

mean=108, RSD=2.7%. That is really, really excellent agreement! To be statistically correct, the 2.7% precision is really the sum of the error due to the strips and the error of the meter; which is even more impressive. Highly recommend.
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By D. Hughes
I already have one but purchased this one for a family member. I like the size and the fact that it only requires a tiny drop of blood. It's also faster than most glucometers.
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By S. Cas
Contains small nylon pouch for test strips, meter, lance and a few lancets (pins) and strips. Newer pouch design does not have the covered pocket on the back, which formerly could be used for holding insulin bottle and a few 6mm/31 gauge, 1/2 cc syringes. Design change was several years ago. This is the best you can do at the best price.
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By Dean La Voie
4.2 | 115 customer reviews
92 of the 115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am very pleased with this kit! I had to replace my One Touch Ultra Mini as it was no longer accurate, so while shopping around for a new one, I found this kit on Amazon. I am so glad I did. The Nano meter is small and yet easy to handle and control (as I have nerve damage in my right arm which makes me shake at times), so a meter I can control is vital to me. The Nano is easy to use and travel with too and it's just plain cute. The kit comes with 12 free lancets and the lancet device was a real surprise to me....I had no intention of using it as I had one similar to this kind years ago and it was junk; however, I figured I would try it just once. I was shocked to
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By bobbie46120
I recently bought the accu-chek nano and I personally love it! It is ready to use as soon as you pull it out of the box, and for me that’s very important. It delivers very accurate results in just seconds! I’ve read some reviews where users say it’s not giving them as accurate of results, but it always matches how I’m feeling at the time! As a 21 year old college student with Type 2 diabetes I live a very fast paced life! The only thing I didn’t like about this meter was the lancer that was included with it. My accu-chek nano came with an Accu-Chex FastClix lancer that has 6 lancets in one barrel. I found the barrel very confusing and struggled quite a bit with it. I also have very sensitive fingertips and hands and found it to be just too rough! I came across a
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By Amazon Customer
I’ve used the meter for just under 6 months with no problems. It’s very quick and easy to use. In contrast, I use a sister meter to assess my blood clotting time. It takes around five times as log. SO RATING IS 5 STARS.


Two days ago the meter started misbehaving. It gave an indication of low battery. I replaced the batteries and had to play with the and buttons to have it operate properly. Yesterday, the same symptoms.. However this time I did not replace the batteries, because the ones I replaced the previous day were fresh, unexpired, brand-name. I played with it more and it finally started working. Today, almost dead broke. Only thing it would try to do is upload files. SO RATING IS DOWN TO 2 STARS.


Checking the instruction book, the unit has a 3-year limited
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By Grampa-in-the-Woods
4.1 | 196 customer reviews
150 of the 196 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
My GF & I did a week long water fast. It was neat watching our Glucose numbers fall daily as our Ketones went up. She is a nurse and would also test her Glucose at work - very similar numbers to the Precision Xtra. Now we are on a keto diet and check our numbers a couple of times per week. The meter is smaller than I thought, but easy to read. If you don't want to use any of its special features, it is easy to use. Just prep your lancing device, CAREFULLY tear open a test strip (try not to bend it), when you insert the strip into the meter it will turn on automatically, lance your finger, give your finger a little squeeze to allow the end of the test strip to suck up enough blood to fill the tiny reservoir.
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Works excellently. I purchased it for the purpose of measuring blood ketones for reference on the ketogenic diet. Easy to understand--assuming one is willing to spend ten minutes reading the informational piece. Efficient, and I'm glad to have invested the money.
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By Samuel LeBaron Abbott III
So, it took a minute to really understand the instructions on how to set it. Just take the batteries out and put back in and it's ready to reset. Easy to use after that. Just remember to buy the strips you need as this package doesn't come with any. If it hurts when you privk your fingers, dial it down. I use a three and I barely feel it and get enough blood to test with. I'm using mine to check for ketosis.
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By Dianne Livingston-Spencer
4.1 | 154 customer reviews
116 of the 154 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love the box it came in. Let's promote sugar filled snacks to go with your Diabetes test kit.
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By Amazon Customer
So the problem I have is with the product, not with the seller really.

The app doesn't work with my phone, an LG V20 running Android 8.0, so the smart features that are the main selling points of this meter don't work for me. If you're considering purchasing this meter, I'd suggest you contact the manufacturer Ascencia first and confirm that their app works on the phone or tablet you plan to use it with.

THAT said, when I brought this shortcoming to the attention of the seller OTC Outlet, they immediately responded by offering me a free replacement meter with computer connectivity, which I can use to track my readings. It's not quite as attractive as the Contour solution with the mobile app, but it does accomplish my primary purpose which is to easily get my readings into a database for trending and analysis.

All told, I have to say that I
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By huntml
Folks, its important that you test these strips. Of the two containers, one is bad. See picture. When I test level 2 solution, the reading is 151. Outside of range. 2nd bottle barely passed the test.

I also used the same solution on the test strips that came with the original meter which I bought new here on Amazon and those test strips are right in the middle of the range.

This is not a game and I am reading other people here also finding these test strips bad. That bad reading can be fatal for some. Sure the price is great but you will want to test each container and like I said, the one container that did pass BARELY passed. That is not very comforting.
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By Joseph
4.6 | 31 customer reviews
27 of the 31 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm not diagnosed, just watching some questionable spikes I occasionally get. So I am one of the most obsessive people as far as how close a meter stays to true numbers. I've tried all of the big brands(AccuChek, OneTouch, Bayer/Ascensia, Freestyle, ReliOn, Glucocard, Agamatrix, True Metrix, and so on). I've always found my AccuChek Aviva and Contour Next have been the most accurate. I know you aren't supposed to test meters side by side, but I do so because when switching meters, it gives me confidence if my new meter runs close to one I know is accurate. So I spent all day running CareSens N in comparison to my Contour Next. My fasting was exactly indenticle between the two meters. My postprandial at various times was always within 3 points between the two meters. I'm thankful I found this meter since I'm not diagnosed, and pay out of pocket.
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By NightmareMan
I’m new to diabetes I love how quick and easy this is to use
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By Elizabeth
Works great. Compared the results to the more expensive one I use and the number were within 5% of each other. Can't complain about that.
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By Paul P
4.3 | 56 customer reviews
45 of the 56 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've own several glucose meters for 18 years. This product is well made/well packed and within 4 points from my aviva plus meter(though I tested an hour apart). The product came with 100 32/33 gauge lancets (which is painless), meter, lancing device, sample strips, control liquid to calibrate and 100 test strips. It is easy to use. I hope however that this company will make the cartridge lancing device (where it is loaded with six needles) like the accu-chek fastclix. I do hope they make it seven or more needles for the lancing device so that those that are managing their diabetes will have an easier time poking the finger to test glucose w/o having to change needles each time and to also avoid poking the skin accidentally . This is an excellent product for the price and I wish more success to this company.
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By romy
Was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes....possible diabetic. Wanted to make drastic earring changes and lose weight in the hopes of not having to take metformin. You MUST have a way to check glucose while attempting this or it is reckless. This product is easy to use and comes with plenty of strips etc. instructions to get started could be clearer—having to do this the first couple of times is hard enough—-but once you get it it’s super easy. I’ve used this now for about 3 weeks morning, evening and sometimes two hours after a meal. The information I get about how I’m doing is invaluable!!! Crossing my fingers my next A1c will be much lower!!!
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By Delia Enright
First, it's a good meter in general. I compare to the Accu-Chek Aviva Plus from Roche, a consistent high ranker in public tests. Numbers between the two meters are very close, essentially the same, given the approximate nature of this sort of metering. I only have two areas where it falls a big behind the Accu-Check. One is that it is somewhat sensitive to how you sample the blood drop and the size of the drip. With some attentive practice, you become consistent, and it ceases to be an issue. I have to wonder if it's not really that this meter has the sample strip extend from the top, so it points away from you. The Accu has it pointing toward you. Try the two arrangements by pretending with some that size. The Accu's arrangement encourages you to keep the strip more or less vertical, which makes it draw blood
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By Gerald C.
product price
4.0 | 304 customer reviews
220 of the 304 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using One Touch products for a long time and I know how reliable their meters are so that when I needed to replace the one I have I purchased this One Touch Ultra2 and I'm very happy with it. It works great, now I am getting correct numbers again. I tried a couple of other brands but kept coming back to One Touch, I trust this brand.
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By Mara M
This is the oldest basic blood testing type kit and brand. I suggest this for all beginners or people looking for simpliest method to learn how to begin tracking blood sugars.
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By Plundered treasure
Accurate blood testing system - however be aware the strips for this type of tester are super expensive. I bought it as a backup but also did not realize how expensive the test strips are. Other brands do have cheaper test strips. This model does appear to be very accurate and it comes in a nice pouch for carrying it.
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By Susan H
4.2 | 73 customer reviews
62 of the 73 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this for my wife, who has had Type II for about a decade now, to replace her six year old monitor. This unit is a Porsche compared to the unit she had. Packaged as detailed, and within five minutes of opening it, I had the app on her phone downloaded, and account setup. My wife is one of the smartest people I know, but she falls flat when it comes to technology. So I was apprehensive in getting this, thinking that she would use the monitor, but would never use the app on her iPhone. I...WAS...WRONG! She still can't flip inputs on the tv, but she figured this out in one or two uses.

She uses it twice a day now, like the doctor told her to years ago, and is using the log-per-reading feature to determine the causes of her "hills and
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By Kevin Peck
Very affordable kit and a great product so far! Note, I have only been using this a couple of days so if there any discrepancies, I'll post an update.

First of all, I'm not diabetic but I bought a kit (60 test strips + 110 lancets) for occasional blood sugar checks. The kit came exactly as advertised, with the Contour Next One meter, one small bottle of control solution, one Microlet2 lancing device, 110 lancets (one box of 100 plus one bag of 10), 60 Contour Next test strips (one box of 50 plus one box of 10, with expiration dates in March 2019) and a carrying case. You have the choice whether or not you would like to use it with the Contour app; the device will log up to 800 entries. The kit does not come with a logbook and I don't think it's necessary, given how great the
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By Marjorie L.
Like the Bluetooth capability to maintain a record. The down side is the phone app. The app fails to allow different meal times for those people that work on off shifts. The app locks you into meal times that are within a few hours of a normal meal time for some one that works on a day shift. For those of us that work a swing or graveyard shift, there is no way to adjust the meal times. This is in my opinion a major fail on the part of the app developer. the Glucometer I give a solid 4 or perhaps a low 5 but only give the app a one.
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By YetiSlayer
4.0 | 270 customer reviews
217 of the 270 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'm a RN and I am shocked at the quality of this one, and what you get for $20. This was a great gift for my prediabetic mom so she could keep an eye on her blood sugars, it is going to last her forever.
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By Lindsay Clegg
I am a first time user for any type of blood sugar monitoring so it was difficult to narrow down what I needed between all of the selections out there. It is very easy to use and provides a nice large readout with everything needed in one purchase right down to the bag. I am very happy with this kit and feel that I am getting a great value for a great price.
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By FloridaGal
This device is impressively accurate each and every time I perform a test. I compared it to my lab results and it was within 3 points. Not even my One Touch was this accurate. Wow!
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By commscoordinator