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4.7 | 1,430 customer reviews
1,325 of the 1,430 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been a pressure cooker user for over 15 years - first with stovetop, now with electric. I was originally leaning towards InstantPot, because they have swept the internet and are very well known, but ended up going with this one instead. Since I'm a very early reviewer, I thought I'd share some insight into the world of pressure cooking, why I chose this model, and why I'm happy that I did.

1. Why I chose the Mealthy MultiPot over all of the other pressure cookers on the market
Countdown screen - pressure cooking can be a huge time saver, but it often takes the pot as long as 15-20 minutes to come up to pressure. Most pressure cookers do not inform you where you are in the cooking process until the final BEEP that your food is cooked. The MultiPot has a time tracker that allows you to see where
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By ELizabeth Wick
Let me begin by being completely transparent. I have an instant pot. I’ve had it for a couple of years now, and I love the thing. I found it randomly when I was looking for a second slow cooker, and decided to give it a go before it became a popular household item like it is now.

Fast forward to the oresent, and I decided that I wanted another pressure cooker because I use the other pot so often, I wanted to be able to cook TWO things at ONCE! This pot was introduced to me by a friend, and I decided to go for it.

I LOVE THIS POT. Instant Pot who? This is my go-to pot, now. Even my HUSBAND has used this and NOT MESSED UP THE RECIPE! Here’s why:

1. This pot is much more user-friendly. The display tells you when it is preheating, which is really important
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By Laura
My beloved wife passed away 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer. I miss her immensely and also miss her delicious cooking. While I have cooked for myself on and off during my 74 years of life, my wife was a genius in the kitchen.. She could cook anything and turn it into a feast. After her passing, as I tried to again familiarize myself with MY WIFE'S KITCHEN, I realized she had about one of every type of food preparation utensil known to woman or man, and she knew how to use them all efficiently and effectively. As for me... I was totally lost as to what to use when, or how. I soon realized that I only needed a few simple kitchen appliances and utensils to start cooking for myself..

I started my search to find the most versatile, quick and simple cooking appliance that I could find. Something that
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By Skip in Texas
4.7 | 444 customer reviews
413 of the 444 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have several pressure cookers. 2 @ 10 qt Pressure Cooker XLs, a Gowise 14 qt pressure cooker, and an 8 qt Instant Pot. I cook for large crowds on the patio during the summers. The problem with pressure cookers is that meat always emerges pale and unappealing. Everything has to be browned in a hot oven which means it has to be transported back and forth.

The Ninja Foodi solves the problem. When the pressure cooking is over, the meat remains in the pot. You drop the Crisp Fryer lid and brown the meat with your favorite sauce or rub. My favorite is Baby Back Ribs. Two racks of ribs are cut into 2 rib sections and doused with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. A cup of apple juice. Pressure cook for 25 minutes on HI. Remove ribs, discard liquid, clean pot and douse ribs again with BBQ sauce.
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By Terry Ball
Well, i am a believer! AWESOME thing. It’s large, make no mistake it WILL take up some counter space, but this thing rocks.
Docked some stars because even though everything works (amazingly well) the air fryer makes such a loud noise it’s almost unbearable. There appears to be some way out of balance wobbling in the fan, and the whole thing vibrates and rattles while it’s cooking. Hopefully there’s a fix for that, or i may be looking for a replacement.

UPDATE, 17 October 2019
This thing is still incredible! The noises it was making are still present, but have gotten much quieter. It’s almost like a mechanical humming, coupled with the sound of the fan blowing inside.
Also, discovered that you can power it on, and start the pressure cooking process without the lid on it. I like this a LOT because i can add my veggies, some liquid, and then add the
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By William Allen Horton
Don’t buy!!! Good concept. Problems from the start lid error!!!!!! Tooooo expensive to be having these problems. Can only use the airfryer. No pressure etc.
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By Karen K
4.6 | 657 customer reviews
590 of the 657 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are 2 downsides that I've identified so I will list those first-
1. The machine can be side heavy. The air fryer lid stays on no matter what - and it causes the machine to be a bit side heavy when it is open and not in use. It won't be a problem if you keep it turned around backwards, but I had an issue when I was cleaning it. I turned it towards me and it fell off the counter and I got a nice big bruise on my calf. I thought it would be very dangerous if full of a hot liquid, but I don't think I'd ever put it in that position with it full. Still, I thought it worth mentioning. In use, I've always wanted it going the other way but to be doubly safe, I don't get it anywhere
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By Bugs
We have evolved from a slow cooker to pressure cooker to air fryer to the Foodi. Our InstatPot was the closest thing to the Foodi. We loved it. And still do but... it doesn't do all that the Foodi will do. Yes it is larger, heavier and has a separate piece (the crisping lid) but we find it still more convenient than all separate appliances. I guess the drawback is if it breaks you likely loose all of those cooking options. We'll cross that bridge if that happens. For now, we will continue to enjoy the all-in-one Foodi.

The first thing I made was simple air fried sweet potatoes. Slice them up, shake up in a baggie with some olive oil, salt, pepper then drop them in the basket. Drop the crisping lid, follow the suggested cooking instructions and wait. You
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By Heather LaRee
So, disclaimer: I love my Instant Pot. I've had the 6 quart for a really long time, and then got an 8 quart, too, for those larger servings for guests (or when I want a bumper batch for leftovers for the week).

So, with the introduction of this 6.5 quart Ninja Foodi, I was really interested to see what Ninja could bring to the table to compete. Turns out, they brought quite a lot to the table, and then some.


1.) The interface on the Ninja is in a different league to the Instant Pot. It's simplified to the max. I really like this, as the Instant Pot has so many options that are really just the same thing. This really keeps it simple.
2.) Comes to pressure so much faster than my 8 quart Instant Pot, and even feels a little faster than my 6 quart Instant Pot, too.
3.) Easy-to-read timer, with
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By William G.
4.5 | 3,538 customer reviews
2,989 of the 3,538 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Caution--if you purchase the Ultra Instant Pot, please be aware that you must learn how to use the buttons because all the recipes for Instant Pots are geared toward the standard-not the Ultra-and the buttons on the Ultra are all different from the standard. It took me awhile to figure this out and I am still learning. I love my Ultra IP but the company did not do a good job of explaining the differences in the buttons--I had to search by googling and reading lots of blogs.
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By Jean Turicik
Not being new to pressure cooking first thing I can say is WOW. I have to confess that I had a stove top pressure cooker a long time ago and have not used one in a while. I have been out of the loop on the Instant Pot electric pressure cookers too which is a blessing in that I followed my instincts and bought the Ultra without making the mistake of trying to save a few bucks for the Duo series.

Like going to the car dealer for a new car, think of the Instant Pot line of cookers the same way., The Lux is the base model, the Duo is the model up from the base and the Duo Plus two models up from the base and the Ultra is the fully loaded model. Just like the car dealer, - more features means more money. With a
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By T. Mackel
We bough an Ultra Mini around two months ago. It was instant love with the device. As a matter of fact, one week later we ordered a larger unit.

Just recently we found that the front dialing button was stuck. I carefully removed it and found that it was bent out of shape in the portion that seats inside of the panel. It is easy to figure out that this could have happened because of the heat that the unit generates (button is made of plastic).

I contacted Instant Pot customer service asking if this was covered by warranty, or if not, how could I purchase a replacement. This is their reply:

"Hello Edmundo,

Thank you for getting that information to us, it is appreciated.

This piece is not sold separately as the base comes as one full unit. This is not something that is covered under warranty. With that said we can offer you
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By Edmundo Ramirez Semprit
4.8 | 141 customer reviews
130 of the 141 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Got this "used as new". Best purchase ever! I have both pressure cookers and air fryers but this hybrid is an excellent choice for someone new to the technologies. Functional and easy to use. It is a large unit and since my counter space is limited, I have put it on a cart which also doubles as a cooking surface and storage for the accessories. The 6.5qt is the perfect size for singles and families.
Update 02/16/19: Continuing to try new things to cook. I have used all but dehydrator setting. You can also braise in this unit which is a bonus, cannot do in a PC. My only complaint at this point is the inability to purchase extras as they are backordered and they are brand specific so other PC parts don't fit. I am currently looking for a travel bag that will fit for transporting when I
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By A. Gholston
I love the fact that you can do almost anything with it. BUT the small size especially when inserts are added make it hard to make a substantial family meal. Also the price is 4 to 6 times the price of any of the single appliances it replaces, and at least double the price of all appliances it replaces. It also is EXTREMELY heavy. On the other hand it is very well made and works very well.
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By Hubert P Ruff
The wife and I unpacked the unit and as normal she went and rinsed/washed the POT and Air fryer basket. She used regular hot tap water and some dish soap.
Immediately after putting both the pot and the basket under the hot water they both gave off a powerful smell which I cant really describe but it was not pleasant in the least.
We have since then ran them thru a few cycles in the dishwasher. The smell is not going anywhere.
My wife refuses to cook with it as the food would inherit the nasty smell.

Anyone else have this issue.... if so how did you overcome the smell ?

As of today … 3 months after purchase it is still sitting unused on the shelf.

Support site on Amazon points to Shark and they only support the Vacuums' on that site.
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By Brian Boulter
4.5 | 647 customer reviews
588 of the 647 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Up until recently, I owned pretty much every cooking device except a pressure cooker. I make most of my roasts and stews in a Dutch oven and thinner soups in a stock pot, with a large stainless steel pan for all searing and frying duties. I always avoided pressure cookers because I was under the false impression that they were the equivalent of cheating for meals intended to be cooked for long periods of time. I also thought that they super heated food and therefore destroyed nutrients and flavor. After doing some research and understanding the cooking process, I decided to buy one.

Interestingly I bought one to cook rice - I cook a lot and buy 15 lbs. bags at a time. I had heard pressure cookers are as good as rice cookers if not better and can be used for so much more. Also a lot of rice cookers
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By culturejamming
Read the manual. I repeat Read The Manual. I also used youtube to get an actual glimpse of how to use it. I did all of that. I've become a cooking fool. And I hate cooking. Hard Boiled eggs, Steamed Cabbage, a Whole Chicken just as starters. The only little thing I didn't like is the steam handle. I'd like the the instructions to be in white rather that black which is the same color as the lid. Also on the youtube videos one of the instructors kind of dissed the 5 qt size. But for me, a single lady, it is the only one that made sense. Plus it reduced the cost. I'm going to be putting the Instant Pot on my island so I always have good access to it. I've given way my egg steamer,
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By B. C. Poppe
After 1 use, the pressure sensor malfunctioned and I had to contact customer support. Now they want me to take 5 pictures of this pot and send it to them while they are processing a replacement for me. I want a refund instead of a replacement. I don't want to have to worry about this pot exploding if the pressure sensor decides to malfunction again!

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By Dave

5.0 | 76 customer reviews
76 of the 76 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Excellent slow cooker, everything does a bang! Each automatic mode is activated by a separate button, and not by the "circular" menu as in many other models, for me it is very convenient. More than enough programs, there is "Multipovar". Power 860-1020 watts. All modern functions, including "MASTERSHEF LIGHT", enable / disable auto-heating at any time, delayed start. A good bowl with a quality coating. Informative display. Turn on / off the sound (a very necessary function!). Rubber feet, does not slip on the countertop. The housing is not made of plastic, but of stainless steel! The crock-pot is round, there are no corners that will be chipped. The bowl is huge, but I hardly add oil to food, it’s even tastier. The slow cooker gives a very serious saving of time, cleaning products, and most importantly, strength. Spent
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By Wolf
We just diverted from the traditional $9 rice cooker which cooks only rice and taking a long time. We just replaced with this new multipurpose presser cooker. Actually I brought this for a surprise gift to my wife because she was tired by old cooker but this cooker surprised me with nice looks and quality! There are so many cooking options also very nice looks of stainless steel cooker. My friend has brought another pressure cooker from another brand but he said there is no pressure release option and very hard to wait a long time for minimizing pressure to open. And he has suggested me to get something which we can release pressure easily and this cooker has one-touch pressure release option which we love most. My friend also thinking to buy this same one!
We loving slow cooker function because we found a great test of our food on
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By Shiva Hari
Well! I've fallen victim to so many kitchen gadgets that I'm ashamed! But finally I found cook pot pressure cooker that's so worth it. I can promise you this, Instant Pot + fresh food = Fast and delicious dinners. It's amazing. There's no need to put that crock pot on before work because it doesn't need to cook all day to meld flavors. Instant Pot does the same thing in 20 minutes. It's also a very attractive little appliance and I haven't mastered programming it, but because I'm actually using this pot, I know I will. Nothing like food added fresh 20 minutes ago tastes like it was cooking all day. This isn't your moms scary pressure cooker. It's amazing!
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By Andy
4.6 | 198 customer reviews
181 of the 198 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This was a gift for an elderly aunt who is also a caretaker of her husband. She is not in the best of health either. I knew that this would simplify meal times for her , IF SHE WOULD USE IT! Older ladies do not comprehend cooking frozen meat and it being so tender and wonderful to eat. Once I showed her some recipes, she is sold. Great gift!!!!
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By Amazon Customer
This is a great Instant Pot. I love the red color! This is my second Instant at our business and one at home (I was getting tired of carrying it back and forth). The only feature about this pot that's different from my other one is that it doesn't have the ability to park the lid on the side of the pot when it's not locked in place for cooking. The toggle for venting is slightly different on this pot but basically works the same. The Instant Pot is just a great product. It's so versatile and quick and I love searching for new recipes to try. Buy an Instant Pot and jump right into cooking a few won't regret the purchase and you'll be hooked.
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By donnor
Don't order this if you are expecting it to do all the stuff it claims it can do. It doesn't. What it does do is it's primary purpose which is an electronic pressure cooker. Like any pressure cooker there is a learning curve and don't expect it to be "instant" or to cook everything well. If you are cooking a braised meat or stew type dish this is awesome. If you want to roast a chicken, turn on the oven.
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By Marsha A.
4.6 | 141 customer reviews
127 of the 141 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars

This cooker is amazing! For many years I was skeptical about this device. But eventually got it. And now I think my cooking habits will change. It’s so easy and fast.

It saves you so much time, you just throw all in it and “go away”... when time is up, you just open it and enjoy! No need to stay around and watch your food cooking as your regular way of cooking. And most important its TASTY!
I don’t know how, but it works.

Such a great device!
This BECOOKER brand makes sure you get all you need. It comes with manual and cooking recipes, as well as spatula and measure cup.
It includes a stemming rack as well.

SO GRATEFUL , to have it!!!
My life is so much easier NOW!

Also this company has 10 YEAR WARRANTY!
This is rare to get such a long term warranty, so I have no doubts that I
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By Kasey
EXCELLENT machine whether working with thawed or frozen! Here are my tips based off of what I have learned through use and facing some of the same challenges the other confused/unfamiliar reviewers mentioned. 1. Season your food very well. (Marinate and/or dry season.) 2. If you are not making soup, do NOT add water. The steam pressure will pull the water out of your ingredients. Moisture will come out of your onions, carrots, veggies, meats, etc and the food will still be fork tender. (Obviously this does not apply to making only Rice with nothing else in the pot.) 3. Season your meats well and put them in the freezer for that day when you have little to no time to cook. This machine can handle it! (If you're concerned or decided to put a glacier size hunk of frozen meat in your pot, there is nothing
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By Jack
Love this pressure cooker. The labels and buttons help make cooking a lot easier; plus I love the stainless steel look. I have never had a pressure cooker before and this is becoming my new best friend. Very easy to use, efficient, no mess, shorter cooking times what more can I ask for. I am still trying it out to cook different food. This is a fantastic help with a birthday party that's coming up. For chicken or beef, all turned out great. Love that I could just set it and walk away then be back when it's done. Love the preset modes as well. I did read the manual and recommend everyone does that before using it to familiarize with the product.
So far I couldn't have been happier with my choice of buying this pressure cooker.
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By T. Scott
4.3 | 1,575 customer reviews
1,235 of the 1,575 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I love this pressure cooker. I have considered upgrading to a more expensive model, but then I look at the price and realize that I could buy three of these for the upgraded model. I have owned this pressure cooker before, I actually am replacing a ten year old model that I purchased somewhere else.

I can make roasts, bbq ribs, rice pilaf, soups and baked beans in half or more of the time it takes to cook them on the stove. This 6 quart model works for my family. I don't can in this pressure cooker because I own an old fashioned on the stove model that can can 12 quarts at a time.

I find myself cooking with the pressure cooker more in the summer because if you only take half the time in the kitchen than you don't heat the kitchen up. The food in a pressure cooker
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By Kristi R.
Like cooking with the Jetsons. This is the next evolution in pressure cooking. I'm used to using a stovetop pressure cooker which has to be watched and the temperature adjusted as it reaches pressure. With this pressure cooker, you press the buttons and go do something else. I come back later, open it and dinner is on. Seems to be high-quality but I've only had it for a couple of months. Settings are fairly intuitive. Cleanup is easy. The cooking pot is an insert which lifts out. The lid has five basic parts which you will separate for cleaning and that's it. The underside of the lid has a disk with a silicone gasket that goes around its perimeter which must be removed and washed after each use. There is a soft silicone grommet in the center of that disc on the underside of the lid that I don't generally
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By Comenius
I bought pressure cooker with insurance. The cooker is defective... timer does not work and cooker shuts down. Insurance states it is under warranty. Warranty told me ship it back to Cuisinart for a replacement which costs $48 for shipping! That is more than half of what I paid for the item. I would like a refund for $48 shipping fees for the defective item. NO positive review until resolved! HELP
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By Mallory Woodrow
4.5 | 158 customer reviews
143 of the 158 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
When my electric pressure cooker came, I was surprised to see such a huge box on my porch. It comes with quite a few parts and pieces, and for someone who’s never used a pressure cooker before, it took some prep time to understand how to work it. After a few minutes of reading around I got the hang of what does what. As a college student, the opportunity to meal prep for the week saves me so much time. It’s been awesome to provide some healthy home cooked meals with not too much fuss. Tastes great and replaces my pan and pots for a variety of meals.
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By Andrew Owens
I am in love! This thing is so easy to use and there’s millions of recipes available on line for it. I did shredded beef last night & tonight bbq shedded chicken and baked potato’s. First I did potatoes, then chicken all together it took me under a hour. There is a lot of functions that I haven’t even tried but what I have done so far is amazing.
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By caleb
Great! ! This is my first time using a multi-function / pressure cooker. However, this is not my first time cooking. I am a fan of elaborate cooking utensils. If I feel that this tool can achieve its purpose, it is very comfortable to use and it will last for a reasonable period of time (no matter what it may be), I don't mind spending a little extra, and not It is not difficult to store when used. It turns out that this device is cheaper than its main competitor, and I store it on my kitchen counter. If it does, it will make my kitchen look more beautiful, and it has a small footprint.
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By Sarah Clay
4.3 | 570 customer reviews
476 of the 570 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is my 2nd Instant Pot purchase. I purchased the Instant Pot 6QT DUO a year ago and I use it every single day! I have gotten rid of my crock pot and rice cooker thanks to my IP. I also trashed my scary traditional pressure cooker :) I am able to cook tender mouth watering beef stew in 35 minutes and perfect hard boiled eggs that peel flawlessly every single time, even if they are fresh! If you are hesitant to purchase the Instant Pot because you are scared of pressure cookers, STOP now! This is what you want! I have made things I had never made before in my instant pot like yogurt and cheesecakes. YES! Cheesecakes! I can cook a rack of ribs in 25 min and finish them off on grill or oven which are yummy
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By Marge0808
I have owned the Instant Pot Duo for about a year and a half and absolutely love it. This appliance has completely changed the way I cook, as well as saved a lot of time spent previously cleaning up messes in my small kitchen, not to mention the fabulous meals that have come our way.

Having purchased 2 extra pot inserts for my Duo, many times I found myself preparing two or three courses, one right after the other. I wanted another Instant Pot so that I could cook two things at a time and get dinner on the table even faster. So- I bought the Smart Cooker right when they were being released, and received it in December 2014. I love to cook, and the technology as well as the ability to have an app where I could store everything to
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By Mona Lisa (M.W.)
After 9 months, the yogurt function has broken. On the normal setting, this is supposed to be an 8 hour process, but it stops around 2-3 hours. I have tried turning it off and on again, and unplugging it for a night, and it continues to never complete the yogurt process. It always stops after 2 or 3 hours. The timer on the display is frozen and will not progress (I waited many hours to see if it would ever resolve itself).

Also, I noticed that I rarely use the bluetooth function. The app is horrible, buggy and never gets improved or updated. I wish I had just gone with a standard IP to begin with. This was a huge waste of money to break after 9 months and cost more for useless poorly designed technology.

For reference, I use my IP Smart several times a month;
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By Mrs. Z
4.2 | 1,934 customer reviews
1,508 of the 1,934 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I was always afraid of those archaic stove top pressure cookers - This is not one of those. This multi-cooker has lived up to all the hype! I absolutely love it. I can make a pot roast in about an hour and it is melt in your mouth tender. While the Express Cooker looks a little intimidating, it is actually really easy to use. It combines the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, cake maker, yogurt maker, saute/searing, steamer, warmer and sterilizer all in one unit. It has complete custom programming for pressure and non-pressure cooking. I would recommend reading through the instructions just for safety.

The good:
The saute feature is genius. It allows you to sear or semi cook something prior to pressure cooking. I've found that if I don't brown/pre-cook what I'm making, the meat doesn't have much
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By Miss Kitty
I chose the crock pot express over the instant pot for a number of reasons: I trust the crock pot brand, it was cheaper than IP, and I liked the nonstick pot.

Several of my friends have Instant Pots and have raved about them for well over a year. I love to cook and am usually a sucker for the latest gadget but I didn’t want another bulky appliance in the kitchen that would just sit there unused. When crock pot came out with the express cooker for a cheaper price than instant pot, I was intrigued. And then it was an extra % off at target, so I caved.

I’ve had it for 10 days and have already used it numerous. I am seriously amazed by how easy it is to use and how delicious the food turns out. I made meatloaf tonight and it was, without a doubt,
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By ca
Let me start by saying that I own an Instant Pot, so I will compare the two. The Crock-Pot version operates well and if I didn't own the Instant Pot, it would seem perfectly fine. The biggest advantage is that it seems to come to pressure much more quickly. It cooks perfectly silently with no sputtering or hissing of steam. It also has a non-stick cook pot, which is a mixed blessing. It's nice that clean up is easy, but it does not develop as much fond in the pot when browning, which adds to flavor of the dishes. The biggest feature difference, which I enjoy on the Instant Pot, is the ability to override the automatic settings completely. Instant Pot allows you to cook on a manual setting and also allows you to increase the temperature for functions like saute/browning. The Crock
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By Cabushka
4.2 | 323 customer reviews
253 of the 323 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This pressure cooker is one of the best on the market. I've owned a few and this is by far the best. I made a lemon chicken out of the cooker and it turned out perfectly. I would absolutely recommend this product.
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By Amazon Customer
Loving my new pressure cooker!!! I came home from work the other day and made roasted chicken, it took like 3x faster, and came out delicious! Also made a vegan stew that came out heavenly! (We have a lot of vegan guests, so this was super helpful)
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By Devorah F.
I've only made one meal and I'm already excited to see what else it is capable of doing. It made delicious chicken breasts in twenty minutes and I hardly did a thing. Can't wait to make more magic with little effort!
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By Vanessa
4.1 | 1,049 customer reviews
795 of the 1,049 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
There are quite a few of these automated stand-alone pressure cookers available now. The New York Times ran an article about them back on 2/1/17 ("Learning to Cook Under Pressure"). Many of them appear quite similar to one another, but there are definitely differences. It is those very differences upon which you'll choose which pressure cooker to get.

So let's go through the basics here: This pressure cooker is nicely designed, with a front panel that works intuitively, and with easily followed directions. The first time I used the cooker, I wanted to make a Japanese Sweet Potato mash. Using the "Steam Potatoes" setting worked perfectly. I followed that up by cooking chestnuts - rather than roasting them, I pressure cooked them for 6 minutes at pressure setting 4. Perfect, easy to peel, and very tasty. Pretty much everything I've cooked has turned out tasty, moist, tender....I'm very pleased.

What are the
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By Dr. Stuart Gitlow
I am new to using Pressure Cookers, but researched throughly online and then watched a lot of YouTubes and Pinterest before choosing Cosori 6 QT Pressure Cooker. I was drawn by the cost that included extra accessories and seemed very similar to the leading competitors brand. I was very excited when the Cosori Pressure Cooker arrived and unpacked it right away and was making boiled eggs in Pressure Cooker within 15 minutes of unpacking and have used the Pressure Cooker to make dinner every night. I love the heavy inner pot, it’s very durable and includes measurements up the side. Meat cooks in no time and prep is easy. I love it! My next dinner is going to be ribs, I can’t wait. Ever meat cooked so far has been fork tender and delicious. And the stock or sauce which every I decide to go with is chalked with
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By Paulette Hilk
I tried this last night for the first time. I did baby back ribs just as per their instructions. they were perfectly cooked, tender and moist. but realize that this is like parboiling. no browning or crispy crust. I put low carb b b q sauce on them and slid them into a 500 degree oven for ten minutes to dry out the sauce a bit. very tasty. the next time I will finish them on a hot b b q grill. my next try will be a chuck roast.' will report after that to see if my rating changes. oh by the way, the unit stay relatively cool on the outside. must have good insulation in it.
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By Steven Dunn
4.6 | 49 customer reviews
45 of the 49 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Powerful, easy to use, bring convenience to life, like it, enjoy shopping
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By customer
This multi-function pressure cooker is great! So easy to use and cleanup. I Cooked a 4 lbs boneless pork loin fork tender in 46 minutes. I love that I can make a good meal in a short time. Also, stainless steel pot cleans up so easily. And I love the inner pot with handle, very great design!
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By Lori
In returning my first sample of the Geek Chef oval pressure cooker to, here’s what I reported.

“Faulty valves: Pressure valve twice popped open in use, venting steam & liquid. Lock valve often fails to retract fully, interfering with lid release even when fully depressurized. Steam outlet seems to lack the usual in-pot safety cap. Trouble-shooting guide gives no help.”

What follows is about my second (replacement) Geek Chef. Initially this unit behaved almost as badly as the first. It’s alarming to have your PC’s steam valve come open with a loud “pop” just as it reaches cooking pressure - like in the bad old days when pressure cookers were feared as steam bombs. And it’s depressing to fill a really large cooker with food, only to find out that its lid-locking valve won’t rise and close to let the cooking start. My impulse was to toss the contraption out (since
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By Jack11615
4.7 | 41 customer reviews
40 of the 41 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am pretty familiar with the older 1950s style pressure cooker using a weight and such to regulate the pressure. When you think about it, there was not much to the safety design of such a system except a plastic plug and regulating the temp to the unit. In other words, we lived on the edge back then.

Using a pressure cooker always proved great results. Such a unit would tenderize meat, intensify flavors and quicken the cook cycle. However, it was suited for only one thing and that was pressure cooking.

Welcome to the technology age and the maturity of such a unit. First off, this modernized unit affords multiple safeties including pressure, computer monitored temp, built in relief safety and of course the last resort, the plug.

In addition to a modernized unit, it’s not suited for just one purpose of pressure cooking but also a steamer, crock pot replacement and
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By Kimberley H.
This is the Best Pressure Cooker out there, I use it every weekend to cook supper I have never seen a Pressure Cooker working as good as this one, It is easy to clean as well which is critical. It is highly versatile and can be used for a variety of cooking methods. It is well designed and made from high quality components
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By Harry
I'm living in a building that is being renovated. The gas is waiting to be reinstated. It's been 4 months. I love to cook and love cooking with gas. This device was an attempt to still be able to make my meals. I have never used a device like this and am in the learning stage. I tried making chicken with vegetables. It came out ok. Chicken was cooked thoroughly. Used the pressure cooker choice. Vegetables did not cook enough. I made pork and vegetables in the slow cooker part. Was ok. I have no clue how long anything is going to take. I made rice. It was ok. The device is easy to clean. I tried buying a cook book. It didn't help. The manufacturer needs to include a how-to-use for dummies!
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By Cheryl w
4.3 | 96 customer reviews
86 of the 96 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this when it was a lightening deal, as I wanted a pressure cooker with a yogurt button. It was the first thing I cooked in it. I used the cold start method and it's amazing. I would recommend this product.
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By Amazon Customer
Half the price of other brands and does everything! Roasts, cakes, grains, saute, even yogurt if that's your thing. Easy to clean inside and out. No dials, just soft touch buttons. Very intuitive to use. Blue display is easy to read and lets you know everything that is going on at a glance. I may never use my oven or stove again!
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By Tracey
From the day I ordered this thing I kept getting a 5 error. Chefman never responded to my e-mails. Now I'm getting the same error and no response again from Chefman. I loved this product but am disappointed that I only got to use it 4 times and now it won't work

The Chefman multicooker is really great. Bought this at the Amazon Flash Sale price. So far I have made two pot roasts and brown rice both times. My first pot roast I slow cooked for 4 hours from frozen and it came out great. Second time tried a roast with veggies and cooked it for 8 hours and that worked great too. Please read the cheat sheet that comes in the box. If you read the cheat sheet, you don't cook Brown Rice using the "Rice" setting, You have to
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By Mickey DT
4.1 | 251 customer reviews
204 of the 251 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Having never been around pressure cookers I had some trepidation when I ordered this. People kept telling me I had to get an Instapot, so I did the research and the Chefman reviews and comments sold me to at least give it a try. It arrived earlier today, packaged nicely and on time. I took it out of the box, my husband alongside as we looked at each other, now what? We read the user guide, then I got on Pinterest to find recipes. I decided to try the pulled barbeque chicken, which was super easy. Oh my goodness! The flavor and tenderness of the chicken were amazing. Done in 35 minutes. Clean up was super easy as well. The ONLY thing I struggled with was the venting part. (On this machine it is called exhaust.) The guide was very clear to keep your hands and face
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By Kimberly
Really good product! Easy to follow instructions, easy to use, and it produced a great product with minimal hassle. I've used other pressure cookers in the past that weren't this user friendly. The video on the product page was great as well. Highly recommend this pressure cooker!
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By Evan Carmen
Ordered this pressure cooker solely to make casserole and soup. 2.5Qt is perfect to make soup for 3 (me, my husband and my daughter), i usually prepare the soup or casserole in the morning after dropping off my daughter to school, and use the keep warm feature to keep the soup in a eat-ready temperature. The size is perfect for small family, you won't have left overs after meals so your food is always freshly prepared!!
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By cqjwill
4.2 | 127 customer reviews
109 of the 127 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This thing is a life-changer! I was initially timid and afraid to use it. You hear such horror stories about pressure cookers. However... after reading all the blogs & recipes online, I purchased one, particularly for the multi-functionality features. I have a small kitchen and although I crammed as much storage as possible, I’ve met my limit for large appliances. I still wanted a rice cooker, though, and I use the heck out of my slow cooker and would love another. So this met those desires as well!
Once I got over my initial trepidation, I tried my ultimate desire for this product: frozen to cooked. I never remember to thaw stuff out because I’m not a meal-planner. I’m a last minute cooker. So I dumped in frozen chicken breasts, salt & peppered them, poured in some salsa & chicken broth, and in 20 minutes had tasty and really moist shredded
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By Judi
I had a pressure cooker for years. It finally wore out. It took me 3 tries to find one that is easy to use. I gave up and was going to get the instapot but it was on back order. We use this mainly to make bone broth for my dogs!! I cook my bone broth for an an hour and a half. It was very hard to find one that would allow you to just put in a time. My last one would only let you pick a program and I had no idea how long it would cook for. Then another fell apart the first time I used it. Back it went too!! Took a chance on this one and it's been GREAT!!!! I can't say how it works for other things but it's wonderful for bone broth. My dogs are sooo happy now!!
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By tricia
Got this for my husband for Christmas, and he started cooking with it right away. We loved it until it stopped working properly, after just three months of use. I guess we got a lemon. :(

Update: Customer service quickly sent a replacement.
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