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4.5 | 974 customer reviews
849 of the 974 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I ordered this last year right as I transitioned to riding indoors on the trainer, so I never had a chance to test it out in the cold, until today. I rode today in 32F weather with 20mph breezes and this liner performed great! For the most part I didn't even notice it- which means it wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold and wasn't too sweaty.

I've used headbands previously that are designed to cover the ears and always have trouble with them riding up and exposing my ears to the cold and having to regularly pull it back down during the ride. This helmet liner didn't have that problem. In fact the only negative thing I can say about it is it left an indentation line on my forehead for an hour after the ride which probably looked a little funny as I walked around the
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By Sailracer
I wear this beanie "as-is" all the time now during my runs in the winter, anytime it's below 50 degrees. It's lightweight, covers the ears, doesn't move around unnecessarily, and is easy to wash

(1) Lightweight: the last thing anyone wants is a heavy headpiece which weighs them down or is uncomfortable, this is light and breathable, while still feeling warm

(2) Covers the ears: I've tried other hats which don't completely cover my ears, this, fortunately, covers mine perfectly

(3) Doesn't move around unnecessarily: fits perfectly, not too loose or too tight, which means it protects and holds well

(4) Easy to wash: as a sweaty long-distance runner, I need to throw this in the wash after each use and I can do so without worrying about shrinkage or any weird issues which is wonderful

Overall, I really enjoy wearing this beanie. On to the next marathon!
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By faridruns
Purchased for the exact reason it was made. Added to my winter commuting gear. Fit my large head great. Covers the tips of my ears to help keep them from going numb. I Like the reflective mountain logo, that was a nice touch. I'm happy with my purchase.
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By Xavier S.
4.6 | 152 customer reviews
143 of the 152 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I'll start off by saying that I have a big head and have had problems finding dew rags that are large enough. Well, I can tell everyone that these are big enough and they also do a great job of keeping my helmet dry. They are not perfect but nothing would be when the temperature regularly rises above 100 where I live...
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By Halfton57
My wife surprised me with these. She found my old ratty skull cap from when I rode my motorcycle and wanted me to have something new. When she showed them to me I was worried that they were too thin. My old skull cap had a thick moisture band on the inside and these did not. I was worried they would not keep the sweat out of my eyes. I was gladly proven incorrect. I never had issues with sweat, which is a big deal because I shave my head and there is no hair to hold the moisture. I would often forget I even had one on and would leave the house and go to the store and feel like an idiot. So a great product and great price.
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By Eric
I ordered these hoping for do-rags that actually fit around my head. Most do rags I have just fit on top of my head and not down far enough to work efficiently in keeping sweat out of my helmet. These fit down above my eyebrows and around the back of my head. They are very comfortable and help prevent the itchy head you get while riding when the temp is in the 90's. The 4 pack allows me to swap the out during the day. The cloth is thin allowing air movement. They are not made of a thick material that makes your helmet tight. I will order more of these in the future.
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By Tim
4.5 | 533 customer reviews
470 of the 533 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does extremely well in keeping my heard warm in cold-weather cycling and running. I used to wear a knit cap but they're bulky and this keeps my head just as warm but fits under my cycling helmet better and takes up much less space when stowed away. Like other people have said, it does tend to ride up after a while. The only way around that would be to have a chin strap or make it thicker, but that would defeat the purpose of having something thin and lightweight. I just pull the ears down periodically. I have a large head and I am bald and it does an excellent job keeping my head warm cycling as low as 30 degrees. FYI, at 30 degrees and 15 mph, the windchill is about 9 degrees.
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By Marty Johncox
Just completed a 2-day cyclocross race weekend with temps just above freezing. This cap was great. It fit my head very snuggly (I have a large head) and never felt like it would come loose, even without a helmet on top. The ear flaps kept my ears from getting cold, without blocking out too much sound, but you can easily fold them up if you don't need them covered. There is a pony-tail opening at the back if you have long hair, which I don't, but still found it helpful to see where the "back" of the cap was without staring at it for too long.
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By Greg C
I have a huge XL head, hat fits nicely and covers my ears though it feels a fuzz snug with time it will loosen. Dense material blocks sound a tad around my ears. Feels sort of like a full face helmet. Rode my fat bike in 14 degreee weather today and my ears and head stayed warm. Doesn't effect the fit of my helmet. Unlike a stocking cap its not itchy. Came in a nice zippered pouch. Love this hat, exactly what I was looking for.
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By ben Wicklund
4.9 | 42 customer reviews
42 of the 42 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I don't have that big of a head but it is larger than most. As I was putting this on for the first time the stitching ripped.
**UPDATE** The good folks of RockBros read that I had a bad experience with the 1st one so they offered to replace it. I must say that the second one is WAY better in quality. Not stitch issues and it fits my big head! Thank you guys!
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By Chris
I have a small head, so I always worry about buying hats. I've never been able to wear baseball caps because of how high my ears are, this fits perfectly. If you have a big head it might feel too tight. The CATEYE on the side is reflective, but unfortunately the design under the bill is not. I was kind of bummed about that since the side will be covered, but the bill will be up at night. Can't wait to take it out many times.
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By TruSpadez
Do I look cool with this cap? Maybe, maybe not. But does it shed away the salty sweat from my eyes? Absolutely!

I had an issue of sweat absorbing into my helmet pads and when fully saturated, the sweat would slip into my eyes. With the cap, the sweat is absorbed into the brim of the cap and evaporates from the headwind. Before, I had sweat dripping into my eyes within 2 miles of my ride. I just completed a 60 mile ride with no issues of sweat anymore! Works great under both my MTB helmet and road helmet!
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By Norris Wong
4.5 | 225 customer reviews
198 of the 225 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I am actually surprised how well this works. Let me explain: I live in the desert, where it averages 106 F in the summer (well, in this first month so far anyway... it gets worse as we get into August). I ride my bike at lunch because snakes are out during the cooler parts of the day. Too hot at noon even for them if you can believe it. Well, the combination of extreme, direct sun (2300 ft altitude btw) and dry air makes for a potentially dangerous environment to be exercising in, but I have always contended that with appropriate gear, it shouldn’t be an issue. I thought I might have met my match though, when I found myself in trouble for the first time out there in the heat. Although, it didn’t seem to be the heat so much as the direct, inescapable sun. Even with a white
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By E. Stoneham
I bought this product, having grown a bit tired of the usual bandanas, to test it out. I wanted something lighter and cooler for the summer heat. Although it is still the last few days of winter as I write this I have worn it and put it through a wash cycle, and feel confident enough to post a review. I like it. Light in weight it feels nice, fits better than any bandana and once tied stays tied. It went through the wash and cleaned up pretty well except for a couple of spots. I imagine it might get a bit grungy over time as I have. I could suggest that they produce this product in a few more colors. I would love to see a tan, light blue, light green and light yellow...summer colors other than white. Bottom line is
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By Wichitaindigo
Have to say I was fully satisfied with my head gear, high quality all around, and quick trouble free delivery. Nice to do business with.
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By Dean Alden Morse
product price
4.3 | 332 customer reviews
288 of the 332 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Nice hat sizing can be a bit wonky. I bought a large and it was a little too big so I ordered a medium and it was too tight. I soaked the hat (medium sized one) in water, stuck a junior sized youth soccer ball inside the hat and inflated it....and left it sitting for a week. The hat fits like a glove now. I own several of these hats (done the same stretching technique to each of them). I like these hats enough to put forth the extra effort in properly sizing them to my skull. If you order a large and it is only slightly too big chances are a medium will be too small. The depth of a medium and a large are also slightly different. The large touched my ears whereas the medium was more shallow. I don't like my caps to push down on my
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By Oderus Urungus
Great quality hat that folds up and fits in a pocket. I’m a bald dude and I’m forever battling the sun in the summer time. This hat is super easy to keep with me all the time. Camping, ball games, picnics, outdoor weddings, graduations, etc. I can whip this thing out, throw it on my head and my friends are like, where did you get a hat? Bald dudes unite! Also, I have a few other OR products and they just seem to make good quality stuff.
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By eddy
This hat is really cool, but Outdoor Research's hats have some significant sizing problems. I know I have a big head and typically need to hunt around for large hats. I bought 4 of these hats - 2 different colors, and L and XL of each size - and had to return them all.

*** The Large ***
Didn't fit over my bald head - it was like the hat just sat on top of my head, rather than wrapping around it and covering it.

*** The Extra Large ***
Fit over my head *and* ears *and* could be pulled down over my eyebrows. Huh!? That is an enormous difference in measurement from one product size to the next.

Yeah, yeah - no one fitted hat fits everyone, we all have different heads, etc. - I understand all that. But think about it: if there's no Outdoor Research hat
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By User 73

4.3 | 257 customer reviews
214 of the 257 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Bicycling in south florida means high exposure to UV in the summertime. After the damaged skin treatment during my last dermatologist visit, I decided my 7 5/8 hat size balding head needed more sun protection than a bicycle helmet could provide. This thin cap does the trick. The fit is fine, possibly even a little large. On me, it covers to just above the ear. So far, 90 degree heat with 77% humidity has been the worst day I have worn this cap. Cooling, if any, is not pronounced, but I don't feel any hotter and the sweat doesn't go running down my face or onto my sun glasses. I don't need a sweat band with the cap. I get no burn and don't have to worry about sun screen coverage in an area I can't directly see while spraying it on.
I spray
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By Stephen Burkhardt
This under helmet cap is perfect for under my bicycle helmet. It may be a little tight as some have said but that depends on your head size. My head size is 23 1/8" or 7 3/8's , snug but no issue when riding, dont even realize its on except that I dont have sweat in my eyes😄. A customer stated that ( sept. 2, 2015) that it left lines because of the way its sewn on the inside. I too had this issue but if you put the cap on sideways it lessens the lines. Even better I found that if you turn the cap inside out the lines dissapear compleatly. I imagine the lines ( indents) are even less if your head is less than a 7 3/8's.
Perfect cap for HOT days it really lets the air in but will go back to wearing my cotton
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By larry
I purchased this liner primarily for sun protection while cycling, as my head is shaved.

Fit: My forehead measures ~23" and it fits fine. If I want to pull it over my ears, it will cover close to half my ears. Otherwise I can leave it above the ears just fine.

Sweat: I live in California, and for my 90 min rides in 65-85 degree weather, it seems to soak the sweat ok, precluding the need for a sweat band. Also, the material is sheer, so I can feel the wind when I ride fast enough

Durability: I have only used this a dozen times, but have not experienced the durability issues noted by others. I generally hand wash, sometimes throw it in the washer. However, I always hang dry it, never in the dryer.

Sun protection: This is the primary reason for the purchase, but at the same
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By C. Lew
product price
4.6 | 37 customer reviews
34 of the 37 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is the third "skull cap" I've bought here because I lost one and I like having a spare on hand. I use them to protect my skull under my cycling helmet while riding under the intense Arizona sun. All three of these that I've purchased here are sized the exact same and fit my 7-1/4 to 7-3/8 head perfectly. Also they fit my head on top as in there is not a bunch of extra material to clump or pile between my head and helmet. I've tried several other brands from other stores and these are the best and most comfortable I've found.
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By Tracy
My hair is thinning and I keep it cut pretty short. I sometimes ride my bike for 6+ hours at a time and I have burned the top of my head before in lines where the sunlight shown through the air vents in my helmet (giving me an odd "grilled" look). This skull cap is very thin and made of a moisture wicking material that dries very quickly so it does not trap heat or sweat. As an added bonus, it also came in very handy when I was riding gravel trails in Wisconsin and rode through several swarms of gnats. I hate the feeling of a tiny insect crawling on my head under my helmet and this skull cap spared me that discomfort. It also fit perfectly on my head (most skull caps are a little too tight for me to wear comfortably for
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By Jon P.
I bought this to wear under hiking hat since it's a smaller footprint than the other skull caps.
pros -
With silicone rubber it stays on my head comfortably and securely.
Some other skull cap I have with spandex can be really tight and a bit uncomfortable on my head.

cons -
Way over-priced for such a small piece of fabric.
2.fray easily
It's easily frayed with no contact with sharp objects. The only contact is my fingers with very short nails.

I have been wearing Pearl Izumi for a long time and have realized its qualities have been going down.
Since a while back, I started to get Castelli whenever I need something new.
Castelli may be (and may be not when on sale) a bit more expensive but its fabric and quality are way better.
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By ts320
4.6 | 35 customer reviews
32 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've done 50+ mile rides in the cold and heat in this hat, its the best purchase I've made in a while! What a bargain for how good and functional this hat is.
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By Steve_Mays
The cap is light and breathable. The elastic allows for this cap to fit most heads. I have a big head so the cap fits a little snug but not enough to feel any discomfort.
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By Rob
I wear a 7-1/4" hat. This cap was way too small. Yes, it will stretch over my head, but I know that after 10 or 20 miles, it will give me a headache.For the record, the average American hat size is 7-1/8. It would say this would be even too small for the "average" size head.
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By Allen Johnson
4.6 | 34 customer reviews
31 of the 34 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this skull cap along with a variety of Tesla gear to keep me warm while I work out. Early winter mornings in Atlanta can still dip down in the 20s and I'd also wear this if I was back home in Philly. The tops, bottoms, gloves, and
skull caps are all good. Recently, even my fiance got on the band-wagon and started buying their stuff.

Even though I was offered free gear for my review, I wouldn't keep buying Tesla gear if it couldn't hold up and keep me happy. Two years after my first purchases, they are still wearing well and going strong. Buy their stuff. Chances are you will be satisfied.
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By Mark
Overall this hat is surprisingly warm. I used this when the temps dipped below 0 F and never had any concern keeping warm. It’s very comfortable. I’m not sure how good the fit will be for everyone. I have a quite small head and found the size small fit pretty well. That said, it tends to settle just enough that the bottoms of my ears end up uncovered every few minutes. A slight change in the depth of the hat or a change in the contour around the ear may remedy this issue. This issue aside, I really like this hat. It’s nit bulky, which makes it easy to stash in a jacket pocket. For the price I paid, I’m very pleased, and would gladly buy another.
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By Zac Abrams
I've been very happy with Tesla products and needed another winter running hat to alternate with my other beanie, so, I am not using this as a helmet liner.

Pros: Inexpensive, warm (use it mainly for temps between 20-40F), and does a good job of wicking the moisture away from my head.

Cons: A little short depending on the size of your head, but doesn't quite cover all of my ear; and when drying mine after a run, I hung on a plastic clip hanger and it looks like it mildewed under where the clip was... wouldn't have been noticeable but for it being a white hat.
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By R. Golden
4.2 | 661 customer reviews
522 of the 661 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought this to wear under my bicycle helmet. I recently starting riding again. Because of the summer heat I knew that the pads in the helmet would get sweaty and dirty. There had to be something out there that I could use as a barrier and that I could wash and it also had to be breathable. So happy I came across this product!! Quick shipping, awesome price, and the fit is perfect and it is breathable. It will definitely save the inside of my helmet from getting grungy. I just fluff up my hair when I take it off, and I'm happy to say that I do not have hat head. It is also light weight. I bought the white color because of it being summer. Do not hesitate to buy this product. It is AWESOME!!!!!!
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By Dawn
I used this in the middle of the hottest time in India where the heat and humidity can make a grown man cry. Basically the weather is so bad, that there is confusion between your sweat and the monsoon. This headwear soaked up all the sweat and kept the sweat out of my eyes while I was touring the land. Highly recommended especially if you're the athletic type or the type that just sweats a lot in general and want to hide it under a hat.
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By Master James
So far, I've been using this since all this past winter. I do explosive boxing workouts a few times a week and my longish hair gets in the way.
This cap is super comfortable, fits snug, and wicks up all the sweat. And there's a lot of sweat. Next I plan to use this under my bike helmet. Compared to the punishment it's handled, I'm pretty confident it's up to the task.
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By Chris Papadopoulos
4.4 | 58 customer reviews
51 of the 58 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice for under road bike helmet. Others I've used are bulky. I've washed these in a regular washer with other clothes and they come out like new. The past few days were quite hot. I dumped water through the helmet. The brim on the cap prevented sun block from dripping into my eyes and water spots on the sun glasses. Time will tell on long term durability but they seem to be very well made. I went back and bought four more as I ride nearly every day. Hearty recommendation.
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By Mark L. Robinson
I bought a bicycle helmet without a visor, but was sorry the first time I rode directly into the early morning sun. I reluctantly decided to try this as an inexpensive fix. Surprisingly, I love it. Just enough visor to shade the sunlight, but it also helps wick away perspiration which would otherwise drip into my eyes. Otherwise, I don't even know it's there. Who knew?
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By Junior Clouseau
Wearing this under my helmet, the hat is perfect to keep my coif in place. The style and comfort are magnificent. Thanks. I highly recommend this hat, if for nothing more than to keep the sweat out of your eyes, with the added stylish benefit to boot!
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By Amazon Customer
4.2 | 115 customer reviews
90 of the 115 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is a very nice cap and great quality. It fits well under my helmet. I am a little embarrassed to wear it around town because it looks like a old man trying to look like a cool young man. But I always wanted one of these and this fills my fantasies. So wear it when no one is around.
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By gary
These are a steal as far as cycling caps go. Under $10 for a true cycling cap is pretty rare these days.

In case it matters, they're synthetic, rather than the cotton you get with most traditional cycling caps. They also sit slightly lower around my head than all the other traditional cycling caps I've owned. The plastic visor is flippable--visor up or visor down--like all good cycling caps.

Would buy again.
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This is the cycling cap I've been looking for. It's so lightweight and thin enough to fit under any helmet without making my temples throb. Saved me from having to buy an expensive helmet with built in cap. Plus, this Brim flips up easier than the helmet with built in cap I tried. When not in use, this one fits in my handlebar basket or jacket pocket with room to spare. I didn't think such a small brim would provide mush shade, but it covers my face most of the time while still allowing me to see out. So many hats have brims so long, I can't see the sky above, the forest around, or enough of the trail in front of me. It will never allow me to do the Tour de France, but it looks cute.
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By Pamela Jane
4.4 | 32 customer reviews
29 of the 32 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So I've been struggling this winter to engage in outdoor activities without freezing, especially my bald head. A friend suggested I check out a thermal skull cap and this is the one I wound up with. It's definitely something that I'll use throughout winter seasons because it absolutely traps the heat! It's lined with a micro-fleece which has done a great job of keeping my head warm the past few days. It's also plenty large (I have a big head) and I've had no issue with the sizing/fit of it on either my head or under my bike helmets. Truth be told, I'm likely to wear it even casually during the winter months underneath a normal hat to help keep me warm. Well made and great value.
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By Chris R
Great product. My husband wears his under his motorcycle helmet
My son wears it under his bicycle helmet; very aerodynamic. Recommended!
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By Christine M. Bracken
Kept my head warm during an 8 hour backcountry skiing adventure in 0 degree F weather. Wore it under a lightweight climbing helmet. Tight weave that is pretty wind resistant.

It was a little big for my medium sized head, so I had to position it carefully so not to fall down over my eyes. Ideally it would be sized a little smaller and then have a bit more stretch to accommodate different head sizes (or just make a smaller version of the same model).
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By Linz2239
4.6 | 19 customer reviews
18 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
These are nice and light. They breathe really well. I need to wear Optune electrodes on my head for brain cancer. It is a TTF device that gets warm so these help hide it and also breathe. Good product. Would buy again.
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By Shaun
Oodly enough, we use these caps on our heads when we go scuba diving. They help keep our hair out of our masks and makes putting the mask on easier. The rubber strap slides easily on.
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By Cheryl Fisher
curing my husband’s nightly cowlick. When his hair is longer he always gets them. He loves his nightly “cap”.
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By Jeananne
4.5 | 20 customer reviews
18 of the 20 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
And warm, without being uncomfortably-so. It breathes enough to be comfy while keeping light wind out. Skiing all day I would need something a bit heavier, but for the quality & price this is a great product.
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By Tyler
I bought this for my daughter who lives up north. She loves it for walking and jogging.
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By White Rabbit
Very warm knit hat. Nice design, good materials. It's not going to work very well under a helmet, though-too thick. But you'll keep it!
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By greg
4.4 | 25 customer reviews
21 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Does what a hat does; absorbs sweat and helps keep the sun out of my eyes. The peak/brim is reenforced with what feels like cardboard but has proven to be water resistant after being through several washes and rains.
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By Steven K
Overall the hat is not bad and it appears to be made very well with solid material. The product title says medium and the detailed description says one size fits all. For me it's a bit on the big side but it still works and I can still fit it under my helmet.
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Nice cap, but it runs very small. Great for child.
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By Mari
4.5 | 19 customer reviews
18 of the 19 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Works great on those chilly days! no problem fitting under the helmet and keeping the wind out of the ears!
I can't say at what temps these would stop being effective but I would generally switch over to a balaclava in the mid upper 20's
So as a rule of thumb anything above freezing
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By Bob Weller
Great and warm fit. Fits my very large head well, (61.5cm) and keeps my head warm to at least 10° F. Highly recommend. I bought a second one to replace one I thought I lost, and I was so pleasantly surprised this week when I found the first one. Great to have two now.
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By Seth Monholand
These caps are pretty good for the $8 price. The fabric is not very thick and lightly fleeced on the inside to provide warmth while still easily fitting under my bicycle helmet. I've been using it comfortably in mild California weather conditions (40-60F). They advertise this cap as windproof, but the fabric is really soft and I'm pretty dubious about wind resistance, though I haven't tried it in windchill freezing conditions. The fabric panels are contoured and very stretchy, so there is no uncomfortable bunching up under my helmet. I wear a large helmet and this cap fits me easily (don't know if it would be too loose for a smaller person). Like most off-brand skull caps, only some of the seams are flat-knit. Of the four seams along the top of the cap, 2 are flat and 2 have a noticeable ridge. Name brand skull caps usually have all
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By l2
4.3 | 25 customer reviews
22 of the 25 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I expect to use under full face motorcycle helmet when temperature is below about 55 degrees. I have and use a thinner [non-thermal] cap shaped like this one for temps above 55. This is a high quality cap with thin stitching. It is quite soft inside and covers ears nicely. I am giving this item "5" stars even tho it is too small for my head. I will put it on some "head-shaped object" and try to stretch it out a bit. Wish this item was available in the larger size. I have a somewhat larger than average head.
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By Sam (Portland, OR)
I bought this for cold weather use, as it comes down around the ears. Fit and finish seem to be fine. As I write this we are entering late spring, and it is too warm for me to wear, great for fall and winter use.
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By John A.
Really good quality. Problem for me is the insulation. There is too much and I get hot with my motorcycle helmet. I love how it is secure and comfortable, but I would recommend more for bicyclist or colder than SoCal motorcyclists. Good product. Will keep for very chilly days.
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product price
4.6 | 13 customer reviews
12 of the 13 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Great cap, exactly as described.
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By Scott R. Richardson
Arrived as described. Little bit tight but that's ok stays on just fine. Had a couple of weeks or so like it some friends even gave it compliments non riders to
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By Jim
Okay, I admit to being one of those that will not part with a cool cap, until it is worn beyond reasonable presentation in public...this one in particular. Yes, it is a cycling cap, that I also wear under my helmet, but I like having it in place when I get off the bike. It is indeed a cool cap, and good purchase at the price.
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By Amazon Customer