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4.5 | 731 customer reviews
654 of the 731 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We live in Central Texas in Bell County. We do not have good soil here. We have had our Envirocycle for a little less than five years. It is, without a doubt, THE most valuable tool we use in our garden, and on our extensive property. Recently we had a freeze. We compost ALL of our kitchen waste. I went out to make our usual compost run, and when I opened the lid, the tab on the lid had apparently frozen to the compactor and sheared off from the lid--see the picture attached to this review. I called's customer service hotline and explained what had happened. I told them how old our composter was. I told them about the freeze. I fully expected them to give me a total cost for a new lid + shipping and handling, and
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By Maura Lillibridge
10 years ago, I ordered my first Envirocycle composter. I LOVED IT!!!! Within a month, I ordered two more. 10 years and a zillion PERFECT BATCHES of compost later, one of my composters suddenly no longer latch securely enough to rotate. Because of the weight of the compost against the door, I found I had to tie the drum each time I rotated. As you can imagine this quickly became a nuisance. I wrote to the company and asked if they could help me figure out a remedy, thinking maybe this had happened to another customer. The same day, they wrote back, APOLOGIZED for the inconvenience this had caused me and...................are you sitting down????..................sent me a brand new composter free of charge!!!!! I almost had a heart attack! I repeat, my three composters are TEN years old (BTW: They look brand
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By Norma J. Murphy
I was kind of undecided between 4 stars (I like it) and 5 stars (I love it). Maybe when I have had it for a bit longer I will reevaluate to see if I do love it. It beats the hell out of our old one. The old one was more a garbage can with no bottom. It didn't roll or mix or anything. Just through things in it and it never really seemed to get full. It ended up being a big mess when I finally lifted it up and had to deal with this pile of goo and a thousand worms. This composter is much neater and cleaner so far. I like how it looks and it turns so things mix fairly well. I say fairly as it seems a lot of stuff is going around in a clump.
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By Chris D
4.5 | 264 customer reviews
224 of the 264 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I do my vermicomposting a little differently than most, and it's helped me have a lot of success with this thing. I was harvesting the bottom tray every month, now it's become every two weeks.

First off, what you need to consider about stacking-bin systems is that by the time you fill up the top tray, there is a LOT of weight on the bottom tray. That's no good for the bottom tray or anything except the top tray, because the compaction wrecks any chance you have of oxygenation in any tray but the top one, maybe the one underneath. The quick and easy solution to that is a spacer in all four corners, maybe two or three inches long. I use PVC because I don't care about plastics leaching out, I've got enough to worry about in my life. If you're worried, you can use
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By Timur&Danelle
Addendum Dec 2017:
The vendor replied to my review in a very courteous and professional manner, the vendor also graciously offered to ship (at no cost) the M Board if I was missing one.
I did have the M board and did not needed it. Nevertheless, I find his gesture extremely gracious and for that reason, I added an extra star.
Based on his comment, I added a note about the window screen as seen in a picture below.

Addendum May 2018:
If you wonder "how your worm works", there is a *fantastic* 5 min video from PBS Digital Studio. I strongly encourage you to watch it,
Just Google "how-worms-turn-trash-into-nutrient-rich-compost" and you'll end up on Youtube or on the Washington Post. Same video. (watch it twice ; -)

* * * Original Review * * *
I had the Vermihut for about a month and I am slowly transferring the worms to the Vermihut
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By InTartifletteWeTrust
Had another worm bin for 30 years and never experienced real problem. This new bin has a ridiculous feature [see photo] that recently dawned on me after I set it up 6 wks ago. There is a huge deluge of fruit flies that I keep swatting away. My old unit had a few, and didn't return because the top had tiny perforations for air. I just caught that the VermiHut has holes that are too large and the flies just go right back into the top tray like it's their own personal portals. I'm going to have to buy screen material and glue a strip on the inside to keep looking attractive. I researched the Internet and no one mentions this about this unit. It's a present, so I feel bad. Still, ironically, I'd buy this for myself because it's adorable, small and a pretty color. Legs are sturdy.
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By Angelsors
4.5 | 230 customer reviews
196 of the 230 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i use black garbage bags in the kitchen because it greatly reduces odors, compared to white/clear. They aren't easy to find in this size. Most black trash bags are extra large for yard waste or industrial sized cans. These are not drawstring but that's fine with me, can be tied or twist-tied. The only improvement I could possibly suggest is designing the box so they're easier to pull individually from the box, but that's not a big deal at all - if that feature added to the product's cost, i prefer the affordability. They're trash bags, so no frills needed.
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By CasarBuyer
It was a great deal but most of the bags on the top had slits in them but we just doubled then up.
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By Brandi Joyce
These trash bags do not come in a manufacturer's box. They come folded up in the shipping box (so difficult to dispense). The fact that they don't come in the manufacturer's box and are NOT packed for easy dispensing (you have to unfold all the bags in order to get one), should be highlighted in the description. The bags themselves might be fine (I didn't use any), but I'm not interested in wrestling with the whole stack every time I need one.
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By Michelle Stone
4.5 | 223 customer reviews
198 of the 223 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Love this so far. So easy to use and easy to clean. Fits in one of the baskets in our freezer. Our ceramic compost jar was attracting too many fruit flies. We started just putting compost in a brown paper bag in freezer but that was messy. This is more neat. Super easy to move around while working in kitchen and then dump. Looks durable as well! No more fruit flies or odors.
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By Liz
I have a small freezer and this fits perfectly in the door. I use this container just for food scraps that are going to rot and smell faster. Full Circle also makes AMAZING counter-top compost bins that are a bit larger and have lids and reduce odor. I use that one for compostable waste that won't rot as quickly. Pairing the two allows me to only toss my compost maybe weekly. Without the freezer bin, I was taking out my bags every 3 days and always had to worry about smell and the bag breaking down too quickly. And it hangs right below my cutting board.

Plus, I always support buying from a company that makes their products sustainably.
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By WexAmz
This product appears to be made of good quality. Originally I thought it would be bigger but realized that it still needs to fit into the freezer, possibly on the door. The container is made of a soft flexible rubber that will allow the compost material to pop out and be washed after. I like how it can hang in a drawer in front of where you are cutting and scraps can be wiped into it.
To get a sense of how big it is, the attached picture shows one pineapple minus the husk leafs and top.
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By JeepJunkie98
product price
4.3 | 496 customer reviews
431 of the 496 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have purchased worms from these folks 4 times and have been satisfied with each
transaction. My first 2000 went into the garden beds. The neighbors tell me they are discovering worms everywhere. I ask for
them back. They just smile. The second went into the worm farm. That's self sustaining after three years. The third, this review,
was entirely my fault. I ordered these while the temperature between PA and WA was completely below freezing the entire route.
Not surprising, they arrived as frozen mush. Uncle Jim's promptly sent me a new batch, again, partially frozen in route. Uncle
Jim's happily reimbursed me and I agreed to order when the temperature was a bit more worm friendly. I ordered the 5000
worm version in March and put handfuls, of aggressive wiggling worms into the aquaponics grow beds.

As a note, many of the worms are intentionally
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By Mike
The images in the product listing are misleading. When the product arrived, the box almost felt empty. The green bag inside had only a handful of peat moss inside, and when I dumped the contents on the compost pile, I saw a few small worms wiggling around. If there were even two hundred worms, I would be surprised. Not impressed.

Update: After sending an email through Amazon to the seller, I received a response from Bethany at Uncle Jim's. She notified me she would ship a replacement right away. That was Monday, and I received the replacement today. I could tell by the weight of the package something was different. The bag inside was much fuller, and when I emptied the contents, their was a baseball sized mass of wriggling, healthy red worms, not a few small, thin, black worms crawling out of the dried peat moss like with the first
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By Mark Twain
When i read some of the previous reviews i tryed to shrug off the bad reviews. Boy was i stupid for doing that! My box came crushed in pretty bad shape. Then to top that the date on the box was today, and when i dumped out my worms they were all pretty much dead. There were supposed to be over a thousand worms amd there was maybe a couple hundred. So much for spending fifty plus dollars on worms gor my worm farm.
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By D.C
98 offers from product price
4.3 | 397 customer reviews
330 of the 397 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have wanted to try composting for years, but I have been hesitant to do so for two reasons: 1. the exorbitant cost of composting bins and 2. the fear of attracting raccoons and black bears to my yard. My second reason was assuaged recently, when my county published composting guides for living in "bear country," so I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a compost bin. I chose this one because of the simple design and relative low cost, although I am still scratching my head over why these plastic containers range from $50 to $150 and more. It makes no sense to me, when a trash bin using similar plastic is only $15. ANYWAY, I am happy to say that my new compost bin arrived earlier than expected and was a breeze to assemble. My three children, ages 8-12, actually put it together as soon as
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By Amy B.
I wish i bought this before i bought a tumbler. Interier gets steaming hot well before the tumbler and has cut down on decomposition time with mich larger masses. I just take a shovel to turn the compost with a compost start mix and in weeks I have ready to use compost. Material is so so, but it works well.
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By marina
I purchased the Redmon Bin in October of 2018. In February, during a windy night, the clasps holding the lid on failed, and the lid blew into the street. I found it the next morning, broken. In spite of the product being under warranty, they are refusing to replace the top. Nor will they even sell me a new top. They told me, "that they would suggest I secure the top on windy days" (after the top is already broken and unusable). Imagine, the bin being made not to withstand a bit of wind! I will not be buying another product of theirs.
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By Susan Brostowin

4.4 | 208 customer reviews
187 of the 208 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Even though these are called Yard Bags, I don't actually use them for that. I use clear bags for storing things in my attic so that I can easily identify them when I need to. I used to use black contractor bags, but it was always frustrating trying to figure out what was in each bag. Labels would fall off or just be hard to see in the attic. I bought these clear bags one day and realized that they would solve that problem. I store seasonal clothing, sleeping bags, extra blankets and afghans, winter boots, etc. I also slip my suitcases and overnight bags in them to keep them dust free and to prevent them from picking up any fiberglass that floats around up there. If you do a lot of recycling, they would be good for that too since you could
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By Cooler by the Lake
I use these 39 gallon clear bags as liners for four extra large Cat Litter Boxes/Pans. The 39 gallon bags slide right over my extra large cat boxes/pans and I secure the drawstring so the liners don't slip off. I have no problem scooping the litter boxes using these bags as liners. I have no problem locking down the cat litter pan lids/hoods over the Husky bags. The Husky bags don't tear or leak. When its time to change out the entire litter pan, I untie the drawstring and just tip the used 39 gallon bag and used cat litter into another trash bag. The cat pans stay much cleaner and usually only require a wipe with a wet paper towel. Its also more economical to use the 39 gallon bags than the "cat pan liners" sold for this specific purpose.
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By K. Wolcott
This is my second order for these bags, first purchase, October 23, 2014.
They hold up well and the best testimonial is I'm purchasing them again.

I use them for lawn clipping and debris around the house. Placing small, broken sticks will poke a hole in them, as with any bag regardless of the 'tough' claims and these are no different. I've tried every super-duper tough bag, and poked holes in all of them. These hold up quiet well even with a lot of weight and are well made and strong.

I've loaded them with wet grass, waited for several days for trash day, you can still pick them up and haul them to the street without breaking.
I also like the drawstring is strong enough to hold the bag while you tie it.

I see most people just pull the drawstrings out and tie the two ends, which is fine, but the top
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By W. C. Greer
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4.2 | 907 customer reviews
687 of the 907 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've had this a couple weeks and so far we really like. It's much better than the bucket sold by BioBags, which I never liked. This one is sturdy (for plastic), good size and just the right shape/height to keep it in the cabinet under the sink. The BioBag container often leaked if the bag got a hole, so I love that this won't leak. No more messes to clean up. It's been clean, no smells, flies etc,...but we never had an issue with those anyway.

PLASTIC CLIPS - Yes, the plastic clips are useful! If you choose to use a bag in your composter (we still use the BioBags) then the clips keep the bag in place, so it won't fall into the bucket as you fill it up. Open the lid. Place the bag in the bucket and have the top
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By B.H.
Initial reaction. 1-star. Cheap plastic rubbish, and I'm thinking boy am I glad I already own 3 of those great OXO compost bins. I check the price I paid on Amazon. Okay. It wasn't expensive, I'm a little less annoyed, I'll give it a go. And the wife says it looks nicer on the counter top than the OXO bins, plus 1 of these is equivalent to 3 of the OXO bins in terms of capacity. I guess the OXO is about 3/4 gallon.

We used a plastic store bag as a liner. 1-week later....

I am sold. Absolutely no smell whatsoever. We empty it much less often than the smaller OXO bins. It's the perfect size for the counter top. The carbon filter really works. Zero odor. I was concerned about the non-removable lid, which might complicate cleaning, so instead of throwing veggies directly into the bin, we use a liner.
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By Richard J. Mcgrath
So far really liking this compost unit. I read a bunch of reviews before purchasing to see if it would meet our needs. We have only used it for a week so far but am liking it. Shopping bags from stores like walmart, shoprite, target fit right into the unit. I chose not to get the biodegradable bags since I read that they start dissolving fairly quickly. So instead, we use a regular bag, fill it up for a week and then take it out to compost dumping the bag and tossing it afterwards. Seems to work out ok. Charcoal filter seems to contain the smell for now. I'll repost if I start noticing issues but so far so good.
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By Row
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4.2 | 849 customer reviews
721 of the 849 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Update: 5/23/15
I have had this thing for 6 months now. I purchased 500 worms right after receiving. Half the worms died within a couple of days. Thinking the cold weather and slightly delayed shipping killed them. Uncle Jim stated his company guaranteed quick shipment and live. When I contacted they just blew me off with excuses.
The remaining worms slowly multiplied. I should have purchased local and started with 1000 worms.
I have been feeding regularly with slightly aged veggie scraps and some newspaper. I added my second bin 2 months ago. I still have worms in the bottom bin seemingly cleaning up every last morsel of "food".
As for smell? Nothing noticeable unless I removed the lid and take a big breath. Slight issue with some type of tiny fruit like flies. A yellow sticky trap nearby keeps them in check. Only a couple worms seemed to venture out in 6 months.
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By Woody
I bought this in November and it worked fine then I added another tray and it still work fine. Description says it can hold up to eight trays I have 6 trays on it - added gradually- and it worked fine for a short amount of time and then a bottom leg bent. I would like to get a replacement bottom - hopefully the company would take this one back but I don't see any way to contact the company so I'm using the comment section hoping they see it. I live outside Chicago and luckily we have some warm weather now so I can put the trays outside but that won't last long. I don't know why they say you can add 8 trays when six of them bent the bottom leg. So if you see this from the company please contact me. I would be glad to
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I purchased a 360 unit two years ago and loved it. I just ordered a second one. The price had gone up and what was included in the kit has gone down. This did NOT come with a voucher for ordering worms. The "bedding" that was to be added in was trash - literally, cardboard with some thick heavy red paint on it. I did not use it. Paint can't be good for worms...The lovely colored comprehensive instruction guide has been down graded to black and white photo copies. NO DVD was included. Top it all off, I ordered a black kit. They shipped a black kit but because the warehouse was out of black lids they included a really ugly terra cotta lid with a note saying the worms would not mind. Well the worms may not mind but I do. So disappointed. Worm Factory 360 has a competitor
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By Annette M.
4.3 | 280 customer reviews
237 of the 280 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
For years I composted with 2 large bins, often with open tops, dry steer manure as a booster, and a consequent crop of flies and gnats. With our new house we say NO to flies of any form, and ordered this compost tumbler. It's small, adequate for a household of 2 people. In less than 3 months it produced rich, crumbly compost in the 1st bin, while working on the 2nd batch in the other half. When both sides of the bin are nearly full it is difficult to rotate, but it will still function. Today I emptied the 1st half, and now it will tumble more easily for a while. When I take a bag of collected compost out I add a scoop of dirt and roll it around in the bag to coat kitchen scraps in dirt, then turn into the tumbler.
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By Arizona health seeker
Took a little while to put together, but not that bad. Used it as a fun Saturday morning project. Pretty clear instructions. Needed another pair of hands at the end.

So far, I'm filling and spinning my compost bin every other day or so. It's starting to fill up a bit, after about 3 weeks of use. Instructions on composting were pretty clear, but I did a little investigation on my own, too. Hoping this works because it's pretty easy and you'd be surprised how much veggie waste one family creates that isn't going into the landfill because of this compost bin.

UPDATE: Photos are from my first batch of compost in fall 2018. Worked great and garden is just now coming back to life for spring 2019!
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By Dayna L. DiRienzo
Let me preface by saying I’m a 45 year old female with arthritis setting into my finger joints. I got this thing together, by myself, in about an hour at 10pm on Saturday because I was awake and bored. Yes, the instructions are terrible – but common sense should get you through it. The fit is tight and getting your hand inside to hold the nut is a bit challenging – but hopefully you only need to put them in once. Yes, the center panel is flimsy and doesn’t fit flush – but you aren’t making a milkshake. Unless you plan to roll this down a hill at top speeds, I think it will hold alright. So far it only has one banana peel inside – and it’s doing just fine sittin inside there.
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4.2 | 699 customer reviews
549 of the 699 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This compost bin happens to be the best thing I've purchased for composting. I watched a YouTube video about it by Patrick from one yard revolution. Decided to buy two. This was the easiest compost bin I have ever used and I could use it by myself with no help. Very easy to put together with the keys. And when I take it apart to turn it I just pull it and the keys pop off. The compost stays in place and it makes it easy for me to be able to turn it by myself.
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By Deborah
I read a lot of reviews before buying this and finally took the plunge.

Here is what I have to say:
If you are having problems using this, I think maybe you have problems using most things. It's a pretty straightforward product. Flatten it out the same way you have flattened out every tightly-rolled thing you've ever encountered in your life, put it somewhere where the wind won't knock it over, and fill it up with leaves or whatever. If the wind knocks it over, yet again, solve the problem the same way you have solved that problem every other time something has fallen over in your yard. Use zip ties or whatever, your call. If it seems like it needs some extra shaping, put a couple sticks inside, one end on each wall, and stretch it open for a couple days. (I did it for five minutes and just filled the
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By Yve
I have had one of these bins for several years and I have some tips on using it. First, when you fill it, don't fill it to the top. Fill the bin 3/4 full then wait a day or so and slide the bin sides up a foot or more and fill some more. Keep doing this process until it is 6 ft. high or more. Then finally, after the pile has settled several days, slide the bin off the top and start a new pile. The old pile will hold it's shape and continue to cook down. You can use some of the old pile to inoculate the new pile. A compost pile needs to be at a bare minimum one cubic yard to heat up properly. That means when the compost pile cooks down to 36 inches or less the microbes that live in the pile don't have
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By d1hamby
4.3 | 274 customer reviews
206 of the 274 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have mixed recycling pickup in my city. Loose sheets of paper are prone to fly all over the place if the lid of our bin blows open or when it's aggressively dumped into the truck on pickup day.

I did not want to use plastic trash bags to contain the loose paper, so I gave these a try. It's worked very well. The bags are strong, huge, recyclable, and best of all they stand up by themselves when popped open. That last part is my favorite feature, I stand it up in the garage and gradually fill it with papers until I feel that it's full enough to fold over and plop into our recycle bin.
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By E in Orlando, FL
We checked with the Home Depot's and Lowe's and could not find these bags in stores so we ordered them from Amazon at the high price. The next day my husband came across the bags at a local long-time hardware store. (Think of the highest card in a deck of cards!). Less than $2 for 5 bags. So if your big box store doesn't carry the bags, check out the old long-time hardware stores. The bags work well. We keep one open in our narrow upright outdoor shed for clippings and weed pulling. I am considering getting a wire frame or chute advertised on Amazon, but haven't made up my mind on which works better.
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By Internet Shopper
As several people have mentioned in the reviews, this is a total of ten count of bags. At the store, five bags cost less than two dollars. The bags are great, the price is an absolute mugging. Find your local hardware store - most kinds carry these same types of bags for roughly the same cost - and pay a quarter of the price.
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By Amazon Customer
4.4 | 165 customer reviews
137 of the 165 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is seriously the best burn can ever! I had tax stuff for almost fifteen years to burn and I did not want to kill my shredder. If you have to delay your paper burn project just put the lid on it and the fire will (almost) die. Burn your stuff with absolutely nothing over-head. No tree branches, telephone wires, awning, etc. Otherwise, go to town. This is way way better than the break-down versions you see on tv. Plus it is super versatile. Use it for composting or just a garbage can! This saved me and saved my shredder! Thanks weird people for thinking of punching holes in a metal can!
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By Island Girl 🌺
I just finished burning 5 years of tax records plus another pile of papers my wife supplied, and I'm delighted with my Behrens rubbish burner. The ventilation was sufficient to support a comfortable burn rate so I didn't have to wait long for the fire to reduce the contents. From what I see online I could have paid $350 - $450 for a stainless steel burn cage, but this economical alternative did the job for 1/10 the cost. Or I could have gotten an ugly 55 gallon steel drum and punched some holes with a pick, but this Behrens rubbish burner is more manageable and came ready to go with plenty of uniformly spaced ventilation holes. (BTW the picture doesn't show that the can is elevated on 4 x 2 1/2" legs and has ventilation holes underneath too.) My needs are pretty much limited to tax records every few
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By Bob H.
I had a bunch of private papers I needed to destroy and so I bought one of these burn bins not really knowing what to expect. What I got was a 2/3 sized galvanized garbage can with patterns of multiple holes drilled into it and its lid. I loaded it up about a quarter full with paper, poured just a few ounces of gas in it and lit it up from the outside with a MAP torch by directing its flame through one of the holes.

Impressions: It works and I had no problem with flying paper ash even though it was a windy day. You will have to periodically lift the lid and stir the paper to get it to all burn... that's why you don't want to put too high a pile of paper inside it... your ashes might blow outside if there isn't enough
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By John D. Hanig
4.1 | 2,535 customer reviews
2,019 of the 2,535 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I read them all and basically it all has to do with the eternal "not my fault, it's a piece if junk !" : easier to blame the item.
It's an incredibly solid machine and very clever. The assembly is time consuming but IF you were to pay for it to come in one piece it would cost a fortune.
WARNING: You shouldn't have kids around while you put it together. ..nasty words will fly out of your mouth.
1●●Be certain you make sure the vents face up when you start.
2●●The FIRST PANEL goes into place to the right of that first space and then continue one at a tine.
3●●● Most important AND frustrating, make sure the center separator fits in the panel grooves or you will have to start over.
4●●The two long screws are for the shafts to secure to the legs.
It is a great machine !!
Learned a lot from
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I just bought this and put it together myself, it took me 2 1/2 hours but I didn't mind because I was excited to get it and I took my time. It was fairly easy to assemble once I got started but there are a ton of screws for the barrel part (56) and that was the most time consuming part for me, trying to reach inside blindly with the nut to screw onto the screw. Once put together I felt it was pretty sturdy and placed in a (Recommended) sunny spot. I feel the people who have placed bad reviews on this have not fully read the directions. It say's to place it in a sunny spot to help along the cooking process and to mix the appropriate ratio of nitrogen to carbon for best results. If your compost isn't doing anything folks, smells sour, is too wet and
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By Lorrie
After four years here is my review...

The Good:
I live in Chicago, so if you're in the city, it's great. Allows you to compost and won't attract wildlife (for us, rats).

Holds a fair amount of compost, two apts could probably share pending overall waste.

Dual bin design is key.

General Considerations:
You need to combine it with a dry source. Leaves or mulch is ideal. We don't have a lot of leaves in our yard so we're mindful to add paper products as well: used paper towels (w/o chemicals), tissues, paper bags etc.

Without a dry source you're going to get mushy compost, and so be it. I bought a pair of to-the-shoulder rubber gloves and scoop it into a bustub when it's complete.

Also, remember it will drip & smell a little until it's ready, so it needs to be tucked away somewhere. Best on the ground instead of cement.

The Not So Good:
The sliding door
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By Adam Smith
4.2 | 281 customer reviews
222 of the 281 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Good: plastic doors won't rust and deteriorate like "stainless steel" hinges/locks do.


1) Much smaller than anticipated. None of the pics have any perspective to prepare you for how small it is. You can't get a normal shovel through the opening (without turning it sideways, limiting your load) to remove the mulch. I would think, at a minimum, the width of the opening should be (slightly bigger than) the width of a standard shovel.

2) Locking mechanism works as long as there is no payload inside. Once you put something in, the locking mechanism won't hold.

3) Internal paddles are supposed to help mix the contents, but when trying to get mulch out, it's stuck between the paddles... again, hindering mulch removal.

4) Doors can't hold weight of the load... see photo: turn, door blows out, compost dumps. Great mess to clean-up.
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By Blackburied
I knocked an otherwise good product down two stars because assembly was horrible.

I followed the video for every step. Assembling the bins was simple. However, in the video it shows the legs slipping easily into the round sections that hold the center post - mine was such a tight fit that it took an insane amount of effort to get the screw hole to line up. Perhaps mine was machined poorly but the leg pieces most assuredly do NOT slide easily into these two pieces. and I had to struggle to get four legs into them.The bottom leg cap pieces were also difficult to attach (again, a very tight fit) so it's possible that the legs were not machined to the correct diameter. Just poor all around and a sign of poor quality control.

Once I spent an entire morning putting together this "20-30 minute assembly" tumbler it works. Movement is
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At the time the reviews were really good on this. After using it since March I am writing a VP at the time the reviews were really good on this. After using it since March, I am writing one.

It came in a flat box and was easy to put together. I had it done in about 20 minutes. The design is OK as far as the fact that they both rotate on their own.
However the little tabs that go inside come out a lot and it leaks.
The doors are hard to get open which can be good because critters can't get in it.
The mechanism that holds it from turning is breaking.

I have decided this is not a good buy.
Did the job we needed for the meeting at compost but we will be building our own .
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By Pat Peterson
4.1 | 790 customer reviews
629 of the 790 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This is soooo much better than the giant Mantis tumbler we got from a friend years ago. It's super easy to open the top but the design has little flaps that latch the top down so they stay put even in high winds (75 mph and the tops were still on).
And boy do they compost!
When we first got one I thought "this is stupid - it's no different than when I made a square out of pallets - this is never going to work" - I was WRONG. I don't know if it's because it's black and gets warm, or if it's all the went holes but not too many, or what - but this thing is a compost making machine!
From being packed to the top with garden clippings, shredded paper and veggie kitchen scraps - this thing made me black compost in like 4 weeks! Just
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By fishpick
This composter with latching lid is really great for kitchen scraps, especially if you live in an area where critters could get into your compost. I imagine it's also a good solution for people in more urban environments, because it will make your compost tidy and not unsightly. I would need about 5 of these to handle to fall leaves, so I opted for a cheaper alternative for leaf litter and use this for kitchen scraps. I've not had a critter problem. I think if you're an urban gardener, this is your best bet for a composter. It's also super easy to set up, and you have the option of putting the two bottom sliding doors adjacent to each other or on opposite sides. I recommend this bin for its ease to set up, acceptable aesthetic, and solid construction.

Now for the compost PSA part of my review.

The only issue I've
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By Plant Lady
Pricey, but i like it. Very important step if you want to last long time: As soon as you receive the unit, take the nuts and bolts it came with and go to a hardware store and ask a sale associate to replace those with galvanized metal ones, get washers too. The plastic ones will not hold very well and if not galvanized will rust in no time. You want to do that before you start using the unit because believe me you wouldn't want to mess with dirty composter taking it apart and reassemble it. If this came with good bolts and nuts i would give 5 stars.
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By Stan
4.4 | 85 customer reviews
74 of the 85 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We've only had this Joseph Joseph 30046 Compo Easy-Fill Compost Bin for less than a week, long enough to only fill it once, but I wanted to get this review posted to show photos of how the lid and collar come off to hold the bag, which the manufacturer's photos never show.

We buy 3 gallon / 10 liter BioBags. In the photos, you can see how one lifts off the collar, inserts the bag, and places the collar back down. Part of the BioBag hangs out beyond the collar. Some users might consider this an eyesore but we don't. JosephJoseph sells its own bags that don't extend beyond the collar.

We previously used an Endurance stainless steel cylinder with charcoal filters in the lid. The main complaint was always finding enough hands and a place to separately place the lid somewhere before scraping the plates.
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By Frank Harris
This is the only countertop composter that I found that is designed correctly! That is, air can come in through holes that start in the bottom and open into the inside, then the air goes out through the carbon/charcoal filter on the top, kind of like an attic ventilation system works (air comes in through the sofits and out the roof vents). This allows the contents to dry out preventing bugs and mold, while at the same time not allowing any bad smells to get into your house. Units that only have the carbon filter on top, but no way for air to flow through, will attract bugs and mold, and if they are stainless steel, acid from tomatoes will eat holes in the sides of the steel. It is a shame that it seems that no other companies manufacture a countertop composter unit that incorporates
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By Scott or not
Be aware that the mountable unit does not have a bottom vent (not that one would do anything with a liner involved) nor a charcoal filter. The countertop version may have these things as purported in reviews, but I didn’t get that one. So, I’m a little disappointed that there is no charcoal filter, but I love that I can mount it. These two units should be advertised separately; even the description changes for each version. Hope this helps!
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By Cbots
16 offers from product price
4.0 | 586 customer reviews
446 of the 586 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It didn't occur to me that this would arrive as a whole complete no assembly required thing! SO great! Open the box, slide it out, unscrew the big lid and take out the single sheet of paper with the "instructions" (lol) and put your dirt and crap in it! (well not literal crap - that would be bad) I really like the fact that the 2 major components are so simply and sturdily designed as no pose no real danger of breaking. Even if one of the little wheels cracked (I see no danger of this btw) or the screw holding it on got lost or whatever, these could be easily replaced, as nothing looks like a specialized part. Super sturdy, thick "rugged" plastic material. It's BIG too. I was tempted to get the next size up but I couldn't have used my Amazon BIGTHANKS coupon as it
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By Ivy S
The first composter I bought has now survived two Pennsylvania winters with no more problem than a small hole which doesn't affect function. No problems with smells or bugs. Note that the base holds water, so when it freezes you won't be able to roll it without breaking the coating of ice off the bottom of the barrel. But I don't think much decomposition takes place at those temperatures anyhow!

I have just ordered a second identical composter so that I can add scraps to one while the other finishes composting. Only problem of note is that the wheel assemblies on the base of the first one are a little rusty; everything still works fine but at some point I'm sure they'll give out. (Since the barrel can be rolled around on the ground to mix, that won't render the unit worthless anyhow.) For the price, it's worth buying.

A trick I
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By contranym
I liked this at first and the idea is pretty good, but after using it for about a year I now think it is actually a very poor design.

1. You can really only load it about 40% full. Any more than that and it is WAY to heavy to turn. As an athletic young person, I can assure most people will not find it easy to turn as it gets more full.

2. Turning it is a bit awkward. There are great handholds on the bottom that function well to turn it, but the other half doesn't have anything to grab on to to spin it. 2 more handholds would make it much easier.

3. Getting dirt out is a royal pain. Basically, you have to get in it with a small trowel. Because the opening is recessed you cannot simply flip it over
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By Travis Welch
product price
4.6 | 35 customer reviews
34 of the 35 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've used a pallet-enclosed two-pile compost system for years, but needed to quickly try something new because of a rat infestation. This composter is easy to set up and easy to turn to mix the contents. So far, I've added kitchen scraps (coffee grounds, banana peels, tissues, hair, paper towels), chicken poo from 7 hens, 100% cotton fabric scraps, and a few garden vines. Everything seems to be breaking down fairly quickly and turning a nice crumbly brown. Once the leaves fall and garden dies, I'm not sure what I'll do with the excess material, but may purchase another one or two tumblers to have 2 active and one finishing the "cooking" before the compost is used. The lid can be left open on a rainy day if you need to add moisture. The plastic is very sturdy. My tumbler is located in the sun and heats up nicely making
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By Erin
This tumbler is just what I was looking for to suit my backyard garden needs. I appreciate the solid construction of the single chamber barrel, the sliding door glides open easily without catching - nor does it slide open on its own when spinning the barrel. The assembly was a breeze, I just lined the stand legs up, tightened them together and the top bar and tumbler fit like a glove. Took under 10 mins, but I did have a second set of hands ready to help. I specifically did not want a two chamber system. The wide opening is easy to get the largest of zucchini stalks and leaves into without breaking down, and when placed in the sun, it cooks! Even when 3/4 full my toddlers can spin the barrel without difficulty. It takes about 3 weeks with the right balanced materials to begin forming usable compost. I
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By spinaz
I had been just keeping my compost in a plastic trash can with holes in it, but I couldn't tumble it very easily. This composter is easy to tumble and seems to be working OK. I've had to add water a few times to keep it moist enough.
It was easy to assemble and get started. I'm a 70 year old woman and did it all by myself.
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By Marilyn Grechus
4.1 | 104 customer reviews
83 of the 104 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
So far, so good. I'll update if something changes.

This is not a huge composter, but it's very easy to assemble and small enough to fit on a back porch. It is very convenient for taking kitchen scraps out back and close to the house. The frame it comes with is lightweight but seems sturdy enough to support the weight of both containers full of compost.

The lids fit on very easily and I like that you don't have to completely remove the lid to add material. I also like that the lids are labeled "Start" and "Finish" so my kids know which side to add to. They are small enough that even my 6 year old daughter can spin it right now.

The frame keeps it high enough that when I empty it, I can put a large enough tray or container under it to catch everything
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By Dr d
So far we have only had it a little over a week. It was easy to assemble and seems sturdy. The plastic is thick and feels heavy-duty. There are perforations on the side to allow for breathing but it is otherwise sealed well. The sliding doors are stiff, so it take a little effort to slide them open but that is fine with me. I like that they won't slip open when inverted, but will come off completely to make it easier to empty.
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By Mike80528
Can't say anything for UPS and how they delivered the BOX (looked like they'd used it for dodgeball practice!), but fortunately nothing was broken or missing. Which actually says a lot for Hot Frog and how they packaged everything.

This is a great, "big" little composter. It was easy to put together and it's very sturdy; we've had a couple major storms blow through and it hasn't budged. ZERO smell too, even with the shrimp shells I threw in.

I've noticed a couple small things--because these are small barrels, you need small "chunks" for this composter. If I have branches or plants from pruning, I run them over with the lawn mower first. And it really does need compost starter. Even with 100-degree heat, the material simply wasn't breaking down; I added compost starter and had usable compost in a week. All in all this was a great
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By S. Csornok