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4.7 | 265 customer reviews
250 of the 265 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I purchased this about 3 years ago when out master bathroom was remodeled. My husband hung two of these on the back of our master bathroom door (hollow wood); I hang a long heavy terry robe and terry wrap on mine, he hangs a large bath towel on his and both are still securely attached. It has not pitted or rusted, it's sturdy and beautiful.
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By Marla - Boca
This is my best quality that I bought so fare. Now I am getting everything from Gatco because it looks and feel better than other brands I tried. This one has a modern look to me but not the square that everyone was using for modern. The round form soften the look but it still feel sleek and modern to me. I use it for towels and also for bathrobes.
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By Pastor Viktoria
Nice heavy hook. It is clean and simple. It looked and feels like the picture shows. It feels sturdy. My only con is that its way of hooking to the wall is a little worrisome. It was easy enough to do it just is not steady on wallboard. they included little plastic wing nuts but they were not worth anything. They were two flimsy to really have any effect. We are hanging a little hand towel and if no one ever touched it it would work great. We had to go to the hardware store and get molly bolts so they would not tear out of the wall. Beside that I really like the look and the quality of the product itself. It fits very well into the rest of the decor. I would recommend this product as long as
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By Amazon Customer
4.7 | 251 customer reviews
233 of the 251 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I've installed a number of these side-by-side hooks, and feel pretty strongly that they're superior to hooks that have two hooks in the same line. Putting the hooks in the same line leads to pile-ups of whatever you're hanging up (towels, coats, etc.), while this side-by-side design leaves room for items to hang individually.

So I'm a big fan of this style of hook. You can, of course, find them not only Amazon but at big box stores. This price is pretty reasonable, I'd say, having priced various hooks of this kind.

Note that Amazon is selling this as what they call an "add-on item." This means that you have to buy more stuff for the Amazonians to justify shipping it out to you. For me, this wasn't a problem -- but it's worth keeping in mind if all you need is the hook.

Comes with screws that are about 3/4" long or
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By Spencer in Seattle
These hold up well, look nice. Not much else to demand from them. If you need more holding power, use a bigger screw, hit the stud, etc... They kinda crack me up that they look like a drunk octopus with his arms up for a fight. heeeyyyy....
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By Jon
Someone said these look like a drunken fighting octopus and I can't get that out of my head. Regardless, these are great for towels, jackets, sweatshirts, and even my HDTV strung up with high-test picture frame wire. I love 'em!!
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By Frank Torres
4.7 | 244 customer reviews
226 of the 244 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I just love these oil rubbed Moen Robe(towel) hooks! The price here on Amazon was definitely cheaper than Lowes. My 3 young sons share a Jack and Jill style bathroom between their rooms and the builder only installed one towel bar, which none of them could reach! So I was constantly picking up their towels or seeing them hang from door knobs. So I installed these behind the door a little higher than door knob height. Now their bathroom looks SO much more organized having their bath towels hanging nicely and even better they can all reach it and hang them back up by themselves! Installed easily with a drill. We just measured out evenly where we wanted them, drilled the bracket on, then used the enclosed Allen wrench to tighten the hook over the bracket! Definitely recommend!
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By Devin
These hooks are insanely easy to install. 6 minutes at worst, and that includes gathering up your tools.

It involves drilling two 5/16” holes if you are not mounting into a stud. And you do NOT need a stud with these. Drill, insert included anchors and mount. You don’t even have to be 100% level because the design allows for correction as you install the final piece.

Moen nailed this one. I’ve installed 4 now. One as a hand towel holder and three as towel racks. Perfect all around.
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By S. Fraczek
These are great for bathroom doors and go well with other Moen bronze colored products. Even though they are a bit off from some of their other Moen bronze colored lines (it's not a perfect match), it went well with the knob on my door. I was worried because the picture didn't seem like they'd hold a towel very easily, but they do. Be sure to use EZ-Anchors specifically for hollow core doors if installing in a hollow door. More likely to hold up in the longer term. Hope this helps you make a decision.
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By samadacus
4.7 | 177 customer reviews
168 of the 177 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
It has a good weight and looks nice when put up.
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By Menaka
We just remodeled our bathroom. We had ordered all of our bathroom accessories through our designer. Once the contractor put this robe hook up, I wanted a second one for a different wall in the bathroom... two days later, I had one. Thanks Amazon Prime.
It's a good size. It easily holds a couple of towels or towel and robe without them falling off.
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By Kimberly Tande
Strong and sturdy! Well-made and very pretty and decorative. Easy to install and holds towels and clothes well. We bought two, one for the back of the door and and one for bedside the bathtub. They go well with all the Delta Cassidy fixtures and accessories we bought for this bathroom remodel!
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By KC Royals Fan from Independence, MO
4.7 | 148 customer reviews
143 of the 148 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We have ordered these hooks twice. They are so practical for hanging up towels in a very small bathroom (or kitchen). The design is clever. The hooks come in three parts: a back plate that attaches to the wall, a cover plate, and the hook itself. The pictures show the separate steps for mounting the hooks. We chose to add a decorative trim board to the room but that is not necessary to mount the hooks securely. They come with mollys and screws. The stainless finish is high quality. We can hang three towels in the same space as a towel rack that would only hold one towel. Yay!
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By jo46
I only needed 2, but you can’t beat the price for these 4. I recently moved to a new home and it has a shower with sliding glass doors and no place to hang towels besides on the glass doors itself. I honestly got tired of putting my towel in and taking it out of the door handle. I also recently bought a towel rack, and one night my husband hung up his towel up on the rack (over the clean dry towels 🙄 lol) and that’s when I got the idea to look up some towel hooks. They were super easy to install if you have a drill and drill bits. I like how secure they are, it uses 3 wall anchors per peg. I also like how sleek they are. They’re exactly what I need and what I was looking for. I’m very pleased with this purchase :)
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By Sarah M
NELXULAS Brushed Stainless Steel Short Bath Towel Hooks

The 1" screws, base plate, cover, and hook are stainless steel.

However, the threaded stud permanently attached to the base plate is galvanized steel, which, in a damp environment, will eventually rust. That stud should be made with rust proof metal (e.g., stainless, brass, or bronze). I slathered each stud with synthetic grease before assembly. Also, prior versions of this product had a fourth hole in the base plate (as a drain/vent); but these don't. I drilled a vent hole in each one.

Other than that, these are nice hooks. I mounted two of these outside near a light fixture, to hang things up from the adjacent laundry room. They will definitely get wet...
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By Victor H. Agresti
4.7 | 124 customer reviews
118 of the 124 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very sturdy product that works well, and looks great! I have a small master bathroom, and did not want or have the room for a large towel rack. This hook works perfectly. I had been trying to find one that matches the other Kohler Alteo products I already have. I did not have any luck at Home Depot or Lowe's. When I found this on Amazon I was very happy. I was even more happy with the price. When it arrived, it was easy to install. It looks great in the bathroom, and does not take up a lot of room. It is very sturdy, and you can hang a large towel, or even a couple of towels on it at once. I am very pleased with this product, and will be buying the rest of the Kohler Alteo accessories to match.
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By Jengurr
Love the style of this hook. I have a "Delta 521-PPU-DST Classic Single Handle Centerset Lavatory Faucet, Chrome" style faucet and I think the hook goes better with this than the actual KOHLER K-45800-4-CP Alteo Single-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet, Polished Chrome. The hook is on the larger side, but with the matching Kohler K-37051-CP Alteo 24" Towel Bar, Polished Chrome and the faucet, it looks like a matching set. I'm really pleased with it. Installation was simple, after figuring out how to work it (had to make a call to Kohler, but I am a woman and this was my first time installing something like this). Kohler was great on the phone, awesome customer service.
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By Amanda
Nice hooks - the design holds on to clothes well without stretching them out. Easy / typical hook installation process. The reason for leaving a review is a head's up to consumers about slightly different finishes: I have 5 of these in my closet, all brushed nickel, but I purchased them at different times. Some of the hooks are slightly "shinier" than others, as though they were buffed a little more or have a thin clearcoat. Both are attractive but they do look slightly different. My advice would be to purchase all that you need at one time to avoid this potential issue.
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By Zeips

4.8 | 82 customer reviews
81 of the 82 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I bought the 7 hook option. Originally I purchased one after looking at so many reviews of other hooks. This is the only one I felt chancing it because it looked sturdy! Well when I got it, I was definitely impressed by the simplicity yet strong piece of hardware. I immediately purchased another one. I needed hooks that was heavy duty because of the very heavy coats my husband tends to wear due to the inclement weather endured at work. It holds all of his sweaters and coats (which always found itself on the office chair, dining room chairs, or all over my couch), as well mine and my children's gears, now everything is much neater. Trust me when I say that I looked at SO MANY REVIEWS for DAYS! I'm glad I chose this one! In the photos my hooks are empty due to my husband being at work.
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By Yesenia M Gonzalez
I didn't use the hardware that it came with what if I were mounting it on the wall I could have used it Hardware.

I went and bought some machine screws split bolts and nuts and washers and drilled holes in the stainless shelf that came on my grill. the grill I got is the upgraded model but for some reason the two burner model that I wanted didn't have any type of hooks at all whatsoever and this is a really clean way to add some durable hooks. I would imagine that if you wanted to put heavy things on it you could just drill two more holes it comes pre drill with two holes to mount it but if you wanted to add two additional holes I think it would significantly increase the strength of it otherwise I'm pretty certain you could put over a hundred pounds on it
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By Joseph
That being said, would I buy it again? I would do so at the price I got it on sale, yes. One of the hooks is loose. I hope it doesn't break. It could be due to the fact I have an 8 year old son (thinks he literally is a Fort*ite character) who treats everything as if it is free and we are doing some kind of yo*tube review video once he destroys it. :/
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By Dr. R
4.8 | 78 customer reviews
72 of the 78 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
i purchased this to use for hand towel in bathroom - the matching towel that we had used for 2 years snapped off. i also have one next to the shower which we use as a robe hook. It works well and i really like the color.
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By Jane
After owning this for awhile I wish I would have went with another style. However, this would be great for people who share a bathroom and want to hang two robes. Also good if you want to keep the damp towel far away from the wall. This hook is not good for hanging street clothes from as it will indeed leave marks. Be sure to measure space if placing behind a door as this hook sticks out far. This hook is not shy in appearance.
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By Ellen
Like what i got for the money. Most of this set seems to stick out away from the wall. The robe hook is really noticible, and stuck out about an inch and half more than my previous one. While i'm sure inwas being overly cautious i moved it up severl inches from where it was. Keept making me nervous to have it an inch or two away from my eye every time i walked past it.
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By Amazon Customer
4.6 | 214 customer reviews
202 of the 214 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This hook works and looks great. I wanted to set the record straight. Before I purchased, I looked at reviews and one reviewer stated that it does not hold towels well. This is what we wanted this hook for - to hang towels next to our shower. On the contrary, it holds the towels just fine without slipping off.
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By Cpmurphy
Using this robe hook to hang my shower caddy - works perfect!!!
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By Jeannette Bodner
I have used these hooks for about four years. I love the design and the installation is simple. One of the hooks failed because of the heavier weight of a man's robe, but overall the build quality and finish is excellent.
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By Cristian Pieretti
4.6 | 198 customer reviews
186 of the 198 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We moved into a house with very little cabinet space so I didn't want to waste cabinet space by filling them up with pots and pans. I decided to find some hooks to hang them on the wall. These hooks work perfectly and look very nice. They are holding up great after months of taking metal handles on and off of them. They look just as great as they did the day I put them up. I ordered 2 packs and I keep meaning to hang them up in other areas but I keep forgetting to. If I end up needing more hooks I will definitely be riding these again.
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By Tiffany
Hooks worked great for my project. Read some reviews before I bought that made them seem smaller than they were but the were perfect for hanging coffee cups like I needed them too.
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By Courtnee
I ordered 17 of these, which was minimum number for free shipping to reach $25, but also the number I wanted for my project. I received only 16, which turned out to be enough for the project, and worked with Amazon to get a refund of the price of the missing hook. Only $1.50, but it's just the point of not paying for something you didn't get, right?
I wanted to buy a new belt holder, as the "hanger" type one I'd been using was the cause of an irritating start to most days, as any belt that wasn't the last one on the hook (none in front of it), I'd inevitably knock down several belts into the abyss that is the side of the closet. I started searching on here to buy one, but all of the ones that I've seen for sale have the hooks so
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By Warner D. Smith
4.6 | 188 customer reviews
181 of the 188 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
This hook is a nice weight, and it looks and feels excellent in quality. It holds two good sized bath towels (Hotel Collection from Macys) and a hand towel on top. The towels haven't slipped off once. Also, the hook does not spin or even seem like it is going to budge (however, the anchor plate is circular and I wouldn't rule it out entirely if not screwed on tight enough). Nonetheless, it installed easily, looks great, works better than expected even with towels, and stays put.
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By Mh
I love the fact that these are double sided since my husband and I usually use 2 towels each time we shower. So much more convenient than 1 holder. They come with anchors and screws but when my husband used them, they weren't sturdy enough in the wall (that is why I gave 4 stars and not 5) My husband ended up using our own stronger anchors but their screws worked well. It does also come with a small allen key to tighten the mount when its on the wall. I am re-doing my master bath in chrome fixtures and these were a perfect addition. They look very modern and "hotel-like". Easy to wipe clean! I am so very happy!
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By Samm D
I bought 10+ for a recent home modeling work. I installed some of them myself, very easy task, 2 screws. They are good looking.

For some of the bathrooms I used other ranges of modern hooks and bars, in comparison, this one is much lighter weight, about half. Those also cost about $10 in varies home improvement stores and on Amazon, in hind sight, I should not have bought this one. On one hand, this one is good quality and good looking, but for the same price of $10, the others are double the weight, just feel solid and far superior quality, also in term of modern design, those are more unique. All were made in China, but this hook has some "China" look and feel to it. Good hook, just don't compare.
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By macbc
4.6 | 180 customer reviews
167 of the 180 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
VERY sturdy. Nice looking add to any room. Endless uses.
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By MadeaOf3
I was looking for some high-quality hooks I could use to hang a shoehorn in my mudroom. I had seen some very cheap plastic hooks from 3M, but I thought they looked terrible. I wanted hooks that looked classy. After a quick search on Amazon, I came across these stainless steel brushed nickel hooks from Jekoo. For only $12.98, Jekoo was providing 4 high-quality hooks. I thought this was a great value, so I snagged them up quickly.

When they arrived, I was impressed with their build. The hooks have some weight to them, and they didn't feel cheap in my hands. I cleaned the surface of the cabinet I wanted to stick them on with alcohol to remove any dust particles, and I peeled off the 3M backing from the hooks. As I was trying to place them, I noticed how sticky the adhesive really was. Be certain on the
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By J. Ashar
These are perfect for my entry! We have a pocket door and that means I can’t use anything that goes into the drywall. These hooks are strong! They hold my heavy mom purse without any issues.
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By Jessica
product price
4.9 | 53 customer reviews
53 of the 53 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Yep it's a hook. And when I hung a coat on it, it didn't spontaneously explode. Soooooo, go hook.
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By Mr Night
Did the job with class. We are sword collectors and after making our final move home after many military moves, it was time to replace our ugly nails with something more secure and better looking. These did the trick without all the expense! We found these had so many other great uses that we ran out and now I need to order more because we ended up hanging much more than just swords.
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By L.M.Fields
I bought this to mount to the bottom of my desk to hang a pair of headphones on. It works, but just a little less than I would have liked. I wish the hook were either a little longer, or a little more upward curved. It does the job, seems strong and has a nice finish, and would be perfect for hanging a coat or bag on a wall, but was just a little less hook than what I needed.
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By JanelleG
4.6 | 134 customer reviews
129 of the 134 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I suppose you wouldn't think there'd be a whole lot to say beyond the picture represents the robe hook well.

But there is: it is easy to install. It stays on tight. It's easy to get a towel onto and off of.

I guess I should also say that since I don't have to open the shower door to get my towel I am at reduced risk of pneumonia.

A pretty good bargain since this helps me stay healthy and the bathroom looks great.

We lined up two vertically to get a clean look and double service.

We have a mix of Kohler Devonshire and corresponding Moen items in our renovated bathroom, including a cup holder, toilet paper holder, and towel racks, plus the shower and sink faucets, all bought to complement these robe hooks.

I may start a religion.
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By David Rubenstein
Wanted a hand towel hook to match another Kohler line but didn't like the one offered in other line. This one had similar characteristics so we went with it. It's solid, it's finish is beautiful and it was easy to install. Looks gorgeous!
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By Kiki
Our master bath isn't as big as we'd like. After a remodel, we realized we'd rather have some extra wall, shower and bath space than huge towel bars. I looked around for something that matched the decor and these did the trick. We ended up getting 2 more for our robes. I hung them each on the hollow-core doors. One caveat - you'll need different anchors and/or adhesive if you're mounting on hollow-core doors. Otherwise, the included anchors will wobble.
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By Richard Piercy
4.5 | 305 customer reviews
281 of the 305 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
They're excellent quality, very durable and installed perfectly on the inside and outside of our shower to hang loofahs, towels, etc.

They're perfect and match our hardware beautifully! Would definitely recommend.
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By Shannon
For the last few years I had been looking for hooks to hang my headphones on in my office to keep them from being in the way when not in use, they were always in the way on the desk or hanging on the back of a chair, So I set out on trying to find hooks large enough to hang them on but nothing I ran across I liked, then I though about towel hooks and in Chrome I have always liked the look and thought "why not" originally I was looking for a square hook and saw several I liked but it was not deep enough from the back of the hook to the base (I wanted the headphones to sit flush) and I went with these as they gave me enough room for the band of the headphones to lay flat. I'm very happy with the look
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By Rrichard Harris-DeStarr
This is a great-looking robe or towel hook. I am updating a bathroom and was looking for something beside brass. This is a stainless steel hook which I mounted next to our shower. It looks good and it has a very innovative mounting system. once it's up it is very strong. I used snap-toggles to mount it to the drywall since I couldn't hit a stud. I would not use the wall anchors that are supplied with it, get something that will take some weight. I suggest the manufacturer make the hole in the mounting plate a little larger so a 10-24 screw could be used. Other than that, it's a nice hook.
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By Robert Nakon
4.6 | 128 customer reviews
113 of the 128 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Exactly what I needed to mount my late Grandma’s very old rolling pin onto my kitchen wall. I had 1 of these hooks leftover from some project & was thrilled to find the exact hooks on Amazon. Made very well. Super strong. Great black color.
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By E. Hopkins
These hooks are awesome and we use them in many areas of our home. In the bathrooms, they keep towels off the floor. In our mudroom, they keep our hoodies and jackets ready to go. In our kitchen, they keep two towels ready, one for dishes and one for hands. In my closet, they keep my hats and bags neat and organized. In my garage, they hold backpacks and sports bags. In my laundry room, they hold laundry bags.

These hooks are sturdy! My favorite way to use them is attaching a piece of painted or stained wood to the wall and attaching the hooks to the wood.
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By H in USA
terrific little hooks to support one robe, purse etc. Due to the angle of the hook with the screw holes, you should plan on using a screwdriver gooseneck extender in order to tighten it firmly against the surface. The matching screws are perfect and will not break...even into the hardest beam... at a high torque as long as you have the proper tool. Very well molded with no ugly lines or sharp edges to catch on sweaters etc.
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By DisneylandToday
4.9 | 47 customer reviews
47 of the 47 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Picked these up for our master bedroom jacuzzi area for towels and they are beautiful. Well crafted - with a very elegant appearance. They also have some weight to them, so they are not going to fall apart on you. Highly recommend
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By Lynda Rosencans
Gorgeous. A little lighter than in the picture, but sturdy. I use it for hanging bath towels right outside the shower. I did make sure I screwed it into a wall stud so it wouldn't fall off.
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Beautiful and good quality. The only reason for four stars, is they are not at all as easy to mount as described by some of the reviews. Maybe I'm just less experienced in such things.
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By Cheecharella
4.6 | 116 customer reviews
111 of the 116 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
I have been using one of these hooks in our master bath for over a year. The finish has held up perfectly, and the thick hook makes it easy to hang up my bathrobe next to the shower. It looks great with our Moen Voss faucets and towel bars.

The hook is thick and sturdy enough to even hold a bath towel. So I bought another one of these for a different bathroom where there is no space to mount a towel bar right next to the shower. The towel bar was on a wall opposite the shower and was a little difficult to reach. This hook was able to be mounted on a very narrow wall next to the shower making it much safer to reach the towel when you finish showering.

Installation was pretty easy and only took a few minutes. Hollow wall anchors are
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By Jreview
I have both Moen and Kohler Faucets, as well as Towel Rings/Hangers in my house. Though Kohler FAUCETS are far superior to Moen ----- Bathroom Accessories like Towel Bars, Towel Hooks, Toilet Paper Dispensers, etc are equal in quality between Moen & Kohler. I would recommend the Moen Towel Hangar because it is approx. 15 - 20 % less expensive than similar Kohler hangers, and equal quality. For Faucets ----- Buy Kohler due to faucet complexity, and the lifetime warranty that Kohler truly stands behind without long debates.
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Quality is perfect. My husband was doubtful of buying this online, but it turned out amazing. We used it as a robe hanger for our bathroom door. It has a weird way to affix it though. If my husband wasn't there, I probably would've spent a considerable amount of time googling how to install. It's not as straight forward as just screwing it in. It's fancier than that...
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By Laketa H
4.6 | 114 customer reviews
108 of the 114 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
Very nice and a great buy as an add on item. They protrude less than the single prong so are perfect for spots where space is an issue. The prongs are slightly thinner than the single prong hook but they're not flimsy, and should be more than adequate for anything you might want to hang on them. Because they're white, if you hang them on white trim they disappear rather than calling attention to themselves. I like them very much and they were perfect for my coat hook area at the top of my basement stairs.
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By A. Quint
I bought this double prong robe hook to do exactly what it's made to do: hold robes.

1. Great quality. It definitely looks like it belongs in our newly upgraded bathroom.
2. Sturdy. It holds two heavy-ish bath robes with no problem.
3. Easy to install, so long as you can handle installing drywall anchors.
4. Inexpensive, for being such great quality.
5. It does look like a drunken octopus, which I personally find hilarious. If a piece of bathroom hardware that's <$4 makes you giggle, I say it's well worth it.
1. If you find drunken octopuses/octopi intimidating or disturbing, this hook might make you uncomfortable.

Overall: If I need another double prong robe hook, I am definitely buying this one again.
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By GrumpGrump
These are fine for what they are. I did not use the enclosed screws but supplied my own wall anchors. I purchased them for my daughter's walk-in closet to hold her hats and small purses. The nickel plating is not identical in color to her bathroom fixtures but since they are in an adjoining area rather than next to the fixtures, it does not matter. The screw holes are close together making installation a tad more of a pain but, overall, installation was quick and the hooks are sturdy. I found the photo to be 100% accurate and, for less than $2 a piece, I am happy with my purchase. Pleased enough, in fact, that I am ordering more (though I see that they are now exactly $2 each).

Placed and received another order. These are working well in helping to organize the hats
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4.6 | 111 customer reviews
106 of the 111 reviews are 4-stars or 5-stars
We use these for our winter coats, sweatshirts, bike helmets, swimming cover ups, beach towels, bath towels, etc. They are VERY suitable for hanging all kinds of things up & work VERY WELL for our large family!!

They are DURABLE as well as NICE LOOKING!!

We paid $2 each for them, which is a good deal. They are $3 each now, which is what they charge at our local hardware stores.

For the right price I would buy them again from Amazon.
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By WiseCrew
We used these as hangers in lockers in our mud room. I have personally hung very heavy coats on them and they aren't going anywhere. The spread on them is nice also to allow you to actually use both prongs. The finish is nice, and overall seems to be a quality item. I would recommend them and actually did buy more for hanging cleaning cloths and rags in our cleaning closet too.
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By Nick
Used these to hang my grill tools from the grill. Just got a small nut and bolt from the hardware store and mounted it up. Been using it for a year with no rusting/corrosion.
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By Jim O'Neill