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on May 17, 2007
I've had one of these for more than 10 years and am ordering a new one because the yellow plastic air guide has just disintegrated from age and heating. The motor and element are still working.

Yes: if you leave it alone it does throw out a few blistering-hot kernels. But if during the first 30 seconds of running you hold it and tilt it back about 30 degrees, it doesn't. As soon as any kernels have popped you can set it down again.

Lowest-calorie popcorn? At the supermarket, buy an aerosol can of cooking oil spray. Face the popcorn bowl, spray in right hand and salt-shaker in left. As the popcorn tumbles out, alternately spritz with cooking oil and sprinkle with salt. The oil spray has basically zero calories (a teaspoon per batch?) but it makes the salt stick to the popcorn!

Fun with your popper, impress the kids. There are always a few kernels that don't pop left in the bottom. And every time, one or 2 will go off a couple seconds AFTER you pull the plug. So: pull out the plug, slowly raise your index finger and point, magically, at the popper. Bang! Blow smoke off imaginery gun barrel.
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I've been using a 30-year-old Presto PopCornNow hot air popper that's been in my family since the 1970s. It still makes great popcorn but tends to overheat these days. I thought I should buy a new one before it bursts into flames. I was surprised to find that the most popular hot air popper on the market is still a Presto and almost identical to my old model. I shouldn't have been, since the Presto has always made fast, easy, fluffy popcorn. The PopLite is slightly smaller and lighter than the PopCornNow but essentially the same. Where the old model had a removable chute, this one has a removable butter warmer. There is still no on/off switch. Plug it in to turn it on.

To make popcorn, place 1/2 cup kernels in the popper base. The butter warmer is a convenient measure. Place a bowl that is at least 4 quarts in volume underneath the chute. I use a large mixing bowl. Make sure the butter warmer is in place atop the cover. In theory, the butter warmer will melt softened butter while your corn is popping. Plug it in. The kernels take 1- 1 1/2 minutes to heat up before they start popping. They only take about 30 seconds to pop and fill your bowl with light, fluffy popcorn. Unplug. The whole procedure takes only 2-2 1/2 minutes, half the time of microwave popcorn and no health concerns over the teflon-coated bags. It tastes a lot better than microwave popcorn too.

One-half cup kernels makes about 4 quarts of popcorn, and it comes out fast, so make sure your bowl is big enough. I'm never left with more than a dozen unpopped kernels between the popping chamber and the bowl, usually half that. The plastic cover softens from heat while the machine is running. Leave it on the base until it has cooled to avoid warping. Wash the cover and butter warmer with soap and water, but never allow water inside the popping chamber. You can just dump debris out of it. An air popper is ideal if you can't eat oils. I like salt and butter, but I love air poppers because the popcorn is always light and fluffy, never soggy. The PopLite is the fastest, easiest way to make the best popcorn.
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on July 25, 2004
Nothing last forever.

Presto has been making this popper for a long time. I bought one about 15 years ago, and use it maybe once a week. Makes wonderful popcorn, evenly popped, no burning, no oils, just great popcorn. You do need to put a big bowl under it and turn the bowl, but with this slight attention, there is no mess.

The popper died last night -- motor burned out. But how many consumer devices last 15 years? I got my money's worth.

So, I'm buying another one today. Why try something else when this works so well?
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on August 20, 2005
At first- I experienced ALL of the cons that some of the other reviewers listed with the Presto Popper.
After lots of experimenting- I found solutions for all of them, and often enjoy a "full flavor" HEALTHY buttered/salted bowl of popcorn (inexpensive too!)!

This is how I now make "YUMMY" popcorn!
This takes a little extra effort, but the rewards are well worth it!
For this to work, you MUST NOT LEAVE UNNATTENDED, "for any reason"!
1. Instead of pouring the popcorn in a cold machine- I first preheat it by plugging it in for at least "3" minutes, with the top "completely off" (pour out any old unpopped kernels, before plugging it in!)!
While waiting- I put kernels the measuring cup, microwave my "good tasting" butter substitute (see #2), and fix drinks...
a. I now pour the kernels in, and place the top on, BUT DO NOT PUT THE MEASURING CUP ON TOP YET! This way the kernels, don't BLOW into the bowl..., they just circulate and stay inside & bowl stays cool!
b. As soon as you hear the first small pop (about 1 minute), QUICKLY! Place the measuring cup on top. The popping will soon be VERY rapid!
c. If the popcorn builds up, and does not blow into the bowl, it will burn. I hold onto the still cool top, tilt and firmly shake/tap/tilt... the machine until kernels fall into the bowl, and start blowing in on their own. Leave a few extra seconds for all kernels to pop (tilt back a little).

2. Now for the "good tasting!" butter substitute-
Update#1!- I now prefer organic butter, and finely ground (coffee Grinder...Tnx!)Natural/Healthier (processed salt is bad for you, and so is ANY margarine Google... it!) "Himalayan" mined Sea Salt is supposedly bad for you..., so I switched to Celtic Sea salt!Celtic Sea Salt, Fine Ground, By The Grain & Salt Society, 1 #
Update#2!- If you melt butter... in the cup on top, with ANY air popper! It WILL eventually crack & split!
a. If you must use margarine- I place 1/4 cup of "Country Crock Light" brand margarine (#1 in taste tests, NO trans fat, no cholesterol, cooks/melts... just like butter in ALL recipes/frying..., about $2.50 for a 3 lb tub) in a microwave safe ceramic/glass cup (no plastic EVER in microwave/BAD for you!).
I heat it on 5 for 10 seconds. Then stir well, and microwave for another 5 seconds, and stir well one last time. I then stir in a teaspoon of "Butter Buds" seasoning (for butter flavor)
Ready to pour on top of popcorn, and "quickly" stir in thoroughly with a coffee spoon.

3. For people on low-sodium!- Shake on some "AlsoSalt"- Excellent tasting "sodium free" Salt Substitute, that tastes MUCH like salt (no aftertaste...!)!
Not in most stores yet, but you can find/buy it online with a Google... search.
Comes in three flavors- Regular, butter, and Garlic (all are "EXCELLENT" for ALL cooking...).

4. Shake on some Parmesan Cheese/or Garlic..., for a GREAT taste treat!
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on September 18, 2014
This popper isn't great. Kernels fly out of the mouth when it's on, before the corn starts popping. Then the corn pops, but even with a tall bowl that's near the mouth of the popper, inevitably some of it flies out of the bowl from the air and the speed. There are always a lot of unpopped kernels in the bowl. I actually counted after making a small bowl, and there were 115 popped kernels, and 76 unpopped. So only about 60% of the corn gets popped. The other ends up in the bowl. Oh, and some of the early ones that pop are barely popped too. I give it 2 stars because it does pop some corn.
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on August 2, 2015
I would not recommend this product. It is prone to hot corn kernels flying out of the machine and across the counter/room. I have read other reviews which stated the same. My experience was that kernels flew out of the machine, hitting my son on the neck and causing 2nd degree burns.

I contacted Presto asking for a full refund on the product. I was offered a replacement which I was not interested in. I was then offered the amount it was currently being sold for which was approximately $7.00 less than what I paid. I could receive the full amount but only after providing proof of purchase. I was insulted at that point. To make me jump thru hoops to get an additional $7.00 after my son was injured by their product is an example of horrible customer service. Ann told me she hasn’t heard anything negative about the product or anything like this happening before. I considered that a CYA statement. Upon my filing a complaint with the Consumer Safety Product Commission I saw other similar complaints about people being burned, pics included.

I would avoid this product from this company. Don’t just go by the positive reviews, read the negative ones (which Ann also wasn’t aware of???).
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on October 21, 2002
I'm in college and live on air popcorn (don't like microwave -- I'm spoiled!) Anyway, I had a Presto popper that died after 15 or 20 years of use. I got a new one that was a Salton and it only lasted a month. When I saw a Presto popcorn maker, I was thrilled! I trust this brand 100%! Nice to know that maybe I have another popper that will be around the next 20 years.
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on March 4, 2013
I wanted really badly to like this popcorn popper. It is amazing to watch. The kids crowd around and watch the popcorn roll out of the front; it's almost magical. The problem is the plastic cover. After about 3 weeks and maybe 20 uses the top cover has melted to the point that it barely stays on anymore. The hole in the top for the butter melter\measuring cup is oval shaped instead of round. The only redeeming factor is that the melted top doesn't seem to affect the functionality. It still pops popcorn, it just looks like it might have been on fire at some point.
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on June 4, 2009
This is the sixth air popper I've own. I've tried them from simple to cute and fancy, and the Presto Hot Air Popper is by far the best. Easy to use and clean, it is leaving only a couple of kernels unpopped each run. I am most pleased.
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on November 17, 2011
I have read some reviews of this model or the Orville Redenbocker version where there are some complaints of early (less than three month old) burnouts etc. Two things will prevent this; firstly, never use more than 1/2 cup in the unit (basically the amount that will fit in the removable butter melting dish) secondly, always start the unit prior to dumping the kernels into the hot air chamber. If you do not start the machine first and get the air flowing, the kernels can settle in the bottom and stop the fan from moving them about. Why do I know this? It happened to us roughly after 4 uses where I noted the kernels not moving, followed by the the burnout smell and finally shut down as others have mentioned. Being electroniclly inclined, the fix to the unit is fairly simple but I would not recommend doing so to someone unfamiliar with small appliances. To conclude, all you require for excellent use is to follow the two aforementioned suggestions.
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