Customer Reviews: OXO Good Grips LiquiSeal Travel Mug, Stainless Steel
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 19, 2005
It's too bad, because OXO clearly put a lot of thought into the design of this travel mug. It really keeps things hot for a long time [5+ hours]. It doesn't leak, at all. It's sculpted to fit nicely into cup holders. It's nice looking.

However, it's impossible to ever really clean this thing. The lid has a complex spout and airhole which lead to an area that is off-limits to any sponges or washcloths. The result? Well, whatever you are drinking will, over time, become trapped in there and ... well, you can imagine the rest. I drank coffee with lots of milk from this mug. So I found myself using the ultra-hot tap at work to try to clean it out. I would do this with the lid clicked shut so the water could pool in the lid and the resulting stuff that oozed out while the hot water was going to work was pretty gross. Even if I did this once a week it wouldn't really be enough. What can I say? It skeeved me out.

After a while, some sort of liquid actually got trapped in there and I could hear it sloshing around, even when I had just cleaned it and let it dry for hours. Again: really, really gross. To me, anyway.

This may not bother you at all. If so, more power to you and you should get this mug. You'll probably love it. I just couldn't get past it.
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The manufacturer commented on this review (What's this?)
Hi A. Price

I'm Kimberly with OXO. Thank you so much for your feedback on the LiquiSeal Travel Mug.

At OXO we're committed to developing innovative products that make everyday living easier. To make good on this mission, we pay close (some might say "obsessive") attention to every detail so that we deliver products that maximize comfort AND performance. We study what works and doesn't work about existing products, including our own, and identify ways to make them better. It's a big part of what makes an OXO product an "OXO Product."

Still, despite all our best efforts, occasionally we fall short, which is why user feedback like yours is such an important part of our process. The cleaning issue you are referring to is something that was a concern for us as well and we thought it was very important to fix. We have actually updated our travel mugs to incorporate a detachable seal for more thorough cleaning.

We do have a satisfaction guarantee so with this product or any other OXO product if for any reason you are not satisfied, return it for repair, replacement or refund.

Below I've also included some helpful cleaning hints for OXO Travel Mugs.

Hope this helps!

Travel Mug Cleaning Suggestions:
Coffees, teas, and creamers are oil-based products, it is necessary to use dish soap to remove any residues. When cleaning the mug, please ensure that the button is in the open position. You can soak and run warm mild soapy water through it, followed by a thorough rinsing with pressurized water from your tap ending in cold water rinse to eliminate soap residue. You may also cleanse with diluted vinegar if you prefer. We suggest that you wash daily after each use.

If the contents or residue have been left in the OXO Travel Mug for a longer period of time without the daily suggested maintenance, the cleaning time will increase. To prevent odors, it is necessary to cleanse the mug as soon as the mug is emptied of its contents, as storing a sealed mug with leftover drinks for extended time may trap unpleasant smells such as soured creamer etc. Please also ensure that your lid is allowed to thoroughly air dry with the button in the open position before storing your product. These simple steps will allow you to use your OXO mug for many years.

The Travel Mug lid is not recommended for use in the dishwasher.

It is not recommended to probe the lid with any tool as this could result in damage to any of the three seals contained for proper functioning.

Trapped water in lid:
There is an air chamber in the LiquiSeal™ Travel Mug lid. If this chamber is fractured by dropping or damage in anyway, it can trap water and is recommended to no longer use.
VINE VOICEon October 28, 2004
I took this on an extended road trip and used it for both hot and cold drinks, most of the time it ended up rolling back and forth on the passenger comparment floor. At the last stop I filled it with cold water and threw it into the trunk while getting my car cleaned inside and out.

Well, frankly, I forgot about it and it bounced around my car trunk for a couple of months and when I went to salvage it and drain the water out, I observed that not one drop had leaked out.

Not only did the seal hold the liquid in and keep the crud out, but when I was actively using it the beverages stayed hot or cold for most of the day.

This is a handy travel mug because it fits in the cupholder of most cars and if not, it can roll around on the floor or car seat and still not spill anything. The one handed operation of this mug is ideal for road warriors: cell phone in one hand, mug in the other, one knee on the steering wheel! :)
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on June 17, 2006
After 5 weeks of daily use, it’s time to throw it away. Despite my best cleaning efforts, the lid eventually began to smell bad. Liquid eventually got trapped inside the hollow area of the lid & is impossible to clean out without breaking the lid open (which I did). The brownish, moldy, & putrefied semi-liquid that came out was beyond disgusting.

To those of you that own this mug, may I suggest?

• Rinse the mug immediately with water after drinking if you can’t wash it right away.

• After washing the lid, give it the “sniff” test. If the lid smells “funny”, or just downright stinks, throw it away or return it & demand your money back. That hollow area inside the lid is a bacterial breeding ground. It’s not worth getting sick over. The lid wasn’t designed to be disassembled. I permanently broke mine when I took it apart.

The spill-proof design of this mug is in my opinion, the best I’ve seen so far. It definitely lives up to the term “spill-proof”, which is why I purchased this mug in the first place. If Oxo can implement a lid design that will disassemble for cleaning, it would fix the only flaw that I can find on an otherwise well made product.

I’m ready to give this product a second try, but right now I & my money will hold-out for version 2.0.
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on March 30, 2005
This mug was so worth its price. Here are some comments:

1) I make 4 cups (as indicated on the machine) worth of coffee in the morning and then spend hours drinking it. The best thing about this mug is that it will keep the coffee at least moderately warm until well into the afternoon. If you pre-heat (which I don't), it probably would keep it even warmer.

2) I have found that it will leak a little if you don't follow certain precautions: Don't overfill it (leave at least 1/2" at the top (where the black meets the silver) and leave the top in the open position when you screw it on--otherwise it might compress the liquid and spurt out later). Also, it will leak if there's any "backwash" from a recent sip in the lid mechanism.

3) The directions say "do not place in the dishwasher," but I put it in the dishwasher every night with no obvious ill effect. (I don't use heated dry.)
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on June 3, 2009
I just figured out how to clean the lid!!! I love this mug becasue it will keep my coffee hot well into the afternoon and doest spill a drop. (I have the stainless mug) I have never been able to clean the top and know it is full of disgusting junk. Instead of buying a new one I decided to just force this one apart with pliers and a screw driver so I will know how to clean the next one. Luckily i didnt break anything and it is as good as new know. Here is how:

Step 1: With a flathead screw driver or knife pry off the top of the rubber button that says "OXO". it is about 1/8" thick.

Step 2: With a small screw driver unscrew the philips screw that is now exposed from step #1.

Step 3: Pull on the round part under the lid that has the large seal and it will seperate from the top of the botton.

Step 4: Remove all parts fron the top of the lid and pay close attention so you can put it back together.

Step 5: Try not to throw up when you see the 1/4" thick layer of mildew, bacteria, and mold, you were just drinking out of!!!

Step 6: Clean all parts and reassemble the Mug. Good as new!
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on October 14, 2006
I loved this cup when I first purchased it. I'd scoured the internet and stores for a no-spill thermal cup, and thought I'd finally found the perfect one. However, after a few months of use, I noticed I could hear liquid trapped in the lid. If I shook the lid violently, I could get out some drops of the trapped liquid, but never all of it. I also noticed that the the lid would smell awful at the end of a day's use and really demanded washing immediately after use (which in my mind, defeats the purpose of the "travel" mug).

Eventually I had to throw away the lid as the thought of the trapped old coffee/dishwashing liquid/bacteria buildup seepage was not only disgusting, but potentially harmful...

My only regret is that I hastily threw away the lid in disgust and didn't mail it back to OXO as proof that a redesign is in order!!
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on December 8, 2009
As reported in many reviews, the interior area of the lid will become very dirty after a couple of months of use. The lid can be easily taken apart for cleaning. The round sealing disk on the underside of the lid is attached to the push button by a small screw. If this screw stays locked, you can just unscrew the sealing disk while holding the lid. If this does not work, you will have to do the following:

The push button in the top lid is a hard plastic part that has a thin layer of rubber glued on top of it. You can not remove this rubber without destroying it. Cut a very small round hole (1/8" diameter) through the rubber in the exact center of the push button. There is actually a 1/8" hole in the plastic part beneath the rubber, which is very thin. If you have an X-acto knife, you can poke through the rubber and find the hole and use it as a guide when you cut through the rubber. You will have to dig out the rubber with a small sharp tool and tweezers. Once you have removed the rubber, you will see a very small phillips screw head in the bottom of the hole. Unscrew this screw while holding the round sealing disk located on the underside of the lid and the push button will separate from it.

There are several small parts (a black plastic piece, a spring, a black plastic washer and a white sealing washer) under the push button. If you leave the button depressed, these parts should all stay in place. You can also remove these parts, noting the order and direction, so you can put them back in after cleaning. Now you can access and thoroughly clean the inside of the lid and the round sealing disk. Reassemble the lid. The next time you clean the lid, it will be much easier.

This is a very nice cup, so to me it's worth the effort of cleaning it every few months.
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on June 5, 2007
I have been on a search for the perfect travel mug, and was so excited when I found this because it was the first mug that I have used that really does not leak and it keeps drinks reasonably hot.

However, it is not possible to clean the top. My lid has a gross funky smell, even though I always wash it after every use and have tried soaking it in detergents. The fact that it can't be cleaned makes it unhygenic, and also makes drinks taste nasty if you drink more than one thing from the mug.

Only buy this mug if you will drink only one beverage from it that has no milk in it AND you will always be able to clean it soon after use AND no dripping is the only thing you want from a mug AND you don't mind a little extra gunk.
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on February 3, 2012
If you are having concerns about older, unfavorable reviews that focused on the design of the lid, you need not worry. The new lid works great, seals perfectly, and is very easy to clean.

To clean the lid, you simply twist the "seal" disc off to expose everything inside that needs attention. No fuss, no bother. OXO knew what they needed to do, and they did it...brilliantly.

The 14 oz mug will fit most single-cup brewers when the lid is removed. Yeah!

I've determined that I can expect the hot liquids to stay hot (HOT!) for a minimum of 2 hours. Cold liquids stay cold for much longer. Let's face it... If you have trouble finishing off a 14 oz cup of joe in a couple of hours, you may want to only brew 10 - 12 oz at a time. This is a high-quality mug that will delight you now, and for years to come.


Add a non-slip, non-marring rubber pad to the bottom of your mug.

I made a round, rubber pad for the bottom of my mug. I used some black, toolchest drawer-liner from a local Harbor Freight tool store . The rubberized fabric liner is spongy, thin and very durable. I measured the diameter of the indentation on the bottom of the mug, divided by 2, then cut the material with a circle cutter. Here is the tool I used: OLFA 1057028 CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter

The cutter made a perfect circle, with virtually no effort. I used some black silicone sealant to attach the material to the bare metal indentation, filled the mug with water and let it set up. The mug never slip-slides around now, and should never mar a surface that it is sitting on. My wife already had the cutter, the liner was $1 for a good-sized roll, and the silicone sealant was under $2 for a 4-ounce squeeze-tube. A cheap modification, and a nice enhancement...IMHO.
review image review image review image
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on March 1, 2006
After using this mug for several months, I began noticing that my coffee wasn't flowing through the sip-hole easily and I wondered what was wrong. I tried to clean the lid and, as noted by the previous poster, found that only a Q-Tip could help me get to the gunk that was trapped in the lid.

And, this is not just a little gunk. I cleaned for at least half an hour and was still getting nasty congeled crud out of the lid. Even so, I don't believe it is fully clean. I really hope that OXO re-designs this mug to make it easy to clean because I am usually a big fan of their products. But now, I'm too grossed out. I need to buy a different mug.
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