Customer Reviews: KitchenAid Limited Edition Pro 620 Stand Mixer KP26M8XMC
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on December 21, 2009
My mother purchased this Pro model for me as a gift about five years ago to replace my old KitchenAid. On the plus side, it is a powerful mixer that doesn't balk at doubled amounts of cake batter, although I did have problems with it for bread dough as another poster commented. And yes, I read the manual, used the correct speed and attachment. The machine did heat up. I usually do my bread dough by hand anyway, so it doesn't matter that much to me. However, since the head doesn't lift, I find the machine awkward to work with. The beater extends down into the bowl even when the bowl is at its lowest level. Therefore, you have to put the full bowl onto the stand, holding the beater partially submerged in the middle, then attach it over the bowl. You have to remove the beater when you remove the bowl as well, which is messy and impractical. Even with adjusting the height screw as it recommends in the manual, I find that the whisk sometimes doesn't scrape the bowl thoroughly. I have to stop the motor and scrape with a narrow spatula, and can't reach the bottom well because there isn't much room to work with and its a hassle to take the bowl and beater off. The beater is wide so you can't hold a spatula in the bowl while the motor is running. I see that there are beaters with silicone scrapers attached for sale to remedy this problem, and I might try that although they are pricey. Since the machine comes with additional attachments and a powerful motor, and I'm used to working around the beater, I'll doggedly use this until it gives up the ghost. My next mixer will have the liftable head like my old ones, however.
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on February 4, 2009
Got this mixer over 2 years ago and it sounded terrible from day 1 - a loud whine that my other Kitchenaid mixers never had - but it seemed to function all right, yet never seemed to have as much power as I thought it should. The more I used it the less power it seemed to have, especially kneading bread dough. It would get very hot and could not fully knead even soft doughs, then finally stopped altogether. Repairs would cost over $200 so I'm looking for a replacement. Additionally the bowl did not rise far enough in the upper position to allow the paddle or whisk to fully incorporate ingredients at the bottom of the bowl- it was necessary to lift the bowl manually to accomplish this, a little risky at high speeds.Since I already have several attachments I'll look at another Kitchenaid mixer, but am hoping their quality control has improved.
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on January 24, 2010
Bought this through Chef's...arrived promptly....super unit (if you want big and dont mind the whine of a big motor)....after a dozen or so uses the main drive unit fell off (quite the sight!)...called Chef's, the apologized profusely, emailed me a label, picked it up and the one I have now is just great...had to be a fluke as I had another smaller unit for 15 yrs and the friend to whom I donated it reports its as good as ever!
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on August 18, 2011
Love this mixer! It is very powerful and really whips up all sorts of great on whipping cream...takes seconds!!! Is powerful enough to mix bread dough so that all you have to do is knead...your arm is not worn out before you start the kneading!! It is noisy but that is the sign of a powerful motor...which it needs to do what it is supposed to do! This is a quality made mixer and KitchenAid stands behind their products 100%. Recently I had the 600 model and it had a problem and unfortunately there is NO ONE in my city that can or will repair small the KitchenAid company very graciously replaced my mixer with a check so I could purchase this model I did have the 2 year extended warranty after the original one ran out in one mixer was 1 year and 3 months old when I had the problem. The extended warranty cost $30.00 for 2 years and it was the best $30.00 ever far!! It is just sad that these days people can't or wont repair small appliances!! This new model is "exactly the same as the 600"...there is NO difference what so ever with the exception of the "wire whisk" looks like a double whisk where as the other model had one that was a single whisk.
This mixer is powerful enough for bread dough, stiff cookie dough and great on simple cake mixes!! I also love to use the meat grinding attachment which I originally purchased for my original KitchenAid standing mixer 275 watts...over 20 years ago...which I still have and it still works. It is nice for a beginner but it doesn't have the power of the 600 or the 620. I would recommend this mixer to any one who loves to bake. It is a little on the pricy side but well worth it and it is also very well worth it to purchase the extended warranty when the original one runs out!!!

Added: 12/12/2011
I have been using this mixer for a while now and it is exceptional to say the least. As I said before it is identical to the Professional 600 stand mixer....the only difference is the Whisk is a "double" 2 in one, a larger whisk is over the smaller whisk. It does a good job however the problem I have found with this whisk attachment is that so much of what ever you whisk up sticks in between the parts of the whisk and it is difficult to clean since you can not put it in the dish washer! ( can but the attachments will turn black) It takes a lot of rinsing to get it clean plus you must go in and out of every one of the whisk-wires. It is difficult to get clean even with the smallest of rubber scrapers. It is best to use a sponge on a stick if you can find one ...the kind you do dishes with. I am just glad the attachments are interchangeable on these 2 models and I can use the "regular" whisk attachment that was with my 600 model!!
I still "highly-highly" recommend that you pay for the extended warranty when you receive it in the mail shortly after you purchase the is so very worth it if you have a problem with your standing mixer. If you live in an area that has absolutly "NO" place to take it if it breaks...this extended warranty will completely replace your mixer...they will send you a check to purchase a new one...which is what I did. It is sad that this day and age no one takes repairing small appliances seriously! I was astounded that no one in my city could repair this expensive standing mixer!! I guess it is a lost art!!
In can not go wrong with this mixer. Yes it is heavy and it is awkward and is loud...if the noise level bothers you...I would advise ear plugs!! The noise has not been a problem for me. The only problem I have is that I do not have a large kitchen so I can not put it in one place and use it from that spot...I need to move it each and every time I use it but the lift is not to far...if it were I would have to have some one move it for me...but this is a small problem considering how great this mixer is!!
I did purchase the "Ice Cream" maker/ far this attachment is a problem...the paddle that is needed to continuously stir the ice cream mixture freezes instantly to the bottom of the bowl/attachment and this causes it to stop turning and has to be stopped right away or the attachment to the paddle will break off!! I am still getting advise from KitchenAid on this matter.
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on November 30, 2011
KitchenAid mixers of the past earned their reputation because their motors were built by Hobart, a name you will see in commercial applications. Truly industrial grade. Alas, that has not been the case for a long time now. This mixer labored intensely with bread dough and divinity, bogging down pretty severely and getting quite hot. We exchanged it for a Viking which, aside from a Rube Goldberg beater attachment, has a lot more horsepower.
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on February 27, 2013
One word: LEMON!! Whatever you do, please do not confuse the Kitchenaid of old (previously owned by Hobart, one of the finest manufacturers of mixing equipment in the world) with the current incarnation (currently owned by Whirlpool - king of mass marketed products from China.)
I have owned 8 Kitchenaids in the last 10 years, each one lasting less time than the one before it. (4 in the last 2 years alone.) This model made a brutal noise from day one. Despite being promised by the Kitchenaid rep that this was a unit that could stand up to bakery standards, it was dead out of the box. Within the month, we had sent it back and got our replacement. To it's credit, it lasted longer than a month. This one made it 4 months. Now before you think - "Hey, bakeries will kill these things. They aren't meant for commercial settings!!" Please note that we only use this mixer for small batches of buttercream and royal icing. That's it!! And Kitchenaid guaranteed it would be fine in our bakery. IF YOU BAKE MORE THAN TWICE A MONTH, DO NOT BUY THIS MIXER!!!!! IF you bake anything thicker than WATER, DO NOT BUY THIS MIXER!!
Interestingly, I still have the little 4Q Kithenaid mixer, bought when we opened our bakery 10 years ago. Kitchenaid still made gears with metal back then, and it's only just showing signs of going. It's sad to think they let such a great brand die such a sad death. They are junk. Seriously - don't believe the TV shows. They are paid to put them in those kitchens. Ask any baker in North America and they'll tell you the same. They're garbage. For occasional hobbyists only.
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on August 23, 2011
This beast is a powerful beauty. Be respectful of its power -- it will turn cold heavy cream into whipped cream in short order -- and into butter very shortly thereafter. For all its brawn, it is quiet in operation and looks terrific sitting on the counter. It manages to mix everything in the bowl easily -- its orbiting and well-designed beaters get to every millimeter of the bowl. The soft-start feature is excellent -- unlike lesser mixers, this unit starts slowly and gently, so powdered ingredients don't turn into a kitchen dust storm when the unit is turned on. The unique metallic chrome finish is very industrial chic -- a nice touch. But it's the way this thing works that will have you hunting for recipes just so you can use it again and again.
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on June 23, 2015
I put this purchase off for a long time. When I finally went for it, I got exactly what I wanted. It's got the size and power to make the pizza dough batches I love. I've made pasta and cakes and cookies. I just love this larger 6Qt machine. I bought all the attachments for it and I've used almost all of them. I got the "sideswipe" with it and that makes the smaller batches of batters mix much nicer. The standard flat beater doesn't quite reach the edges of smaller batches.
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on April 21, 2013
I'm a professional baker who wanted a good mixer for my home. I bought this same unit nearly six years ago, and after six years of cakes, breads, doughs, and various batters and frostings, it's still going strong. And, I use it on average 3-4 times of week over the course of a few hours each time, so it gets a lot of use. It never made any weird noises, never over-heated, and I haven't had to replace any parts. Perhaps I just got lucky with my model, but I know people who bake bread at home and replace their standard Kitchenaid once a year because of wear and tear. Even if I have to replace this one in a year or two, I will have had many years of use, so it's been well worth the money.
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on March 14, 2012
My daughter just graduated from the California Culinary Academy. This was her gift from mom and dad. She could not believe how nice it is and how big the batches of breads and cakes she can make with it. So happy with this product!!
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