Customer Reviews: The Big Bang Theory: Season 2
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VINE VOICEon June 12, 2009
Every situation comedy (sitcom) has to come up with a unique angle to view reality through, in the hopes of finding the humor in life. In the past, this was generally done in family situations with "zany" characters. That type of sitcom has also largely been done to death. Even the "group of funny friends" situation is starting to be overdone. Friends did it. How I Met Your Mother is currently doing it (very well I might add), Seinfeld did it, etc.

In "The Big Bang Theory" we are thrust into the lives of 3 genius level scientists, and one super-genius level scientist. The story needed its "Spock" or "Mr. Data" to explain to the rest of us what on Earth they were talking about, so we got Kaley Cuoco playing the lay-person's character of "Penny." As the genius scientists have to explain to her what they are talking about, it clues the rest of us in too.

The result of the situation this comedy is taking place in, is an inside look into a world most of us have never seen, nor do we understand. As someone who took both levels of introductory physics (and passed!) in college, I can tell you that their subject matter is accurate, and also way over the undergraduate level. The characters are pure genius, and pretty much every episode is hilarious and filled with heart.

I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a good sitcom to watch. It isn't a "science show" -- no more than "Sports Night" was a "sports show." It is a comedy show, and it is darn funny! The Big Bang Theory is now entering its third season, and I strongly recommend you all support it so we can keep this quality entertainment on the air!
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on March 23, 2009
There is very little on TV that I consider worth watching. Big Bang is at the top of the list.This show has excellent writing,excellent character development,and excellent acting.The 1st year was great and the 2nd is just as good.This is one series that you can watch over and over and it's just as enjoyable as the first time.
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on February 14, 2009
Started watching this half way through the 1st season. Became a fan immediately. I even bought 5 more DVDs for my friends and family as Christmas gifts and now they are hooked too. The writing is smart and fun. I catch something new every time I watch it, whether it is a prop, clothing or dialogue. Makes me have a good laugh every time. I can't wait for the 2nd season to come out on DVD even though I have watched all the episodes so far. I know I have missed things in each episode
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on May 1, 2009
Season 1 of this purely genius show really set the tone for what has rapidly become my ultimately favourite sitcom. The show is based around 4 unsociable nerds and their relationship with their socially integrated neighbour, Penny (Kaley Cuoco). The four friends are Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Howard (Simon Helberg) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons).

In many of the American sitcoms, there is always the one stand out character that means you watch the show whenever you can as they never fail to make you chuckle. In "Friends" it was mainly either Chandler or Joey and in "Frasier", for me it was always Niles. So in Big Bang Theory their stand out character is without a doubt, Sheldon, played by the fantastic Jim Parsons. He is the socially inept but academically gifted and uptight gem of the entire series. From the minute he enters the screen, he owns the show with his uptight ways and the intelligence with which he delivers his lines.

During the course of Season 1, the relationship between Leonard and Penny was explored as a way of removing it from any future possibility allowing the characters to be focused on in more personal detail. In Season 2 we are treated to a number of excellent treats including Leonards mother coming to visit, Sheldon trying to become more sociable by creating a friendship algorithm and trying to get a grip on sarcasm.

Out of the entire second season, I have two favourite episodes that I can watch again and again, and it's thanks to the genius of the Sheldon character. "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" is just genius and perfectly encapsulates the character of Sheldon into one brilliant episode. Penny buys Sheldon a Christmas gift and now has an obligation to buy her a gift of equal monetary value. Alternatively, Leonard meets his intellectual superior who enters into a relationship with Penny, leaving Leonard a bit on the jealous side. The exchanging of gifts is the truly splendid moment of the episode as the gift Penny has bought for Sheldon is a used napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy (Spock); the reaction has to be witnessed.

"The Maternal Capacitance" is also another stunning episode and is purely down to the introduction of a new Sheldon-esque character; Leonard's Mother (Christine Baranski). She's a psychiatrist completely detached from any emotional feelings and around others is emotionally and socially awkward. Sheldon on the other hand appears completely comfortable around her and as she's alienating everybody else; she gets on swimmingly with Sheldon. This is a character I would want to see more of in the future as her initial appearance was divinely hysterical.

A season of belly laughs that leaves an opening for a promising third and fourth season and any fan should own this set upon its release.
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on January 29, 2009
I think this sitcom belongs up there with the all time greats- I love Lucy, All in the Family, The Beverly Hillbillies, (insert your favorite classic sitcom here). I purchased the first season, and can't wait for the second to become available. Sheldon is just so "out there". I love the whole cast.
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on March 25, 2009
This is by far the best/most underrated sitcom/show on T.V. Very smart! Laugh-out-loud funny! Unlike most "sit-com's", you are guaranteed to "laugh-out-loud" a few times during each and every episode. Terrific ensemble cast and tremendous writing. Their should definitely be numerous award nominations and hopefully wins for acting, writing, ensemble cast, etc. A treat!
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on January 23, 2009
Our favorite sitcom continues to develope its characters, and there's plenty left. I disagree utterly with the previous reveiwer. I think his high school angst is blinding him to the obvious. Sorry I can't give the series 6 stars.
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on July 15, 2009
I have watched this show from the beginning, at first because nothing else interesting was on, but now my family and I are hooked. Sheldon is so socially inept it is hilarious, with his friends having to hold up signs denoting when sarcasm is being used. It's not your typical "dumb vs. smart" storyline, because the geniuses cannot function in social situations, whereas Penny is their "bridge" to the "normal", while getting her own education on how different people function.
Something unusual I have noticed, as a mom to children with autism, is many family members of autistics tune in, and I have recommended it to my psych classmates simply because it is so funny and quirky.
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on March 15, 2009
This show has got to be one of the most original comedies in a long time. It's nice to have a break from sitcoms with conventional characters. Plenty of shows have had the typical "geek" such as Urkel or Screech, but it's nice to see a show that dared make eccentric geniuses stars of the show. It never fails to make me laugh so hard to the point of tears. I hope Big Bang Theory lasts many many seasons.
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It's official. I am truly addicted to The Big Bang Theory. And after several years without a sitcom on my weekly TV schedule, I am thrilled. I recently caught up with the second season on DVD, and now that I've stopped laughing, I'll share my thoughts with you.

The show revolves around four physicists. Leonard and Sheldon (Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons) are roommates. They are good friends with Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) since all four work at Cal Poly. Across the hall from Leonard and Sheldon's apartment lives Penny (Kaley Cuoco), a want to be actress who pays her bills as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. In any other world, she'd be the normal one of the group, but as Sheldon points out at one point, "In this room, you are the one who is peculiar."

The season opens exactly where season 1 left off. Leonard has finally acted on his crush and asked Penny out. But she quickly dumps him and then confides the reason to Sheldon who almost moves out instead of keep the secret. Over the course of the season, Penny becomes addicted to an on-line roll playing game, Raj gets a big head after landing in "People" magazine, everyone tries to teach Sheldon how to drive, Penny and Sheldon wind up in a feud but they batch things up in time for Penny to give Sheldon the best Christmas present ever, Howard actually gets a girlfriend (temporarily), and Penny accidently hits Sheldon's couch cushion with paintballs.

Most of the focus on this show is on Sheldon, whose neurotic behavior is perfectly played by Jim Parsons. And there's a very good reason for that. Sheldon often gets the funniest lines or funniest stories, and Jim's acting is absolutely perfect. I really do feel that this character in anyone else's hands would be a disaster.

But that's not to knock the rest of the cast. All five of the leads are great comedians and brings their characters to full life with every episode. Kunal Nayyar has a hard job since his character is too shy to talk around women, but he still manages to get some great laughs out of us. When Howard isn't being a slimeball, he can be funny. And Leonard really is the most normal of the guys, and the one I identify with the most.

Which leaves us with Penny. She is the emotional heart of the show. While often frustrated with the guys and their lack of social skills, she also usually is quick to forgive and do something that will make you smile. Take for example the episode where she loses it with Howard for his suggestive comments. Honestly, I get that since I often find his remarks over the line. But their scenes together later in that episode are heartwarming.

Of course, there are the funny side bars in each episode, like the one where Sheldon expands the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors by adding Lizard and Spock. He does it to decrease the odds of ties, a plan that backfires in some of my favorite moments in the season.

Season two consisted of 23 episodes, which are preserved here on 4 discs. The fourth disc also gives us an interview with the real life physicist who helps with the show's incredible amount of science as well as interviews with the actors and creators about how the show progressed in season two. Finally, there's a great gag reel.

This show never fails to make me laugh. If you are looking for a great sitcom, look no further than season two of The Big Bang Theory.
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