Customer Reviews: PARKER Sonnet Stainless Steel with Golden Trim, Fountain Pen, Medium nib with Black ink (S0809120)
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Size: Medium nib|Color: Stainless Steel and Gold|Change
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on April 17, 2011
I bought this in late December to have a pen for class. I am working on my masters and take plenty of notes and I was sick and tired of cheap, plastic, throw-away pens. I was looking for something both durable and relatively ecologically sound. Plus I have always wanted a decent fountain pen, and I don't have a ton of money to throw away on one, so this fit the bill. It is pretty and feels solid, has a nice, balanced weight in the hand, ink flows smoothly and there is no scratchiness to the nib. I gave it 5 stars, but would rate it about 4.5 mostly because this workhorse runs through ink pretty quickly, and I find myself either changing cartridges relatively often or refilling the refillable cartridge... Although maybe I shouldn't be so harsh since I am using this for taking notes and I do write a lot. After using this every day for nearly four months I must say I am happy with my purchase and would recommend this pen as a nice entry-level fountain pen.
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on April 1, 2013
This is just a short video of what the pen looks like and how it writes. No talking, just a little demonstration of what you're buying. I am personally very happy with this purchase - It looks amazing, writes really well (once you figure out the angle you need to hold it), and is very well made. It feels heavy - which I actually like.
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on August 16, 2010
Since I was young, I had awful handwriting. No matter how I tried, nor what writing instrument I used, my handwriting was terrible. My teachers, parents and even my classmates and friends would comment and lecture me on how very difficult if not impossible it was to comprehend my scribble. To make matters worse, I write left handed and often I would smear my words with my left pinky making my bad writing even worse. It was the story of my life and I simply accepted my fate of illegible handwriting and even printing.

Then a miracle happened. For my birthday, a great friend of mine sent me this Parker Sonnet fountain pen with a fine nib. Hah!!! I can't even use a pencil legibly and now a fountain pen? Well it worked! For some reason, my handwriting improved using this pen! Maybe it is because I do not have to exert much pressure on the nib as I have to with a ballpoint or pencil. Maybe it is because the nib "grabs" the paper. Maybe it forces me to slow down. I am not sure but I know that my handwriting has improved. Now, Thomas Edison's reputation (ever see his beautiful handwriting?) has nothing to fear but at least my handwriting isn't an illegible embarrassment anymore.

Also, Parker pens come with their brand of ink called Quink. It dries into the paper so fast, that my pinky does not smear the ink like a ballpoint or pencil. Amazing!!! Now my pinky does not appear to have the beginnings of gangrene.

This pen is also a good looking, classy instrument. With it's shiny black finish and gold accents and nib, it catches eyes whenever I use it. The finish is very durable and after a couple of months of fairly heavy daily use, there are no scratches to be seen. It seems to be very well made. The cap fits on securely and the details of the pen are sharp and clear.

I use the refillable ink reservoir every few days to fill my pen with Quink blue/black ink. I found that the blue ink, while beautiful in color, does not duplicate on at least my office's copier machine well if at all.

My son does not have the greatest handwriting either (the apple does not fall far from the tree). For the upcoming school year, he gets a fountain pen. When he is older, I'll get him a Sonnet too.
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on September 19, 2012
Before buying this pen, I bought the Pelikan M200 green marble pen, which I had to return due to damage. But, I had a chance to feel the pen, and let me tell you, the Parker Sonnet blows it out of the water; the M200 is all plastic and looks cheap.

From the minute you open the package, the quality of the box itself is simply beautiful, the finish and shape in and out, a master piece perfect as a gift or for yourself.

The Parker Sonnet Stainless Steel pen comes with an ink refill cartridge and a pre-installed plunger style refill mechanism for traditional ink refilling. The plunger is easy to use; remove the top part of the pen, opposite from the nib, then dip the nib entirely into the ink bottle, press the plunger all the way down then up a couple of times until you see the reservoir fill up. You're done.

The pen looks and feel amazing in you hand. The nib has the name Parker and its traditional lines carefuly laser engraved over it. Right above the nib, a plastic section for finger placement, the rest is made of stainless steel, which feels more like aluminum. Point is, it is a piece of art and you can see the quality of craftsmanship through out. The pen is not heavy at all, but it isn't too light either, it has a balanced weight to it, making it perfect for everyday use. The cap is a "snap on" style cap, but it fits securely without risk of it coming off.

Very smooth. Probably the smoothest fountain pen I've used in years. The only problem I noticed is that the pen is not absolutely a "fine". It's between fine and medium; it's actually identical to a roller pen. Some may mind this and should take into account before buying this pen; I on the other hand, do not mind and simply love this pen.

Parker has always been known for quality and standard and I can see why, this pen "shouts" quality and prestige. An amazing piece of art, at an amazing price.

Note: Kudos to Amazon for packing the pen so carefuly. There were no dents on the box, outer and main. Plus, being a Prime member, I had my pen in two days, including shipping and delivery. Bravo.
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on January 31, 2013
This is every bit as good a fountain pen as other reviewers say it is. I bought it in my endless quest for the perfect pen, and it's just shy of that for me, because it's just a little too small to be comfortable in my large hand (I'm 6' 3"). Everything else about it is terrific, though.

As reviewers say, it's indeed a "wet writer," which means that the medium nib doesn't scratch but floats effortlessly over the page and makes writing pure pleasure -- which is a chief reason why you want a fountain pen in the first place. In fact, I like writing with it better than my far more expensive fountain pens -- I have two Mont Blancs, the huge one and the medium one, and the Parker -- which costs a tiny fraction of what the MBs do -- is the pen I find myself picking up when I just want to write (I save the big MB for signing treaties and bazillion-dollar checks).

I bought a Pelikan M600 (at five times the cost of the Parker) that fits my hand better than the Parker, but the nib feels more fragile and pliable than the bulletproof Parker nib, so I find myself babying the Pelikan while I write, which takes more effort and is less comfortable.

There are some minor drawbacks to the Parker. Like any fountain pen, it'll go dry if you leave it uncapped without writing for a few minutes. And its reservoir (you gotta use bottle ink to have the full experience) is smaller than I'd prefer, a byproduct of its slim size.

If Parker made a thicker version of this same pen, I'd buy it and end my quest for perfection. Despite its less-than-ideal size for my hand, though, it's the best-writing pen I own.
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on September 14, 2013
This pen is very beautiful, the color really stands out. But the real beauty of this pen is its nib. It is the smoothest nib that I have ever used and I have a few fountain pens some with gold nibs costing much more than this one. If you are looking for a flexible nib to give line variation, look else where. This nib has very little flexibility if any at all. It is a great every day carry pen that you will need to keep an eye on. Because someone will try to take it from you!
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on September 18, 2013
To start off... this is a very nice pen.
Depending on what ink you use, it writes incredibly smooth.
I have used everything between Waterman wet inks to Montblanc iron gall inks, and have not had a problem with the smoothness.
I ended up buying a parker converter because I could not find any information of it having one, but it DOES come with it.

Writes amazingly
Very sturdy pen
Looks amazing
Cooperative with many inks

A bit lighter in weight than I hoped for.
I tend to like the heavy feel to a pen, but if you are into the lighter feeling ones, this will probably work for you.
Keep in mind, the lightness does not take away from the sturdiness.

It is a bit smaller than I am use to. I have more or less big hands.
Surprisingly, it does not cramp my hand up, but will take some getting use to if you are used to using a fat boy cigar pen.
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on October 26, 2013
In the years that I have had and used this pen, it has never clogged or given an inconsistent line. It feels great, looks great and is a pleasure to use. But do not use those insipid Parker inks. I use Noodler's "Heart of Darkness" Black ink. It is check safe and doesn't gunk up.
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on July 28, 2011
My mother bought me my first Parker fountain pen when I was in grade/elementary school. So, I have special feelings for Parker writing instruments. Over the years, I have used fountain pens from different manufacturers and countries, but for practical, reasonably priced fountain pens, there are very few that can beat Parker's. This one has a fine nib which I like and comes with a cartridge and an alternative internal filler mechanism. The pen is not heavy and it is well-balanced even with the cap on the barrel when you write. The flow of the ink is smooth and makes writing easy and comfortable. This is the pen that I use everyday.
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on December 11, 2011
I received this pen about four years ago for Christmas. I'd really wanted it, asked for it, and then received it. Unfortunately for younger me, I didn't know the first thing about how to get a fountain pen going. I didn't know how hard to press down onto the paper, or how to fill the converter, or how to clean it. So I guiltily kept it in the closet for about two years. One day I got the itch to try the pretty little fountain pen out again. I retrieved it, but the years of disuse had caused all the ink to dry. So I spent the day cleaning it and researching the finer points of fountain pen ownership, and voilà! I was hooked.

I've been using the pen ever since, almost exclusively with the converter. The shiny resin hasn't dulled one bit, the gold plating hasn't worn off, and the nib is still in 100% perfect shape.

A tip for beginners. Like I said, the main reason I put the pen away for a few years was because when I put the first cartridge in, I expected the ink to flow through the nib and instantly be ready to write. But life's not that easy. So here's what I do now. Put the new cartridge or converter in the pen and put everything back together. Then dip the nib into ink if you have any. Water will actually work in a pinch, but you have to have a scrap piece of paper ready to write on until all the water is flushed out by the ink. That's why I suggest getting a bottle of quality ink with this pen, whether it be for you or someone else. I say that because it's much easier to start a nib flowing if you can dip the nib in ink. One quick dip will pull ink into the dry parts of the nib, and then when you start writing on paper the capillary action pulls the ink through from the cartridge.

These are great pens, I highly recommend them.
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