Customer Reviews: Gyration Wireless Air Mouse GO Plus GYM1100NA
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on May 21, 2010
The first thing I noticed about this mouse when I opened the package was that it was smaller and sleeker than I originally anticipated. This was a good thing because I did not want something that would rival the size of my remote control. I spent about 2 weeks deliberating this purchase because I wasn't sure which air-mouse to purchase (this one, Logitech MX Air, Gyration Air Mouse Elite, Gyration 2100, etc.). The characteristic that sold me over was the shape of this mouse.

After doing countless reviews of the other air mouses, I noticed many people complaining about the awkward shape of their air-mouse mouse when using it as an air-mouse. I must say, hands down, I love the shape of this mouse! It's a hybrid between a remote control and a Wii Nunchuck. It perfectly contours in my hand, and the ergonomic shape was my ultimate dealbreaker.

The sensitivity and overall accuracy of the sensors is great. The learning curve took me about one whole day to get accustomed to using. And after about a week, I swear I should be in the next Harry Potter movie because I'm a flatout magician waving this thing like my personal wand. Battery life is great; I've used it for 5-6 hours at a time without charging it and it still doesn't require a charge.

A GREAT feature about this mouse is that the orientation of the mouse doesn't not matter when using it as an air-mouse. I can be pointing the mouse up towards the sky, down in the ground, wrist turned in, wrist turned out, or lying slanted on my chest and the left/right perception of the pointer will not be disoriented. This is absolutely fantastic.

Another two great features that this mouse has to offer are programmable buttons as well as programmable gestures (like "left swipe") that allow the user to open numerous programs or window functions.

The only gripe I have with this mouse is that the double-click locking feature that allows this mouse to remain an air-mouse often unlocks, meaning that I have to double-click the trigger button again to keep it as an air-mouse. However, my friend who also owns this mouse doesn't have this problem. In all, it's not a big deal. I wish I bought this mouse years ago. Hands down, it's the best purchase I've made from a convenience point of view in a long time. And if you spend a lot of time working on the computer like I do, I don't mind spending money if it makes doing my work a little more comfortable.
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on March 7, 2009
I am a teacher who uses this in the classroom. I used to use a green laser pointer (green is tremendously brighter than red), but these are very fragile.

With this, I can walk around the room, using a Powerpoint, and use the mouse cursor as a pointer. The hand motion is quite fluid and intuitive. It took about 15 minutes to get the hang of it. The key was rotating the wrist rather than pointing at the screen.

The good:
1) vastly better than a pointer.
2) much better than a slide advancer type of controller.
3) it does not dominate a presentation; it complements it.
4) the size, weight and format is ideal.

The bad:
1) a new user would not be able to just pick this up and start talking, it does require a short learning period. I am told that some do not find this motion as intuitive as I found it.

2) The battery is non-standard and a replacement is not readily available. (all vendors, including Gyration, are sold out)

3) If it is not charged you are out of luck. A shell to hold AA or AAA batteries would really help.

4) The battery life is sub-optimal

5) the RF receiver would benefit from a clip to hook it to something, to that it does not get lost. Another model from Gyration has an internal storage compartment

6) The device itself could use holster. When preoccupied with a discussion, it is too easy to put it down then wonder away. It is a bit bulky for your pocket
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on August 23, 2009
I own two of these with the companion keyboards to navigate and pilot my boat across 3 displays. I don't have a flat surface so an air mouse was my preferred option.

Don't buy an Air Mouse from any manufacturer for general desktop use unless you have no desktop! These products do have a learning curve and none of them work as precisely and easily as a dedicated desktop pointing device. Once learned though I now command my desktop with the wave my hand almost as quickly as I do with on the desk. The Gyration product doubles as both an air mouse and a desktop mouse so when a flat surface is available viola! There is a button on the mouse that must pressed when you want to move the pointer on screen while in Air-Mode. Thank goodness, otherwise every hand motion would move the pointer! The supplied driver includes features to define tasks, open apps, locate the pointer, all very useful and easy to assign - no programming required.

The device is heat sensitive, so if left in the sun they stop working until cooled. Also the 100' broadcast isn't as strong as I had hoped so about mid-day the mouse motion sometimes becomes intermittent even when I am only 20' away through a single wall. In fact one of my devices is rated for 30' and the other for 100' and I really can't tell the difference when swapped.

Otherwise, I love them as they are my daily work horse and have been aboard for the last (2 years) ~3500 nautical miles.
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on January 21, 2011
I've had this mouse for six years and the battery is waning but still functional. I've dropped it a few times and it still works. The learning curve is short - most people who stop by my cube can pick up the basics in a few minutes, being proficient takes a few hours. While you're learning it can also be used as a desk-mouse. Tremendous help to my borderline carpel tunnel. Highly recomended for reducing wrist strain.
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on September 4, 2013
I had high hopes for this mouse as my arm and wrist have developed problems because I am at a computer allot. The problem with a mouse of this type that you may not realize (and this is not specific to just this brand I would guess) is that 1.) each time you have to stop to type with both hands, you have to put the mouse down. This is a pain if you have to do it allot. And 2.) when you finally move the mouse very precisely between, lets say, two letters, to highlight something for cut/copy, as soon as you click to actually cut, or paste, the whole mouse moves and you miss, This has really been a big problem for me. Also, with this particular brand, I find myself constantly clicking the trigger too fast, (double-clicking the mouse brings it in and out of the mouse move mode, which is either the trigger has to be constantly pressed to mouse the mouse, or it is always moving), and the mouse is always bouncing between the two modes. This causes allot of weird mistakes.

Of course for some of what I said, it may just be that I have not used it with the best technique. I will continue to try different methods of using it....

I guess I am just saying this mouse may not be for everyone - despite the great reviews.
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on July 14, 2013
I received this yesterday I've been using the logitech air mouse for the last couple of years and it finally died, unfortunately it was discontinued!
So what to do for a replacement...Gyration is really the only game in town!

The Go mouse plus is way over hyped. Its accuracy in the air is sorely lacking. The center mouse wheel button is very very annoying! Whenever I'm scrolling this infuriating pop up unidirectional scroll feature pops up and interferes with the normal wheels scroll function./ No way to disable or change it! very poor design in my opinion. This pop up feature also pops up when the mouse is set down. I set the three lower buttons to apps I frequently use and the seem to work most of the time but at times stall. I have not yet tried the gestures because at this point if gyration support does not respond for the wheel issues its going back! If Gyration wasn't so lazy or cheap they would have written drivers to better control their product as logitech does. I guess when you own the technology and license it to other companies you dont have to support your own products.

I used the older gyration mouse and was quite happy with it prior to changing over to logitech. This is no where near as good!
UPDATE: emailed support about the issue with the scroll wheel. Here is their response totally unrelated to my issue!


All of the Gyration mouse products have the double click to lock and unlock air mode. It is a standard feature.

At times we do see mice with a sensitive trigger so it will inadvertently lock when you don't want it to, but we can set up an RMA to replace the mouse or in your case since it is a new product return it to the vendor you purchased it from for a replacement or refund.

Thank you for contacting Technical Support

Dave Ireland
Technical Support

my contact form to them:
Comments: I just bought the Air mouse go plus very mixed feelings about it leaning towards returning it! Is there any way to disable the push button on the wheel. The pop up scrolling function that is tied to is very annoying and interferes with normal scrolling with the wheel as it is too sensitive. Quite frankly this iss a big detractor and may be reason to return it! Do all the mice you now offer have this feature? Very poor design in my opinion!
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on March 16, 2014
I love the air mouse but the quality is not there. The buttons go bad and they won't stand behind their product. I'm hooked on the air mouse but I'm on my 3rd one in 6 yrs. For the price they should last longer. If they would just buy better button switches. This is only used by me on my home computer.
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on September 29, 2014
The original version that I purchased around 2002 lasted 5 years. The last two I have used lasted one year each and did not work as well. They apparently cheapend the receiver, etc. When it starts to go bad the cursor starts jumping around all over the place. It has moved files and accidentally hidden files and file folders. It can start making unintended commands. A real nightmare when it starts to go bad. Also the special button software has not work correctly on the last two. This was a great product. I think they got more concerned about cost to produce than about quality. Too bad for me and other users.
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on February 18, 2014
We use these for many of our 3D imaging systems at work that are setup in an area where there is no mousing surface available. I was able to pick it up and use it with ease as I have great hand eye coordination from a long history of sports and video games, but most of our employees take a week or two to get used to them.

We do prefer the older versions as the new versions have a "perpetual motion" feature that cannot be permanently disabled. If you double click the trigger that you have to hold to move the cursor this feature gets enabled and you no longer have to hold the trigger to move the cursor any longer. This has caused many of our employees to think that the mouse is broken because they don't have to hold the trigger and has also resulted in lots of misclicks and moving/copying/deleting/creating shortcuts to files and directories. I wish this could be disabled as we have no use for it but even in their proprietary software you cannot disable it according to their technical support staff. Unfortunately this feature is very easy to enable by normal use around a large display. Still, the mice do what we need them to and have a limited failure rate unless employees drop them which can several disorient the onboard gyro.
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on February 26, 2012
I used to love this mouse but after a couple years the battery stopped charging. I investigated to find out the thing required a custom battery that nobody carries anymore. Turns out the newer model has a battery case that's just slightly different, I guess the builder wanted to force me to spend another $80-90 for a new mouse.

I did some investigation and cracked open the original now dead battery. Turns out it was simply two AA batteries with custom wiring in a custom plastic case. First of all it's not right to charge $20 for a AA battery replacement, second of all this battery can't be found any more.

I tried engineering two rechargeable AA batteries and I got it to work again, but I did a sloppy job and they always get lose, plus the mouse now looks terrible. Anyways, this left a really bad feeling for me after spending originally way to much for a simple mouse.

I just think this is just wrong, I'll never buy gyration again. I'll give the Logitech MX air a try next.
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