Customer Reviews: Seagate Momentus 5400 500GB 5400RPM SATA 3Gb/s 8MB Cache 2.5 Inch Internal NB Hard Drive ST9500325AS-Bare Drive
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on June 13, 2010
I used this drive for my PS3. Very simple to install, the PS3 asked to format my new drive, and after the format, I had 500 gigabytes of space. My old drive was only an 80 gig.
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on April 14, 2009
I upgraded my PS3 hard drive with this 500 gb. The process was very simple and the product works great. The shipping and delivery were quick. I have no complaints.
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on November 13, 2012
So I received this HDD yesterday as a replacement for my 160GB Slim. I marked the rating as a 4 for two reasons. 1 because I just installed it I want to give it some more time before I give it a perfect 5 and that the packaging was a bit laxed In my opinion. It just came wrapped in thin bubble wrap in the silver type enclosed bag most hard drives come in with some air pouches inside. I was expecting a box or at least it tied down in the box so it could not move around.

As for the HDD itself so far it's working just fine after installing it. If you have never replaced your HDD in your PS3 Slim it was a very easy process. This is a 500GB HDD that equates to 465GB once installed due to how the system reads it. After the PS3 takes up its own internal space you are left with 412GB for games etc. But that now pure space you have left to use up where a 160GB PS3 left me with about 112GB give or take.

As far as the install it was very easy into the PS3 slim, in my opinion even easier than the old Fat PS3. However new to the slims is once you replace the HDD make sure you have the latest PS3 System update ready to go on a USB drive or else you will not be able to restart your PS3 and sign on to do your restore of data that you backed up.

It seems fast, very quiet so far and in about a month I will update once I it's been used for a little bit. The Price is great for this HDD which I saw for about $20 more a few other places.

UPDATE 20 June 2013- So its been about 7 months since I installed this HDD on my PS3 and it runs like a champ. Still have close to 300GB of space after Downloading many games from PS+ instant game collection. Its very quiet and has never once had any issues. I would highly reccommend this drive to anyone looking for an upgrade.
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on February 20, 2010
I recently purchased this Seagate Momentus 500 GB to upgade my 160 GB PS3. I got the product earlier then scheduled from Amazon, which is always a good thing. I installed it the sameday, the installation was simple, if you did your homework on upgrading the PS3 HDD. After installing the new 500 GB HDD I turned on the PS3 and it sounds very quiet. I recommend the product for anyone who wants a little more breathing room in their PS3, its a perfect fit and works Great !!
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on June 21, 2012
Purchased this solely to upgraded my PS3 hard drive from the 80gb it came with to 500gb with this Seagate Momentus. As with all hard drives (internal/external), you'll never get the FULL amount of space as sold, so I actually got approx 450 some odd GB's, as opposed to the full 500. Just be aware that this is true for all hard drives.

Installation was a breeze to swap out the drives and now I have much more space to save games, demo's & DLC. Make sure to get this drive (the 5400rpm) and NOT the 7200, as there have been some reports of compatibility issues with the PS and/or the drive over-heating. This 5400rpm one works perfectly. I only trust Seagate and Western Digital for hard drives, and once again, Seagate hasn't disappointed me.
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on October 6, 2009
I was looking foward to upgrade my PS3 hard drive (80G) and I found that the 500G drives were getting popular,the two choices I found were the Seagate Momentus and the Western Digital Scorpio Blue. The WD is a bit cheaper, and was the one with the most reviews, but I heard the Seagate is more reliable (3 yrs warranty for the WD VS 5 yrs for the Seagate). So I chose my destiny and bought the Seagate. This is the first time I buy a hard drive and install it myself, but the process is fairly simple and quick, I just had to follow the instructions I found on the web (back up your save files, power off, remove the cover, the blue screw, pull out the old drive, remove the 4 screws from the drive frame, and install the new one in reverse order).

The problem was wen I tried to power up, the PS3 didn't recognize the new drive, and instructed me to insert a flash drive with the sistem files. So I downloaded them from the Playstation website and saved them on to the flash drive (in the ps3 folder I created, according to the printed instructions that came with the ps3 unit) and voila!, the hard drive could be formatted, and I begun to recover my files I backed up.

Several reviews mention that this model is incompatible with the ps3, perhaps it is because the people who wrote them encountered the same problem as I, and didn't have the ps3 sistem files ready in the flash unit. I don't know if this problem occurs with the WD drive, but I think is not much trouble at all to fix it. A word of advice I found at the web is that the drive you choose has to operate at 5400 RPM, because there are faster (and more expensive) drives that use 7200 RPM, like the Seagate Barracuda or the WD Scorpio black, but it is rumored that they could be not compatible with the ps3, this could be wrong though.

I have not found problems so far (installed it on oct 04), loading time is very fast, it is quiet, and most of all, BIG space, no more worries!
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on March 7, 2011
So i usually never write reviews but i just wanted to let you guys know that it works perfectly for the Fat 80GB PS3. Idk if it works with the new slimmer ps3, im assuming it should but i upgraded my 80GB PS3 to a 500GB PS3. Now i have soo much space and its running just fine with no over heating issues. I got this for the ps3 instead of the 7200 Seagate 500GB hard drive because ive read a lot of reviews before buying this and a lot of them were saying that there might be compatiblity issues if you buy a 7200 RPM harddrive because the ps3 comes with a 5400 RPM. I also read that, with video proof, that even with a 7200RPM hard drive that there isnt any significant (notiticable) difference between having a 7200 RPM harddrive vs a 5400 RPM harddrive in your ps3. So you're better off using this to replace your PS3 hard drive. I know its only around $10 more for the 7200 RPM one but me personally, i rather not have compatibility problems in the future or risk having my ps3 overheat. (But one thing i noticed was that during downloading the ps3's fan turns on faster and louder, maybe thats how it always is and maybe i didn't notice that with my old hard drive because i barely did any downloading due to lack of space, but yeah thats something i noticed. It can kind of being annoying with it background downloading in a dorm room while your trying to sleep, but like i said idk if that is normal with the ps3 because i never did much downloading due to my lack of space on my previous 80GB harddrive)

Replacing the hard drive is really easy and took me about 5 minutes(without counting the back up time using the PS3's backup utility), there are plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to do it, and how to back up your PS3 data to an external hard drive(which has to be formatted in FAT32) so checkout YouTube for instructional videos on how to replace your PS3 hard drive and back up and restore everything. Those videos really help if you are new at this.

I replaced the hard drive a month ago and it works just fine. I didn't need to put an expensive hard drive in the PS3 because i also read that the PS3 might limit the speed of the hard drives past 5400RPM to stop over heating issues. Idk how this hard drive works for a laptop(because i use two 500GB seagate momentous xt hybrid hard drives for my laptop) but for replacing a PS3 hard drive this should do just fine. Its a fairly cheap,effective way to replace your PS3 hard drive and i suggest using Seagate hard drives over other drives due to my experience with their reliability and less likeliness to fail compared to other hard drives.

Hope this helps :)

UPDATE: Its been 4 months since i have bought this and i have downloaded over 250+GB of data from the playstation store and else where onto my PS3 with this harddrive i have upgraded and its work perfectly, without any problems. I have left my PS3 on for hours at a time,even over night,for background downloading with this harddrive installed in it and it hasnt caused any problems. The downloads even seem to be downloading a little faster than they used to on my old 80GB factory installed harddrive that came with my PS3 when i bought it. I expect this to last the life of my PS3 and longer.
I would definitely recommend this harddrive for anyone looking to upgrade their PS3 harddrive to a bigger one. Only if Sony sold their PS3s with 500GB harddrives, we wont have to spend money to upgrade them lol but oh well
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on March 11, 2011
I bought this after Buying a Western Digital 500 Gb Scorpio that was making noises in my ps3 slim, I originally bought the first drive to replace the 160 gb. This drive is great no problem loads good no problems. I would recommended this for ps3 hdd replacement. This works great since allot of games are now coming to ps3 on demenad like mass effect 2 and others but thet 24 or 25 gb so space per game, Although I would prefer games on demand to disc.
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on April 8, 2011
I was torn between this and the Western Digital equivalent. I have the WD in my laptop and it seems to be a reliable, quiet drive, but I did read a few reviews saying that PS3 games can freeze for a split second or so with the that drive. I'm not sure how true it is, but I didn't want to take that chance. So I went with the Seagate.

Installation to the PS3 couldn't have been easier. Just remove the screw from the bottom, then the door, pop out the old HDD, swap. Download the latest firmware update from playstation to a flash drive and insert it in the PS3 when prompted on your TV. Anyone who can read can do this. When everything is formatted and installed, it will show that you have 412/465 GB of free space. This is normal. I've put this HDD in 2 slims and that's what it shows. WD will also show only 465 GB total. It's just the way they're made.

So far, so good. I purchased two of these. One from Amazon and one from another site, both for only $54.99 at the time. I thought that was a bargain for this large of a drive. So far everything is performing exactly as it did with the Hitachi 160 GB that came with my system, only now I have much more space. That was my only goal and expectation.

The only complaint I have is that it's not as quiet as the WD. At least not in the PS3 (the WD is in my notebook). I wouldn't say it's noisy, but if you're downloading something at night and all is silent, you can hear a few whirs and tics here and there. I'm about 10 feet away from the system and sometimes have to concentrate to hear it, but it's definitely audible, at least to me. I hear Sony uses Seagate in its PS3s among a few other brands, and I read a few PS3 complaints from WD buyers about their games freezing momentarily, so I went with Seagate. I figured it was the more compatible brand, and when the TV is on I don't hear a thing from it. I've had a drive in my laptop that sounded like a coffee grinder. But I did remove one star because it could be quieter in comparison to WD. This could vary from drive to drive. Just speaking from my experience with the two.

All in all I'm happy with this drive and would buy it again. Highly recommended for those upgrading their PS3s. Don't be intimated by the process. Check your manual and youtube to see exactly how it's done. I'll update this review in a few months. Good luck!
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on December 2, 2012
I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of upgrading their PS3

I had a 60gb HD in my original ps3, and had to start deleting stuff in order to install/play new games. This solved all my problems, and was so easy to swap out.
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