Customer Reviews: TAG Heuer Men's CV2A10.BA0796 Carrera Automatic Chronograph Watch
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on March 8, 2012
I have had this watch for almost 6 months now, and it hasn't let me down. Part of owning an Automatic watch is the need to wear it daily, or leave it on a winder. I wear the watch daily, only choosing to wear one of my other watches when working in the garage, yard, or doing household renovations as to not break the crystal or damage the watch more than daily wear. The pictures and videos of this watch do not do it justice, it is far better in person, and I would suggest before purchasing, go to a local retailer and check out the watch, see it on your wrist, and make sure the size fits you well. It isn't cheap and if you aren't happy with it, then you should know before you buy.

I have large wrists, and the large face, and thickness of the main body fits my wrist and body style well. This is my second Tag, my first being a Link Calibre S, and to tell you the truth, with this Carrera on my arm, I haven't had a desire to wear any other watch, including my Link. This looks sporty, yet dressy enough to wear with a suit, although the thickness of the far does/can interfere with a button sleeve if you don't have a lot of space between your wrist and the sleeve. Typically I wear my Movado with a suit because of the thin case/face, luckily, I don't wear a suit very often.

I purchased directly from Amazon and although they aren't an authorized dealer, they do offer their own warranty. I haven't had a single issue with mine, and I closely inspected it when I received it for imperfections, but everything was flawless. I do gain about 30 seconds a day, but I have been playing with placement of the watch when I sleep, as crown up, crown down, face up, face down, in a winder, etc, all can advance or subtract from the time on the watch. You can also have a watch shop adjust the time on the watch by opening it and moving a small lever in the watch to cause it to advance or retard the time. I prefer to adjust the time once a week, but I am starting to experiment with nightly positions that will keep it to a more accurate time. Up till now, I have left it sitting face up at night.

Also be prepared to send the watch in for service every 5 or so years, and could require a full rebuild within 20 years. This is an investment piece, and all automatic watches will require such a service schedule to remain fully functional. This is an heirloom piece that taken care of, even with daily wear, could be passed on or sold in the future.

This is a Chronograph watch, so its design style is used for "racing" with it's stopwatch, and speed tachymetre around the bezel can give you both time and speed for a given time over a mile. This is why there are numbers on the outside bezel of the watch, if you time something over a mile, and it's 15 seconds, that vehicle is traveling 240 MPH. 60 seconds = 60 MPH. The large "second hand" on the watch is used for the Chronograph, with a smaller second hand at the 9' position being used for the watches second hand. There are many people that don't understand this, and if you really want the large hand to be your second hand, you could start the Chronograph and just let it run. There is a day and date at the 3' position, large enough to easily see, without the need for a reading bubble on the watch. The Chronograph minute counter is located at the 12' position, and the hour counter is located at the 6' position. After stopping the chronograph, pressing the reset button "snaps" the time reset so you can quickly time another vehicle/person.

The case back is clear crystal, so you can see the inner workings, although I have read that they are changing this to a solid back for future models, but I can't verify this. With the clear back it's easy to tell a real from a fake.

This is the Calibre 16 movement, and with some research is a good movement, and should last a long time. It is very accurate when set correctly, and when I send it in for service in about 4 years, part of that is to adjust the time.

I plan on keeping this watch for a very long time, and will probably end up selling the other various Tissot, Citizen, and possibly even my Link that are in my collection. I really have no desire to wear any of them after having this watch. If I could sell them all, I might even buy the white face of this watch for a different look.
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on December 17, 2012
This is a nice watch but is not waterproof. I sent it in for repair after rinsing my hands in the Ocean and water was able to get in the case. I sent it in for warranty repair. It was sent back with water damage still showing as well as additional damage. The repair shop amazon used put deep scratches in the case where to tool to remove the case was used. Then they claim that the crown was damaged and that they would not cover any of the damages besides replacing the crown. Well its safe to say that if I'm not the only person to experience this problem that they must be dicking me around so that they don't have to pay for the damages while the watch is still under warranty. There are multiple reviews of this watch with the same issue. It must be a flawed design and now I will have to probabley send it to Tag at cost to me to not only fix the residual damage from the water but the damage from Amazons service center as well.
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on August 15, 2012
I have had this watch for about 3 months now... I am currently on vacation with my family. Yesterday we ventured to the beach for a swim and upon returning to the house I saw a slight haze on the crystal. At first I thought it was just some salt water build up on the crystal but after I washed it off with light soapy water, as instructed by Tag's own website, I noticed that the haze I was seeing was underneath the crystal. I am, to say the least, a bit pissed off that a watch I spent $3000 on isn't waterproof in the ocean. Happened yesterday so I can't speak to the service end yet but I plan to update this post once I have received the repaired watch.

As for the quality of the watch... it is an excellent time piece. I keeps good time, for an automatic. And the aesthetic appeal is top notch... the only reason I gave it 3-stars is because of the age of the watch and it's inability to withstand light water submersion.
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on April 13, 2013
**Update: I had to replace the inside of this watch after 18 months due to water corrosion. The repairman said this was the worst he'd ever seen. He questioned whether this watch was real. Do not buy from this vendor.

This is a gorgeous watch. I bought it from Amazon roughly 7 months ago and don't have much of a complaint. There are, however, a couple of things I'd like to point out to potential buyers.

1. Fact, the watch is water resistant. It is, however, not impervious to condensation forming inside the watch. If you take showers or go swimming with your watch on, be ready to have a light film show up on the underside of the crystal for a few days. It goes away, but it looks terrible while it's there. For a watch that costs $3000+, I personally would expect it to be properly sealed.
2. There is an anti-reflective coating that covers the sapphire crystal. You can barely tell that it's there. However, if you're even the slightest bit clumsy, i.e., occasionally bump your wrist against a door or a wall, there is a chance that the anti-reflective coating will get scratched. In fact, it scratches quite easily. At first you'll think that the sapphire crystal has been scratched, but I can assure you that's not the case. The watch is fine, but you'll need to take it into a service center to get the AR film reapplied. It doesn't come cheap.
3. As is the case with anything you buy online, what you think you're seeing isn't necessarily what you get. This watch has a large face. No really, it has a large face and it's thick. If you have slim wrists or smallish hands, it has the potential to look gigantic on you. Just be warned if you're self conscious about these things.

Overall, this is a fine timepiece. It can be dressed up or down, but it has some drawbacks. Would I buy this watch again? Probably, but I'd try to find it as cheap as possible.
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on January 20, 2014
I am on my second one. The first one had condensation under within a couple of weeks. I was able to return and repurchase it because I thought it thought it was a freak incident and that there was no way this would happen again. Well, less than 2 years later, here we are again, and this is NOT COVERED but the Amazon Warranty. Pretty watch, but do not buy.
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on June 6, 2014
The watch is not waterproof and builds up steam inside. Also the glass coating loosens on the inside.
Also the date and day display needed service twice already and after the second service date and day switch over at different times of the day. Also the watch stopped to run altogether!
Seller watchsavings aka jomashop is leaving me behind and not shipping it back, not replying to emails and the hotline is not of a help (the direct dail from Leo, one of their agents, is not working and the mailbox has overflown).
Do not buy from jomashop and/or watchsavings to prevent a lot of hassle or to have a watch that actually runs and to keep it that way. A watch in that pricerange should not need service every other month.
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on March 15, 2014
I like the look of this watch and when it is working, i really enjoy it.
Now for the reality...
I have a defective watch. I have owned this for less than 2 years and it has been completely overhauled twice. I have two other Tag's for 5 and 8 years, and have had absolutely no issues.
Unfortunately for me, this process of having the watch fixed through Amazon has done nothing to dispel Amazon's greatest downfall; the fact that you cannot take it to the store and speak to somebody in person when there is an issue. I have spent three or four hours now speaking with concierge service and the final outcome is that my warranty will be extended. They will keep in contact with me and make sure the watch is working.
The fact is, I do not want to keep in contact with Alex, the watch and jewelry repair manager. I want Amazon to give me a refund, or a credit on my purchase. I asked Alex very simply if this was her purchase, would she be satisfied with the outcome. She agreed that she would not be. I am only asking Amazon to do the right thing and fix the situation.
I am obviously incredibly upset and will never buy a watch from again. I hope people read this and understand that buying a watch in the store and paying close to full price is the better option. Don't save $500 on a watch that costs $4k. It will undoubtedly be the most expensive paperweight that you own.
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on November 22, 2013
There are other 3500 dollar price range watches that are much better buys. This felt a little cheap. The band was flimsy and the chronograph seems to stick right away the day I bought it. This watch felt like if it took a bang it would come flying off my wrist. This is not as classy a watch as it seems - a little ghetto / bourgeoisie / new money. It's not a classic look. This watch looks like a Michael kors and build quality reflected that when I retuned it as chrono button failed on 3rd day of ownership. Clear back is cool - but you can get a better Invicta for 1/30th the price that will last for years. Tags headquarters may be in Switzerland, but are their factories in China? Crap build quality stay away!
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on December 16, 2011
I'm by no means a watch expert but I did think long and hard about the prospect of buying an Omega vs TAG vs anything else. When all was done, I opted for the sportiness yet elegance of this TAG he decision came down to Grand Carrera or Carrera Day Date. I chose the Day Date and made a great choice. I get compliments on it all of the time. The size of the monstrosity took a little getting used to especially the height of the watch at 16.5mm. My business partner went with the Omega Planet Ocean -- Although also a great watch. I simply like the aesthetics of this watch. One last thing - it's the one of the only TAGs, if not the only TAG that actually has both the DAY and DATE displayed. Amazing detail.

UPDATE: It is now OVER a year later and the watch is functioning perfectly. Have never had any issues with it. In fact, I decided early on to run the constantly run the seconds hand in it ticking motion and, well, the thing works great and doesn't miss a beat. It is slightly scuffed here and there but that's simply my abrasiveness. This watch merits all of the compliments that I get on it. Thanks TAG.

I would totally recommend this watch to everybody.
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on March 17, 2015
I love watches. I own all sorts, including other Tag's. From the very beginning this watch had a problem with leaking. If you get rained or snowed on it leaks. If you forget it when you wash your hands, or for a second you step into the shower before remembering to take it off, it's going to get water inside. Normally this would result in returning the product (after all, it's supposed to resist water to 100M), but Amazon doesn't permit that because it's too expensive. Instead I am forced to send it in every time water gets in it and it's gone for weeks while they clean it out and change the gaskets and fix the water damage. Very quickly you get sick of this and just stop wearing it. Like another reviewer said, if you are going to buy a luxury watch, don't buy it on amazon. Buy it at a store where you can talk to someone and return it. This was a very expensive lesson for me to learn never to buy another watch from Amazon.
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