Customer Reviews: Microsoft Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000
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on October 4, 2009
I bought this keyboard because they've been pushing pair programming at work and they want everybody's workstation to have 2 keyboards (whole different topic). Regardless, I took this as an opportunity to shop for a new keyboard to use at work. First, I ordered a Logitech Wave, what a miserable pile that was. I could not get over 90wpm on that keyboard. Now yes, I know, 90wpm is pretty good, but the keyboard kept frustrating me and I could not get in rhythm with it. So I went to Best Buy and got this. And I must say...WOW! I had a comfort 3000 already and loved it, but I did not expect this keyboard to feel so good. On my first try at [...] I hit 136wpm! The keyboard's keys are provide incredible feedback and feel amazing going at high speeds, it really is hard to describe. The rubberized palm rest makes the keyboard a joy to use for long hours at a time, and the curve the comfort's are known for makes sure that the extended reach keys (b,n, etc.) are elongated enough to make them easier to reach and unlike the split keyboards, the spacebar feels like a normal spacebar with no extra effort required.

The downsides:
I'm a professional software developer so having good sized function keys is an absolute must. On this keyboard, they are small and slightly recessed. There is also very little separation between the groups as is normal on most keyboards (1-4,5-8,9-12) which makes it hard to find the one you want without looking. This might also be a pain for gamers. The function keys also seem to go down deeper than the regular keys putting a small amount of extra strain on my wrists. My other complaint is about the mouse, while it is small than the average Microsoft mouse, it is still quite comfortable in your hands, but the scroll wheel is annoying. I personally prefer a scroll wheel that clicks, and this one is smooth with no clicking. Again, this might be my preference as a programmer as I like more predictability when scrolling as most development environments scroll by line instead of pixel, but it was an annoyance to me.

So overall, for typing, the keyboard is my absolute favorite keyboard of all time. For other things such as hitting F-keys and scrolling, I guess I'll have to get used to them. The Windows 7 function keys are nice I guess, but even though I do use Win7 (legal MSDN version of course), I find no use for them. The other little feature I like is that the usb dongle is a very small flash drive sized stick and not those long mouse looking things of the past. In the end, every person needs to make up their own opinion when it comes to keyboard preferences because keyboards are like chairs and mattresses, it is highly dependent on what you like.

In the end, with all the bitching and moaning I do with the F keys and mouse, I'm contemplating buying another one to use at home.
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on September 14, 2009
This keyboard has a great feel and the textured rubber wrist pad feels very nice. I love the curved key layout, I have been buying this shape of keboard for years.
The keys are quiet and give a great soft bounce feedback (not too soft).
The mouse also has a very nice textured rubber feel.
The optical tracking of the mouse works very well on any surfaces.
I bought this keyboard for the ergonomics and the windows 7 compatibility.
I like the taskbar keys buttons wich make accessing your pinned applications a snap. (Note: that in Windows 7 those keys will not only start the applications but once they are opened the keys will toggle between foreground, minimized state and application specific shortcut menu)
There is no led indicator of the keyboard state (num lock or caps lock) but the intellipoint software will display a tiny popup on the screen to show the state (Which I think is even better, since you don't have to look down from the screen). This "lack" of feature ultimately saves the battery life of the keyboard greatly.
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2009
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If you're a gamer, even a casual one, this keyboard and mouse set is NOT for you.

The are two major issues that affect gamers:

1- Function keys on the keyboard are arranged in one long line, instead of three separate groups of four. In addition to that, they are also quite small! This presents a major issue for games that use function keys for essential features. For example, most games associate the Quick Save and Quick Load functionality with the F5 and F6 (or F9) function keys. Mistaking one for the other can mean game over. And it is very easy to mistake them with this keyboard. In fact, unless you have your room lights on, and are looking directly at the keyboard, you WILL miss them. It boggles my mind as to why MS decided to arrange the keys in this counter-intuitive manner.

2- The scroll wheel on the mouse is not notched. That means it scrolls smoothly without "bumping". MAJOR gaming issues can result from that. Weapon switching, precise scope zooming, etc, are all out of the question. While the keyboard can be used if you can manage to reassign game controls, the mouse is completely worthless. Think about it: you cannot properly play any game that requires you to switch weapons! Forget Counter Strike, forget Team Fortress 2, forget Unreal Tournament. If you decide to play those games with this mouse, quick death is guaranteed while you are scrolling through the weapon menu trying to select a specific weapon.

For non-gamers, however, this is actually a pretty good product. The build quality of the keyboard is great (sturdy and heavy), while the mouse is large and very comfortable (about the same size as a Logitech G5). Keyboard keys are truly silent (but mouse clicking is quite noisy). The wrist pad is very comfortable, and doesn't irritate the skin. I like how the keyboard is curved: a natural shape for people who use all their fingers to type. There are plenty of shortcut keys as well. The included CD has IntelliType 7.0 and IntelliPoint 7.0 software for both PCs and Macs.

It is a very comfortable set, but unless you are planning to never use your PC for gaming, I can't fully recommend it.

The keyboard is a 4/5, while the mouse is a 2/5. So, the set as whole gets a 3/5.
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on May 21, 2011
I bought this keyboard/mouse to replace my old Dell keyboard/mouse that i use in conjunction with my laptop. I must say this is a very comfortable keyboard to work with, and the mouse is so smooth and reactive. I do a lot of homework on the computer and i needed something that would work for me in multiple aspects. I like this keyboard because its quiet, and is ergonomically shaped. In particular i really like the zoom button, the volume button, they come in handy ofter. The mouse is very smooth and never misses a beat, and i really like that i can use back and forward page button, as well as the tilt button. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
review image review image review image review image
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on September 18, 2009
I've been using a Microsoft Comfort keyboard for a while so the only thing I had to get used to is the ESC & Function keys being shorter. The keyboard itself is very solid feeling and the buttons are quiet and have a great feel. My previous keyboard was giving me fits as it would intermittently drop keys. I love the textured feel of the palm wrest and the rubberized feet on the bottom.

This set is by far the best I have had. I do have an issue with the scroll wheel on the mouse, but Microsoft is sending a new one to me soon. Dealing with technical support was quite painless and took only 20 minutes of my day.

I would have liked to rate this with 4.5 stars because of the shorter function keys, but I can get used to them.
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on July 15, 2011
I read some other reviews before purchasing, so was expecting the non-clicking scroll button and smaller function keys. However - did NOT realize that the ESC key is also very tiny (about half the size of a normal key, and lower profile so you have to reach further to hit it). Just set these up this morning, and those seem to be the only negatives.

On the plus side:
- very easy to type, especially if you also use a laptop keyboard. I think this is because the keys are placed fairly compactly, yet aren't crowded by any means. I used to have a hard time switching between laptop and full-sized keyboard, but I think that will be much easier now.
- more compact design than the old Logitech Wave I used to have and just threw out, what a monster that was, took up a LOT of space on the desk - this is much better, about 8" x 18" and light.
- smaller USB key than I've seen before
- no more need to 'connect' the keyboard and mouse to the USB by pressing buttons and watching for lights - plug in the USB and you are ready to go

I can't comment on the programmable keys or anything related to the software, as I didn't install that.
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on October 29, 2012
I bought this product about two years back (yeah i know a long time!) and im glad to say that i still have it to this day! I was absolutely amazed by this keyboard and mouse and im so happy with it. Lets go over the pros and cons.

Easy to use- just plug the wireless adapter in and youre done!
Installs quickly, saves time
Comfortable (kindof the reason they call it wireless comfort)
WIRELESS<-- major selling point for me
Adjustable keyboard makes it suitable for all people's typing styles
Batteries hold their charge for MONTHS...i honestly can tell you that i only change my batteries every 6-8 months.
Build quality is SOLID!
Lasts forever.

Can be a bit uncomfortable if youre used to using a regular rectangular keyboards, but youll warm up to it in time.
Learning how to use some of the button functions can be tricky, but you most likely will find it easier to just use your old methods.

This is an astonishing product from Microsoft. Props to them, after getting fed up with Logitech devices constantly failing me this was the perfect match. 5 out of 5 stars for an excellent product. Worth the money. Go for it!
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on February 12, 2013
Comfort-wise this is a great keyboard/mouse set. I loved it. Typing is easy, almost effortless. And then one day the USB transceiver died. You know when it's dead. It starts heating up when plugged in. So don't leave it in the USB port or it may break too.

Too bad the transceiver is uniquely tied to the keyboard and mouse. You can't replace it. You can throw the keyboard and mouse into the garbage can - without the transceiver they are useless. Funny, I looked in my box of broken hardware and found two other Microsoft mice with dead transceivers. I thought it would never happen again, but now I learned my lesson.
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on February 13, 2014
This is a nice keyboard but appears to not be what I need. I have been using an MS Comfort Curve 2000 every day at work for about 5 years. It still works and I always thought it was a little big for my needs as I don’t need the “media” keys or whatever at the top. The keys started feeling a little loose and sloppy so I decided to replace it and look for something that did not take up so much desk space. I looked at all the current boards with a Curve or a Wave since I am used to my 2000 and all seem to be wireless and/or have small “F” keys, also the wireless boards available now seem to have no indicator lights for Num, Cap, & Scroll Locks. I guess they are saving power to extend the life of the keyboard batteries. I guess that’s Ok for some folks but it turns out not for me. This keyboard is go back, it works but the design is not enough of what I’m looking for.

For this MS 5000 keyboard -

Pros –

Others have reported connection problems. But Wireless connection for me was as good as hardwired, but in my case the receiver was never more than 24” from the keyboard and always had line of sight with it.

Nice curve shape and feel to the keys.

Has Feet to raise the rear or front of the key board.

The Palm rest has comfortable material.

Cons –

The Function “F” keys across the top of the key board are smaller and lower than the rest of the QWERTY keys. This means I have to reach up, over, and down to hit them. I use the F7 and F9 keys probably a couple dozen times a day each so this is a problem for me.

There are no lights on the keyboard for Num Lock, Cap Lock, or Scroll Lock. I thought this would not be a big deal but for me it turns out it is. If a program I’m using is not taking my password I need to know if the Caps are on or off and I switch back and forth between caps and lower case letters all day so without a light I’m not sure at a glance where I am with them. The Num Lock light is a nice piece of mind thing to have for me also.

The Palm rest is curved and my hands always want to slide down to the desk so I have to keep pushing my hands back up the keyboard. The Palm rest also makes the keyboard bigger than it needs to be for me.

Has feet to raise the rear or front of the key board, but they are separate pieces and not attached by hinged legs as on most keyboards so they could get lost.

I never used the Mouse, never even took it out of the box so I can't review that. I use Kensington Trackballs, currently using the SlimBlade and like it.

I wish MS or someone made a keyboard just like the old 2000 with the key Curve and fold out legs, but no Wave to the keyboard like the 3000, and without all the Media buttons that made the 2000 bigger than it needed to be. If the 3000 just had the Curve and didn’t have the key board Wave and had fold-out or some type of legs to raise the rear of the board I’d have gotten that. My 2000 is now hooked up to a computer I don’t use very often because it is older (XP) and out of date (10 yr old CPU). I ended up with an HP K1500 keyboard for less than $10 brand new (regular price not on sale) from my local Big Box electronics store. It’s almost the same as the Logitech K120 some others have recommended. When I saw both in the store and compared the HP keys were much quitter and had a better quality feel to me.
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on August 3, 2011
I broke the USB receiver I had for the first one.
They don't sell replacements. There matched to the individual keyboard and mouse.
I didn't hesitate to buy a replacement (had to dump the original keyboard and mouse) . Love the magnification feature on the mouse.
Click a button on the mouse and you can magnify any area you need.
I'm actually thinking about buying another..........just in case !
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