Customer Reviews: Marmot Halo 6P - 6 Person Tent
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2.8 out of 5 stars
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on November 19, 2014
This is not about the Halo but about Marmot Warranty. I never thought I would be writing a bad review about Marmot. I have heard good things from my son, reviews and others and I have several Marmot products that I like. But sad to say my experience with Marmot on a scale from 1 -10 was a 0. I purchased a Marmot because I have had cheap tents that leaked in the rain and that is not a good feeling, so I was determined to not have that happen again, thus the almost $600 purchase. We also bought the Marmot footprint for about $45 so we would have no issues with the warranty if we had to use it. We only camp once or twice a year for a week with a group who several of them have Marmot tents, so we thought this tent would last until I could camp no more. The 1st camping trip all was ok as it did not rain. But in October 2014 we experienced something we never expected. After a night of moderate rain, we discovered the floor of our tent had leaked in several places and especially under our sleeping pads and 2 large puddles of water in one of the corners. Imagine our surprise, after spending $600 my heart sunk into my stomach. I was even more surprised when I asked everyone else if their tent leaked and the answer was no. My heart dropped even lower when I heard that the Coleman tent I bought for my daughter for about $150 had puddles of water underneath but no water came through the floor. Then, to add insult to injury, I gave a friend of mine an old Wenzel tent that was less than $100 and no leaks there either. There were 2 other Marmot tents in our group (Halo 6) no leaks there as well. At this point you can imagine my frustration since this was only the second time to use the tent. But my wife and I thought, no sweat because Marmot is known for their warranty and customer service. We returned home and that is where this “Marmot Tale”, better known as “Nightmare on Marmot Street”, really began.
So we are home really feeling good about getting a replacement tent. We called Marmot and to our surprise all we heard was what we must have done wrong to cause the tent to leak. We finally receive the information to return the tent. Of course we had to pay shipping and that was another shock when I swiped my credit card and the total was $94. So now I have around $750 in the tent. I can hear my dad now; “Son, that would buy a house in my day”. My response, “and I beat it wouldn’t leak as much as this tent either”.
Anyway, we send the tent in and Marmot calls telling my wife that we must have put the footprint upside down and that is why the floor leaked. And all the water in the corner must have been because we did not put the tent up correctly. My wife informed him that I have camped for 50 years and am capable of putting up a tent. In fact as a young boy I camped outside under trees in the rain and had less water under me; ok I am exaggerating. My wife gave Marmot my cell phone number and told him to call me, he did not of course. I called and left a message and received a call the next day. Apparently, Marmot also owns a cloning facility because this person also said we must have put the footprint under the tent upside down. I then told him that the floor is supposed to be waterproof, he did not deny this but just said they pressure checked the floor and it did not leak. I informed him that everyone else was just using a Walmart tarp under their tent. He seemed unimpressed. He also said it must have had puddles of water under the tent for this to happen. No imaginary puddles existed except under the Coleman tent that no water was able to penetrate. Of course I could not resist asking if he did a real world test and slept on it all night in the rain, there was a long silence. I know he was taking notes so he could suggest this and be a hero and even possibly get a raise. After the silence he proceeded to tell me how the puddles of water were caused from me not setting up the tent correctly and allowing the fly to touch the tent. That was interesting because he said the fly was waterproof but the tent was not. If the fly was waterproof how did water get in the tent as the water could not have penetrated the fly? Therefore, the fly would have to be defective or no water could have even got to the tent. That being said, the fly was not touching the tent. I used 12” Snow Peak Stakes and used every tie down on the tent. The tent and the fly never kissed, I promise. The tent did have one tear on the other side of tent away from the leak. I had repaired it before the rain and Marmot did admit that the repair I did was fine and not leaking. Also I would like to add that the other 2 Marmot tents were not using even half of the tie downs and the fly had to touch their tents. We also sent Marmot the pictures of all the water in the tent from that morning.
Marmot is now shipping back the tent. I am stuck with a $750 leaky tent. I really love the email I received when they returned it. “Let us know if we can be of any other assistance”. We even requested they replace it with their less expensive Halo 6 that others with us had and experienced no leaks. The moral of this story is buy a good, inexpensive tent. Very few companies stand behind their product any more.
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on May 24, 2014
This review refers to a 2011, purchased brand new, and summarizing nearly 3 years and tens of setups. I would not recommend it if you are to use it vastly.
Over the years, I have used misc trekking and camping equipment from several brands, including tents of different brands and uses - and this was my first Marmot purchase. I choose this tent, as I wanted a sturdy large tent, of high quality, able to used even in windy conditions (with proper setting of course), to be used reliably a descent amount of years. Unfortunately it already fails. It is a good tent in many ways, however there are several faults which I would not have expected at this price range and brand.

On the positive side - spacious due to its unique "halo" design, reinforced at several places (corners etc.), the aluminum poles appears of quality, the side air vents are useful, the vestibules are quite spacious for equipment and there are tons of pockets.

- Poles - On 3rd setup the poles bent!. It appears many other owners have met the problem. I believe this is because of a miscalculation of the force upon the poles of the inner tent fabric before putting the clips on. The bent increased over time - and not in high wind conditions. This is the main drawback of the tent, as I suspect it will not perform properly in high windy conditions.
- Fly: 1. On both sides it is too high from the floor, meaning wind crawls inside easily. 2. Not properly sized to inner layer, some slight mismatches. 3. Some Velcro and guy lines points should be slightly reallocated.
- Straps - after a few trips straps began to fail - one detached after the ~10th use, the seams of 2 more are breaking loose.
- Stakes - better than the cheap ones of most tents, however not sufficiently strong for hard soil and not enough are supplied for use of guylines. However this is unfortunately common for many brands (BTW replaced all with MSR groundhog).
- Storage sack - one of the worst bags ever - too small, too much effort every time I pack it. Why not use a slightly larger sized sack with a zipper, or as the REI kingdom backpack?
- Foot print (sold separately) too large - the 4 connection points do not fit the tent's 4 corners.
- Zipper - at the opening which is used the most, begins to show wear.
- Protection from the elements - as mentioned earlier, the fly is too far above the ground at the sides of the tent, and along with the tent size and the mesh which are good at warm weather, these are a serious drawback at 5°C and lower, even with 6 people inside.

Bottom line - though in many aspects MARMOT did a good job with this tent and not all are listed here, and though except the poles issue, each fault is not a big issue on its own accord - the list of faults and faulty design (to my opinion) is too long. If an updated version comes out, maybe that version will be less faulty, as well as stand up to the expectations. Though I am sure they have other fantastic equipment - regiven the chance, I would not have chosen this tent again and if I could, I would have returned it.
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on February 22, 2014
I wanted to give an update on December 27, 2014. On a cold, dark night up at The Grand Canyon I fumbled with the front-door zipper and stripped it. Called Marmot. They honored the life-time warranty, fixed my tent and had it back to me in 2 weeks. I'm amazed by the fantastic service, which, in turn, makes me think I will never own anything but a Marmot Tent. It was the best kind of experience I have any had dealing with a company like this.

To date I have camped in my Marmot almost 30 nights: 7 at Yellowstone, 13 at The South Rim and 4 in Death Valley and 4 in Canyon De Chelly. When I arrived at Yellowstone on June 1, 2013 at the Canyon Campground, I had just got the tent out of my car, when it started snowing and the wind kicked up. Never-the-less, I had no problem putting up this tent all my by myself despite the weather. As long as you stake it out, with just enough slack to allow for the tension of the poles, get your poles ready before hand, put one side into the metal rings, slid the poles through, be sure to hold on to the tubes the poles slid through; because, as you push the pole through that part of the tent wants to lift up, so keep it down by holding on to it. Once you get the main poles in everything else is easy. Lots of room with tons of head room. I've weathered several monsoon days at The Grand Canyon, when I've come back to The Mather Campground and saw other people's tents in the trees, their stuff being eaten and scattered by the Crows, and my Marmot was standing like a little Kentucky Log Cabin! All my stuff was dry. Out here in The Southwest we rarely have to use the rain fly and the view of the night sky through the ceiling of my Halo 6 is outstanding. I was up at Canyon de Chelly several months ago and I was just amazed at the night sky. Just booked 7 nights (June 6th thru 13th) at Yellowstone. I don't care what the weather does; because, I know my Marmot Halo 6 can handle it. Remember this from a old camper. When you buy a tent, you get what you pay for. Yes, the Marmot Halo 6 is expensive; but, do the math. My bill for 7 nights in Yellowstone at The Canyon Campground is $234 bucks. People who are staying at the Lodges are paying 500 bucks a night. Camping is the only way to see, really see, our National Parks.
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on May 13, 2014
In many ways, it's a great tent; but it is annoying. I'm 6'3" and my main tent is the palatial Paha Que Pamo Valley 6. So my opinion may be very different than someone shorter or someone upgrading to the Halo 6 from a smaller tent of similar design where one has to crouch or crawl. They would most likely like the tent.

The front of the inner tent has a mesh window that can't be closed and it has fabric with no weather resistance. So basically, with the fly open there is no privacy and no protection from sun or rain. We get a lot of sun and rain where I camp, and I like privacy.

The annoyance is from dealing with the vestibule door when entering and leaving the tent. When standing at the entrance to the inner tent, the vestibule door comes up to my belly button. So to close the outer door fully, I have to open the inner tent door and then get on hands and knees to stretch my arms way out with hands on the ground. In the mean time, I've let a lot of bugs or rain into the tent. If I instead leave fly partially closed, it flaps around in the wind and can make a lot of noise. It also rubs against the ground which can't be good for the materials longevity. If I strap the vestibule door open, it can't be partially closed. Also, at 6'3" I can't stand inside the tent near the entrance, which complicates the situation. Super annoying.

Also, when I called Marmot to ask for tips in using the tent, I had to wait on hold for a long time. When I finally got through the customer rep had never even used the tent. Very disappointing. Shouldn't the reps know their products?

Also, why didn't Marmot make the front of the inner tent more weather resistant? It would be easy to do and then the vestibule would only have to be closed before big storms. Do tent designers now a days even camp in their tents? With minor changes this tent could be made much better.

Quality materials
Aesthetically pleasing
Easy to assemble
Even though it is made in China, it seems well made
Pack size is small for such a large tent
Light weight for such a large tent
Handles wind and rain well if you use guy lines and good stakes
Poles are thin for the tent size, but it seems like it would be sturdy if you don't abuse it (like leaning on the tent etc)
smooth and easy zippers

Very thin floor
Annoying to use the vestibule door from the inside
door windows cannot be closed
inner tent material is not weather proof
tall people wont' be able to stand erect inside near the tent walls
The guy lines need assembled and attached the first time. Not hard to do, but there are no instructions for new campers.
Poles bend fairly easily

Use 10 X 10 tarp under tent
Use 10 X 10 floor saver inside tent
Upgrade stakes
Get in the habit of using guylines
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on May 5, 2012
after years of buying cheap store bought tents (ala eureka or coleman), i finally wised up and bought a Marmot Halo 6p. The tent is bombproof. I put it up a day before a nor'easter and it totally was dry and secure. Excellent ventilation and plenty of room not only in the vestibules but inside as well, as this is a 10x10ft tent. The halo feature really makes the walls 'vertical'. So easy to put up and take down.

Watch my video on the tent too! [...]
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on August 6, 2011
I have only had the chance to set up in my backyard, but so far, appears to be a great tent. Thoughtful placement of items, such as multiple, large storage areas on both sides. Side vents are in a good place too. Very easy to set up. I set up by myself in a few minutes. Poles seem to be larger than I am used to, but this is good, because they seem very sturdy. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality family tent.
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on December 8, 2012
It is a great tent I used it as soon as I got it, I took my kids to the mountains and we set up camp at 9776 ft (mexico), we had a lot of rain and all of our stuff and ourselves were completely dry. We had a lot of chilling wind and it took it well.
One awesome thing about this tent are the vestibules witch keep our bags and gear dry and also you can leave your boots without bringing in dirt or mud inside the tent.
It also has a great height so you can easily stand up.
I'll definitely recommend this as a family tent.
Luis Fernandez
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on April 24, 2012
I spent months trying to find the perfect family sized tent that would also hold up in the elements. This tent is it! It has been fantastic.
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