Customer Reviews: Supernatural: Season 6
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on March 23, 2011
I've always been a bit of a fan of action but not so much horror. Supernatural is the exception. Not only is it full of action and monsters of every kind you can think of, and a whole lot you've never heard of, but the plot line is brilliant and intriguing. The chemistry between this cast is excellent and the acting is such that you're engrossed from the opening to the credits. It's enough to believe that there really are two brothers fighting out there to keep "the evil sonuvabitches" out. I've even got a couple friends into the series. I recommend Supernatural to anyone. It's got an amazing storyline and characters, action, thrills, and humor that will never leave you bored.
The only BAD thing about the series is the strong attachment that one grows to the characters and the immediate urge to watch another episode.
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on April 6, 2011
I have been watching Supernatural since the show started in 2005. Its the only show on televison of its kind and it has become my all time favorite. Supernatural blends together seamlessly the sci-fi, horror genre with healthy amounts of drama and sarcastic comedy weaved in thats is very unique. The action is in my opinion feature film quality and the monsters this season are to die for ranging from djinns, to shape-shifters, vampires, faires, dragons, demons and the Mother of All baddies, Eve from Purgatory. We are still waiting to see how the Mother of All mystery continues to unfold, but so far its been wild.

In season six you will get to see Sam's dramatic struggle over his very soul while dealing with the introduction of the Campbell family. Dean's couragous attempts to help his brother while dealing with his own family drama with Lisa and Ben. The first episode directed by Jensen Ackles all about great supporting character Bobby Singer called Weekend at Bobbys. Along with all that you'll get to see Sexy Sammy shirtless in Third Man, Dean getting abducted by fairies and turned into a vampire, the first Old West episode where Winchesters finally meet Samuel Colt the maker of the very special Colt gun the boys used, and a super hilarious meta episode where Sam and Dean enter the real world of Jared, Jensen and Misha the actors behind the scenes of this great drama.

Yet, still at its core continues to be the relationship between Sam and Dean, especially in episodes like the premiere Exile on Main Street or Like A Virgin. That is what you will find the most thrilling is after all these two boys have been through over the years the Winchester brothers chemistry is undeniable and unbreakable. It will have you begging for more. I definitely want to see a Season 7.

The brothers are modern day cowboys with stunning good looks and even better acting talent to boot especially when you add in the incomparable Jim Beaver as the loveable grumpy Bobby Singer and the endearing Misha Collins as the confused angel Castiel you have a team free will that can't be stop. Not to mention they ride around in the coolest Metallicar on the road a black 1967 Chevy Impala it would make the General Lee jealous lol. Overall, Supernatural Season 6 is Back In the Saddle Again with enough crazy angst ridden adventures to keep you guessing where the show will go next.
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on February 10, 2011
Supernatural is far and away the best show on television, and it has been since its inception in 2005. The awesome acting (by the superb Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki -- later joined brilliantly by Jim Beaver and Misha Collins) is, simply, out of this world (no cliche intended)! Put these wonderful actors together with great production values, writing that is some of the best ever done for television, directorial brilliance every week, and the viewer experiences totally absorbing wonder, chills, and delight.

Season 6 is everything I had hoped it would be, and if you haven't seen Dean vs. vampires and Tinkerbelles, Sam go darkside big time, Bobby handle a wood chipper, and Castiel learn the secrets of a pizza delivery man, then you are REALLY missing out!

I own every season on an Amazon-purchased DVD; they are the best, and I look forward to getting mine every year, including Season 6, which I just ordered, thank you! Long Live Supernatural, and may the gods of Warner Brothers and The CW give us a Season 7, please!
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"Supernatural" was always meant to be five seasons long so when the show was renewed for two additional seasons the five year plan that creator Erick Kripke had in mind went out the window and so did Kirpke who although is still a consulting producer (and wrote the season finale for season six)stepped aside and writer/co-producer Sara Gamble took the reins.

Although not as consistent as previous seasons "Supernatural" struggled to establish a consistent tone during the sixth season of the series. Nevertheless, the sixth season had a number of strong episodes including a couple of tongue-in-cheek classics written by writer/co-producer Ben Edlund ("The Tick").

Introducing Sam and Dean's relatives as hunters was a great concept that wasn't developed as fully as it could have been; Sara Gamble and the other writers introduced a number of interesting characters including Sam and Dean's grandfather returning but didn't develop the characters as well as they could have. It's a pity because I think they could have built a couple of good episodes around the "hunter" family exploring their dynamic and relationship and eliminated a couple of the weaker episodes involving Sam & Dean's characters (or had them as peripheral characters much as they are in the episode "Weekend at Bobby's").


When we last saw Sam he descended to Hell with Luicifer's personna trapped inside him. Dean adopts a normal family life finding a peace he never had when he was raised. This lasts for a year but it seems like an eternity to Sam. When Sam mysteriously returns he lures Dean back into hunting but Dean finds Sam has changed--he's amoral and seems to delight in the torture of others something Sam would never do. Dean discovers that Sam has returned in body but he has no soul.


The Blu-ray looks positively stunning--with a sharp, desaturated presentation true to the look of the original broadcast. Audio is presented in HD 5.1 lossless quality.

The extras include commentary tracks on Ben Edlund's amusing "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" and "The French Mistake" (by Edlund, producer Sara Gamble and director Robert Singer). The latter has an interactive trivia track for the Blu-ray.

We also get a featurette on Jensen Ackles turn behind the camera for "Weekend at Bobby's"; the last two episodes for "Supernatural: The Animated Series" "All Hell Breaks Loose" parts I and II are also include; we also get outtakes/alternate takes for "The French Mistake".

The Blu-ray also includes "The Hunter's Guide" an interactive feature with exclusive featurettes on the production of the series buried within it. The special features are wrapped up with "Supernatural: The Quest for the Soul" a featurette on season six and the gag reel for the sixth season.

While season six was a bit uneven taking awhile to find it's footing, once the sixth season did discover the tone for the season there were a number of outstanding episodes. Part of that issue was due to the switch over in producers but the main reason was that the show was originally designed as a five season series.

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on May 26, 2011
I was going to give it only three stars till I viewed the finally episode (which was really good). This has to be Sam's best & Dean's worst season, in my opinion. Soulless Sam is well written & well acted. Sam always had a menacing side to him & this season really capitalizes on that. Dean however lost all his humour & became really whiney. Dean used to be wise cracking, fun & perverted. Now he just whines all the time. What happened to the bromance? They killed that part of the show. Cass becomes a "cooler" character, which is welcome. Mark Sheppard is always a plus for the show (any show really).

Season 6 only gives a few fun filled filler episodes which have fun with the characters, but these are weak compared to years past. Another thing missing is the Classic Rock Sound Tracks, guess they needed to cut costs. That was as much a part of the show as the Impala. Who could ever forget the Groundhog "Heat of the Moment" episode.

You can tell the writers where going through the motions in 75% of the season. Just mediocre writing with little feel of the little details that made the show excellent. I like the idea of guest writers, like Stephen King taking a crack at this next season. I only hope it does not turn out to be a big spider in the end!

Overall I recommend it for fans who has seen the rest of the series, but in no way would this be a good place to start. Soulless Sam & Cass makes it worth the money. Dean should of stayed at home this season.
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on September 24, 2011
Similar to many other avid SUPERNATURAL fans, I am a bit disappointed with Season 6. I just finished watching the DVD set (which, by the way, is once again well produced: it has easy to navigate discs, great sound and picture quality, interesting special features, and a great cover photo -- love the snake crawling up Sam Winchester's arm) and I have to tell you it was an uneven ride. As other reviewers have noted, the first 17 episodes are very scattered. Some are excellent while others, like "The French Mistake" are just plain bad. Taking Sam and Dean and placing them on the production stage of SUPERNATURAL takes the viewer out of the mythology and erodes the integrity of the characters for a bit of cheap self-adulation by the production staff. The introduction of the Campbell cousins opened up some new possibilities for story archs, but the writers/producers/whoever decided to squander that by rapidly dispatching them in short order. (Bright spot: once dead characters return to life all the time on the show, so maybe we haven't seen the last of the Campbell cousins.) One episode has Dean Winchester running away like a scared little boy from a man who is following him. The next episode he's bad-mouthing a monster and staring him down. It's these types of character inconsistencies that have to leave us SUPERNATURAL fans scratching our heads and asking: "Why?"

On a more positive note, as with previous seasons, the acting overall is very good. Jim Beaver remains a true gift to the show and Jensen and Jared remain as charismatic as ever. The last five episodes I really liked. They helped to restore my faith that this show can continue to be great, although whether or not the character of Castiel is being developed wisely remains open for debate. Despite what I see as some weaker moments in Season 6, SUPERNATURAL is still a noteworthy show that manages to capture the imagination of its audience. It is worth adding to your collection. Hopefully Season 7 will see the boys returning to what I consider the series traditionally stronger characteristics: consistently high quality episodes, great monsters, tight pacing, addictive storylines, and less calling for help to angels.
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on March 17, 2012
Ahh - could it be that Supernatural is finally going down hill and has truly jumped the shark? Granted, this season is by far the least in quality compared to the other seasons, but it is still enjoyable. It starts out well, gets slow in the middle (and a bit off track), but picks up again with a nice season finale. The season gives you a bit of a different perspective on Dean and Sam - in a way they almost switch roles, with Sam being more of the tough guy and Dean more of an emotional character. If you like the character Bobby, his presence in this season seems a bit more robust than in others. Overall, worth watching, but it will make you long a bit for previous seasons intensity and creativity. All in all, still a great watch and hopefully season 7 will bring us more quality with the Winchester boys.
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on June 18, 2011
Supernatural is a seriously underrated show. It is on a tiny network, gets ratings that the NBCs of this world wouldn't get out of bed for, and is never considered for awards. Yet it is still here - six seasons and renewed for a seventh. The reason? It is a great show; brilliantly acted, brilliantly written, great stories. It is made by a tight team in front and behind the cameras, and even after 6 years they still care about making a quality show.

This season has a different feel to the earlier seasons, but maintains the quality we have come to expect. The storyline twists and turns and takes you places you never thought it would go. And it has some of the best eps of the show ever; the hilarious The French Mistake, Dean and Sam go to the old west in the great fun Frontierland, we get an excellent Bobby-centric ep directed by Jensen Ackles, the moving and wonderful Like a Virgin (including the best scene the show has had for 2 or 3 years), and many, many more.

Buy it. You won't regret it.
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on November 14, 2010
We started watching this series to help my husband expand his English vocabulary with something mindless and somewhat simple, but entertaining. Of course, all immigrants need to learn such critical vocabulary as werewolf, poltergeist, etc.

What my husband said is this is the only horror genre that attempts to maintain a logic. Dizzy girls don't (usually) follow a bloody killer deeper into a dark and scary house or forest while screaming and shaking. The series tries to maintain an internal logic and set of physics logic for the alternative worlds the mere mortals engage in and they even leave room for things they don't know -- telling a ghost they don't actually know where the ghosts go after they salt and burn the bones.

This series is a guilty pleasure -- fun to watch!
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on May 22, 2011
I love this show, and I don't want to spoil anything. If you are a Supernatural fan you have to watch this. I enjoyed Jared Padlecki's performance (which was a nice bookend with the paired finale episode, "Let it Bleed," which showcased Jensen Ackles). But the plot twist at the end of the show made me feel bad.(Last season's finale, "Swan Song," was poetic, tearjerking, and uplifting). I hope the show's producers and writers allow redemption and not destruction of a very favorite character in Season Seven. Those guys are the reason we watch the show!
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