Customer Reviews: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor
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Price:$149.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on December 14, 2011
I had the Juiceman Pro 210 juicer and now this one. I alternate between being really into juicing to not juicing at all. So a $400-$500 investment in a single gear masticating juicer does not make sense.
I am currently into a 'really into juicing' phase, so much so that I overworked the poor Juiceman juicer a while ago.
Since I had no other point of reference at the time, my only issue with the Juiceman Pro 210 was that the feeder was small. I did wonder what it would be like to have a juicer accept an apple or orange without having to quarter it. But that really was the only issue. No complaints with plastic or motor or quantity of juice.

This Breville juicer beats the Juiceman hands down in EVERY category that I can think of. It has the power, it's compact enough to fit where I need it to on my kitchen counter and more:

1. Speed Counts - I'm a busy mom. I work, I cook, I chauffeur and somewhere in there I need to find the time to juice. I can't wait 30 minutes for a machine to work through veggies and fruit *at low temperature* and 100% dry pulp to get my juice. I can take out 10mins. 5 mins to prep the veggies and fruits (I peel my organic carrots before I juice them as an example, or to peel oranges, or wash the spinach). 1 min to juice it all. Literally. 1 min. Regardless of what you throw at it. And I juice for four glasses at a time. And then 2-3 mins for cleanup. So the long pole in the tent is the prep - not dealing with the juicer - which is great.

2. Juice Quantity Counts - Could the juice output be higher with some of the higher end products? Likely. But the cost of the higher end items plus the extra time to wait for the juice is not worth it to me. The pulp for 'hard' produce like carrots and beets feels very dry to me with this juicer. The difference between the Juiceman and the Breville is really in how it deals with the soft produce. I had to run the soft produce pulp through the Juiceman twice and I got equal quantities of juice. With the Breville 98XL, it is so dry the first go around that it absolutely is not worth my time to deal with the pulp a second time. I figure I get about 5% more juice by running the pulp through again. If that's not a big deal to you, then don't worry about it. What is 5% of 4 oranges worth to you is the question.

3. Ease of Use Counts - The machine is simple to put together and take apart. You will have to work on cleaning any juicer. No getting around that, no matter which one you use. Cleaning this juicer is not complicated and easily done. I clean mine right after I juice and drink. Another trick to ease cleanup is to put a plastic grocery bag in your refuse container. It's one less thing to wash. Pick up and drop into trash or empty into compost bin.

4. Stability Counts - You don't want a juicer running around on your counter. The last thing you want is to juice two carrots or beets and have that end up on the counter and stain instead of in your juice container because the juicer isn't sturdy. This juicer held it's own against tough produce and I have never had issues.

5. Can it Juice Green? - By green, I mean can it handle leafy greens, which are a problem for most low-end juicers. Not this one. I juice spinach, red swiss chard and kale regularly. And stringy greens like celery as well. And it handles it all well.

6. Do I need to be a stud to handle this? - I've dealt with juicer scenarios where I had to use both arms and my body weight to push push push the produce through. Not this juicer. It gobbles up produce as I feed it in. Love that it's speedy and powerful.

So, don't think about it. Whether you're an all time juicer or a sometimes juicer, this is a great product for a good price.

PS: Centrifugal juicers do not heat up your produce any more than masticating juicers. There have been studies done on this. Look them up. Plus - a masticating juicer takes 20-30 mins to 'chew' through the fruit and veggies to make juice. That means the first piece of juice would have been oxidizing for 20-30 mins before I could drink it. So really - the centrifugal juicer is quick, saves you money, saves you time and is easy to clean.

Update: Dec 31st
I still love this juicer. I usually juice twice a day. It handles all produce well. The ONLY issue I have had is with juicing pineapples. It seems to leak a little underneath the plastic, probably because I am putting in a lot of the pineapple in at the same time. The overflow of juice inside the juicer as it is being poured out into the container probably accounts for the minor leakage. In other words, slow down when juicing a large quantity of a super juicy fruit or veggie(I juice an entire pineapple sometimes) by alternating with less juicy produce, or give the juicer an extra 5-10 seconds to empty itself into the container.

Update March 1st
Still loving it! :)

Update Nov 2nd
I've had several people ask so reporting that yes, I am still loving this juicer. :)
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on January 25, 2011
The Breville JE98XL was our replacement to our decade old Jack Lalanne Juicer. Wow, what a difference. If I had known what I was missing I would have made the switch a long time ago. We get a lot more juice out of our fruits and veggies with the Breville than with the Jack Lalanne. I can only imagine how much money was wasted over the years by not getting everything out of our produce. The Breville also makes quick work of juicing. Before, it was a major event to create enough juice for my family. Now it takes minutes. Clean up is super easy as well. And with the fitted juice catcher, no more mess to clean up like with the Jack Lalanne.

One more comment on all those downers who gripe about high revolutions killing the enzymes. Yes it is true, but to a very small degree. And the time I save with the Breville is well worth the small faction of enzymes I may lose.

I have been juicing for over a decade and this is the best machine I have used. I am once again excited about juicing, thank you Breville!
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on February 17, 2012
In January I started researching all the various manufacturers & type of juicers available for a Juice-Detox that I started on February 1st, and that I have used two or three times a day, seven days a week, since then.

After extensive research, I concluded that whatever model of juicer I purchased should be a Breville because of their designs, quality and reputation. I then based my decision on each of these factors: Centrifugal, Efficiency (extraction & pulp collection), Power, Multi-Speed, Ease of Use (use, cleaning, reassembly), and Price (under $250). This narrowed it down for me to a JE98XL sold by Amazon for $159.00. As a bonus, I then bought one that was factory-reconditioned (like new) for just $79.00 with 2 day free shipping via Amazon Prime!

My xxJE98XL is a relatively quiet powerhouse! On low speed it is about the same db as a high quality, double insulated, 1.25 hp Sink Disposer in use. Rarely have I chosen to use the higher-speed except for beets and sometimes carrots when I feed a handful of whole carrots in the feed-chute. Apples (cored) or 2 or 3 smaller whole (topped) carrots have been fine on the lower speed with no noticeable stress on the machine and great extraction.

It's still kind of amazing to me to see the amount of juice it extracts from veggies like brussels sprouts, asparagus & even parsley! When I was researching centrifugal-juicers, I was concerned about how well they would do with (soft) oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, tomato's, etc. and my Breville does... Great!
I've learned to let the machine do the work by gently and slowly pushing the produce down the chute and with produce like spinach, radishes or grapes, I try to get a handful in at once.

For the majority of all the 28 different veggies and fruit that I juiced with it so far, the pulp is, and has remained, a `spongy-dry' consistency. For tomatoes, oranges, grapefruit, etc., the pulp is a `spongy-semi dry' consistency. Virtually all of the pulp is juiced and practically tasteless to me, but I sometimes add some back into my juice or raw soups as a fiber filler.

I wrote above "simply a Magnificent Transformer!" because it simply Is. My Breville Juice Fountain Plus is all of these qualities. But I am also referring to what it has been like incorporating the xxJE98XL and juicing into my daily life & routine.

For, 17 days now, it continues to be: Efficient. Easy to use. Quick clean-up. And also: No hassle. Massive nutrition/low calorie diet. Great tasting. Increased energy and stamina. Better sleep and concentration and with the added (or subtracted)bonus of my dropping 15 lbs and 4" off my (beer) gut while honestly having never once been hungry after a meal or desire for any snacks in-between... It's simply been a magnificent (Life) transformer for me. Best wishes!

~~UPDATE~~ (April 2, 2012)

This past Saturday (March 31) was the final day of my first diet ever; the 60 day Juice-Detox (Vegan) Diet that I started on February 1st. and my Breville xxJE98XL performed flawlessly & fabulous! I used and cleaned it on average two-times a day, for sixty days straight and it's still going strong. In addition I used a blender and a basic Cusinart food processor, but the everyday work-horse was my Breville Juice Fountain Plus. After two months, it remains: Efficient. Easy to use. Quick clean-up and simply Awesome!

And my bonus...

Lowered my BP & cholesterol levels significantly to "very healthy" levels. Energy increase. Usual construction/business/tech work but no added exercise. And 'no-brainer' journey from 6'1"/225 lbs. to 6'1"/184 lbs, dropping a total of 41 lbs, and 11.75".... gutterlostly :)

~~Update #2 (November 14th, 2013)~~

Quote: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started." ~Mark Twain

My Breville is still going strong every single week hence my 'veganly going jiggle~less' last year... ergo.. so am Moi!

Post my 60 day vegan detox last year: I am now practicing what I call a "modified Vegetarian diet that includes meat, fish, eggs (rare dairy. Moderate grains. Beer, vodka and No Styrofoam~Peanuts.

Plus, my Mom died unexpectedly in August and since then I have also been practicing a regular cardio, dumbells (no fancy equipment) at home exercise routine. 5 to 6 days for around a total of 5 hours of feeling less Grief and more Giidy'great a week.

Best wishes everyone. Bottom line: My Breville's been nutritionally an outstanding 'Counter-Balance' option in my Life! :)
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on June 15, 2012
Just like a lot of you I just had to try juicing because of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary. I absolutely fell in love with this movie, as well as the narrator. He was so inspiring, I just had to try. When I was about 10 or 12 I fell onto this kick of being a vegetarian, and well lets just say it stuck for about 12 years. My parents purchased me a juice man juicer for Christmas because of an infomercial I always watched, well it was not as easy as it was on TV. Therefor I only juiced about 5 mts and put it back in the box, never to be taken out again. It was just a pain. I happen to run across this guy on Craigslist for 50.00 bucks and thought why not, I really need to get back to juicing, or at least try it again. I just finished my first round of juice and here is what I think about it.

- You get a lot of juice out of the produce that you use
- Easy to use
- Not much cutting involved, well none at all really. Just remember to extract the large seeds from the fruit and you should be fine.
- Easy to take apart, and put back together
- Use a produce bag to put in the back bin for even easier clean up.
- Not as loud as everyone makes it out to be
- Does not move while motor is spinning
- Safety features so you won't accidentally chop off your fingers. Always a plus

- When you place the produce in the machine, sometimes it comes back up because of how fast the motor is spinning ( maybe someone could tell me how to not let this happen )
-Again when I put produce down into the machine it sometimes splatters out the side and from the top. I again don't know if it is me, or just how the thing works

- The pulp was not as dry as other reviewers say, but not as wet as my old juicer. It was not a big deal really. Next time I will just throw the pulp in the juicer again to see what happens. This time I did not do that.

Overall I love the way the juice tasted, and the fact that I don't have to cut anything up really. I think next time I will just buy a whole bunch of stuff and juice a HUGE pitcher so I don't have to mess with this every day, and see if that works better for me. For 50 bucks, I say money well spent. I don't know if I would keep it if I had to pay 150.00 dollars for it. I will continue to juice, at least for awhile and see if I get better at it. Most people who buy it love it so much. I want to love mine as much as all of you.

******* UPDATE 7/15/12**********

So, I have been really trying to get used to this whole juicing phenomenon, turns out it is AMAZING. I had a little rough start with my juicer, just like all of you had I am sure. It is a bit of a learning curve but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY JUICER. As stated above I would never paid 150.00 for it. I lied. I would DIFFIDENTLY pay that money for this wonderful machine. I have worked with the cons, and neutrals of the juicer and it has worked beautifully.

Cons - Stuff comes back up the tube. Fix: So, yes the motor is extremely fast and things come up, it is just how it works. So I take a handful of fruits and veggies and put them down the tube and quickly cover the top with my palm, just till the product goes down a little. Then I use the pusher to make sure they are all properly juiced. Problem solved.

Splattering juice - Again, because of the fast motor juice gets sprayed. Fix: Fruits with high juice content such as pineapple and watermelon I tend to cut the chunks up smaller and put them in one by one. Yes this take a little longer but cuts down on the amount of juice that overflows. I just would rather go a little slower than clean half my counter top.

Neutral - Pulp not as dry. Fix: I think that was pure user error. I went back and touched the pulp and yes it is a little wet but then I tasted it and it had ZERO flavor. That means that every ounce of juice that could come from it in fact did come from it. No need to put it through the juicer again, it is a big HASSLE trust me and super messy. Just use it in compost or put it down the garbage disposal like I do. I always add a quarter of a lemon to the leftover before I put it in the disposal now my kitchen always smells like fresh fruits.

I don't know how I have ever lived without this item. I know that I will always have a juicer for the rest of my life. Such a worth-wild investment !
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on August 13, 2013
I love, love, love this juicer. It literally has changed my life--let me give you a little background info. so you don't think I'm some obnoxious, over-exaggerating goof. I'm mid-40's and I've had a spinal disease for half my life that has left me in chronic pain essentially 24 hours a day. I've tried everything eastern medicine has to offer: chiro., acupuncture, massage, herbs, etc. and am on major pain meds and have about 10 surgeries a year just to keep me walking and functioning. Despite one failure after another, I'm willing to try just about anything in hopes of finding something to help reduce my pain as I'm an eternal optimist.

I saw Kris Carr on Oprah one day talking about her fight against terminal cancer and how changing her lifestyle--primarily introducing juicing--stopped her cancer in its tracks. So I thought, "well, what the hell". So I read her book (Crazy Sexy Diet) from cover to cover (which I cannot recommend enough) and started my search for a juicer. I've learned from the past that when trying new things like this not to buy the biggest, most expensive item as it most likely will end up packed away and you've essentially only gained a big hole in your bank account so I decided to look for an adequate centrifugal juicer and Breville was highly rated. My husband found this juicer on Craigslist for $60 so we figured it wouldn't be too much of a waste if it didn't work out--and the previous owner had only used it twice, big bonus. And I will mention that because of my disease, I need something that's going to fairly easy to use and worthwhile--I have limited energy and my pain limits what I can do. Nearly a year later, this juicer has been a godsend.

Aside from providing a massive amount of nutrition, juicing provides you with an instant burst of energy that maintains throughout the day. As soon as I drink my juice, I feel a calm come over me. It's amazing!! Forget the coffee or energy drinks, this stuff is the magic "pill". And forget anybody who says, "Oh, I buy my stuff from the store" or "I take fruit pills", etc., the magic stuff is the live enzymes in the food itself. You can't replicate that and it starts to deteriorate 20 minutes after extraction so you have to drink it immediately. Not to mention that it's fresh, not pasteurized (aka: kills everything). And it's filling. I drink a glass in the morning and don't feel hungry until lunchtime. In addition to juicing, I've cut out coffee, sugar (and most products containing refined sugar) and milk. Both sugar and milk have inflammatory properties. Since I cut all these items out and juice daily in addition to eating more veggies during my regular meals, my pain has dissipated greatly. I had pain in my hip joints and neck, etc. and all of these areas have essentially resolved. I still have pain in the mid-back which has always been the worst area, but it's not nearly as bad as it has been. I have been able to reduce my pain meds and have much more energy and stamina than ever since my disease developed. Both my daughter and husband have noticed a major difference in my disposition and my energy levels--hence, life-changing. AND, another positive unintentional benefit, is I'm much slimmer. I wasn't overweight or anything, but I've definitely toned up and my face looks "luminous"--seriously!

Now, that I've hopefully encouraged you to consider juicing, let me get to reviewing the actual juicer! It's a workhorse. It extracts juice from just about anything effortlessly (except bananas, I"m sure, as previously mentioned by another reviewer). You don't have to do a lot of prep, like chopping, just wash/scrub your produce and pop it in. I think some of the reviews saying it's a "breeze" to clean up is misleading. It's definitely easier than some of the higher-end masticating and twin gear juicers, but you still have several parts to clean and it's important to make sure everything's scrubbed so pulp doesn't dry and/or stain. There are a few areas of the juicer that require more than running a sponge or scrub brush over to get the pulp off. Like the spout, you need something smaller to get in there (I use the spout cleaning end of a baby's bottle brush). Pulp also collects under the edge of the basin lip and is easy to miss unless you feel for it and make a point of cleaning under it. And the mesh basket takes time to get all the pulp off, so yes, easier than the other juicers, but still not as easy as rinsing a plate. But it's well worth the effort for the reward in each cup you pour.

It's very durable. Like I said, we've had ours for almost a year, used daily, and the woman before us had it for a year (but only used twice) and everything is still solid and intact. Other than the base and mesh basket, everything is plastic, but it's very strong and durable--they definitely didn't scrimp on quality. The wire mesh basket still looks good and can take a scrubbing. Several parts are dishwasher safe, although we hand wash everything. If you don't wash your juicer parts immediately, the plastic parts will definitely stain--a greenish color. You can clean it with various home remedies, but prevent it altogether by washing right after using.

Although it says not to keep it plugged in, I always do and I like the safety feature that doesn't allow the juicer to turn on without the safety arm locked. It's not small, like a blender, but even if you don't have a lot of counterspace (like us) I suggest you find a spot for it. It's definitely not something you will want to pull out daily, otherwise you won't end up using it. It needs its own home. It's an attractive appliance, so it looks nice sitting on the counter and we barely even notice it anymore.

The only real problem I've found is that if the pulp container isn't pushed against the body, bits of food particles can fly out. I don't notice it while I'm juicing but I'll find flakes on the counter and sometimes on the window curtain. They're not huge and don't stain the curtains, they're like the size of little dried herb flakes, but it can be a bit messy if you don't watch it. It's definitely not a deal breaker, just the only issue I've found with the juicer. I don't understand the complaints about wet pulp. My pulp isn't like dried grain or anything, but it's certainly not wet. I thought it was funny one of the complaints was about how long it took to clean and that they'd get a masticating machine--um, much more time consuming to clean. And yes, it's loud--like vacuum cleaner loud but seriously, you're only using it for 5 minutes at most. Not a deal breaker for me either. I've never, EVER, had juice spraying out anywhere so I have to assume anybody who experienced that must have either had something defective with the juicer or they were doing it wrong. You can prevent items from flying out of the tube by placing the pusher into the tube after putting your produce in--I've only ever had a few pieces of celery leaves or kale pieces fly up--NEVER any large pieces of fruit. And definitely, the price is great for what you get. I got a great deal, but I'd certainly pay full price for one.

Some tips:
*If you've never juiced before, don't start out with a bunch of veggies--it might be too strong and you'll be done before you've started. According to "juicing experts", the body wants a ratio of 3:1 veggies:fruit (sugar-wise). Cucumbers are the best base because they provide a lot of juice and are mild. Try only that with a fruit like apple initially, for the first few times and then add celery, then add kale a few days later. Then your taste buds will get used to it and you can start mixing with other things. Remember, carrots and beets are actually consider high sugar and fall into a fruit category. But better to juice mainly fruits if you just can't juice veggies than to do nothing at all.
*if you find veggie too bitter, add a bit of lemon juice and it will cut the bitterness
*You can juice leafy greens, but to extract the most juice, bunch it together and put it in with another more "sturdy" veggie, like celery, carrots, etc.
*try to move your items through the juicer slowly to extract the most juice and avoid leftover pieces, using the pusher. I always do my cucumber last so it acts like a solid pusher itself
*use cold veggies/fruit--tastes much better when the juice is cold
*put a paper towel under the front of the juicer/spout to prevent dripping when you remove the pitcher to pour your juice. Not much drips, but you do get a little drippage and it helps prevent sticky juicer feet.
*try to wash your juicer as soon as possible. You will prevent staining of the pieces and it's easier to get the pulp off everything when it's fresher
*make sure the pulp container is as close to the body as possible to prevent flying pieces
*when possible, buy organic produce. Your body's worth it. But if it's a tradeoff, juice!!
*don't forget that pulp makes awesome compost!!

I really can't say enough about my Breville. I really love it. My husband was so jealous of how healthy I was becoming that he got on the bandwagon and lost 30 pounds! Even my 8 year old now enjoys a small glass with us. I anticipate enjoying this machine for many more years and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one, well worth the money!
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on January 21, 2014
The Breville Compact was my first juicer. I loved it. Since all the juice bars in my area had closed I was thrilled to be able to make my own juice. The only down side was if I wanted to make a lot of juice (a pitcher full rather than a glass or two) I had to stop and take the machine apart because the pulp catcher gets full before one can juice a pitcher of juice. I thought it was easy to clean (takes about 5 minutes, the mesh filter is the hardest part because you have to scrub it to get it clean). As others have said, you get juice with no pulp. You do get foam, but that is a plus to me because I like the foam. If you don't just pour out the juice and hold a knife over the edge of the collection cup to hold the foam back. No big deal.

After several years I was given a Breville Fountain Plus. I thought I would like it better than the compact, but I am not completely won over. On the plus side (big plus) it is great to be able to juice a lot of fruit or veggies without having to stop and empty the pulp. For me this is the only benefit, but it is a big enough one that this is the machine I am keeping. (I juice a lot). On the negative side: it takes up more counter space, and the pulp that comes out seems heavier and wetter than the pulp from the smaller machine. (I admit I have not done side by side scientific tests and weighed and equal volume of pulp to see if this is true, it is just how it seems.) It is not any easier or harder to clean than the compact IF you put a plastic bag in the pulp catcher. (if you don't use a plastic bag there is one extra piece to clean). As far as the high and low speed: meh. I don't think it makes a big difference. The compact only had high speed and that worked fine.

I will also mention Vitamix here, in case you are deciding either or. I have both. I use both. The Breville machines extract the juice and leave pulp behind. The Vitamix chops things so fine that they are liquid, but it still has all the fiber. With the V. you still have to add a bit of base liquid to get the "juice". The Vitamix "juices" are thicker, more like smoothies. Sometimes I want a smoothie and I will get juice from the Breville and use it as a base liquid to make a smoothie in the Vitamix. As for versatility and cleaning, the Vitamix beats the Breville by about...4 1/2 minutes, actually. To clean the V. all you do is add water and run it on high for 20 seconds or so. If it is really messy add a drop of dish soap. No scrubbing, no filters, no taking things apart. Way easier clean up, and only one part, compared to 4 or 5 for the Breville.

So, if you had to decide between Breville and Vitamix I would ask if you like juice or smoothies better. For juice with no pulp, the Breville wins. For thicker juice with all the fiber (which causes gas in some people, just saying) the Vitamix.
If you had to decide which model Breville the question becomes how much juice will you make in one session, and how much counter top real estate are you willing to give up. The compact and the plus models both juice equally well, so quality of the juice is not a factor.

I hope this helps in your decision, and happy juicing!
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EDIT 11/13/2013: I just wanted to note that we've been using this juicer literally every day for the last eight months and it has worked flawlessly! We still love it... We've had a great experience with it and use it on a daily basis. If you have a baby or toddler, this is a fabulous way to introduce a unique fruit and vegetable flavor base to your child's tongue. If they learn this flavor early in life, it'll become part of their flavor palette for life. Many babies learn only different sweet flavors from processed food. Fresh fruit juice is very sweet, but vegetables are not typically sweet and have a particular flavor not all like. Our toddler LOVES the juices we make. We found combining apples, oranges, pears, celery, carrots, with half a lemon makes a frothy, milkshake-like juice that's both delicious and nutritious. Give it a try and experiment. Best of all, have fun with it!

The following is my original review from last March 2013. I have nothing to correct or add to it, other than the above. Read on...


I had the most amazing juice I've ever tasted in my life the other day. I love pineapple and have always enjoyed pineapple juice. It's my favorite of all fruit juices. After buying the Breville Juice Fountain Plus juicer, I picked up a whole pineapple and my wife juiced it up. WOW... I couldn't believe what I tasted. I've never tasted anything like it and it's very different than store-bought pineapple juice. It's so milky and creamy and rich and perfectly balanced. We've been making juice with the Breville for a few weeks now, but this absolutely knocked me out and made me a huge fan of the Breville juicer.

I've read just about every review on Amazon about this product and our experience with this juicer is close to what others have said. I've found what we differ on is our experience with cleaning, leaking issues, and motor malfunctions.

We found cleaning to be very simple. There are only six or eight parts that need cleaning, and if you clean them immediately after juicing, cleanup takes about three to five minutes. It's important not to let the material dry on any component, especially the filter assembly. After juicing, the material on the filter washes off easily with the aid of the supplied brush. Use warm water and soap to scrub the material out of the fine filter mesh. If you let the material dry on the mesh filter, it will be much more difficult to clean. The order of operations should be 1) juice, 2) clean, and 3) enjoy!

The filter assembly is part of the blade assembly as one entire unit. This is different than some other juicers that have these parts separate. This makes juicing and cleaning easier. The other parts are simply plastic and wash off quickly and easily with warm water and soap.

We find the process of juicing to be fun! Our toddler loves to run in the room and watch the juicer consume material and regurgitate fresh, delicious juice into the serving carafe. The Breville Juice Fountain Plus has two speeds: low and high. Low is used for softer material, like oranges and kiwi. High is used for harder material, like apples, carrots, and pears. Not all fruits and vegetables need to be cut into smaller pieces in order to be properly juiced. Many items can be tossed in whole, as long as they fit into the 3" diameter hopper throat. Oranges, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables work great with little or no preparation. Just drop them in, push them down, and watch the juice begin to flow.

We've noticed, on occasion, material gets stuck in the hopper and does not juice. During those times, we stop the unit, take the top off, and reinsert the material in a different position. We've found most of the time this happens when the skin becomes an obstacle to the blades or we try to juice by inserting the material before starting the juicer. Always start the juicer first and then insert the material. This is where using the juicer takes a little getting used to. We've learned how to insert each type of fruit and vegetable. For instance, kale is best juiced between other items. We may put some apples in and then add a wadded-up amount of kale in, followed by a number of carrots inserted lengthwise to push the kale down. You'll learn how to juice each item in the Breville and the instances where material gets stuck will happen less often.

Most juice is dispensed into the carafe with some amount of foam. The Breville carafe comes with a foam skimmer built into the top of the carafe assembly that helps stop foam from being poured into glasses. This is a very nice feature. If you like the foam, you can take the top off the carafe and pour the juice directly into a glass, foam and all.

Unlike some other reviewers, we haven't noticed any problems with leaking, overflowing, clogging, or motor malfunction. It has worked flawlessly and extracts a nice quantity of juice. Material dispenses into the waste dispenser consistently dry with only a small amount of moisture.

One tip regarding the waste: if you're into gardening, save all the waste material for the compost. Just be careful of the seeds. Make sure it's fully composted, otherwise you might end up with surprise fruits and vegetables growing in your garden. :-)

The Breville Juice Fountain Plus is an excellent juicer with a powerful enough motor to negotiate a large variety of fruits and vegetables. Whether you're juicing soft fruits, hard vegetables, or leafy greens, this juicer will perform well and produce numerous gallons of fresh, nutritious juice for your entire family.
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on October 7, 2015
I really hate to write a bad review but I'm so disappointed with this juicer. I think the pictures speak for themselves. This thing somehow pulls out all the water and spits out huge chunks of the veggies!! The pulp was so wet that I ran it through my omega and got more than 16 ounces of juice from it. And if you look at the pic from the omega, the juice is so much darker. On top of all that, the wide shoot is just scary on this thing. You have to rush to put the stopper on after you drop a hard veggie in cause you feel like the force is going to spit the veggies right back out at you! I was looking for something quicker than my omega but it is not at all worth the amount of money you would waste on produce. I am definitely going to try and get my money back on this one... :(
review image review image review image review image
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on January 21, 2013
I have been juicing for 2 years now and make about 2 gallons of juice a day for two people, consisting of a wide array of fruits and veggies. I actually bought this juicer here on Amazon and I am not a professional reviewer. When you do this much juicing on a consistent basis you really develop a Rhythm and System to your production. I had been using Brevilles Compact Juice Fountain here:

Decided to upgrade with this Juicer, the Breville Juice Fountain Plus. I was really excited about it at first as I was looking forward to having a much larger collection bin for the pulp as the compact juice fountain uses a surround bin system that wraps around the cutting dish. That was really the only reason I upgraded because there was really no other standout reason to other than that to do so. The two speeds are not very useful in my opinion , you tend to juice everything on the high speed anyway.

I set this machine up and it was pretty straight forward, the assembly was not as easy as the Breville Compact Juicer design as it has fewer prats and they fit easily togeter ( you can do it blind folded). Ran it through the paces with Kale, Green Broccoli, Apples, Red Beet, Celery, Cucumbers, Carrots, Ginger. The machine juiced well but LEAKED horribly. The leaks occured especially with the more liquid laden items like cucumbers and celery. So I cleaned it out and reassembled it again thinking it may have been me not putting it together correctly. Ran another batch, same thing happened. You can literally feel the air blowing through the intake canopy piece (the clear top pieces which joins to the bottom) and see the juice bubbling out.

The top canopy also gets plastered with wet pulp and then jams the machines pulp flow and you never really get to take advantage of that large pulp bin as it clogs and can't pass through. This is more so with very wet veggies. Either way this shouldn't happen in my opinion. I never had this issue with the Breville Compact Juicer design.

Another odd think I noticed was that the motor seemed to slow down while on high and then rev up again, I'm not sure if this was intended or not. This would happen while I was over at the sink cleaning off some carrots or something and about to load them into the juicer. Maybe it has some sort of step down technology if you don't feed something in right away? Not sure on this but have noticed this behavior quite a bit.

The overall design of this juicer is not good in my opinion. The pieces fit poorly, there are so many channels and cuts to the interior of the pieces that you literally scrape and cut your hands washing the unit out. It makes cleanup longer compared to the Breville Compatc Juicer design.

**I sent the first one back thinking maybe it was just a bad one off the production line and I had a lot of confidence in Breville prior. Amazon sent me a new one and I sent the old one back, great customer service at Amazon! Got the new one though set it up, same exact results as above though.

I think with the Breville Compact Juicer the simple design and rock solid performance and no leaking or sticking of pulp make it a much better choice. You just have to dump and clean a little bit more during a long session. I think Breville should take that design and make a larger model. I will probably go back to just using that one again or ordering a new on just as a backup.

I would not advise someone buy this model though. If you are starting out go with the Breville Compact Juicer, you can't beat the design and output especiall for $98.00 price tag. Its a real bargain.
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on December 6, 2010
There are only a few reviews for this on Amazon. I purchased this machine yesterday. It was not from Amazon. I think the Juice is excellent. The machine is very easy to set up and clean.
My problem is that two fold. First I am not sure the screen will hold up for the long haul. My second is that I just juiced a Pineapple and half of it was froth. The same goes with Beets, carrots,Apples etc.... It also seems to suddenly slam the fruit into the top of the machine. The pulp does not go into the basket also. The pulp from carrots is much dryer than other fruits. The other fruit pulp can be squeezed by hand. It is like I wish I had a press as a back up to press the pulp. It is a waste in my opinion to have so much pulp left over and then all that froth.
Look I have done research on a lot of juicers and for the price this one seemed to be great. It is a centrifuge juicer and I realize they are at the bottom of the line as far as juicers go. I am going to return my juicer tomorrow and go for the big bucks. I am going to purchase a twin screw triturator and maybe with a press. I just do not like all that froth and with produce being so expensive... I am sure the savings will pay for the more expensive machine.
Recap: If you do not mind all the froth and wet pulp??? It is your choice. Cleaning and assembly is a breeze. However you will probably have to disassemble it and clean it twice before you can make a quart of juice(or more???). The pulp does not go into the pulp basket instead it gets stuck on the top of the inside before it makes it into the basket. Then there is that nasty froth again.....What can I say???? I also tried the both speeds to see if that would help. Does not help. Good luck. I hope this was helpful??? Wish I read my review before my purchase....
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