Customer Reviews: Case Logic QNS-113 13.3-Inch EVA Molded Laptop / Macbook Air / Pro Retina Display Sleeve (Black)
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VINE VOICEon September 23, 2010
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

This product is a hybrid between a laptop sleeve and a laptop briefcase. Unlike a laptop sleeve, this product has handles and (unlike some sleeves) a zipper enclosure. Unlike a laptop case, it has no internal or external pockets for your power brick or other accessories. It is meant for modern laptops, such as MacBooks and MacBook Pros, with excellent battery life. It also has no shoulder strap or anywhere to attach a shoulder strap.

It is a small, handsome case, which is lightweight and feels confortable carrying by the handles. It adds about 1/2" to the width of the laptop when it is closed. Keep that in mind, because you will probably stash this case inside a suitcase or a larger briefcase when you are on the go.

Its external dimensions are 14.2" x 11" x 1.8".
Its laptop compartment dimensions are 13" x 9.4" x 1.5".
It is designed to fit 12 to 13.3" netbooks and laptops.


I tested this case with my white 13.3" MacBook and my wife's 13.3" MacBook Pro. The computers fit within the case perfectly, with a tiny amount of wiggle room on the sides.

Using Your Laptop from Within the Case

The case opens to a 90+ degree angle, which encourages you to use your laptop from within the case. This is very convenient when working on a train, plane, or bus. As a bonus, the case helps protect your lap from the heat of the laptop. The ridges on the inside's bottom, and the channels between the bubble-like padding on the inside's top, help channel heat away from your laptop. I did notice that the laptop often closed on the case's inner corner straps, when closing the laptop while it is within the case.


I would recommend this laptop case for students or workers who often travel without the laptop's power supply or peripherals. It's definitely appropriate if you often haul your MacBook to the local coffee shop, or use it while commuting. Since it is a sleeve, you'll likely use it within another briefcase or suitcase, especially if you want to travel with a power cable or a mouse.
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on November 2, 2010
I purchased this for my 13.3" MacBook Pro. The design is nice with a textured external shell. The inside has ridges that allow air to run below the laptop while it's in use within the case. There are 3 elastic bands inside of the case: one on each side holding the top and bottom portions together and one long band that stretches across the inside body of the case. The longer band is designed to keep your closed laptop stationary while inside of the case. My laptop passed TSA checkpoints while inside of this case because there are no pockets or metal obstructing TSA's view of the laptop.

Durable case that I trust will protect my macbook.
Thin enough that I can fit it into my backpack easily.
I was able to put a thin paperback textbook inside of the case along with my laptop, though it was a tight fit.
Handles are very convenient - It feels more comfortable than a standard soft sleeve.
Not too bulky like other hard sleeves.

The elastic bands on the sides sometimes lie in the zipper's path... BUT they don't actually become "caught" in the zipper, they just have to be moved out of the way.

I would've given this case a 4.5 if that option were available.
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on January 30, 2011
I had just recently gotten a new Toshiba 13.3 inch laptop and I was looking for a good (but reasonably priced) laptop case with handles. The handles were important, because I've used regular laptop sleeves without a handle before and sometimes it would have been nice to be able to carry the laptop without having to put it under your arm.

I was torn between two cases on Amazon, this one and the laptop sleeve with handles made by Toshiba. What attracted me to this case was the harder outside shell, while still being thin. I bought this one because other reviews seemed to be mostly positive.

I'm really happy with my choice, because:

-The case is hard on the outside, without being TOO hard. There's a little bit of give and it doesn't look like some hard plastic shell when you look at it.

-My 13.3 inch laptop fits perfectly inside. The case opens the entire way around, meaning I can leave my laptop in the case while I use it. Also nice when you're on a plane and there isn't a whole lot of room. There is also a strap inside the case to hold your laptop in.

-The inside is very soft on one side and moderatly soft on the other, but I feel very comfortable that the case is good protection for my laptop.

There is one drawback, and that's that there's no extra room inside the case for anything but the laptop, but that's okay with me. If you're looking for extra pocket space, however, this is probably not the case for you.

Overall, for the money (and the free shipping when a spend a couple extra bucks), I would definately buy this case again if given the chance.
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Case Logic QNS-113 13.3-Inch EVA Molded Netbook Sleeve (Black) is a stylish and well padded notebook bag. It fits perfectly (snug) for my 13.3 inch HP or my Sony 12.1 inch laptop. It has a strap to secure the laptop inside the bag. It's too big for my Kindle and a bit too big for the smaller netbook or ipad (but it will work as the strap will keep them secure). It will also fit the macbook air very nicely.

This sleeve is also designed (clamshell design and integrated airflow channel) to let us use the laptop without removing the laptop form the bag, which is perfect for those who travel and and don't have much space to set the bag aside, and I found this feature very helpful.

However, this notebook sleeve is not designed to carry laptop AC adapter. I tried to force/squeeze it in (along with my Sony 12.1 inch laptop) and it fits but it's not easy to open and close the bag with AC adapter squeezed inside the bag (and in the long run might also ruin the zipper). This sleeve can also use some more foam to make the bag softer (it's a bit stiff but does the job well to protect the laptop)

Sidarta Tanu
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on December 30, 2010
I bought this case for my ASUS UL30A 13.3" notebook laptop. It is a perfect fit for this ultralight. This laptop has up to a 12 hour charge cycle, so I don't need to carry a charger, and it has a dimple tap logic mousepad, so I don't need to carry an external mouse. A 13" Apple would work just as well.

The bottom of the case is made of stiffer material and has ribbing that allows air to circulate under your laptop while it is operating in the case - which I always do.

The top of the case has extra padding which allows it to adjust to any thickness laptop.

It has an elastic safety strap inside so that the laptop doesn't slip out when you are opening the case in an uneven environment, such as in a moving vehicle or air transportation. You can always just lay the laptop on top of the strap if you choose not to use this feature.

It has two elastic side straps that allow the laptop to be viewed from any angle from within the case, which I always do. The first few times, you will need to tuck the side straps into the case away from the zipper pulls. After a few weeks of opening and closing the case, the side straps will form themselves to tuck inside every time.

It has two extra-strong fabric handles with padded reinforcement in the grip area. It also uses dual zipper pulls making it easier to close without needing to rotate the case.

BTW, I noticed where someone grumbled about this case not having any pockets. Well, this is not a case. It's a sleeve. It's not appropriate to take away a star because a product doesn't have a feature that it shouldn't have anyway.

This is a great case at a reasonable price. I heartily recommend it.
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on November 29, 2010
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Case Logic Netbook Sleeve provides very basic protection for a laptop with no frills but has some thoughtful, albeit basic features.

Positive impressions:

This clamshell-shaped sleeve fits my 13" MacBook Pro like a glove. There is a single elastic strap on the inside that can be used to snug the laptop into place quite securely. The strap is oriented vertically in the case, so you must slide your laptop out from under the strap in order to lift the lid. There are two very sturdy handles that are easy to grip, making the sleeve almost like carrying a soft-sided brief-case.

The sleeve is modeled so one does not need to fully remove the computer during use. The molded base of the case is formed into shallow ridges providing enough space for some cooling airflow, which so far has been very effective at preventing overheating. (It also prevents whatever surface the computer is sitting on to keep from overheating, ie: one's lap.) There are a couple of small elastic strips anchoring the "lid", keeping it from flopping open/flat, so the case provides some protection to the back of your screen.

It's got a very sleek, appealing design.

Negative impressions:

The small elastic lid anchors do not always play nice when attempting to close the case. Each time I've attempted to zip the case closed, I've had to rearrange the elastic strips so that they're not stuck between the computer screen and keyboard, or not sticking out impeding the progress of the zipper.

The very nature of the case provides no storage space whatsoever. This is a mixed blessing. On one hand, the case is very streamlined. On the other hand, there's no place to store your charger or anything else for that matter.

There is no securing device built in that can be used to secure the laptop to the case while the computer is in use and no shoulder strap (again, a mixed blessing for some).

Overall, I'm very pleased with the additional protection this sleeve provides my MacBook without breaking the bank (or my back). I would whole-heartedly recommend this simple but effective case to anyone seeking to protect their computer investment but doesn't need additional cargo space.
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on September 6, 2011
This is one great case. It's as convinient as a neoprene sleeve but offers much more protection. What I like the most is that it promotes use without taking the laptop out of the case. Generally this is something you should never do but I've been stress testing the temps while in the case and although they are a but higher than if it were on top of a desk, it is only by 3-5C. Not only does it promote use in the case but most importantly use on your lap on the go (i.e. at the airport or on the bus)

My least favoite part of this case is that it doesn't encourage me totake carry my charger in the case. I can deal with a small bulge from my wireless mouse but I just find it a hasle to carry my charger in a seperate bag. Although my laptop is a beatand can get 6-9 hours of battery life, it is still reassuring to me to have my charger in the same bag.

The solution I found to this is the iGo Universal Slim AC Laptop Charger.

All in all more than worth the $15 i spent for this case. =] I may not have a macbook lol but i do have the case most macbook users choose haha!

thinking of doing a video review sooner or later

*edit* I use this to transport my ASUS U31SD-XA1 13.3-Inch Laptop (Silver)
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on May 14, 2015
This is a very nice case, but please be aware it will fit extremely loosely on a 13" MacBook Pro Retina computer. I had over 1" of wiggle room both vertically and horizontally with my MBP.
Also, only one side of the case has thick padding. The outside of the case is a fairly stiff material, but I still wish there was padding on both sides to protect the laptop in transit. I would be putting this case with laptop inside bike panniers, so I am keen on making sure it is well padded.
Although it's a nice case, I had to return it because it simply too big to be useful for my computer. Be careful to check the size of the inside of this case versus the size of your laptop before buying.
review image review image
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VINE VOICEon August 13, 2015
We bought this exact same bag in the 11" size for an 11" Acer Timeline X five years ago. Since that time, it has withstood daily use over four full years of college, numerous cross-country trips between school and home and two trips to South America. It was also used daily during summer breaks for summer employment. After all those years of constant use, traveling and occasional rough handling, you'd think the stitching and fabric would be frayed and the bag would look worn and beat. Well, I'm looking at the bag right now sitting next to the two 13" size bags I just ordered for a Macbook Air and Asus Zenbook. It still looks brand new. In fact, it now houses a Chromebook and still looks and works as good as the day we bought it. I included a photo of the older 11" bag sitting atop the new 13" bag. Take a look at the handles, body and zipper and remember this bag was used daily for four years and for cross-country and international travel. There is no ripping, nor fraying of the handles. The zipper does not show any signs of exposed metal from worn paint. The bag shows no signs of abuse despite withstanding years of daily handling.

Inside the bag, the top is nicely padded and the bottom is a rigid non-padded surface for a reason. It's designed to allow you to keep the laptop in the bag while using it. It may seem like a trivial feature but it proves especially useful, especially during flights when you can just open the case and start using the laptop with no need to stow the case away. These bags are super-light. The 13" bags aren't much heavier than the 11". Despite being feather-light, the 11" bag did a fantastic job protecting the Acer over the years. The 11" bag was my daughter's. It was purchased during her senior year of high school and lasted throughout college and beyond. When my wife and I recently needed bags for our new 13" laptops, I had only one bag on my mind, this one. I was so relieved to see it was still available.

One final note, although I am a Vine member, I did not receive any of these bags "free" for review. Some Vine members apparently did receive the bags but I wasn't one of them. All three bags were purchased with my own funds.
review image
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on October 11, 2015
This fits a 2015 MBA perfectly. I returned the 13.3" amazon sleeve because it barely fit the MBA. I'd have to pull the zipper away and extend it out over the two ends of the laptop to have it fit. This semi-hard Case Logic case is awesome because it does have a somewhat tougher outer shell versus a neoprene outer on the amazon sleeve. It does add a little bulk but it's still slim enough to fit into my carry-on backpack. There's an inner retention strap that will hold your laptop tight so it doesn't shift around. A nice thick layer of padding on the upper portion, but the lower barely has any cushion. That's the only downfall to this case.
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