Customer Reviews: Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic and Stainless Steel Fountains, 3-Pack
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on May 4, 2013
Save Money and Keep Our Planet Green. Here's how to do it. Each of these little v-shaped filter cartridges is actually two plastic halves that snap together. Simply use a sharp kitchen knife to wedge between the two halves and work around the outside until the two halves come apart. Inside you will find two thin outer felt filters with a bunch of black rocks (activated charcoal) sandwiched in between. Keep the two felt filters but throw away the activated charcoal. Place the two felt filters and the two outer plastic halves in a bowl and soak in water with a splash of bleach added. Allow to soak for two hours. This kills all bacteria and mold that may have accumulated and helps clean the filter. Completely and throroughly rinse with water until no bleach smell. Allow to dry. Next go to Amazon, Wally World or your favorite pet supply store. In the fish and aquarium supply department you will find bulk activated charcoal for sale. You will recognize the black rocks and its cheap in loose bulk form. Next, just reassemble the filters with the felt on each side and pour the charcoal in one side, high enough to keep the felt pressed against the walls of the filter. Your done! I do this with about 6 filters at a time to save time and it allows me to change out my filters more frequently for cleaner water. Good Luck!
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on September 18, 2010
Our cats' food and water are in my work room at home and I've had a blue plastic Drinkwell roaring along in there for years (it has certainly served us well as one of our cats will only drink running water). I was so tired of cleaning the Drinkwell with all it's nooks and crannies so this one looked pretty good when I ran across it. It is really lovely, very, simple and elegant and is so, so quiet. It's like having a little zen fountain and the water stays very cool. Be warned, it is half again larger than a Drinkwell and a little heavy when full so it's difficult to carry to a sink to be emptied or cleaned without spilling a lot of water. We solved this by taking a big bowl (or you could take a small bucket) to the fountain, we pour out the water right there, then everything else is easy. This is a wonderful fountain both functionally and aesthetically. I guess most importantly, I left both fountains running next to each other for the first week, by the end of the week the new one was the cats' fountain of choice.

One year later: I still LOVE this fountain. Aside from the cats loving it too, our "running water" cat will sit in front of it for minutes at at a time staring at the flowing water...then he has a drink. I mention this to point out that the fountain has entertainment value for some cats as well...
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on May 23, 2011
What can I say? These filters do their job - they keep the water clean!

We don't even change them as much as we probably should. The directions say to change them every 2-4 weeks. We have 2 cats and change them every 4-6 weeks. We could probably extend them even longer too, but decided not to push it.

To extend the life of the filters, we run them under cold water every week (when we clean the fountain).

The Amazon price is pretty good too!
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on November 2, 2010
These filters do just what they say they do, and they do it well. I have two cats and they drink a LOT more water now that we have filtered, "active" water for them. Someone suggested these could be purchased cheaper at the "Doctors Foster and Smith" website. I went to that website and searched for "pet fountain filters" and got a dozen or so hits -- all pet fountains - no filters. I tried three times and clicked through all the products - no joy. So, I'm back at Amazon where I know I can get the filters at a reasonable price. If you have pets you know how much healthier and happier they are when they drink plenty of water. The ceramic pet fountain and these fountain filters will ensure they drink all they need, and more.
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on July 28, 2011
I agree with the other reviewers about the benefits of using filtered water to increase the life of these filters. When you empty the fountain to clean it, I found it best to just take out the filter and give it a quick rinse too. I completely clean the bowl and filter once a week. I rinse the filter under warm water and have replaced it every 6 - 8 weeks. I begin to notice a slight film in the bowl, or the filter just begins to look old at about that time. It does capture any floaters in the water, in my case mainly cat hair and tiny cat food debris. The fountain was an instant hit with all of our cats. Two drink from the top fountain and the other three drink more from the bowl. They all go for the fountain water and no longer use their old water bowl at all. I believe these filters are part of the reason why they are loving the pet fountain itself, the other reason being the unique mini waterfall effect. This fountain and the filters have proven to be a great find.
**UPDATE** I have to edit my review from 5 star to 3. Switching the filter every 6 - 8 weeks seemed like it was working, but it ended up being a VERY bad idea. As mentioned above, I always used filtered water, meticulously cleaned out the pump & the clam shell casing, plus warm water washed the filter at least weekly, but after several months I noticed a build-up in the pump. I cleaned it out more thoroughly using Q-Tips and started switching the filters much more often. The damage was done though, the last time I opened up the "clam shell" pump case there was thicker, white scum that had collected IN the black pump unit itself. I tried cleaning it, but it was obvious the pump was ruined by it. At about that same time my 15 year old HEALTHY cat suddenly started losing weight, coat got dull, and she had some never before "chin acne." I took her to the vet and she was put on a stronger antibiotic. It took her over a month to start to improve. I can't help but think the cost-cutting idea I had of not switching out the filters as often as directed led to her health scare. She's back to great health again now, thank goodness. However, the fountain is no longer used by us. Great idea, loved by my cats, but I now believe it is VERY important to change out the filters weekly AS DIRECTED, even if using filtered water. That makes the product expensive to use and I lost enough trust in the fountain not to bother getting a replacement pump. Back to the plain stainless steel water bowl for my cat crew from now on.
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on December 3, 2010
Great product. It is dishwasher safe, as I have ran it through a couple of times now. The fountain can run for about 4 days before you actually need to add water.
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on November 6, 2011
I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to help increase the amount of water their pet drinks. It is an excellent system, very easy to clean, and stylish.
It is not a replacement for good hygienic care of your pet's drinking bowl.
We have 2 dogs (with long hair) and 3 cats. They all drink out of the Pioneer Pet Fountain.
I have found that the fountains filters last longer than advertised. I use reverse osmosis filtered water. However, I do clean the fountain completely every 2 to 3 days. It is a very easy system to maintain so this is hardly much more effort than washing a bowl. That is the real advantage of this system besides its good looks.
The point of the fountain is to encourage the animals to drink more water. This it has done very well with all of our pets. It is not necessarily to simplify the pet keepers life by not having to clean a drinking bowl. The filters are to help remove particulates from the water and help prolong the life of the pump. The water still needs to be replaced regularly to be kept fresh.
Pur or Brita type filters only filter primarily for what humans can taste. Those filters do not actually purify the water so various bacteria etc will still be present in the water. Once those filters remove much of the chlorine, the water left to sit will often become slimy as there is no longer adequate chlorine to keep it sanitary.
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on July 16, 2010
I love it! My cats all love it! I had a problem with the cord, I phoned the manufacturer and without question or hesitation they sent me a new cord.

It is true, my two kittens, a year old in September, love the fountain, their favorite toy. So, they do indeed drink a lot more water, litter box will attest to that. And the two older ones, over fifteen years old also seem to spend more time interacting with the fountain and also seem to be drinking more water.

I am sure that will translate into less Veterinarian bills, since they are all drinking a lot more water, they surely will all be much healthier.
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on March 18, 2011
These filters are labeled to last for 30 days however if you clean the fountain weekly and fill it with pre filtered water you will be able to get double the life on these filters. I also would suggest taking advantage of the ability to buy multiples you wont save on the cost of the product itself but you will save on shipping charges which will only go up due to the struggling economy and rise in energy costs.
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on September 25, 2010
I think the filter is doing its job (obviously I haven't tested the water). Most of the "floaties" seem to get cleaned out. Except for the cat hair which collects on the edge of the bowl.
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