Customer Reviews: Justified: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
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on May 3, 2011
The trailers caught my attention long before the show began. Unfamiliar with Olyphant, never saw a Deadwood episode, nor any of his movies. After the first episode I became an Olyphant fan and have watched a lot of his previous work. This is the first TV series in years that I can't wait 'til the next one comes on and I'm wishing the one that's on wouldn't end. That just doesn't happen much anymore.

A buddy of my age group grew up in the sticks of mid-northern Florida before things heated up down there, then worked all over the south for most of his adult life and he is the only other person we know who is also in love with the show. He says it is very close to the way things really are in some of those "hollers" that he had to spend time in trying to sell his wares. Neither of us can believe this show hasn't caught on more. It is really a hidden gem.

I think the essence of the show is in the second season when one of the State Patrol guys asks Raylan's boss Art if Raylan can't come with him to serve a warrant on some backwoods type. "You know, because you know these people". Art looks at Raylan and says "Well ain't you just the hillbilly whisperer?" It's the Soprano's and U.S. Marshalls set down in the hills of Kentucky. The crew has continued the gritty realism, strong dialogue, and continual movement of the story that characterized Elmore Leonard's writing. I's tough, knowing that the last episode this season is tomorrow night and we'll have to wait almost a whole year to see another new episode - barring cancellation of course.

Update: 5-7-11. Watched last night's season finale and enjoyed the little twists, even though I knew what would happen when Mags got Raylan to sit down to a drink of "Apple Pie". Paraphrasing an Amazon reviewer of Elmore Leonard's book "Pronto", the only problem I have with the show is - it ended.
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on July 27, 2011
I'm a Lexington, Kentucky native-- with lots of family in the Eastern KY mountains and hollers presented in "Justified." I traveled to Eastern KY to do legal work for many years and have traipsed through many a holler myself.
I LOVE this show. In Kentucky we have a soft southern accent-- very similar to the Tennessee accent. Most of the "Justified" cast pulls off a Kentucky twang that sounds a lot like my family and friends talking.
(Except for the dude who plays Arlo. His accent is inauthentic. Hey, Raymond Barry! Come hang out with me so I can teach you how a Kentuckian really talks!)
Timothy Olyphant is incredibly good. His Kentucky-fied accent, colloquialisms, behavior-- very authentic.
In Season 2, Margo Martindale is extraordinary!!!
This show features colorful characters, rich dialogue and is as addictive as hillbilly heroin.
As someone else mentioned, this show is a hidden gem on FX. I'm hoping more folks will catch onto it so it will be around for many more seasons.
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on April 25, 2011
I love Justified so much that I ordered both seasons for my daughter and for us. I'm waiting for Season 2 to be shipped, from Amazon. You really need to have Season 1 and see it first, so you know who's who in Season 2. Both seasons are terrific and you won't be sorry you got them. We plan on watching both seasons during the summer months, when Season 2 is done :(. It's hard to say which season is the best, because they're both great. Season 2 is so fun, with all the rednecks and the stupid things they do. Oh and lets not forget the Bennett clan and their pot growing business. I'm so looking forward to Season 3 and can't wait till it starts again. I love Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givins, 'modern day' US Marshall. Timothy is the best actor for this part, just like he was in Deadwood, when he played Sheriff, Seth Bullock. Tim is PERFECT for this type of role. LIKE, He really makes you believe he's drinking that ole moonshine {I loved that scene, with Boyd, in Season 1}. Justified is like no other show on TV. It's "THE BEST"! I would give it 10 stars, if I could. Justified keeps us laughing, with each episode. There's always something funny said or going on. I love Boyd Crowder too. He and Raylan make this show. Justified is full of action, drama and laughter. It has very little sexual content, nothing explicit {so far}. There is some language, but nothing too bad.. NO F bombs. Season one starts out in Florida, where Raylan is a US Marshall there, until he's transfered to Harlen, KY, where he grew up. This is where the FUN starts, when he goes back home. Raylan's X wife, Waynona and her new husband are there. Then there's Boyd Crowder, whom Raylan grew up with. They worked in the coal mines together, at age 19. Boyd was a powder man in the mine and he likes to blow things up, as he say's "Fire In The Hole". Now those two are back together again...only Raylan is a US Marshall, who is always justified when he shoots someone and Boyd is just good ole Boyd, trying to straighten out his life. Gotta love that Boyd!! They make this show. You have to see Justified. It's just the best show on TV and you too will get hooked too. I'm sure you will not be sorry you purchased JUSTIFIED.**********
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on February 11, 2011
Loved that first episode and am gladly ordering this new season based upon season 1 and the start of season 2..This show is the best thing on TV now and in all honesty ever. Timothy Olyphant as Raylan has improved which is amazing since he was awesome in season 1. Raylan is just so much fun and you just know with Boyd lurking about, there are more fun and fireworks coming between the two men. Plus the Bennetts are just going to be edge of your seat fun. So yes I am buying season 2 NOW

It is now a month since season 2 ended and that first impression after just one episode was not premature. Season 2 was so good. The critics say it best. Season One Justified was a good show and most shows in their sophomore year falter. Justified is the went from good to great. Season two was incredible and for the many who have yet to the many reviews you are reading. This is a great show. It can be funny, emotional and violent in one episode. The humor is subtle, the violence surprising and the love stories done with taste and not an ounce of fluff. I hope this convinces even just one person to watch season 1 first and move on to season 2...I promise you will be glad you did.
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on July 27, 2011
I didn't hesitate pre-ordering the second season. I immediately bought the first season DVD's when they were available. I want to be able to watch these shows over and over the next few years. As an East Tennessean, I can identify with some of the mannerisms and characters that are set in Kentucky and the Southern U.S. The strength of "Justified" is that any one of the characters can stand on their own regardless of whether they are appearing frequently or just for one or two episodes. The story lines and acting is superb. The dialogue is catchy and just when you think you've figured out what will happen next you are pleasantly surprised in many cases. I will say this to anyone who has not yet watched an episode. Try it. You'll be hooked. You'll start looking forward to each week's show and get caught up in the stories. I wish ALL television series were as tight and as superbly written, directed and produced as "Justified". Bring on the next season soon!
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on April 30, 2011
This is definitely a great show! I completely agree with previous posts: I have NO clue how this show has flown under the radar, but I think this is one of FXs best shows ever, and I've been a HUGE fan of FX for a long time.

If you have not seen Season 1 yet, I highly suggest it before you see Season 2. FX takes awhile between seasons so you have plenty of time to buy Season 1 (which by the way, I think is a great deal!) and watch it before Season 2 comes out and Season 3 comes back on. They usually release DVDs 1 week before a season begins so as long as you watched Season 1, you can probabaly watch Season 2 and Season 3 together and not be too terribly confused.

At first I thought Season 2 was going to stink because of the whole Wynona/Raylan/Ava/Boyd thing. From the 1st Season, I wanted Raylan & Ava to be together. I really didn't like Wynona but actually Raylan & Wynona are growing on me and seeing everyone together, Ava & Boyd are a great match (alot better than I thought) and now that Boyd has his rebelousness back, the Season is getting better and better. I did not like it when I thought Boyd was just going to be a stick in the mud. The actor that plays Boyd is a lot better as a rebel, like he was on The Shield (another great FX show).

Highlights of Season 2: The whole Bennett/Givens family history, which we learn little pieces of as the season goes on. A coal company (Black Pike) want to buy out the citizens of their properties and a shocking property owner comes forward to sell their land. Ava & Boyd unexpectedly become roommates and at first it seems that Ava would rather shoot him than look at him. Boyd goes back into the mines, and then gets another unexpected position with the company. Wynona finds out that Gary (her soon do be ex-husband) is not at all what she thought he was and she turns to Raylan for support. Wynona breaks the law and Raylan helps her cover it up. Raylan loses someone he's close to. The Bennett/Givens family ordeal comes to a breaking point.

I could go on and on but you get the basics. If you have seen the 1st season and liked it, then you will definitely love the 2nd season. If you have never seen the series, I highly recommend buying Season 1 and checking it out. I know you'll be hooked!
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on April 21, 2011
Tim came bursting off the big screen as Jennifer Garner's lover in "CATCH AND RELEASE" and he's been leaving other hunks in his dust ever since! This series is just the greatest on the small screen: it's too bad that cable shows don't get the credit they deserve but this show just keeps knocking them out of the park, week after week. Many thanks to whomever made the decision to keep Walt Goggins on as a regular star...he is beautifully unpredictable and a true Southern gentleman. Having Season 1 and soon Season 2 on dvd is golden, pure and simple...what a wonderful way to spend the summer while the network shows are on vacation. This show has a regular place in our weekly schedule during its short season: why can't this series have more than 13 episodes??? We'll watch as many as they can produce! Purchase both Season 1 and won't be disappointed....
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on January 8, 2012
The first season of FX's Justified breathed some fresh air into the tired TV crime genre. The exploits of Elmore Leonard's character U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in his home town of Harlan in Kentucky proved that strong writing and dialogue can drive a show just as much (if not better than) non-stop action and gunfights. Justified's second season continues this trend, and while I think it falters a bit it proves to be just as engaging and watchable as the first run.

This second season of Justified picks up where the first season left off cleaning up the aftermath of a shoot-out between Raylan, the Crowder crime family and Miami gun-thugs. The story then shifts introducing the new characters of the Bennett family, a ruthless pot-dealing and moonshining clan who may be trying to take over from the Crowders (and who have a deep, violent history with Raylan's family). We also follow reformed(?) outlaw Boyd Crowder, who's now a regular character and ends up getting mixed up with the Bennetts himself. As with first season things play out episodically at first, slowly building up the main plot and then letting things take off in the last five episodes. The action is well-filmed and there's still plenty of gunfights but it's really the dialogue, character development and Kentucky setting that makes Justified stand out from the rest of the crime shows on TV.

The acting was one of Justified's strong points during its' first season and it's even better this time around! Timothy Olyphant is excellent as Raylan and this time giving him much more vulnerability as a man who has more to lose than just his job. Walton Goggins is equally good as Boyd, an anti-hero whose consistantly questioning his place in life. While the series regulars have never been better it's Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies as Mags and Dickie Bennett who hold your attention and give us understandable, yet threatening villains.

As much as I liked the overall story of this season of Justified I think it dragged itself down with repetitious subplots (involving Raylan's ex-wife Winona and a few too many stops at Mag's store) and a consistently dark tone. The first season of Justified was able to offset it's seriousness with moments of light-humor and charm (much like Elmore Leonard's stories) and while it's nice to see Raylan's NOT the invincible gunfighter he thinks he is, each episode kept getting more intense and the situations more serious. I'm sure this makes the show more interesting for the usual crime-series fan, I just hope Justified doesn't lose it's identity in the process.

While I have a few minor complaints (anyone else think Raylan let Boyd and Arlo off the hook a bit too easily?), this second season of Justified is still a must-see and establishes the show as one of the more original crime dramas currently running on TV.
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on June 14, 2011
As season one ended with a bloody gunfight, the second season picked up where we left Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder. The relationship between these two men reminded me of the tumultuous friendship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

Givens and Crowder are cut from the same Kentucky cloth soiled by coal mining. Their chosen paths would appear to make a friendship, an alliance almost impossible.

However, from The Moonshine War to Bloody Harlan these two men argue, threaten each other but in the final analysis they have each other "backs" for good or for worse. To me this is what makes this series intriguing.

As well as good production values, riveting stories and plots, good solid acting, and the introduction of the Bennett Clan with its strong-willed matriarch and her three sons made season two enjoyable. You could not wait until the next week to see what was going to happen.

The Given's and Bennett's blood feud added fodder to the ticking time bomb. Sure enough, blood was spilt on both sides as the season progressed. When you tossed in the Crowder Clan who favored the Givens, you had a mountain still ready to blow.

"Apple pie" of Mags Bennett was a running theme from episode one to its ultimate climax in episode thirteen. In this case apple pie was distilled moonshine with a kick, sometimes lethal.

The relationship of Givens with his ex-wife, Winona Hawkins, took some twists and turns. She becomes a target from an unexpected source.

One of the best episodes was Blaze of Glory. Chief Deputy Art Mullen gets to tangle with an old nemesis who is just as cunning, but is slower. The chase scene between Art and Frank Reasoner at the airport is priceless.

US Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks is showcased in For Blood or Money. When her brother-in-law breaks parole to see his son, she and the team goes after him. Of course there is a shoot-out, but there's a twist and surprise.

Each episode had its special moments. Reckoning is sad, but it leads into Bloody Harlan, the season finale. It was better than last season's Bulletville.

Great second season with some threads hanging for closure in Season Three. And what of Boyd and Raylan? I am sure that they will face new challenges, especially with the mysterious stranger and some leftover business with the remaining Bennett clan, and let's not forget the Miami cartel who wants both Boyd and Raylan dead.

For in the hills of Kentucky family feuds are never settled by a few deaths. Moonshine and blood run in them hills.
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on May 12, 2011
I've kept up with Justified from season 1 and oh my god, this season is even better than the first, however impossible it may seem. The storyline is tantalizingly addictive and having grown up in the same area as Harlan county, I have to say I love seeing the realness the creators have brought to the show. If you loved season 1, season 2 is going to knock your socks off. Everything is even more intense and you see Raylan's history with Harlan in more depth than ever. Every episode is worth watching 100 times in a row, especially the last 5.
The guest stars this season are also amazing. Margo Martindale deserves so many awards for playing Mags and Jeremy Davies as Dickie Bennett was a fantastic antagonist. You really felt each of the characters point of view. All the actors were spot on this season. So happy they brought David Meunier as Johnny Crowder back! Having watched all of this season it only makes me sad thinking I have to wait another year to see the next season. I would recommend this show to anyone.
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