Customer Reviews: Sleepy Time
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on December 14, 2011
I have a kindle fire and bought about $20 worth of natural music before I found this app! if u play the thunderstorm screensaver w/ the sleepy time thunderstorm sounds its really cool. or the beach sounds w/ the fish screensaver to look @ while u drift off is nice.
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on December 14, 2011
I live in Arkansas, so most of the year I'm sleeping with my window unit AC on. I get very used to the noise it makes and then once it gets cold here and I no longer need it, I have a terrible time getting to sleep without it. I lose quite a bit of sleep because there are dogs barking and cars driving by, and without my AC noise to help drown it out, it keeps me awake. This little app here is just what I needed! Of course it's not as loud as my real AC, but it does really help. The sound plays constantly for as long as you set it to, and stays on even when you put your device (well, for me it's the kindle fire, dunno about anything else) on standby. I read on another review someone said there are gaps of silence when the audio track stops then loops back to the beginning, I haven't had that problem, or at least if it does, it's not so noticeable that it bothers me. I use the Air Conditioner 1 sound to help me sleep every day, and then if I just want to relax I'll curl up on the sofa and turn on the rain or thunderstorm sound. It's a very useful app, and the fact that it really helps me with the very annoying trouble of not being able to get to sleep makes it my favorite app.

Kindle Fire - $199.00
Sleepy Time App - $1.00
Being able to curl up in bed and drift off to sleep quickly - priceless
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on February 4, 2012
I have trouble falling asleep and have been rigging up background noises for decades. A few years ago I bought a white noise maker for $50 - cheap for white noise makers. So when I bought Sleepy Time, it was with the attitude that I didn't really NEED to buy it. But now my previous white noise maker is permanently retired. This app is amazing! The full moon logo is visually pleasing and the app has a black background so it's easy on the sleepy eye. It has tons of sounds that you can choose to download or not (of course I downloaded them all). You then can add a single sound to your list of favorites, or you can "mix" up to three sounds at a time, and add those to your favorites too. You can customize the volume settings for each sound, and when saved to your favorites list the app remembers those settings plus the timer settings as well. My favorite is currently a mix of rain, thunderstorm, and distant train, each set at different volumes.

The sound quality is amazing and puts my $50 white noise machine to shame. The sounds keep playing, even after your Kindle Fire has entered sleep mode. When the timer is up, the sounds fade out nicely. If you happen to have your Kindle on at the time, you'll see a little "good night" message.

I like it so much that I have even started listening to Sleepy Time in the background when I'm playing game apps.

I haven't used this at the office yet, but I could see where it would be valuable, especially if you work in a noisy cube farm and you're not allowed to use music to drown out the blabbersnouts who sit in your vicinity.
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on July 8, 2011
This is a fantastic app! The current version (as of 7/7/2011) has 70 sounds that very realistically mimic a variety of background noises. You can layer up to 3 different sounds and adjust the volume separately on each to get the right balance for your comfort. I've used various sound machines to help me sleep for over 20 years. This is better than all of them!

I wish this app and these sounds were in a stand-alone machine so I could use it every day without worrying about wearing out my phone.
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on January 11, 2012
5 Star App!

This is my best app find. I tested out the free version (Sleepy Time Lite) and then traded up to the paid version almost immediately, and I'm glad I did. If I recall correctly, the free version not only has limited sounds - although still a healthy amount - but no layering of sounds.

I've struggled with insomnia for a while now, and some nights getting to sleep feels like a matter of sheer will. I have a little machine somewhere that does a lot of what this app does, but I have no idea where it is, it's gathering dust. I couldn't set it for very long and it ran on batteries. And, I paid a lot more than $1.49, the current prince for this app.

"Sleepy Time" on my Fire can simply, obviously, be plugged in, and you can set the timing for anything from five minutes to twenty-four hours. I'm going to say that if it takes you a day to fall asleep and this persists, that you need more than an app.

What I really love is that there are eighty sounds and you can layer up to three, controlling the volume on each one. Some of the sounds are variations on sounds, like three different ceiling fans, but there is enough differences in sound that it doesn't feel like padding the numbers.

When you find your favorite mix, you can save it. I usually like some sort of mix of cat purring, air conditioner, and white noise, or perhaps wind chimes. I love water while awake, but it's not relaxing to me since I start dreaming about plumbing problems ... and since my insomnia is based on anxiety and a brain that won't slow down: No running water! If you're a fan of it though, there is "fish tank" and "fountain" and not just "rain" but rain hitting various surfaces. (And "rainy drive.") "River," "Row Boat," "Shower," "Sprinkler," and Thunder Storms 1, 2, and 3. "Underwater," well, you get it.

The only criticism is that some of the sound mixes, like "Farm House," tend to be predictable and the loop too obvious. Time for the cow to moo again. I think the monotonous sounds work better - it's harder to tell where a cat purring ends and begins again. With so many sounds, though, I can't imagine anyone couldn't find several relaxing sounds.

One good night's sleep, when you're truly at the end of your rope, is worth a hundred times more than the cost of the app!

Update: 7/3/13 This is still a winner! I still use it.
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on July 21, 2011
This is a great app!

The ability to mix up to 3 tracks really gives you an amazing amount of variety.

I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because there is no way to save your settings.

A great app and well worth the 2 bucks!
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on March 28, 2012
I first downloaded this App 12/01/2011 - It was excellent for folks who need "white noise" to sleep. My wife and I used it all night for a restful sleep ("Air Conditioner" setting worked best for us). HOWEVER:


Recently I upgraded from the Kindle Fire 1st Gen to Kindle Fire HD and this App no longer functions properly. THE SOUNDS ARE NO LONGER CONTINUOUS. THE SOUND PAUSES EVERY FEW SECONDS IN A LOOPING CYCLE THAT IS VERY ANNOYING. The website of this developer says the problem has been corrected in the latest version (which I have).. but the problem still exists. I contacted developer via e-mail, but never received a response (it's been over a month).

UPDATE 7/5/2013: Just by chance, I again downloaded Sleepy Time app. To my surprise, the looping issue on the Kindle Fire HD has been fixed!!! - This sleep aid app has gone back to being the all time favorite of my wife and me. P.S. I never did get a response to my e-mail from the developer.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 27, 2015
I have quite a long experience with aural relaxation artists, compilations, applications, even a composer of my own with guitar and natural recordings. As an application, this is pretty cool. Very simple interface with a limited ability to mix up to three sounds at once. RELAX MP is far more flexible in the track mixing, yet I do have to say three to five is very good general limit without overcrowding the soundscape, something that certain New Age composers need to learn... but I digress.

As for the quality of the tracks themselves, they are above average in quality, which is actually means they are good when compared to the very vast spectrum of mediocre "soothing tracks" out there. Still, the these are not "CD" polished tracks with fine mixing- the heartbeat one sounds literally like a basketball being bounced on concrete for instance - yet for general purposes, and with some creative mixing of two or three tracks, I think most folks will like this. I do give extra kudos for very well done looping and the subtle fading out, more prominent in certain tracks than others, as the sleep time limit reaches the end, so the abrupt, absolute cessation doesn't awake you.

There are no custom sleep times, having a extensive drop down menu, and this may be an important consideration for you. Yet the times offered do cover hourly (up to a full 24 hours!) as well blocks of minutes. Saving of favorites and the display is pretty intuitive too. Relax MP at one time was pretty byzantine although a recent update did make it a bit easier to find and use.

Permissions are fine - the android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE is here to pause the app if a phone call comes in (this will app will do great on smartphones), and the syntax does not include READ_PHONE_IDENTIFICATION although Android always nests the two together regardless if one is not present. Does run OFFLINE - the network access is likely used for direct updating of new sound tracks. The WAKE_LOCK will prevent your processer from going to sleep (thus continued playing of the tracks), but like all audio apps, you can still manually put your screen into sleep mode with the power button while playing.

Does have an INACTIVE ad module from the normally FREEBIE version, called Millenial. It presents no threat, nor is there advertising - it is merely a transition from the freebie version to this premium version without necessitating a new download for those upgrading from within the app.

Full installment at 70.55MB, with an option to move to my Internal USB Storage - leaving a super tiny 620KB on Device Memory. Nice!

I always come back to RELAX MP, as that has and still is my Premier Choice for a relaxation app - and it also does offer a custom timer (a recent update put made it easier to find). Plus it's far more flexible and frankly better audio quality of the individual tracks. However, SLEEPY TIME is a simpler, less busy interface with more individual tracks. However, if you are interested in Binaural Beats selection (the use of low-frequency pulsations to stimulate certain low level brain activity) or Isochronic Tones, SLEEPY TIME doesn't offer it.

On the whole, RELAX MP is a superior relaxation app, yet one last consideration, and this is mainly for those looking at this app while it is the normal price. RELAX MP is actually a bit more at $2.99, and for what SLEEPY TIME does offer at its normal price and compared to what else is out there - this actually one of the far better ones. I know.. I have purchased a couple of the junk ones in the beginning of my Android journey. :T
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on January 1, 2012
Good variety of sounds. cool ability to mix sounds to your liking. Unfortunately there is an audible gap when it loops back to begin playing the sound again. Some sounds are quite short so you hear the dropout a lot. It seems like seamless sounds would be a part of a paid app. I still use it, but tend to use the longer sounds now.
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VINE VOICEon November 1, 2012
I'm so sad, because this was my *favorite* sleep noise app. I used it every night on my 1st gen Kindle Fire. Imagine my distress when I then loaded it onto my new Fire HD and discovered that the sounds played with noticeable gaps in the loop...starting and stopping. I'm not sure what changed between the devices, but I was really disappointed. There is no way I could fall asleep with the gap of silence in the sound, so I've had to switch to a different app for sleep noise.
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