Customer Reviews: Canon PIXMA iP4920 Premium Inkjet Photo Printer (5287B002)
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on January 31, 2012
I like others have owned several canon printers including the IP5200 and IP4500, which I had modified to print on CDs like the european version so liked that the 4920 finally did it. I got the 4920 to replace my wifes 5200 that has a bad print head, because the 4920 is cheaper than the 5200 print head. The main problems with the 4920 is that it prints darker and adds a red tinge to what the photos show on my editing software packages. I also don't like the smaller cartridges like everyone else who is used to working with the larger clear tanks where you can see what's left and makes sure your new ones are full.

I was getting ready to send it back when I figured a work around for the color problem on the photo printing. You can download an Adobe RGB 1998 installer program (only.32mb) from Canon support, 4920, drivers & software and install it.

Then when you set up your print preferences like before, select you photo paper type, size, high quality print, borderless,etc., but on the color/intensity choose Manual and then hit Set, there are two tabs that appear. Under the Color Adjust tab I used -10 on the Cyan and -10 on the Intensity and under the Matching tab use ICM, and then choose Adobe RGB as my input profile, and in the Rendering area I choose Perceptual, which is best for photos. After that I hit OK and went back to quick setup tab and hit Save, saving the setting as custom profile (glossy photo 4x6) or whatever you want to call it to match your paper. Next time you go to print photos all you have to do hit your custom setting under the quick tab and it will be ready to go.

Keep in mind you may have to vary the colors or intensity differently to get them to match your screen, but I think this will be close, as most complaints reference the same problem with being dark and excess red. This just requires playing with the color and intensity setting and printing the same picture a few times till you match the screen.

Hope this helps.
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on September 8, 2011
I should qualify this by saying up front that I like Canon products. I have a Canon S5is camera and a Canon 9000F scanner, both of which have served me marvelously. I also had a Canon ip4500 printer which I loved but which was reaching the end of it's life (on/off button not functioning properly among other things. But, hey, four years is pretty good these days.

The new Pixma ip4920 (and it's so new that I couldn't register it online because Canon hasn't listed it on the site)is nearly identical to the Pixma ip4820 except that now it includes built-in CD/DVD label printing. This was available on the ip4500 in Europe, but for some reason not in the U.S. I used to have an Epson that printed CD labels (remember to buy blank CD/DVD's that are inkjet printable) but it was incredible slow and always having problems. On the ip4920 this feature is a gem! Just click on the appropriate setting in Easy Photo Ex, design your label (or use a pre-formatted one), click print, open the door and insert the CD/DVD holder. Takes about a minute to print.

Also, like the ip4500 and the ip4820, this is a full-duplex printer. Just select Duplex and the printer does one side of the paper, then re-inserts it and prints the other. This function does take a bit more time, but it's sure easy and if you have a 20 page document, much less tiring than taking papers in and out.

Oh. You probably want to know about print quality. Really, really, good. No, make that great. I was already very happy with the print quality of my ip4500, but after printing a photo on the ip4920 without making any adjustments (you can make manual adjustments to the color balance and intensity) I compared with an old print from the ip4500 and was impressed with the richness and detail and on a Greyscale photo, the blacks seemed richer with much less of the unwanted magenta overcast of the old prints.

If you are worried about longevity, go to the Canon website and select "Accessories" when you bring up the ip4920. Canon offers a three year warranty for $50. On the other hand, if a new printer cost less than $100 and comes with $80 worth of ink, it might just be simpler to junk it when it starts to malfunction and get a new one.

Complaints? Yes. This printer uses Chromalife CLI-226 inks. The ip4500 used CLI-8 cartridges. The difference? CLI-2 cartridges are hold about 20% less ink. This is a bummer although it's possible that the ip4920 is more economical in it's use of ink. That said, smaller ink cartridges are becoming standard in all new printers and I otherwise love this thing. Hmmm? No, there are currently no generic refill cartridges available but I'm sure that by the tyime I run out of ink, someone will have them for sale.

ADDENDUM: I just looked and Amazon now lists a third-party ink supplier for CLI-226 cartridges if you are so inclined (i'll stay with the OEM stuff.)
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on October 14, 2011
This is a very versatile printer that is also environmentally friendly, and I've had no issues with the printer at all. Multiple ink cartridges allow you to replace only the colors that get used up so you don't have to throw away unused ink. Automatic 2-sided printing works like magic, saving paper with ease. Two paper trays allow you to easily use the appropriate paper grade suitable for each print job you are doing. And the best feature (this is why I purchased this printer) is the capability to print on CD or DVD disks! Wow! What a beautiful job it does printing a cover photo and title right on the DVD. Very nice! The only feature it lacks is Wi-Fi, but for under $100 you can't find a better printer.
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on August 1, 2012
This model of Canon printer is an ink hog, gives random errors, takes 3 or more minutes to prepare to print the first page, and uses an enormous amount of time & ink to do a Print Head Alignment. I am pro Canon - I have owned 2 previous Canon printers, 2 Canon scanners, and several Canon cameras. If you're looking for an inkjet printer, aim higher in the Canon product line and pay attention to the specs to determine how long the page print preparation time is before the first page begins to print. If it doesn't say, then either call the company and find out or go to a store and observe this first hand. This is more important than how many pages it can print per minute. Also, pay attention to the cost of ink cartridges. Cheap (in price) printers will get their money from you through ink purchases. I can already tell that this iP4920 won't last me as long as my iP4500 did (4 years, and the cost was the same). The iP4500 failed because my cats bounced off it once too many times. Want some cats? Seriously, look higher in the Canon product line for a better ink jet printer than the iP4920.
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on October 18, 2011
my last printer - i900d - was a remarkable printer - produced outstanding photos - this printer
sucks up ink - clogs easily & difficult to troubleshoot. I've had this printer about a month now - & yes it is faster to print & does printer with vibrant colors....after numerous trials..
as other reviewers noted = it's all about selling ink & you will definitely go thru ink quickly.
Give me a brand new i900d any day...over this model. Perhaps over time i will appreciate this
printer more....for now i keep re-reading the manual, keep trouble shooting & keep purchasing ink like it's going out of style!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on October 31, 2011
I've been living with my Canon Pixma iP4920 for two weeks now, so although I can't provide a long-term review, I will let you know how it's been so far.

The reason I bought this printer and not any others was for its CD printing function. Out of the box, the software they give is so bloated (>100MB) and really awful. I wasn't able to print any labels that I created in an external editor, so I tried a few programs listed on Canon's website as 3rd party programs compliant with the printer. Using the ones I tried (SureThing and another uncreatively named program) I was unable to get the prints to be centered and without overrun of the ink. It seems this printer is relatively new and is not in the default templates of the programs so you'd have to put in the mm offsets yourself.

After a bit of searching, in which I was hardly frustrated at all, I found a free utility on Canon's Europe site called CD-LabelPrint. It is a really straightforward, lightweight, simple, and altogether exactly what I needed. I was able to import the jpg's of CD's I have created, and expand it to fit perfectly with the ability to save the projects in case I want to re-print in the future.

However, since the utility is for Canon's Europe printers it doesn't have the iP4920 template. After a bit of foolin' around, I found that by using offsets: TOP 0.3mm and LEFT 0.1mm in the print menu yielded the best, most centered prints.

Aside from the CD printing, the only thing to mention would be that this printer cleans, or maintenance's itself very often. You'll try to print something and it'll whir and spin and have a jolly good time dillydallying while you wait for your prints. The cynic in me says this is only done to waste ink to screw me over in costs down the line, but that idea remains to be corroborated.

I'd buy this printer again if you'd ask me today. And I can only hope that I helped you make your decision with this review.

a stranger from the internet
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on April 17, 2012
Overall it's a nice printer. Very sleek and easy to use. The inkjet disc printing is an excellent feature for the price. However, Canon fails to advertise that the REQUIRED USB cable needed to connect the printer to your computer is NOT included in the box. Nowhere on the packaging or the Amazon page (that I saw. I looked twice.) is it mentioned that the necessary cable is left out of the box. It wasn't until I had it unpacked, plugged in, ink cartridges installed, printer heads aligned, and the drivers installed on my computer that I read on the enclosed instruction book that the USB cable was not included. It's only a $2-3 cable on Amazon, but this is false advertising at it's worst.
On the Amazon item page, it indicates that the printer communicates to the PC using a "high-speed" USB cable, but nowhere does it mention that this cable is not included. I would not care so much if it were advertised on the order page. It would be a little cheap and ridiculous even then, but at least I wouldn't have to wait FIVE MORE days for the cable to arrive. I didn't set up the printer until I was ready to make a label for a DVD I was about to put together, but now I HAVE to wait for the USB cable that Canon decided to shirk on. This is a poor business decision and I sincerely desire that Canon has gotten and will continue to get an infinite supply of angry emails over this small, but oh so necessary debacle.

In short, sell what you advertise, Canon.
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on February 25, 2012
My Canon Pixma 4200 had stopped working awhile back, color streaked but greyscale was ok. I took a chance and got alternative cartridges from Amazon -cheap- and they worked. My printer was back to life. I ran off about 70 81/2 x11s 50 5x7s 100 4x5 card stock, and then one day streaking began again. I put in a whole new set of 5 cartridges, color streaked. Registered as full but streaked in color. Cleaned it, deep cleaned it. to no avail. Plucked out the printer head (a new one was $100.00) and cleaned it. and again. Still color prints streaked.
Finally I bought the Canon IP 2702 on Amazon. Reviews were good. I Figured it'll cost me $40 to see. Smaller printer. Set up swift and finally color prints of my photos. Feeling calmer. Very very nice. But some photos appeared to lack the depth and fine detail of the previous printer. I kept a record. Only 25 81/2x11 color prints. I had ordered a color cartridge (another $20) for backup. Checking for available alternative cartridges on Amazon and elsewhere, the handwriting was on the wall.
Checking Epson, Hewlitt, And Canon Photo printers I settled on the Canon Pixma 4920. I liked some of the software features, print quality reviews and alternative inks were available, I think. Finally at a late night moment i hit the buy button. Amazon prime shipping has been a pleasure and it was again for this item. Set up requires focus but it was quick and smooth until I got to the insert CD and install. THERE WAS NO MAC INSTALL ICON! Puzzling and repeating. No install. SO. Here's a tip. I went to the Canon website and downloaded the drivers, online manual, and software, Adding an hour and 1/2 to set up time. But it all worked. Guess what. Canon knew that the CD install might be defective, recommended a way to see if it was the disk or your computer and if it was the disk to call them to replace. They did not advise downloading from their website ???? (from manual) I am very happy with this printer so far. High high quality photos. Detail and gradation that says Yes! I am having the winter pleasure of printing high quality photos again, and I have already used Canons software to print calendar cards to give out and mail out. Work and productivity is back. At the moment I highly recommend this printer. And with the 2702 as back up ...... Oh one more thing about buying printers at Amazon. They provide a link to all of the inks that will work with your printer. I find that very useful.
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on June 4, 2012
I owned Pixma IP400 for years, seven to be exact and it finally went ran out of life. I purchased this 4920 based on it's reviews and since my prior Canon was so reliable. I purchased it from Amazon on May 21 and reeived it a few days later. Today is June 4th. I have had the unit only 9 days. I am already recieving a warning that the Cyan and Magenta ink, that came with the unit are close to empty. I have kept track as I have only printed 9 color documents. NINE !!!! NINE !!!

The yellow ink is about 1/2 gone and the blacks are at the 80% level. The ink for this unit costs twice the cost of the ink for the ip4000, or about $10 per cartrige. This unit uses about 8 to 10% of the (red and blue ink) cartridge with every print and 5% for the yellow. This means the user would incur $2.50 per copy for just those ink colors alone and another 90 cents for the combination of the blacks. This means that each color 8 x 11 image printed on this ink vampire, costs approximatley $ $3.40 in ink cost. The ip400 cost about $.21 cents for the same copy and at the same level of quality (only standard). Thus the ink is twice as much and yields 92% less. This is three times more than a company like Office Depot would charge to print the same images for you, using their professional equipment. This would be unbelievable if it was not so outrageous.

I will buy ink one time for the unit, on the chance that Canon, being cheap, provided cartriges that were 90% empty to begin with. If a user did 200 photos a month on this unit and purchased only Canon ink, it would cost ten times the cost of unit each year for ink alone.
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on December 16, 2011
I think this printer is a great deal for the price. Naturally, three times the money would buy a more durable printer. But I have gotten beautiful photo prints from this one. For low-volume, high-quality photo printing, I recommend it.

Three bits of advice...

(1) Follow the instructions when installing it. Don't connect it to the computer until you've installed the drivers. And if you are not using a Windows system, get on Canon's web site for appropriate instructions.

(2) For glossy photos, use Canon, Epson, Ilford, or Kirkland paper, not Kodak or HP paper. The latter kinds don't absorb the ink well enough, and they give an uneven gloss.

(3) When making a top-quality print, you should already have a piece of paper in the output tray (plain paper will do). This makes sure the print can come out smoothly. The output tray on this printer is a 3-piece pull-apart thing that is fairly primitive.
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