Customer Reviews: Notepad Plus
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on February 23, 2012
I'm writing this after using Notepad Plus for a few hours for the notes function. The diary, calendar and shopping list features might be nice, but I bought this primarily as a way to write things down when I'm away from the computer. I'm not looking for a word processor or a text editor with all the bells and whistles. All I need is a way to write and edit plain text in a very basic fashion, then upload it to my computer when I get home. Story ideas, outlines, maybe even a scene or two if I'm trapped somewhere for an hour and don't feel like reading.

Since I nearly always have my Kindle Touch with me, I figured this program would be a great addition to my world. Instead, it's mostly useless for what I want.

First, the big one. There's a 3,100 character limit for notes. I know this because I just spent most of an hour typing on it and, when I hit the save button, I got this charming message: "Error: You have entered more than 3100 characters. Cannot save the file!"

I'm sorry, but no matter how you slice it or dice it, this is horrible interface design. If there's a limit like this (stupid in and of itself), why in the world do you allow someone to type well past that limit and only holler at them when it's far too late for them to do anything about it? Even better, I hit the "OK" button on that error and my Kindle Touch froze up hard. The very first freeze I've had with this device, by the way, so thanks for that!

Even ignoring this ridiculous issue, there's no way to move the cursor around in the text short of tapping the screen, which is inaccurate to say the least. I have to tap near but past where I want to type, hit the backspace button and retype as needed. Oh, and you can't select a blocks of text. If you want to delete a large chunk, it's repeatedly tapping the backspace button for you, or holding it down if you have nothing else to do for a while. You also can't look up words in the dictionary, which was at least a little surprising since dictionary lookups are kind of expected on the Kindle Touch where text is involved.

Is it worth $0.99? Maybe if your needs for note taking are truly minimal, or the other features make you jump for joy. If you plan on using it to take notes of any real length, don't even bother.


Smash commented on this review within an hour of my posting it. Among other things, they wrote: "The character limit of 3100 is imposed by Amazon and hence we had to limit this." After doing a bit of searching, I found that other note-taking programs for the Kindle Touch also suffer from this problem. Given I bought the Kindle for reading, and only thought of doing any sort of writing on it as an afterthought, I can't really complain. Still, if you are interested in writing anything beyond 3,100 characters in length, it appears the Kindle Touch *itself* makes this impossible.
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VINE VOICEon February 1, 2012
Some of the decent note programs are Notepad,Sticky Notes, and TakeNote. Some of the decent calendar programs are Calendar (7 Dragons),Day Planner, and Calendar (Compulab). I've tried them all, and they work well on the Kindle Keyboard. I got a Kindle Touch as a gift for someone, at that point only Calendar (7 Dragons) and Easy Calculator seemed Kindle Touch compatible.

SwashApps has now released Notepad Plus, which combines the Note program with a Calendar program. It works very well on my Kindle Keyboard. I haven't tried it on a Kindle Touch. A year ago, I gave the developers a hard time for their Finance Manager app. They soon made an update and improved the product. Send the developers a note if you spot any issues, they listen.

I like this program. The next test will be how well text documents can go back and forth between this app and a PC. Notepad and TakeNote give detailed explanations on the esoteric transfer process.

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on February 16, 2012
Okay, so there are other notepad programs out there, but for me, this is the best one. It combines several programs into one: folders with notes, a diary with password protection, a grocery list generator, and a calendar with tasks. I found the program easy to navigate and well conceived. I`m not sure why there are so many negative reviews--I think this app is well worth the price.
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on February 25, 2012
Best notepad app for the Kindle touch that I have seen so far. The recent update has been very helpful. There is room for improvement, of course.

For example, I was using the note feature to take notes in class when I attempted to save, (I save every so often because I accidentally forgot to save once and lost my work) but got an error message that read "You have entered more than 3100 characters. Cannot save the file!" It is completely understandable that the file size would be limited, but I was caught off guard. Then, the error message would not close. So I had to restart my Kindle and return to the app. It had reverted back to the last save point, so I had to rewrite some of it in a new note. Luckily, I had saved pretty recently. For this reason, I suggest everyone SAVE OFTEN. It would be nice if there was a character count option or a notification that would warn people when they were nearing the limit.

Also, the password hint option seems to be flawed. Instead of giving you the hint, the app expects you to remember the hint like a second password, which sort of defeats the purpose.

This isn't really important, but it sort of annoyed me when I first got the app. You can only change the font size of the text in the diary and notes. I expected the be able to edit the format (such as making things bold, adding bullets, changing font, so forth) of the text in the notes, but I guess not. Changing font size in the shopping lists would be nice so one could see more of the items at a time, so I am slightly disappointed that option isn't there.

In summary, the app works just as it claims to, although it still has a few glitches. SwashApps seem to try to fix all the mistakes in the updates, though, so that is nice. Until they fix all of the glitches, though, I suggest saving often.
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on February 16, 2012
Good interface that is simple and straight forward to navigate and use. The program itself is the perfect app for taking short notes during a meeting with your Kindle Keyboard.

What I'd like to see added:
-Ability to select text to copy/paste/delete text
-Copy/Past between Notes
-Ability to hold down the delete button, vs pressing it for every character I want removed.
-Google Calendar Support

5/5 - The developer is actively updating the app and addressing errors I've found, hopefully they will tackle a few of my suggestions too ~ :]
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on February 15, 2012
I've only been using this app for a day but so far I'm quite happy with it. It is exactly what I was hoping to add to my touch reader but after purchasing my Kindle I was disappointed that all the good apps were not yet available for the touch. I bought this as soon as I saw it was available for my touch. I've already set up main shopping lists for all the different stores that I shop at each month and I'm using the task feature like a schedule planner. I haven't used the note feature yet but I'm glad it's there and I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of it.
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on February 13, 2012
Really. For a manufacturer to claim that it is including a calender, you might expect that calender to keep its date accurately! I bought this... (cheap is and cheap is what you get)... under the impression that when you open the calender, or task, or any of the other functions in this application that it would open on the date that it's being used....WRONG! It opens on the next days date. Even though the instructions say it will open on the day of use... IT DOESN'T! You constantly have to remember and keep it in your mind to set it back one day for each use. You might as well make a folder that says that, refer to it first, then use the app. Great job developers. Take an application, design it around it's calender capability, and then screw it all up.... very poor design considering that was the goal in the first place...

2/14/2012 Update

What happened? I had given this a 1 star only rating. I wrote the above review and today it's showing the correct date when I open the application. Must be a Valentines day present. Now I would say it deserves a full five stars as the rest of the features are intuitive and easy to use. I like it, hence a five star rating. If it keeps the date accurately it has my full five star rating. If this changes, I'll return with a further update. If no further update you can assume that it is working correctly and I still stand by the 5 star rating..

2/15/2012 Update

OK! Verdict in! This program is a waste of $0.99 as well as a waste of time. I'm downgrading it again to a 1 star and it doesn't even deserve that. Why do these companies release crap programs before all the bugs are out? What is it this time? In the task manager, the instructions mention the ability to edit or display a prior task description. There is no way to do this. In fact, once I've typed a task description the program annotates it to a point that you can only view about the first 12 or 13 characters of what you have entered as a task. If the time or any other info falls beyond that 12 or 13 character limit there is no way to display it or edit it. I know that the instructions say otherwise... but not on my Kindle (current wifi with touch pad).. what a crappy program. I've wasted three days with it so far and that's it. Throw this away and get one of the programs from 7 Dragons or the Day Planner and Calender by Magellan Interactive. What garbage.
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on February 16, 2012
I found no problems using the Notepad Plus with my Kindle Touch. It opened up to the correct date. Had no problems with it freezing as some of the others applications have. I found it useful that it opens up to the task of that day instead of having to go through the calendar to see what you have planned. Considering it was only $.99 I think it is a pretty decent program and worth a shot considering all that it comes with. I love the shopping list feature so no more lost store lists!
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on May 13, 2012
I tried 3 other notepad products and basically had decided that they were worthless, but I thought I'd give this one a try. I'm glad I did...this one is much different than the others. It can be used for shopping lists, to-do lists, and notes. When you enter in notes, you actually give them a file name so you can actually find the note easily, open it and edit it. There are "tasks" where you can enter in tasks for specific days. The tasks are entered as a list, which can be checked off when completed. There is a "diary" which is a calendar where you can enter things to do in each day. When you look at the calendar, it shows today's tasks at the bottom of the screen and an * on any day which something is entered into the calendar for. Separate shopping lists can be entered by name. Also, you can enter in separate folders and then enter in notes, tasks, shopping to be listed under these specific folders.

I have used it in stores while shopping. It is great for organization...not quite like a planner because you can't glance at it and see what you have to do for the day, but you can keep lists of things to do each day and things to do for school, work, home, etc. separate.

Well worth the 99 cents!!!
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on November 26, 2012
To be upfront, I don't know if the touch-precision is a problem exclusive to the application, my Paperwhite, or both.

If you enter Notepad Plus into the Amazon Search bar you'll get four different options (currently). For this product, select "Notepad Plus for Kindle Touch", avoiding the other three choices.

Two "home" icons are displayed in this application. The uppermost icon is for the Kindle, the lower for the app.

I bought this app after a competitor's version used on my Kindle Keyboard would not load onto my Kindle Paperwhite. This program is better than several other options I tried. It allows you to create entries by day ("Diary") or by category ("Folder/Note"), by tasks ("Tasks") or by lists ("Shopping"). The app's terminology will take some getting used to: Select the feature based on your needs, not its title.

Lists (both kinds) may not exceed 40 characters per line. Corrected 12/14/12: Lists provide a box to tick-off each line item, and an (x) icon for removal. Sometimes multiple attempts have been required to tick/check a list item, using my the Paperwhite interface. Items are dimmed when marked completed.

Diary and Task entries are geared by date. Either choice will start you in that space for "today". A calendar icon is available to switch to another. Diary entries are currently limited by Amazon to 3100 characters, per another review I've seen. You may have up to one date oriented list and (or) diary entry per day. On the other hand, you may create an unlimited number of "Shopping" Lists and Notes -- subject to aforementioned restrictions. Folders are available for categorizing notes (but see disadvantages); but not for "Shopping".

Having noted some of the terminology, here are what I see as this apps pros and cons

..A single interface for Task Lists, Shopping Lists, Diary (notes by day), and category Notes/folders.
..Is suited for date-dependent (tasks) or date-independent (shopping) organized lists.
..Can accommodate notes placed in independent/categorized folders, too.
..If you want to reach tasks or notes of an alternate date, you may use the calendar icon to overview (by 6 weeks periods encompassing the active month), then select any flagged day.
..The CI displays today's Tasks below the calendar (but only "today's").

==== To elaborate on the calendar interface (CI) ...

The CI is not the primary interface. The default is to let you choose whether you want to create a task, a note, a shopping (list), or a diary (entry) - the app's terminology without the parentheses.

The CI for Tasks and Diary shows the current day and surrounding six weeks for the month and respective option from which you started. Months can easily be changed. I'd prefer it if the CI allowed you to switch between Tasks and Diary, but it does not. It is designed to be subservient, not to control the choice.



..Precise cursor placement to correct a word in notes or diary entries is at best haphazard. -- Font size is relatively small, but readable I think for most people.
..There is no font size control to make cursor placement or readability easier.
..Displays are limited to "Portrait" (no landscape mode). I prefer the "landscape" keyboard - wider targets for each "key".
..Lists are limited to 40 characters on a single line. -- font size is large.
..If you enter more than a list's limits, extra lines and characters are removed with no "Are You Sure"?
..Font sizes are fixed for their respective features.

"SHOPPING" LISTS -- like tasks, but organized by folder instead of date [revised 12/14/12].

..If you delete all the tasks for a day, the day stays flagged on the CI.

"DIARY" (daily notes)
..No way to delete an entry. You can backspace it to empty, but the day remains flagged on the CI.

"NOTES" (by folder, eg category name)
..Inconsistent interface with [open] [delete] icons rather than touch/select the folder or a note within.
..Strangely illustrated, the second icon allows a "Save As" function -- to duplicate a note.
..No way to move a note from one folder to another (not even with "Save As")
..Although "Notes" may be created at the highest level, afterwards they cannot be moved to a folder.
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